3 Simple Steps to a Toxic Free Kitchen

3 Simple Steps to a Toxic Free Kitchen

Not too long ago we talked about making our bathrooms toxic free, and today we’re going to work on the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the central hub of any home, it’s important that this room be a safe and clean environment. Taking the steps to making your kitchen toxic free is a good idea for anyone interested in healthy living.

1. Ditch the toxic cleaning products

3 simple steps to a toxic free kitchen.

Just like any room in the house, the products we use to clean, deodorize, and polish do find their way into our bodies, soil, water, and world. Have you ever looked at some of the products you use on your counter only to notice a warning notice that it shouldn’t be used where food will directly go? Um…. red flag.

But just like in our bathroom series, the ingredients you really need to clean are super simple and cost effective.

The solutions:

The main players:
Vinegar (Apple Cider or White Distilled)
Washing Soda
Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Essential Oils  (learn how to get my favorite essential oils at wholesale prices here.)
And don’t forget the power of lemon! Check out this post for lots of ways to use lemons to deodorize and clean.

2. Ditch the toxic cookware

3 simple steps to a toxic free kitchen.

Unfortunately, so much of the cookware sold today isn’t really very good for you. Things like Teflon and other chemicals coated on cookware can leach into our food… and the result is bad. And it’s shame because there are safer alternatives… many of which are really inexpensive and last a whole lot longer.

Evidence is piling up that emissions from the production of synthetic compounds in non-stick cookware, cleaning products, and a host of other common products may cause cancer and other health problems. (source)


3. Ditch the toxic food

3 simple steps to a toxic free kitchen.

Okay, now for the big one: Toxic Food. What is toxic food? Well, “toxins” are considered poisons. So toxic food is anything that can be poisonous to the body. For me that means most of what the groceries stores sell as “food.” I try not to go crazy and don’t stress about having a “perfect” diet, but I do my best to nourish my body with real food.


  • Replace GMO and pesticide-laden foods with organic.
  • Replace processed foods full of artificial ingredients, preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients with real food, made with your own hands.

Of course if you don’t know where to start I’d highly recommend checking out my newest ebook, Processed Free. It’s the guide to help you learn about real toxic food and, better yet, how to switch over to the good stuff without stress and worry. Learn more here.

Progress not perfection.

Just a friendly reminder, any step in the right direction is better than doing nothing at all. Slow and steady progress is the key to long lasting changes. Start with one step, break it down into doable actions, proceed forward and then remember to look back and see how far you’ve come!

What do you think? What would you add to making your kitchen toxic free?

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  1. k

    i love the “progress not perfection” maxim! that’s what we’ve been doing for years. i started w/the food, then went to cleaning products, and the final frontier of personal products/toiletries. i know there is more to do, but step by step, we go along.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Awesome. It can seem so daunting, but just changing one thing at a time does add up. :)

  2. Alicia p

    Hey!!!! I found your site when I was looking for “homemade toothpaste” and I feel like I’m addicted! Like you, I started this whole “healthy” thing during pregnancy & it’s gradually changed EVERYTHING for me! (my husband rolled his eyes when i said “homemade toothpaste” but he’s been amazingly supportive while I’ve adjusted SO MANY things about our daily lives!!!) just wanted to say hello! thank you for your blog! it’s such a great mix of natural products & foods & lifestyle! I want to snap my fingers & change EVERYTHING but you’re right about “progress”… one thing at a time. it’s SO overwhelming! thanks again :)

  3. Edna

    Is there such a thing as NON GMO white vinegar? I know organic isn’t GMO but it is expensive to clean with.

  4. Cassi O.

    I definitely agree that these steps are vital in keeping toxins away from our families! My hardest one is definitely food. It is so easy when I am at home to eat healthy, but when I am out and about I often give in to easy on the go fast food.
    Norwex has definitely cut the cleaning toxins out of my life. With these products you don’t even need vinegar and such. Just an enviro cloth and polishing cloth can get 90% of your cleaning done, with just water. The dust mitt and mop are some more awesome products. I would highly recommend their products to anyone who finds natural cleaning a priority!

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