Birthday Giveaway: Enter to win a Vitamix! ($479 value)

Birthday Giveaway: Enter to win a Vitamix! ($479 value)

Guess what, guys!? Today is my birthday. 32 (I know some of you were wondering). And today as I celebrate life, I am just so thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people… and that includes YOU. And so even though it’s my birthday, I want to give one of YOU a very special gift: A Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend!

Let’s be honest, I’ve been getting requests to give one of these bad boys away for months. It seems people really want to own a Vitamix. And with good reason.

With a powerful motor, intuitive High/Low control, and hardened, stainless-steel blade, the TurboBlend Two Speed efficiently processes whole fruits and vegetables with predictable consistency. You can make:

  • Delicious and healthy smoothies
  • Hot comforting soups
  • Frozen desserts
  • Nut butters
  • And so much more!

This also comes with a book full of recipes AND a 5 year warranty.

In fact, there are a LOT of cool features with this. And all you have to do to enter is hop on over to the product page and check it out. (Here’s the link to make it easy for you.)

Enter to win a Vitamix at!

To Enter

Go check out the Vitamix, come back and leave a comment telling me what you’d make first with this awesome machine. Make sure your click “okay” for that mandatory entry in the Rafflecopter widget below. That’s it!

Of course you can improve your odds of winning by doing any of the optional entries as well.

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Giveaway Ends on Sunday, June 30th at midnight. I will announce the winner on facebook, G+, the blog, and on the widget above sometime on Monday, July 1st. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me to claim the prize.

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The Vitamix will be shipped to U.S. residents only. Winners who are residents outside of the U.S. will receive an Amazon gift card for the lowest listed price on Amazon.

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    1. Schaulis

      I concur Nick!! Would love to get my hands on one… I’d be making smoothies like a champ!

      1. Patricia

        I would finally be able to make a green smoothie. And for dessert, a raw milk, banana, peanut butter, and chocolate smoothie.

    2. Kat

      I can’t wait to make frozen desserts. Taste better than ice cream and so much healthier. Yum

    1. Audrey

      With you, Kathy! Would love to test this out on leafy greens. Have heard one of the few blenders that can really do a good job of them.

  1. jamie

    Peanut butter using soaked/dehydrated peanuts….and then almond butter using crispy nuts! Oh, the possibilities!

  2. Pam

    I make a green smoothie every morning before work. I can’t think of a better way to have spinach for breakfast!

  3. Mindy

    Smoothies, lots of smoothies. And frozen yogurt pops. And smoothie pops. And frozen smoothies for myself. So really, just lots of smoothies. :-)

  4. Gerri

    I have wanted one of these since…forever…would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win one!
    Happy Birthday! and thanks for such a generous contest!!

  5. Christy

    Oh the vitamix!! So many things to make… I’d probably make nut butter. Maybe see how it makes a smoothie too.. Since my other blender is a hassle when trying to smooth frozen things. Even though it was semi pricey, most times I don’t bother with it.

  6. Jamie

    I would make MORE veggie smoothies! My current blender does an okay job, but a Vitamix would be amazing!

  7. Renee Owens

    I’d make smoothies!! Have to try to get my kids to eat veggies some how :) We have a juicer so this would be perfect to mix up the juice with yummy things they would enjoy eating!!

  8. Christyf

    First thing I would make is my breakfast smoothie. Would love for my kale to be a little less chunky then my current blender makes it now.

  9. Crystal Matula

    I would make peanut butter like Grandma used to make. She used a meat grinder but its long since left the family.

  10. alimay

    I would use it for all my cooking practically speaking. I’m living on smoothies… juices and soups for my cancer treatment. Thank you xx

  11. Jennifer Kochis

    Today is my son’s birthday too! I would make him an amazing strawberry/banana smoothie with this Vitamix!

  12. Jamie LaFournaise

    First of all -HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! what a great giveaway!
    I don’t even know where I would start – everything from smoothies, to coconut oil… to making my own baby food! the possibilities are absolutely endless with this! :)

  13. Michele F

    I would make Mojitos for my girlfriends and green smoothies for myself and the kids. In that order. Just kiddin!

  14. Amanda

    I’m fascinated with the idea of making my own nut butters, but my current food processor and blender aren’t strong enough. I think I’d start with almond butter…though I did see in an Amazon review that someone makes homemade nutella. I love hazelnuts, so that would also be a great first treat. :)

  15. Celeste

    I remember my mother making smoothies for us kids in her vitamix… I’d start with one of those! Mm!

  16. Andrea

    I would start my family on to many delicious smoothies! We’ve recently adopted a new way of eating.

  17. Elly Kennedy

    Smoothie! I can only imagine how much better this will blend a smoothie than my current machine!

  18. Nick

    I have wanted one of these forever I just told my partner that this was next of the list of kitchen things. :)

    1. Nick

      So hoping i get this, I have wanted a vitamix for years but it has never been even close to my budget. Oh the delicious stuff i could make. :)

  19. Jamie

    Happy Birthday! Probably a smoothie, too. Or maybe homemade larabars. Or maybe almond butter. So many choices!!!

  20. Susan

    The very first thing I would make with the Vitamix is a healthier me :) The first thing I would actually blend would be natural almond butter.

  21. Susan Brocklebank

    I would make EVERYTHING in my new vitamix!! My friends rave about their 10 second smoothies while I patiently wait for my 10 year old blender to mulch my smoothie…;)

  22. sharon stanley

    my dream machine! i’d make a fresh strawberry smoothie…ok, i’d add some spinach for a health kick, but let’s face it, it would be a STRAWBERRY smoothie, so it would be divine! thanks for the chance~~~~

  23. SandyN

    I’d make smoothies…spinach, avocado, berries, flax seed, greek yogurt, and milk. Yum!!

  24. Alicia B.

    I think I would either make “cake balls” made with dates or a nut butter.

    Happy Birthday!!

  25. Kendra

    I would put in whatever fruit, veggies, and nuts I had in my fridge at the time just to see this things awesomeness! Wanted one forever!!!! What an amazing thing you are doing…

  26. Shar Sanders

    I want to make my own peanut butter, and smoothies for the whole family…instead of one at a time. Easy clean up!! And the variety of options is AWESOME!!!

  27. Kim A.

    Many, many foods to help heal and maintain my digestive issues and keep feeding my family in the healthy way that I do, but with more ease. Especially with my Fibromyalgia, it would help greatly.Thanks for the chance!

  28. Christine Jarman

    I would use the Vitamix to make healthy soups for my husband and my family. Jim is a DAV and has had lots of abdominal surgeries and soups are the best way to insure he gets proper nutrition since he has so many digestive issues. Green smoothies,too!

  29. Vicki Peters

    The first thing I would make wells be some yummy homemade all natural peanut butter!

  30. Becca

    The first thing that I would make is soup. There are many other things that I would love to make, but soup would be first! :)

  31. Paula

    IWould Learn To Make Some Wonderful Veggie Blends. My Current One Just Isn’t Strong Enough For Veggies.

  32. Juliana

    I would make smoothies and some recipes with coconut oil/Young Living Essential Oils to replace toxic beauty products! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your e-book looks really interesting! Thank you!

  33. mary ann graves

    I would make what vita mix calls green ice cream! Spinach, cilantro, pineapple, & a banana!

  34. Beth

    I would make a green smoothie as well! I love a mix of kale, carrots, apples, parsley & pineapple! I’ve tried to win a vitamix so many times :( This would make my summer!!!! :)

  35. Mary Ann Filler

    Happy Birthday!!! My son starts training for the Cross Country season in a few days. I would LOVE to have this to make him protein shakes. I use Greek yogurt and a variety of fruits.

  36. Amanda

    I would probably make more smoothies and some baby food at first and then just go crazy trying all the different things that can be made with a Vitamix!

  37. Jenn A

    OOOOOHHHHH…. I have been craving something with Kale, tomatoes, and carrots!!! I have so much frozen blueberries, strawberries, and bananas too…. chia and flax seeds too;) so i guess i’d be making a meal and dessert 8D

  38. Kim

    I would love to have a Vitamix since I make a green smoothie every morning and my cheap blender is having a hard time keeping up.

  39. Lori Felzien

    ICE CREAM!! My hubby eats the junkie stuff every night and I would make him REAL stuff!

  40. Diana

    I’d make a big batch of citrus popsicles to make summer healthier and more enjoyable for my grandsons.

  41. Farangis

    I would make healthy meals/smoothies for the entire family. But the main reason for me to win the Vitamix is to give it to one of my friends whose husband just had a severe heart attack and surgery. She needs to change their eating habits to a vegan and very healthy diet. With a Vitamix she could do that easily…
    Happy Birthday!

  42. Amanda

    I would make raw milk, fresh fruit, and raw milk/farm ice cream milkshakes for me and the little one (she hates milk otherwise!)

  43. Sarah

    First off…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day is glorious and filled with laughter. :)

    The first things I would do is make a Shakeology, make a great green smoothie and make “ice cream” with frozen bananas.


  44. Kim Mueller

    One of my best friends already owns one (bought at Costco) and she makes me the BEST smoothies. I would grab her delicious recipes and start making my own for me and my family. I might throw a few her way as well. LOL
    Good luck to all!

  45. Elizabeth

    I have recently committed to change my life and go vegan and eat organic and to begin cleansing all of the toxins in my life. I would love to win this Vitamix to help me in this journey of a vegan lifestyle and would love to make a delicious detox green smoothie!! Thank you for having this giveaway, and Happy Birthday :)

  46. Pam Folbrecht

    Smoothies! The kids (2 and 4) and I have been having them for breakfast this week, and I’m so pleased to find something they’ll eat and like. :)

    Happy birthday! :)

  47. April

    My Daughters and I would get so much use out of this. Have been wanting one for years! We would use it everyday but 1st we would make a surprise smoothie and just throw a bunch of fruits and veggies in :)

  48. tricia

    I would make a “mean green” (everything green I have in the fridge + ginger and fruit) !!!!

  49. Krystal James-Warren

    Happy Birthday !!! I would make lots of soups and smoothies for my littles :)

  50. Tez

    gosh I whine every time I use my crappy $20 blender to try and make smoothies. This Vitamax would be AMAAAAAZING!

  51. Tran

    For this upcoming summer heat, I’d love to make my cold cucumber dill soup again.

    Happy 32nd birthday!

  52. Rebecca Riggle

    I’ve never even owned a blender in my life – at least not a good one! It would be so nice to try out all kinds of recipes I haven’t been able to, like pesto, black bean brownies, and gazpacho soup…and that’s just for starters. Today is 102 degrees and I would love to make a refreshing green smoothie with a great new kitchen toy!

  53. Janelle

    I would make one of the smoothies that has been recommended to me by my coworker. I don’t own any kind of blender. :(

  54. Lisa

    Oh my goodness, it looks fab-u-lous! I would make a spinach, berry, protein smoothie…scrumptious! :0)

  55. Heather H

    I would retire my burnt out magic bullet, and make epic smoothies all the live long day! :-D

  56. Dana

    My DREAM MACHINE. I would make apple butternut squash soup (in addition to many other soups, smoothies, and salsas)

  57. Dee

    I’d make a big smoothie batch, drink one right away and put some in Popsicle molds! Also, happy birthday!

  58. Christina

    Oh, what a great giveaway! Thank you! I would make green smoothies first and after that, everything I possible could ;) I’ve always wanted one of these!

  59. kathy

    I’d love to make fresh soups and yummy, actually smooth, smoothies!! And just in time for canning season… hello salsa!

  60. Kim

    I would make a smoothie with some coconut milk, berries, frozen banana, and throw some kale in there! By the way, I said I pressed the G+1 on my entry, and I did… But I forget my gmail password (it’s an account I don’t use much). Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday!

  61. Karen Robins

    Happy Birthday Robin!
    I would join the crowd to make smoothies every day. And I’d love to try out soups!

  62. Jenny

    I have one and love it but I would love to win this for my Mom. She just had her bladder removed due to cancer so she really needs to have a healthy diet and this would really help. Thank you for this opportunity!

  63. Carol Samsel

    A fruit and veggie smoothie! I live on these and have worn out my original blender and blender #2 doesn’t work as well as it used to .

  64. Dena

    Happy Birthday!!

    I would make so many things! But first would be a watermelon juice smoothie =) and then I would make soup!!

    Love me some vitamix!!!

  65. Nicole Jungkunz

    Happy Birthday to us both!!! Since it’s getting hot I’d have to start with some real fruit popsicles!!

  66. Jenny

    What a great giveaway!! This is an awesome machine, I’ve always wanted one. First thing I’d make creamy broccoli soup! SOUPS! This machine makes soups, so cool! I’d make nut butters, smoothies and anything for baby, the list is endless.

  67. Tammy Eakes

    Clicked on the link although I didn’t have to click on the link to know I want one of these SOOOOOO badly! Because of health issues my husband is on a gluten free diet. I try to make homemade goodies for him without using flour and wheat. I am currently grinding oats and nuts in my blender to use instead of flour. I can’t get a fine flour like texture with my blender. So the first thing I would do is make him a yummy treat that has the right texture (they are all grainy right now). Thanks! What a great give away!

  68. Sadie Merrill

    It would finally be time to know if my green smoothie is far superior in this machine that my plain old blender. :)

  69. Shannon Curtis

    I would make nut butters, banana ice cream and smoothies galore now and hopefully in about 15 months I’d be making baby food!

  70. Brandan Nichole Pridgen

    ALMOND BUTTER….Then a strawberry banana spinach smoothie. :-) Happy Birthday and Thank you!

  71. Julie

    Amazing!!! What I’d make 1st? Most likely smoothies. I’ve been suffering from chronic migraines for almost 15 years and decided to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve started yoga and eating better …. the vitamix would definitely help!
    Thanks & happy birthday!!!

  72. Melody

    I would like to be 100% rawtarian with my son and a vitamix would help out that dream!

  73. Lindy Kellogg

    May birthdays ROCK!!
    So many possibilities of things to make!
    I’d make a batch of homemade grain free powerbars chock full of yummy nuts, seeds & dried fruits!

  74. Tabby Powell

    I prepared green smoothies and put them in individual bags in the freezer, I made a smoothie yesterday with my magic bullet and it was like eating chunky salsa!!!! I would make my green smoothie first! :D

  75. Brooke

    There is this cold Strawberry Mint soup I have been dying to try for quite some time and the Vitamix would be perfect for it!

  76. Mia S

    I would love to be able to make my own nut butters! We have just started our real food journey and this tool would help tremendously! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  77. Melissa B

    I’m not seeing where you push okay on the widget. If it says I have entries have I done what I need to do?

  78. Sophia

    Good grief, it took a long time to find the comment box! SO MANY COMMENTS! Guess lots of folks want a VITAMIX! LOL

  79. Jen E

    I would make homemade larabars because my husband eats them all the time and I’m sure making them has to be a lot cheaper and healthier.

  80. Katie

    I would make cacao and almond milk first and foremost. Can’t get enough of the stuff but don’t gave the ability to make my own yet.

  81. Heather Olsen

    I would make a green smoothie, packed with lots of fresh veggies and fruits. My current blender doesn’t have the guts to breakdown all of things I’d like in my smoothie. Thanks for the awesome contest!!!

  82. Suzie

    Now that it’s winter I love eating pumpkin soup, so that’s what I would make first up in my new Vitamix :)

  83. kelly

    i would make homemade V8 juice and nut butter. :)
    and probably a chocolate milkshake….

  84. Kathleen Brown

    I would make green smoothies for my boys and baby food for my baby girl! A Vitamix has been on my wish list for a while!!

  85. Mieke

    I have been wanting this for so long!! I have a looong list of uses all ready for it! :)

  86. Katherine

    Tough call what to make first! But I think it would have to be a Gazpacho (maybe watermelon and mint) to go with this hot summer weather we are having!

  87. Kathleen

    Could I ever use one of these bad boys?!!? going to be making baby food in about a month, this would be so perfect.

  88. Rachel S

    I would make a green smoothie and then some Bavarian Pumpkin Soup! Happy Birthday!

  89. Heather Olsen

    I would make an amazing green smoothie. Full of lots of veggies and fruits, ju current blender doesn’t have the guts to take all of things I want to put in my smoothie, thanks for the awesome contest!!!

  90. Brianna

    I would love to have one to make yummy smoothies. I am a busy mom who has to get three kids and my self ready every morning and a giant smoothie would be WAY better than cereal…ugh! I know my kids would love to help if I had such and awesome “toy” too! Happy Birthday Pretty Lady! ;)

  91. Magdalena

    Ooohhh, Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for this giveaway. I would love to make a green smoothie without chunky bits of kale and spinach. :)

  92. Anna

    Yay! I would love to win a Vitamix! I would make healthy smoothies every morning ;-) Happy Birthday!

  93. Susanne Floe

    The reason I really, really, really want a Vitamix is so I can do all the things I cannot do at the moment and do it much fast… as an example I would love to be able to make nut butter but cannot do that with a “normal” blender.

  94. Chris Karas

    I have stage 4 colon cancer and would use it to make healthy drinks so I can beat this thing. I don’t have much but have a wonderful family that I am trying to teach to eat healthy too so they do not get this awful disease. Thank you for having this drawing!



  96. Theresa

    I would make sunflower seed flour to use as a replacement for almond flour. We would like to start GAPS and my daughter us allergic to most fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and chamomile and cinnamon.

  97. Tonya

    I’d be making myself a very smooth smoothie….unlike what my blender gives me now. :)

  98. Erica

    I would LOVE this Vitamix. My husband and I have been embarking on a natural health quest over the past year. We’ve both quit smoking, started exercising regularly, and started eating healthy with a focus on finding as much food from our local farmers market as possible. Apart from smoothies and soups (broccoli/cauliflower!), I’d love to be able to make nut butters and milks!

  99. Cheryll

    First of all, I’d make my daily spinach, cucumber, avocado, coconut oil green smoothie but that would only be the beginning!


    Hmmmmmm I will make from refried beans, smoothies, mojitos and margaritas… carrot, corn and other soups!! Btw happy bday!

  101. Barbara Fitch

    Fantastic Giveaway! I would make a green smoothie with chia seeds, Then some homemade almond butter, then homemade peanut butter, etc…..:) Good Luck to Everyone!

  102. Jo

    I would make a green smoothie. My current blender doesn’t handle those very well. I’d LOVE a vitamix.

  103. Allyson Mack

    I’ve wanted on of these forever! I just can’t justify spending that much… I’d use it all the time. Especially for my smoothies!

  104. Kelsey

    I don’t know what I’d make first, there are so many smoothies and shakes I want to try but don’t have the means to!

  105. Darrah

    I’d use it to make more homemade foods for my family. We’re trying to change our lifestyle and cut out ALL processed foods but it’s been hard because all we have is a crappy blender that can’t even make smoothies let alone purée chickpeas for hummus or mix ingredients to make a bread dough. It took me 4 hours, a LOT of tears from frustration, and a ton of cleaning the ceiling and walls in my kitchen when I tried to make butternut squash soup in that thing.

  106. Kim

    I would LOVE this Vitamix because I am always making smoothies. I have at least one smoothie a day. I love making smoothies with almond milk, RAW meal, spinach, and banana. Smoothies are a great way to explore all different kinds of flavors and nutrients blended together, and the blending helps you digest the nutrients because the cell walls are broken down. A Vitamix blender will help me take my smoothies a step further. And Happy Birthday!

  107. Yohko Phillips

    I want to make so many things !! … Veggie smoothies, all kind of soups…
    But I say, I would LOVE to make “Gazpacho” by my ex landlord back in Andalucia, Spain !!

  108. Sarah

    Winning this would be BEYOND awesome! I’ve been dreaming of owning a Vitamix for a LONG time now and it would be a blessing on a daily basis in the kitchen! Thank you for the chance to make my dream a reality! :)

  109. annie

    We make our own yogurt and have a yogurt smoothie everyday. Our regular blender doesn’t chop up our added ingredients very fine so my toddler’s straw often gets clogged. We’ve been wanting a Vitamix for quite some time, thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  110. Page Olver

    I would make lots and lots of nut butter!!!!!! This is an awesome giveaway!!!!!

  111. Lady of Perpetual Chaos

    We love green smoothies but my poor blender is on it’s last leg. Every time I make a smoothie it makes a lot of unnatural noises. We saw a Vitamix presentation at Costco and my girls have been trying to get me to buy one ever since!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway and I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!!

  112. Zudora Valentino

    Since I can’t make everything at once, the first thing I would make is a coconut smoothie. Then I’d make every other kind of smoothie possible. Next ice cream, every kind of ice cream. I can’t leave out the different Nut butters they are high on the list. Pesto’s with different nut and greens combinations. The best thing is that I could make a lot of stuff at once, enough to share.

  113. Trisha H

    Oooohhhhh….the possibilities are endless!! I would make amazing green smoothies, nut butters, cauliflower soup, broccoli soup, butternut squash soup, split pea soup, kale and chicken chorizo soup….lemonade slushies, and more smoothies! Yum!!

  114. Shandy

    Sorry, I did not put what I would make! I love making healthy smoothies for me and my family. I would also love to use it to make nut butters and other healthy treats!

  115. Kelley

    I would make my green smoothies, soups, and even ice cream in a Vitamix. I’ve been wanting one of these for some time, just don’t have the money.

  116. Sarah

    This would be BEYOND amazing to win! I’ve been dreaming of owning a Vitamix for a LONG time now. This would definitely help in my mission to be my healthiest self and my raw lifestyle! Thank you for the chance to make my dream a reality! :)

  117. Eleni Johnson

    I make a lot things – but I think and first and foremost I would make the food babe’s Beet hummus collard wraps, they look soo delicious

  118. Priscilla

    This is an awesome giveaway. I’m a mother of two and I try and make everything from scratch but its hard without the proper machines. First thing I would make is almond butter and sunflower butter!!!!

  119. Tiffany C.

    I have been wanting these for a while. Changing what and how we eat has become very important to my family. Our other juicer is on it’s last days and I would like to start mixing and powdering more easily, my own herbs for medicinal and supplemental purposes. That way I DON’T have to spend hours in my mortar and petal.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  120. Erika

    I would probably make something simple and quick the moment I unpack the box! Perhaps a smoothie w/ greens, as that turns into yuckage in my current blender! Then I’d start soaking chickpeas to make a batch of hummus, then…. I don’t think we’d need to chew for a month… Hahaha!

  121. Natalie

    I love all the frozen banana “ice creams” I am seeing pop up and would love to try them!

  122. Jet Graphics

    If I had a wonderful Vitamix, I would use it to make mineral rich sauce from pressure cooked chicken bones. I would strain out the bone chips, and use the marrow and broth as a supplement to many recipes.

  123. Belinda Bledsoe

    I love fresh carrot, spinach and pineapple but nothing I own will smooth those into something lovely! Down 70 lbs would love to use it to get the next 90 off.

  124. Allison Henderson

    I would fix and make everything. Just recently diagnosed with some health issues that can be fixed primarily with my diet. Plan on putting a spoon to pitcher and eating right out of it! :)

  125. Danielle Fish

    Love it! Happy Birthday and the first thing I’d make with it is peach sorbet!

  126. christianmotherof5

    Happy Birthday!! Nut Butter, smoothies, ice cream. This has been on my wish list for a few years. Thanks for the oportunity to win one.

  127. laura

    Happy birthday! It would be my dream to make healthy healing foods for my family and also volunteer to go out an educate the public on raw food…with the vitamix the sky is the limit!!

  128. Brittany Ardito

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What an awesome person you are to give away a Vitamix on YOUR Birthday!

  129. myola pautler

    I would make homemade Kieffer smoothy drinks using organic straberries, Banada’s or Pineapples! The best way to start your day. My blender is broken, I’ve been making due with kieffer and pineapple chunks drink.

  130. jessica

    I would make endless things for my family and myself. Our health issues are begging for it! :)

  131. Valorie Marshall

    I would make a warm vegetable soup. It amazes me this blender can do that. Going Raw Vegan recently leaves the opportunities endless to make great meals side dishes smoothies and just about anything I love to eat or drink. Happy Birthday to you.

  132. Megan R

    Wow! Happy Birthday! I am a smoothie kind of girl! I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast and I go through blenders like a crazy lady! I am on my 3rd one in 2 year.. Can I be anymore of a blender-a-holic? Or is it I just can’t find quality ones? err…afford quality ones! I would definitely make my spicy red pepper hummus in the vitamix! YUM CITY! Dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity!

  133. kate

    The first thing I’d make is a detox smoothie using
    1 3/4-inch wedge red cabbage
    pinch cayenne pepper
    1″ piece fresh ginger
    1/2 lemon, scrubbed and unpeeled
    1 cup coconut water
    1 1/2 cups aloe juice
    1/2 cup kale, collards, or dandelion
    1/2 beet
    1/3 cup fresh parsley
    I’m hoping I win :) Thanks.

  134. Tamara limestahl

    I would use it to make everything!! :) I’ve wanted one of these for so long!!

  135. rob

    I would make a green smoothie..then i would put the dry container on and make some pasta dough that i would press with my omega. then i would make some pasta sauce in my vitamix while the pasta was cooking. add altogether and eat.

  136. Virginia

    ICE CREAM! I’ve been pondering which ice cream maker to get, so when I saw that with this one machine I could make:
    nut butters (I’ve been dismayed to learn about peanuts poor health score recently, since peanut butter (Natural, unsweetened) has been nearly a daily treat for years…)
    etc, etc, etc
    AND ICE CREAM!! I can’t wait to try kefir ice cream with the extra that is accumulating in my fridge!!
    Your posts have blessed me and several of my friends so much since I’ve discovered you. Thank you for all that you do.
    Happy Birthday,

  137. Kara K

    I would make a green smoothie. I currently own blenders, magic bullets, food processors and have found that none of these fully mix the greens with my other smoothie contents. I always end up having just shreds of greens in my smoothies rather than having them be blended into the smoothie. Greatly looking forward to using a Vitamix!

  138. Neeru

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
    Oh! The possibilities!!! Are endless with a Vitamix!! Smoothies, nut butters, kefir, and with tips from you even more wonderfully delicious and nutritious raw foods for a very healthy family!

  139. Jamie K

    The first thing I’d make is a smoothie that doesn’t leak all over the counter and doesn’t come accompanied by a nasty burning motor smell. Then I’d get all crazy with hummus, nut butters…

  140. Melinda M.

    The first thing I would make is a smoothie because my current blender can’t even do that!

  141. Beth Munns

    I would make some yummy green smoothies. our current blender just can’t handle the greens :(

  142. Shari B

    I’d definitely try my hand a homemade peanut butter. I have 2 young boys that love PB on everything… sandwiches, celery, apples, in cookies, etc.! (Then after they hit the hay it switch to margarita mode!!) Thanks for the giveaway! Enjoying your blog.

  143. Lyns

    Smoothies! My last blender crapped out on me mid-smoothie making recently. I’m in need of a new one.

  144. Valorie Marshall

    not sure why it is saying you did not get my entry. I did everything you said.

  145. Claire Bunn

    Happy Birth Day to you hope its awesome like you are! I WOULD love this for everything raw almond milk , nut butters ,help me change our habits to healthy clean food living for my family 6 and my foster daughter who is vegatarian ! I just saw this at costco with my son he’s playing high school football we would be useing this everday too many times to count! This is my new years goal to get us a vitamix ! I have 2 toddlers I’m trying to feed them healthier and for treats the orange carrot sorbet amazed n they loved it at costco
    I’m excited to have this life chager!!
    41 years young mom of 6 my babys drink only ssoy milk we would be blessed To use this!!

  146. Ava Dowell

    WOw I would love one of these, good baby food, freshly made is what I’d make first!

  147. Valorie Marshall

    ok I will try one more time. It keeps saying you did not get my entry. I would make a warm vegetable soup and some yummy hummus.Happy Birthday to you and God Bless you for giving a gift on the occasion of your birth.

  148. Rosemeri

    Happy, happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. The first thing I would like to make with this great machine is coconut butter. There are so many recipes using coconut butter that I want to try. Thanks for the give away.

  149. Elizabeth Finfgeld

    I think that gazpacho smoothies would be the first recipe I’d try with the Vitamix.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity and HAPPY DAY O’ BIRTH to you!!!

  150. Shanster

    I burned out 3 blenders making smoothies… I would LOVE a vitamix… stores are getting mad at me for returning their crappy blenders… grin.

  151. Heidi Kar

    My old, tired blender can’t handle frozen fruit. I would use it to make frozen fruit-yogurt smoothies. Also, I would like to try nut butters. Have a very Happy Birthday! I wish I was as young as you! Lol!

  152. Crystal Wendling

    I don’t even have a blender right now, and a Vitamix would be the perfect addition to my kitchen I’m just too broke to buy one.

  153. SPBradley

    Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for the giveaway. I definitely want to make smoothies and peanut butter for my nieces & nephews who love it and eat a lot of it!

  154. Shannon

    I would make a fruit smoothie! And then my own almond milk and then something else from the gazillion awesome recipes that need a good blender.

  155. Jennifer K.

    Yeee Haaaaw! Happy Birthday! I have wanted one of these for along time, but just can’t afford one….to win one would just make my YEAR :D Thanks for giving me that chance!

  156. Tamara

    Smoothies! I try to have a smoothie everyday for breakfast or snack. I love all kinds and my blender is showing the wear and tear. :)

  157. Katieann

    I would make a green smoothie! My husband gave me a blender a few years ago because I wanted to make green smoothies and it’s just not strong enough for it. Years later, I’m still dreaming of making my own green smoothies.

  158. Kim

    Happy Birthday! Oh the possibilities pour into my little brain! Smoothies first. Coconut milk! then Almond Milk. Then it’s time to making my own peanut butter… then try some almond butter while I’m at it…

  159. Victoria S

    Happy birthday! I would make a fruit and veggie smoothie. I juice almost daily and feel guilty about leaving all the pulp.

  160. Mel

    Oh, the possibilities! Endless smoothies for my son and I …soups, sorbet and we’ve always wanted to make nut butters. We would have lots of creative fun! What a great giveaway — Happy birthday wishes!

  161. Wendy

    I would make a kale smoothie – with no little pieces of kale, like my current blender leaves behind!

  162. Magi Hernandez

    Paleo chocolate “ice cream” (avocado, banana, dates, raw cocoa, dash of cinnamon)

  163. Jess

    We would make breakfast smoothies!! We LOOOOVE the Vitamix, but have had to go without since leaving our restaurants jobs!!!

  164. Crystal

    If I win this – I’m going to make a huge change in the quality of food I make for my family!

  165. Rachel Koby

    I would make fresh juices, smoothies, nut butters, and soup! I’ve been wanting one of these for a LONG time. Hope I win (:

  166. gf momma

    Smoothies for this hot and crazy california weather!! Sorbets and almond butter would be next…yum

  167. Rachel

    Green smoothie!! I’ve been making them for weeks in my $30 generic blender and it’s about to burn up.

  168. Blaire

    There are so many times I have said “I could make that if I had a vitamix!” I think first would be a green smoothie with kale and cucumbers and celery that I wouldn’t have to chew!

  169. Rebecca T,

    love to borrow my parent’s vitamix…need one for my own so I can stop borrowing theirs.

  170. Becky

    There are so many things I would use a Vitamix for. I think I would start out with some smoothies and go from there!

  171. Brianna Ponio

    So exciting! Happy Birthday!

    I would get to work using up all of the frozen fruit my daughter & I picked last year, mainly blackberries & cherries left, for smoothies (with kale!)! I’d also be quick to try nut butters and a batch of hummus! Oh the possibilities!


  172. Debbie D.

    Gosh I don’t know what I’d make first. I’d be so giddy. I would probably read the book that came with it and try something out of that….smoothie….soup….endless possibilities. LOL

  173. Jennifer S

    Smoothies, soups, nut butters. This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  174. Becky

    Ooo I’d make pear & spinach smoothie for my whole family! My husband & I have 5 kids & we all love smoothies & I want a vitamix so bad! :)
    Happy birthday!

  175. Amber Trimble

    I’d make a kale, spinach, strawberry, Chia seeds, bananas, carrots, and coconut water smoothie.

  176. Jess

    I would so make a smoothie and actually have the dates grind up in it. Right now I have a blender that can hardly do spinach

  177. Audrey

    we would make a billon different kinds of veggie and fruit smoothies with fresh coconut. my husband has lots of joint pain and he wants a vitamix bad and loves his veggies and wants some micro nutrients!

  178. Jennifer LoVasco

    I would make some fresh fruit ice cream for my daughter and myself! (That picture of the peach ice cream made me hungry! lol) Happy birthday as well! Hope your day is amazing!

  179. Rachel Kirkland

    If I win, I will make green smoothies everyday for my son with Autism. Best way to get vitamins in him!
    We will start with this –

    “Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie”:
    1 cup frozen pineapple
    1 banana, frozen
    3 tablespoons coconut milk (full fat, canned)
    1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
    1/4 – 1/2 cup almond milk
    1/2 cup fresh ORGANIC cilantro

  180. Anthony Richardson

    The first thing I would make when I win this brand new Vitamix blender would be an Herbalife Rebuild Strength Sahake. Add ice, water and two scoops of Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength powder. It is jam packed full of vitamins and good stuff for my body after a workout!

  181. Ginger Hartman

    I would make protein pancakes for my kiddos….and then maybe some cool summer soups. Drool.

  182. Vicki

    Like many others here, I would make a smoothie first. I’ve got a kid with autism who can’t tolerate the texture of most fruit, and we’ve been told by a dietitian that she *needs* to increase her fruit intake ASAP — smoothies would be the only way to make that happen.

  183. Morgan Andrews

    I would make some strawberry icecream from raw cream! :) Sounds like a good way to de-stress from finals!

  184. Kristy Gonyer

    Ooooh…A vitamix! With all the fresh berries starting to come in it would be perfect for some breakfast smoothies!

  185. Leonna

    I would make coconut berry delights or homemade mint chocolates, I really want to try these recipes.

  186. Lea

    I would make a Caramel Green Apple Smoothie: freshly made almond milk (in my new Vitamix), whole frozen apple, almond butter, spinach, medjool dates, vanilla extract, cinnamon, flax seeds and ice.

    Could never make this with my Hamilton Beach model, LOL, can you say gritty!

  187. Dora

    Happy birthday!! I’m from Croatia and I’ve discovered your blog recently by a rare chance cause I was searching for a homemade mascara :)) and I suddenly think it’s a destiny cause I wish this Vitamix blender so badly :)) in Croatia the price of Vitamix is three times this one :(
    If I would get this, the first thing I would make would be a green juice made from green veggies and apples and strawberries from my garden :))))
    Sending my best wishes for your B-day once again :)

  188. Fouzia Fatima

    This is such an exciting giveaway!! Would love it for making smoothies for the family!

  189. Michelle Guzman

    I would make a hummus, green smoothies, carrot-ginger soup and other soups. I would make nut cheeses, and homemade nut milks or rice milk. And I would have soooooo much fun doing it. Thank you for the opportunity to win this machine. And, Happy Birthday!!!

  190. Diane Monroe

    Happy Birthday! First I’d make my green smoothies, then I’d love to try making nut milk.

  191. Jessica T

    I’d probably make a smoothie first. And then I would figure out new things to make with it. ha

    Happy birthday and thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  192. Kathryn Litten

    I would probably make a detox smoothie. I have wanted one of these for quite a while and a friend of mine got one to show me how good it really is. I have chronic pain and am trying to go to an all organic diet. Some things that I can’t eat as regular food can be put in the Vitamix and blended with fruits, etc., to make more palatable. I am on limited income so this would come in soooo handy!
    Thank you for offering this!

  193. Mya

    Almond milk, nut milk, nut butter, canta in bocca (literally- sings in your mouth) mouth watering smoothies,…

  194. penny taylor

    Happy Birthday!

    I’d make Gazpachio. Yum!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  195. Stephanie Knowlton

    I would love to have one!! Want to make smoothies and soup! so awesome!

  196. Forrest

    I would make the best hommous in the world that I learned to make from a local when I served in Iraq. As we cant afford a vitamix on a enlisted military salary, our blender cannot make smooth hommous. Thanks for the chance to win!

  197. Joy

    Looks like an awesome kitechen tool!
    For sure the first thing I would make would be a batch of “magic milk shakes” to share with my family.

  198. Tunde

    I would use vitamix to make homemade soups, ice creams smoothies. I have an ASD son and over the years I realized that the less food we get from outside, the better he gets. I been making everything at home, and it is very rare we go out to eat. vitamix would allow me to make variety food quickly and easily.

  199. Rhonda Hester

    I would make almond milk and then use it in a smoothie. Happy Birthday! I’m one week and one decade older and still looking forward to celebrating another year with each and every birthday. Wishing you always feel the same!

  200. Gabrielle

    I’d make some peanut butter, which I’ve been dying to do! And then I’d make a strawberry smoothie!

  201. cassia

    i’d end up making either a smoothie or salsa probably, depending on what time of day it arrived :)

  202. Laura F.

    I would make a week’s worth of smoothies to freeze for my kids and then blend up some gazpacho. Yum!

  203. Mimi

    I would make a milk shake with my buttermilk-strawberry ice cream, an egg, and whole milk. (Would use raw milk, but it’s against the law in Ohio.)

  204. Vicky

    Happy birthday! Would love to win!! I will make a raspberry & spinach smoothie with chia seeds, flax seeds, and Youghurt! Yum! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  205. Ashley M

    Oh gosh…. there are so many things I’ve wanted to make with this, what would I make first…? Probably vegan ice cream! :P

  206. Laurie

    I would make baby food. Our blender gets the job done, but just barely. It’d be so nice to have a better blender!

  207. araceli

    the vitamix is amazing!!! my friend has one and we’ve made amazing soups, lots of green smoothies and raw food sauces and beyond! no idea what my first vitamix project would be, there are so many things i’ve been wanting to make, the possibilities are endless!!!

  208. Kristy

    I would definitely many smoothies and almond butter!!!! I’ve wanted a Vitamix for a long time, but they are so expensive!!

  209. Pauline Kacher

    I just moved back to America and I’m so anxious to get started with lots of real, whole foods! Looking forward to lots of green smoothies, whole food soups, and butters!

  210. Lauren

    mmm, that Vitamix, if she were mine? I would blend some delicious and refreshing banana strawberry ice cream… Cool and yummm!

  211. Pavethra

    Would love to have vitamix for juicing, churning butter,nut butters, coconut milk, batters and much much more.

  212. Suzanne S Faust

    I think the first thing I would make would be a raspberry smoothie. And then I would try to make my own peanut or almond butter.

  213. Dee R.

    I would make a green smoothie with Kale, spinach, carrots, apple, and two oranges. Then for dinner I would make Tortilla soup!

  214. Justine

    I would use this for everything! This would make awesome green juice smoothies that my magic bullet just can’t get! Happy birthday and thank you!!

  215. KaliP

    The first thing I’d make is peanut butter. My food processor is too old and worn out to do a decent job.

  216. Rose

    I have this weird recipe for a vegan “cookie dough” made from chick peas, and my kids LOVE it so I’d probably be making that first. Otherwise I’d just be boring and make a smoothie! :P

  217. Brittany Hutchings

    I would love to use this bad boy as a food processor! I could make a mean hummus in this thing.

  218. Katie Lynn

    Happy birthday! I would make butternut squash soup! Then, almond butter. I would seriously use this soooo much!

  219. Mik

    My mother has wanted one of these for the longest time. She has a small blender that just broke, likely due to her excessive smoothying (yes, I’ve created a verb for making smoothies).

    To applaud her road to better health and to those of the people she has helped, I would make her a green smoothie with chia seeds, chard, kale, a little avocado, and some frozen pineapple.

    Great contest, good luck everyone!

  220. Angela

    oh joy! Where to begin….smoothies, butter, nut butter, almond milk, there are so many things I would love to try…baby food :) Thanks for the give away, whoever wins is a lucky girl/guy! Happiest of birthdays to you.

  221. jennifer forman

    I would totally make a raw key lime pie with an amazing date-nut crust my coworker made with her Vitamix. It was totally the best thing I’ve tried in a while! I’ve wanted one of these since 2001!

  222. Carrie

    First of all, Happy Birthday! If I had a vitamix, I would make some nut butter first…maybe macadamia nut or pecan butter for starters! Then I would ceremoniously retire my immersion blender while finally admitting that no matter how desperate and creative I think I am, an immersion blender and nuts just don’t mix!

  223. Hilary

    I would make all types of smoothies that were actually smooth instead of grainy with my blender.

  224. Emily Smith

    I would start with some almond butter! Wow what a dream come true to win one of these beauties! Feliz Cumple!

  225. Marysa

    I would make “Mmm sauce” from Peas and Thank You and smother it all over quinoa!!!

  226. Dana

    Oh boy! What wouldn’t I make with one of these? I think the first thing I would make is skinny ice cream. With the yummy almond milk and vanilla. Maybe I would make it into mint chocolate chip. Or I would make a cottage cheese berry whip. That sounds good too. Whatever I made it would come out smoother than with my cheapo blender.

  227. Jessica

    I would make carrot ice cream first, it’s really yummy! And then butter but squash soup.

  228. C. Nordgren

    I think I would be too excited to pick one thing. I would probably raid the kitchen & play, making whatever my heart desired until I ran out of ingredients. :)

  229. Olivera

    Ahh I’ve had my eye on the vitamix for so long but honestly, it’s far from in my budget at the moment, ha! Personally, i’d make PB with it, first. I love me some peanuts!


    1. Jeanette

      I would finally be able to make all those smoothie recipes without the ice getting stuck or melted.

  230. Alli Pie

    Hi Thank your body lady :)

    I work in a a vegan, gluten free, organic raw food restaurant in Montreal, Canada and I have the pleasure of using one of these bad boys everyday ! Unfortunately managing a kitchen is not the most lucrative job so I cannot at this time afford to buy one for my home.

    I would make my own fresh almond milk, raw ricotta cheese, cashew cheese, dressings, sauces, hummus, and sooo sooo much more. Cacao mouse!

    Thanks for all you do, I love reading your blog and think you have an amazing approach to eating right for your body.

    Health and Hapiness!


  231. Devon Clothier

    Nut cookies with pistachios, cashews, coconut oil, raw honey, and sea salt. YUM!!

  232. gali

    been wanting this for years!
    would be perfet in our kitchen!

    especially for my sons bday- to make banana ice cream

  233. Elaine

    What wouldn’t I make with this blender!!!!! It sounds remarkable, I could make anything from nut butters to soups to sorbets! I can’t wait to get started! And, happy birthday!

  234. Inbal

    I would chop up Brazil nuts ,almonds,cashew,and dates to make a base for a raw food cake ( top would be coconut milk with banana and berries ) or chop up those nuts and mix with melted cocoa butter and beans to make yummy treats or chop them up and make cheese ,oh so many things you can do with this and to think now I have a really cheap simple hand chopper that I almost break every time I make something (sob sob ..hint hint ;) )

  235. Posh

    I’d like to make my smoothie of frozen berries, a sprinkle of cocoa nibs & chia seeds, and nut butter!

  236. Constandina

    Frozen desserts??! Nut butters?? Soups?!! Wow, I would have a hard time deciding what to use it for first, I love making green drinks and fruit smoothies with my regular ol’ blender but wow, I think I’d have to try a healthy, whole food, natural frozen dessert first. I’ve heard these things are amazing!!! Thank you for the chance to win one, fingers and toes crossed!!

  237. Carolyn Spencer

    I would make a smoothie every morning and night, because that is all I want while I am pregnant. And then I would make homemade baby food in it. And then I would make some soup…..And then I would be in Heaven!!!! FOREVER. Happy Birthday, and I have my fingers crossed, eyes crossed and legs crossed. Hope I can win this great blessing of a gift!

  238. Becki

    I have several smoothie recipes that are just begging to be made in the Vitamix. (Plus I could ditch my old blender for something that really works!)

  239. Kristen S

    I would make some nut butters. We have been eating a lot lately and I would love to have a healthier option. Plus some amazing smoothies that my old blender can’t quite handle. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  240. Katie M

    I would first make some kind of nut butter. I’ve never been able to get it smooth enough for my liking.

  241. Electra Hutchison

    If I were to win the vitamix I feel confident the first thing that would get made in it is breakfast for my family! We love drinking lots of healthy veggies first thing in the morning, and Oh what I joy it would be for them to be super smooth with the vitamix!

  242. Sheila

    My teen boys are not healthy eaters, however occasionally I come up with a concoction that they
    really enjoy and is great for them. Smoothies are the go-to healthy breakfast, snack (or meal when its too hot to cook). With a high power Vitamix I can make those bright green kale particles “disappear” and they’d never know they were eating their greens!

  243. Sheila

    I got so caught up daydreaming about the Vitamix I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! I just discovered your site today and am so glad I did! Been dreaming of making my own mascara forever and I’m going to order all the ingredients and DO THIS!

    PS: After reading some of the comments I hope pregnant lady wins the Vitamix!

  244. Lisa Owens

    I would make a nutrient dense pina colada smoothie with coconut oil, raw milk, pastured egg yolks, gelatin, pineapple, bananas and coconut manna!

  245. Jessica

    There are umpteen million things I’d make. Flour, juice smoothies, soup, you name it I’ll make it!

  246. Chris

    I’d make nut butters. We go through tons of almond and sunflower seed butter in my house. It’d be nice to be able to make it at home instead of getting it from the market!

  247. Tara

    I have candida and my mom is diabetic. I would make lots of beet smoothies and green juices. Also whole foods juices for my babies ;)

  248. Julie

    I would make one of the green drinks we drink every morning with breakfast and then I would make some almond milk

  249. Julia Grove

    I would make baby food for my little girl and lots of raw chocolate smoothies.

  250. Shan Walker

    oooo, I am giddy with excitement of the chance to win a Vitamix! I would probably try my hand at hummus for the first time in my new Vitamix. I have not tried this and many other recipes due to the fact that I only have a cheap blender and no food processor or vitamix at this time.
    The How to Guru

  251. Mrs. GC

    Oh, I would love to have a VitaMix! I would make an awesome veggie-packed green smoothie the minute I got it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  252. Frances

    I know it’s boring, but if I won a Vitamix, I’d make a smoothie right off the bat. I borrowed one for a while to try making smoothies for breakfast, in an effort to ease some stomach issues– and it totally helps!

  253. Carolyn

    I would make green smoothies with kale, spinach, banana, apple, and pear! Thank you for this offer- what a gift.

  254. Stoneyridge

    I’d make green smoothies – lots of them! Nothing better to start the day in the summer. Thanks for running this promotion. I hope I win:)

  255. TraceyMSP

    I’d make a green smoothie like I got at a stand near Central Park last year — broccoli, celery, spinach, cucumber, and green apple. I tried making one in my regular blender at home, but it came out more like a chewy, runny salad!!

  256. Jessica G

    I’d make baby food and green smoothies :)then ice-cream… and so much more with this monster awesome blender!
    thank you!

  257. Jennifer

    Green smoothies and ice pops with my leftovers for the kids!

    This site is awesome!

  258. Megan

    I would make a big ol’ green smoothie!! I make them now but my blender leaves chunks (and those can get stuck in your teeth!!) :)

  259. Abby Redwine

    I would LOVE to win one of these! I just recently started eating completely organic and this would be amazing to have! I am currently a college student and having a vitamix would make my life so much easier! I would make smoothies to bring with me on my 12 hour hospital shift (I work in the Emergency Room) for a quick breakfast on the go and try out yummy soups!

  260. Erin Kennedy

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I have just became a new mom and I have chosen to become a vegetarian to help my daughter from taking in to many hormones from my breast milk and other reasons. I have been eating really healthy but I don’t have anything to juice or make smoothies with, which would help in my transition into becoming vegetarian. The first thing I would make would be a pineapple, mango, and kale smoothie with some lemon honey and cucumber! It sounds like a lot but my girlfriend use to make them for me! Chalked full of goodies! Thanks again, happy birthday, and PLEASE pick me!!!!

  261. CindraLu

    Happy B-Day!

    Smoothies that turn into ice creamy desserts to start with followed by a smooth plended gravy-soup mix. It’s a gravy and a soup — would that make it a group or a sravy? We just call it yummy!


  262. Penny Pressley

    Everything! I’m on the gaps diet and really struggling. Need to do some juicing as well as blending up a lot of food..which is pretty much everything I eat right now :( This would be SO awesome and helpful to me.

  263. Ann

    Oh Vitamix! Let me count the ways I would put you to use! The first thing I would do is make a batch of my Dad’s to-die-for fresh from the garden vitamix tomato soup. HEAVENLY! Am I the only person that likes to drink… or should I say CHUG… my soup?

  264. Victoria

    Awesome giveaway! I would definitely make a green smoothie with extra to freeze as green pops for the kids!

  265. Stacy Sprouse

    I would make coconut milk, cashew cream, smoothies, gazpacho, and oh so many more delicious and healthy treats. I would use this Vitamixer every single day! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  266. Sue J

    Oh the things I’d blend/mix/pulverize! First, I’d start making healthy green veggie drinks. I was doing this with my juicer but there was so much waste I couldn’t do it anymore. I want ALL the nutrients! Kale, spinach, cucumbers,broccoli, whatever is on hand. after that I’m itching to make soups in it! Best way to lose weight with all this can do! Nutrients without the fat/ikk. ;-)

  267. Amanda

    I have been on a big smoothie kick lately, so I would make green smoothies for myself and husband!

  268. Shashi C

    Just read more about this particular Vitamix.. I have read and watched demos only on the 5200 series. This one is a monster. Thanks again!

  269. Shashi C

    I would first make homemade ice cream with frozen strawberries and frozen bananas. I tried that once with my regular Hamilton Bleach blender and made banana milkshake instead :(

  270. Barbara

    I would make a smoothie with kale, cucumber and apples. I’m so jealous my sister makes these all the time with her Vitamix. Wish I had my own :(

  271. Janet Roberson

    I think I sould make just about anything in this great machine – smoothies, salsas, chutneys, smooth soups and sauces.

  272. Zulay

    I need a better blender and I absolutely adore the Vitamix, but is too expensive :’(

    I would make smoothies, soups, veggie juices, everything!

  273. Joy Bradley

    I would make a smoothie with seeded grapes because they would be smashed up into the healthy yummy smoothie!

  274. hannely

    If I won this, I would definitely start with making my own coconut milk. We go through it like crazy in our house, and it’s prohibitively expensive to buy the bpa-free canned kind.

  275. Rose

    I would love to have one of these have been secretly hoping that people would take the hint and get one for my birthday or Christmas :)

  276. Terry Hammans

    I would love to have the Vitamix… I would make smoothies and soups… Pick Me, Please!!!

  277. Amira

    I would start with smooties and then move on to soups and our homemade BBQ sauce and … well the list would go on and on :)

  278. Brynn

    This is a great giveaway! I would start making baby food for my son. He would be just about at the point to start eating solids!

  279. natasha

    love it!!!

    the first thing i would make would have to be, a real fruit slushie for my kids and I. letting them pick the fruit and veggies in it.
    raspberry,black berry,strawberry, and a hint of mint.for the kids
    would be i iced coffee
    bay taking fresh coffee freezing in a ice cube tray, then blending them with some cream and sugar to taste with a pinch of cocoa powder. mmmmmm Delicious

  280. vanessa

    mmmm.. probably a good old Mexican chile sauce, considering the time that i recive it at.

  281. Janelle

    I have a friend with one and I have always been jealous. I make smoothies everyday, so that would be what I make first if i win….please let me win!

  282. Debbie

    We would make a smoothie with : berries, super green powder, matcha green tea, maca root powder, almond milk, ice and voila!

  283. Moyra

    soup, soup, soup and nut butters!! =) O my goodness, I’d make everything in this thing.

  284. Jim Murray

    First would almost certainly be a green fruit smoothie, although a non-alcoholic pina colada would be right behind it.

  285. Nyanda Smith

    I would make a lusciously healthy tropical dessert – a mango and coconut sorbet with a twist of lime.

  286. Natasha

    In July, I will be celebrating my 30th year alive! I plan to make 30 recipes with my new prize vitamix ;) I have been collecting a wide range of gorgeous yummy raw treats throughout the year but all require this high tech mixer to create a much smoother nutty consistency (my current blender struggles to chop). Thank you for giving away my dream prize!
    The first recipe of the 30 I plan to make, is a millionaire shortbread (gluten and dairy free). I will post my recipe if I win :)

  287. Shashi C

    Thank you for doing this giveaway.. I have been wanting a Vitamix so badly but can’t afford it. This is a great machine.

  288. Cherryl

    I would make fresh strawberry coconut ice cream for the icky hot summer. I have been wanting a Vitamix because my blender is just not cutting it anymore.

  289. Rebecca

    I have to go with the masses and say green smoothie – with no bits!! but I’d make it double and freeze the leftover as popsicles for dessert!! YUM

  290. Chantel

    Green smoothie, or any smoothie for that matter. Also my own almond butter would be great!

  291. Liliana Soderlund

    I would gift it to my son who returned home safely after two deployments to Afghanistan. He is a vegan and has expressed to me how much he would love to purchase one. I own one and I enjoy making curry soup. Simply the best blender on the market. Wouldn’t trade mine for anything. I utilize my blender for many purposes in food prep. Thank you.

  292. Shveta

    Happy birthday, if a bit belated.

    I would make my own almond milk (mmm!) and then use it in a kale smoothie. *happy sigh*

  293. Sheryl

    I would have to make a smoothie first. Then introduce my family to a good fresh veggie soup with the farm fresh veggies we just put away in the freezer, ending with a batch of homemade nut butter just like my mother-in-law made for my husband and his siblings.

  294. Tiffany

    I would start with a green smoothie!! I love them and I am getting my husband and my son on the bandwagon as well :)

  295. Alisha

    I would make some homemade almond butter. I’d love to have some without all the added sugar that’s affordable.

  296. Jen lagomarsino

    I would make a yummy smoothie. My current blender leaves them chunky and not so yummy.

  297. Sarah

    I would make my morning smoothie with it! But add more stuff, cus my current blender can’t handle anything more than banana’s and ice :P

  298. Adrienne Tarkenton

    My nephew has a severe nut allergy so I would make him sunflower seed Nutella. Then fruit purée to make homemade Popsicles for my two boys! Thank you so much for the giveaway and happy happy birthday!!!

  299. Amy Cowin

    I would totally make some pesto sauce with kale! And experiment around with smoothies.

  300. Florelle

    I would make a raw spiced pumpkin soup. I have always wanted to make this should I ever get a vitamix. That and salsas, smoothies, dressings, gelato… Anything!! :) I would love to have a vitamix!!!

  301. Erika Garza

    I would make a raw chocolate fudge with almonds and a tropical fruit ice cream! Yum.
    Oh, and lots of veggie smoothies Mmmmm.
    Thank U & Happy Birthday!

  302. Ashley

    I have been dreaming of one of these for years now! I would make flour (tried in a regular blender and it did not go well :/ ) and nut butters! as well as soup annnnnnnnnnd everything else!

  303. Sandi Brown

    I have CRAVED this blender forever! I just cannot afford one! It does everything I want! I lusted when The Chew gave one to the entire audience! I would LOVE to win it! Thanks!!!!

  304. Cassandra

    I would make raw pumpkin soup, sorbet, smoothies, and oh so much more. It would be put to use every day!

  305. Martha

    A belated happy birthday! What an incredible giveaway! I have been wanting a Vitamix for a couple years now but I haven’t been able to afford one one my college student budget, so if I won the Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend the first thing I would make would be a smoothie!

  306. CARMEN G.

    First of all, Happy Birthday, Robin! :) I would love to make green smoothies with it since I am trying to make my husband eat better due to health reasons. Thanks!

  307. Ana

    I’d jet to a farmers market, drive 300+ miles to my mom’s place and make her a super green version of Saag “Paneer” – with fresh spinach, kale, onion, garlic, ginger & turmeric roots, spices, etc. – and soaked cashews, fresh peas & cauliflower for texture (instead of dairy). She just got a recurrence of the big C and keeps telling me she wishes she had time to eat like she did last time, when I stayed with and cooked for her. And I’m looking into farm fresh veggie delivery services in her area so the right foods magically show up every week on her doorstep, even when I can’t be there. The Vitamix would be for my mom, to replace her non-BPA free plastic blender that’s about 32 years old. :)

  308. Tonya Zimmerman

    All I can say is that my blender is on it’s last leg and I use it least twice a day. I have so many new things I want to try and would love to try with a Vitamix! Thanks!

  309. Karen Parisian

    I would make green smoothies, peanut butter, soups for my daughter who has issues swallowing and I would also use it to grind up egg shells to feed our chickens. That is just the beginning, I would LOVE THIS!

    Happy Belated Birthday.

  310. Sophia

    Kimberly Synder’s Glowing Green Smoothie! I’m getting really tired of having to strain the mixture several times to achieve a smooth consistency (not to mention my current blender keeps chewing out and ravaging the coupling part if I leave it on for more than a minute).
    And overall, I’ve been on a real smoothie/juicing kick. I want to maintain a healthier diet; plus there’s something real motivating about blending up a juice, pouring it into a tumbler, and doing some pilates in front of the TV.

    Anyways, thanks so much for the giveaway!

  311. Joanne

    Coconut Butter! I desperately want to make my own but none of my current appliances are stong enough to do it.

  312. Allison

    I would make nut butters, natural ice creams, smoothies, and because we will be having our first baby soon, I will definitely be making any and every kind of baby food.

  313. Allison Bruner

    I would make really smooth drinks. I have a ninja now, but that’s essentially just a food processor in a blender shape and doesn’t make the best smoothies

  314. Nancy

    I’d make home made soup or some nut butter. I have lots of food allergies so I make everything from scratch, since I can’t have anything packaged.

  315. Kimberly Andrews

    My birthday is tomorrow June 7! I will make a Good Morning Sunshine Shake. Fresh Pineapple chunks, small orange- slices, 1/2 lemon-slices, cubes, cup almond milk opt. 1/2 greek yogurt opt. Chia seeds!

  316. Caitlin

    I love to eat raw and healthy and the vitamix 1782 turbo blend could help to achieve that. I’ve been wanting one of these babies since i started blending smoothies daily!

  317. Beth Copen

    I have recently gone pluten-free, so I would make homemade flour from oatmeal and from almonds.

  318. Markita

    My blender just broke so now I can’t make my green smoothies! I really need a vitamix

  319. Kelly

    I would make a smoothie full of fresh ingredients to combat the hot weather and bad health!

  320. Mapu

    With it being Mango & Lychee season here on the Big Island of Hawaii, I’d definitely do a fabulous nutrient dense green smoothie featuring both fruits with some for drinking & some for applying to my face! Mahalo nui loa for this fantastic Giveaway!

  321. Angie K

    First of all, Happy Birthday, Robin!! Many good wishes and blessings to you!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, too! I would round up some mangoes and pineapple to make a delicious smoothie, first thing. Mm mm…

  322. Phoebe

    If i won, i would make healthy green smoothies to have glowing skin! And every other kind of smoothie, soup, milkshake i could possibly make! :)
    Thankyou for this giveaway :)

  323. Sara R

    I’m a smoothie fan, so is my family, so there is no doubt my first recipe in there would involve almond milk, strawberries, bananas, and spinach!

  324. Jerrica Bowman

    I would make smoothies! I would also like to try some sunflower butter for my son who is allergic to nuts.

  325. Judy

    I would make a green smoothie for my 11 month old. He is transitioning away from purees which means it is much more difficult to get as many amazing veggies into him. I think a vitamix would be a fantastic way to keep fueling him with nutritious food that he will enjoy.

    And happy birthday!!

  326. Charlotte Comfort

    I would use it to turn Mummy and Daddy food into baby food :D amongst other things!!

  327. Pat

    I would use it to make almond butter from my soaked almonds. My old Waring starts smelling hot when I do heavy loads.

  328. Brigid

    The first thing I’d make would be my daily protein smoothie – but I’m excited to learn more about what this could do!

  329. TR

    I am broke but I still want to be healthy. Everyone in this fun little pocket of blogging health, this mixer/blender is brought up a lot. So seeing you are giving it away, I am here for the receiving. That is money I can spend on organic, locally-grown VEGGIES.

  330. Caitlin

    My birthday is the day before yours! I totally deserve this Vitamix… :D

    I would make frozen greek yogurt. Because trying to do that in Magic Bullet just doesn’t cut it.

    And my morning smoothies could conquer new flavor countries!

  331. Leah Hansen

    First thing I would make? Hummus. Definitely hummus. I love that stuff.

    I grew up with a vita-mix in the house and have dreamed for years of getting my own… they are truly wonderful machines!

  332. Jean

    I love smoothies. So that would be the first one I would make; then I would go through Vita-mix’s manual and start making those recipes!

    And happy birthday to you! Enjoy your day and thank you for this opportunity for us to win a Vita-mix, what a great gift!

  333. Amy

    I love making smoothies and would LOVE to have a Vitamix! The price is the only thing that’s been holding me back.

  334. Kerry

    SOUP! I so want to make soup… and smoothies… and EVERYTHING in a Vitamix. It’s been on my wish list for years!

  335. Jean

    I’d make homemade mayonnaise and the desserts on the Vitamix website look pretty good too!

  336. joyce avans

    Pesto from my garden, then nut butters, and smoothies with the greens from the garden and the nut butters.

  337. Mariah

    I would make green smoothies every day! My current blender is about ka-put and doesn’t handle greens well. I would make sauces and nut butters too!

  338. Martynas

    This Vitamax sounds and looks awesome!I’d make a banana ice cream for my family every weekend if I had it!

  339. Kyla Abercrombie

    I’d make nut butters, smoothies, ice cream, soups, so many whole food goodies!! Awesome giveaway! Thanks!!!

  340. Marcie

    I would make smoothies, coconut butter, ice cream, you name it! thank you for the opportunity to win this! Blessings!

  341. Taryn

    If I had a vitamix I would make nut butters and a lot of salad dressings!!! I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to store bought items filled with tons of extra crap! Happy belated Birthday by the way!!

  342. Laura Dennen

    I would make my kids play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Winner takes it to university. Of course, I would use it all summer long…. to break it in.

  343. Hazel

    Soup! in my world, it’s never too hot for soup:) – and even if it was, there’s always cold soups…

  344. Siobhan M

    So June 30, is my birthday! What an awesome gift this would be!!!! I just bought a new blender and am not too happy. It just doesn’t cut it when making green smoothies! So that would be the first thing I make – a smooth, green smoothie!!

  345. Tonya Brindley

    I would make so many things with this that my puny blender and food processor can’t handle! Almond Flour, Almond Butter, Coconut Butter, Coconut Flour & Frozen Drinks just to name a few

  346. Asha

    I will make smoothies, hummus and finally be able to ground my own flax seeds with the VitaMix! As a college student, I had to settle for a $20 blender and I would love to trade it in for a VitaMix to help make life a bit easier!

  347. KerryAnne Eisenach

    I recently went wheat/grain and sugar free. The Vitamix would help me make so many things! I am trying to become more creative with whole foods, fruits/veggie etc. Thank you for the opportunity to win one! What an awesome give-away!

  348. Tamara

    I’d like to try making nut butters. I live in Italy now and they are extremely difficult to find.

  349. Alvada Owen

    So generous of you to be giving away such an expensive prize.Wishing you a happy blessed birthday!!!Gosh it is so hard to pick one thing to make first as I have been saving your recipes just in case I got a Vita Mixer.I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and have a disabled son living with me and we raise a large garden to make ends meet and what I would honestly say I can’t choose just one thing to make first but would more than likely it would be smoothies with fruits ans veggies to help my son’s health improve.My birthday is June 22 and I am “older than dirt”LOL and this would make my day to win.I love all the great recipes your other viewers posted and wish them good luck too.God Bless.

  350. Rebecca :)

    Ooohmigoodness! I would make anything with banana or avocado included! Okay, banana for the kids, avocado for me!! :) Well, I’ve heard about the awesome green smoothies with banana, so I would like to try that… with some raw milk yogurt. Mmm!! I can just feel the health pulsating through my veins thinking about it! :D

  351. Karen

    The better question to ask is, “what could I make first if I had a Vitamix on my kitchen counter?” Either question is hard to answer by someone who has wanted one of these for years but simply can’t afford it. The possibilities are endless but I would most likely blend my breakfast smoothie then while sipping start experimenting to see what I’ve been missing all these year by not having one.

  352. Tanja Z.

    Smoothies for my family. We’ve all been working hard on switching to a healthier lifestyle and the Vitamix is on my wish list. A juicer was first and this would top it off :)

  353. Teri Lamour

    I don’t know where I’d begin :-) I just know I’d be blending, mixing, etc. my way to tons of great recipes.

  354. Candace

    I would LOVE a Vitamix to help my family incorporate more fruits & veggies into our everyday routine by making green smoothies in the Vitamix!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such an AWESOME giveaway!

  355. Linda

    I love to make creamed sweet potato and sausage soup!!! The Vita Mix would be great for this.

  356. Leslie Gilliam

    First thing Inwould make if I won this saweet Vitamix: Coconut milk, spinach, chia protein smoothie!!

  357. plmorris

    I’ve heard great things about vitamix for years. my first use would be a smoothie and then move on to try other uses

  358. rebecca

    I have MS and i would be able to use up all of my organic veggies and fruits to make delicious soups and drinks. to help my body stay healthy for as long as possible.

  359. Sheila Daniel

    Happy Birthday to you! If I’m the lucky winner on July 1st I would make ice cream to celebrate my birthday.

  360. Maureen

    I would make a smoothie with apple, carrots and almond butter. My current blender cannot handle it!

  361. Kristin

    Green smoothies! We drink them every day. Ourpoor blender can’t keep up and is dying. We despiratly need a Vitamix!

  362. DebBlee

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    awesome machine -> I would love love love it have one – I think I would start with soups and yummy veggie filled sauces =)

  363. Krista Romaniuk

    I would prepare a delicious kale/ soaked sesame/ carrot and apple smoothie. With a touch of almond milk or rice milk.
    A great way to power up in the morning. This is what I like to make before work. My other blender is having a hard time blending as much.
    I have heard so many great things about the Vita!

    Happy Belated birthday and hope you are having a wonderful day!


  364. Linda Montgomery

    Hi – I would make nutbutters, green smoothies and fruit smoothies to bring my health back and continue the good health of my kids. Thanks!

  365. Jax

    RAW. BUTTER. also probably some food for my face…. and then some for my belly. come check out your new home, Vitamix!!

  366. Anne Maloy

    I would definitely make my own nut butters and almond milk. Smoothies too but I’ve been trying to make my own pantry staples at home but can’t find a machine to do all of them. I was just watching the QVC spot for the VitaMix yesterday! What a coincidence. I came here to get the fruit snacks recipe and saw the contest so I checked it out. Thanks!!

  367. Laura

    everything i eat!! smoothies, green drinks, nutbutter, soup… so cool that it can make hot soup!!

  368. Kathy C.

    I would totally make a smoothie… I would love to find a blender that will allow me not to crunch the chia seeds I put in my smoothies. :)

  369. Shari

    I’ve been noticing that many vegetarian/vegan recipes call for Cashew Cream, something that I am not familiar with – that is what I would make first!!!!

  370. Linda Linder

    Would love to have a Vitamix again, lost mine sometime in the 80′s. Thanks for the opportunity.

  371. Elisa

    Wow, this is awesome!

    I would probably make a batch of homemade almond milk or frozen banana “ice cream”, both things my current blended doesn’t handle well!

  372. Amber

    So many things! But first I’d probably make. Spinach smoothie, since that’s what I do every morning.

  373. Kathleen Lane

    I would make a smoothing with berries, greens, banana, and almond milk. My blender now does not do berries very well due to the seeds, having a vitamix would be a dream come true!!!

  374. Sammilamb

    I would finally be able to fit more veggies into my diet. I am financially strapped to buy lots of veggies and a blender/juicer to use them in. Very excited to start anew if I win :)



  376. Lilli Hamilton

    What wouldn’t I make, really?! Smoothies, peanut butter, hummus….anything I can think of! Thanks for the chance to win!

  377. Marcy

    I would make some kind of green smoothie- with cherries since it’s finally summer and they are my favorite taste of summer. That way i could get all the nutrients I need and the burst of summer I love!

    1. Juanita

      Hi Anne……
      Any chance that you could share the recipe for your
      Coconut Oil fruit Smoothie
      I happen to love coconut oil and this sounds delicious

  378. Erin

    This would be amazing to win! A Vitamix has been on my ‘Wish List’ for the past 5 years! I’d make high-quality auto-immune paleo smoothies, soups, dips, etc!

  379. Harriet Sexton

    I would probably make a smoothie. I have several friends that have a Vitamix & they sing it’s in praises. I will buy one this summer if I don’t win this one. I am especially interested in blending in vegetables that can not be tasted!

  380. Sagine

    I love the vitamix. I would make just about everything in the vitamix. nut butters, flour, soups, and smoothies

  381. Juanita

    I would make my favorite drink…….(creamy and delicious) Almond Milk
    Soaked Almonds
    Vanilla extract and vanilla powder
    Coconut water
    Pinch of sea salt
    Dates 2-3 (optional)

  382. Elizabeth Lopez

    This will replace the cheap blender I have. I tried to blend soft, boiled veggies to make soup and it stopped! Frustrating

  383. Jane McKeever

    I am a breast cancer survivor, so I know the importance of healthy eating. I would make first, my breakfast and then my lunch filled with kale, apples and strawberries!!!!

  384. Lauralee

    Hmm.. I’d say it’s a toss up between some fruit & veggie blends to fill my kiddos’ reusable pouches, or some homemade nut butter :)

  385. Erika

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I would possibly celebrate my win with a smoothie of some kind. Then I’d move on to my own almond milk and almond butter. And I’d try sunflower seeds after that. Then, there’d be no stopping me from what I could try and achieve.

  386. Pat

    Where to start?!? A smoothie! I know, sounds boring, but I’ve longed to try different ingredients! I might be boring, but I’m healthy!

  387. Lena

    Daily breakfast smoothies for my on-the-go family of 4. My diabetic hubby and I are working on our weight and health, and trying to instill better habits in our kids…thanks for this opportunity!

    Fresh fruits and veggies (kale, blueberries, strawberries from our garden), chia seeds, almond or local organic milk, local honey, raw seeds (love raw pumpkin seeds!), flax seeds, almond butter, organic greek yogurt, protein powder, raw nuts….oh, so many nom nom ingredients in so many combinations!

  388. Elizabeth Ann

    I am just back from the store where I was shopping for a blender to replace my broken one. :( I broke it because I make a smoothie for breakfast every morning and I use frozen fruit with my yogurt, apparently that breaks “normal” blenders. Who knew? Every review I read indicated that the Vitamix is the only blender that can handle the strain of my daily needs. Why am I so high maintenance?
    So, fresh frozen strawberries, blueberries and bananas with chia, flax and yogurt. Or maybe I will use some of those fresh frozen cherries….

  389. Tiffany

    Besides making really smooth smoothies, I would love to try making raw soup, homemade nutella, nut powders and nut butters. Oh, and really smooth hummus.

  390. Taya Greene

    I would make kefir, smoothies, dough, soup, baby food, the list goes on and on!

  391. Rachel L.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Looking forward to making green smoothies – with no chunks!

  392. Angie

    I would make so many yummy things for myself and my family! Nut butters, soups, and smoothies would be a the top of the list :)

  393. teresa

    I would probably first make a smoothie…because it’s so easy! Then I’d grind some nuts for homemade nut butter, crush some cilantro for an amazing pesto and…maybe also get into the groove of a fresh pina colada made with frozen pineapple and coconut milk! xo

  394. Hannah

    It’s not very glamorous, but I’d make dog food! I currently make it in a standard blender for my 17 year old dog, and it’s so cumbersome. But he deserves the best :)

  395. Jessica M.

    WOW! I would LOVE to have one of these! I could finally make coconut butter and nut/seed butters! Smooth soups and smoothies would be so much easier!

  396. Miranda Atra

    Awesome giveaway! The first thing I would make would be a yummy, healthy soup!

  397. Jennifer T

    If it arrived when my boys are home, ice cream for them, if they are out when it arrives, green smoothie for me!

  398. Sue P.

    I’m so excited by the possibility of winning this giveaway that my mind is going blank! Um….um…..probably a smoothie…..or nut butter…..or pesto….or soup….or…..:)