Integrated Fitness

Learn why moving is important and fitness is more than looking good.

The body is designed to move, and we all know the value of exercise. But real health goes beyond “getting in” our thirty minutes on the treadmill. Real freedom and vitality come when we learn about the basic principles that support our body in movement. Somatic exercise is an approach that deals with fitness from the inside out.

No matter how much time you currently dedicate to working out, taking a somatic approach will help you find ways to bring movement into your life. It’s about having an active lifestyle!

Here are some of my favorite posts to get your on the pathway to a more active lifestyle:

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Somatic Exercise and Fitness

Learn why moving is important and fitness is more than looking good.The basics (a good place to start):

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Why breathing matters.
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Core training:

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10 reasons to never do crunches

Fitness Friday: Learn about different ways to get moving

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Overview of Crossfit
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Good things to remember as you approach your fitness training:

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A couple of videos to get your started right:

Video: Computer recuperation
Video: Are you carrying your baby correctly?
Video: Reduce shoulder tension and neck pain

You may also want to learn more about somatic movement therapy to see if working with a movement therapist is right for you.

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