tyb: the workshop

“Healthy” doesn’t have to be a chore.

In fact, being healthy can be lots of fun! Move, learn, and get ready for a great time with the Thank Your Body Workshop.

Let Robin come teach your group the importance of moving toward real health. As a “retired” professor from BYU (okay, she still teaches a class or two), she has a taught a variety of classes, workshops, and seminars in both dance, somatic education, and healthy living. With experience teaching all levels and ages, Robin is able to bring practical tips and meaningful experiences to all involved.

Each workshop is customized to fit your group’s needs:

– Workshops are generally 2 – 3 hours, although longer workshops are available.
– Each participant will leave with a packet of information based on the desired topics.
– Topics for discussion and exploration can include (choose the ones appropriate for your group):

  • Simple and effective movement exercises to deal with back pain, stiff joints, or sedentary lifestyles
  • Body Connectivity tips and discussion for better posture, core support, and ease in movement
  • Meal planning for healthy eating
  • Recipes with grocery shopping lists
  • Tips on house organization and de-cluttering
  • Stress management
  • Proper recuperation techniques
  • DIY recipes for toxic-free cleaning
  • DIY recipes for toxic-free personal care
  • Information on the state of our current food system
  • Information for nourishing our children appropriately

Healthy living does not have to be confusing!

These workshops are perfect for a variety of audiences and ages. Between 10 – 30 participants are ideal if movement experiences are desired (as well as space to move), 10 – 50 participants for conference/lecture style presentations.

For pricing and scheduling, please contact Robin.