Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now! And it’s not the locomotion (although that was my favorite song growing up… yes, even in the 80’s). No, the dance I’m talking about is the toilet squat!

The toilet squat!

Maybe you remember my post on how your toilet might be a health hazard. Maybe you even watched the awesome little video for the squatty potty. Maybe you thought it was a solid theory. I mean, remember how sitting on a toilet has been linked to things like constipation, hemorrhoids, colon disease, and pelvic floor issues? And remember that our body was designed to squat while eliminating because it provides the needed release of certain muscles and organs?

But maybe you are still hesitant to switch your toilet ways because…. well, because who wants to squat on the toilet? Trust me. I get it. I understand the hesitation. Not because I was really hesitant myself (I love a good squat!), but because my husband was.

Here’s something you should know about my husband: He’s one of the most supportive people I know. I never try to push my hippie-natural ways on him. But he has pretty much been on board with everything I’ve done. He’s my number one advocate for real food. And even when I stopped using conventional shampoo, sunscreen, tampons, and pretty much said “so long, sucker!” to all cleaning/personal care products… he was always cheering me on.

Here’s another thing you should know about my husband: He’s one of those weird guys who gets really proud about his bowel movements. TMI? Sorry. But it’s true.

So I figured that when I stumbled upon the squatty potty that Tom would be SO on board. Seriously, I was so excited to tell him. I thought he’d do a jig to celebrate!

Uh, yeah. It didn’t go that way.

When I showed him the videos, the science behind it, and the actual product, he just sort of stared at the computer screen in a weird daze. He wasn’t upset or anything, but he looked kind of freaked out. Apparently, he needed some time to consider the idea of doing a toilet squat.

But guess what? Even when he’s not sure about my wacko ways, he still supports me. You know what that means? Even with his hesitation, he tried doing the toilet squat. That’s right, we got our squatty potty on. What a champ, right?

And that’s how we became experts at the toilet squat in no time.

So…what does Tom think about it? I think I can sum up his thoughts in a super short text conversation I had with him while he was away at work:

Me: How are you doing?

Him: Doing well. On the toilet. Wishing I had some paint cans right about now.

Paint cans?

Yep. My husband wants paint cans at work. Well, actually he wants a squatty potty at work, but he’s not sure how to bring it up without looking super weird. Paint cans would at least help.

Why? Because he loves the toilet squat. He loves it. I hear about it all the time. Seriously. All the time. (It’s actually kind of ridiculous how much he loves it.)

Why the toilet squat is the way to go.

Using a toilet stool, like the squatty potty, helps you eliminate faster and more completely by putting you in the squatting position right over your own toilet. And without getting too heavy in the details, when in the “toilet squat” position you have more complete evacuation of your… er… waste. There is less pressure on the veins. Less bloating, gas, and constipation.

Something that both my husband and I noticed right away is that squatting really did reduce the time required to do our business. It was just… easier.

But do I really need a squatty potty?

Of course not. You can find other simple ways to improve your bathroom habits. In fact, while we were waiting for our squatty potty to arrive we used our daughters little step stool. It was a little cumbersome because it doesn’t conveniently slide under the toilet like the squatty potty, but it did help do the job (although for me I like having the height of the tallest squatty potty). Yes, you could also use paint cans. I’ve heard of people making their own, too.

Someone asked if they could just bend over and get the same results. Not quite. While this may be more effective than just normal sitting, having your feet propped up helps with the efficiency of having a solid ground for your feet. Otherwise you might start straining other muscles in the process. No bueno.

So what do I think of the squatty potty?

I like it. I like that I can keep it out of the way. I like that my daughter can use it when it comes time for potty training. I like that my husband really likes it.

But mostly, I like that it helps me use my body in a more natural way. I like that it keeps my colon happy and keeps me spending less time in the bathroom. So, yes, I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.

You can find squatty potty online here.

What do you think? Are you ready to try the squatty potty? I know some of you already have. Share your experiences below!