Shaving with honey for smooth legs

Shaving with honey for smooth legs

My mission? To find the holy grail natural replacement for commercial shaving gel, and get silky smooth legs in the process. The journey would span several years and a few failed experiments. Through perils of dry skin and battles with clogged razors, my search would eventually come to a sweet ending (quite literally) when I discovered I could shave with honey. Yes, really.

Shaving with Soap: Fail

My first step toward shaving with more natural products was switching to soap. Well, I’ll be honest: expensive, chemical-filled shaving creams just seemed like a waste of money and there was already a bar of soap in my shower, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

But lately I’ve been moving away from using harsh soaps on my skin when possible. Plus I noticed that shaving with soap tended to dry my legs out. And dry, scaly skin wasn’t exactly giving my legs the smooth-as-silk look I was going for! Soap was out, so what was next?

Shaving with Oil: Fail

It only seemed natural to turn to my favorite moisturizer next: coconut oil. I’d heard many people recommend shaving with coconut oil for smooth legs, and it made sense to me. After all, if dry skin was my problem, then why not shave with something that naturally moisturizes? I already used coconut oil as a base for my homemade whipped body butter, so I was totally up for applying a thin layer before shaving.

The only problem? Coconut oil clogged my razor! Between the hair and the oil, my razor was completely blockaded with gunk (ew, right?). No amount of rinsing with hot water or tapping on the side of the tub would get it completely clean (though I did manage to break my razor once from “tapping” a little too enthusiastically!).

Results were mediocre because a clogged razor doesn’t shave very well. I then tried olive oil and had the same issue, so it was back to square one in my search for naturally smooth legs.

Shaving with Just Water: Ouch!

At that point I tried something that seemed drastic: shaving with nothing but water. But with absolutely no lubrication, shaving with plain water wasn’t such a “smooth” journey and razor burn returned to haunt me. Clearly, something between the razor and my skin was necessary for a smooth shave. But if soap dried my skin and oil clogged my razor, where was a girl to turn?

Shaving with Honey: Success!

My next experiment was a happy accident. I was in the bathtub (of all places) unwinding from a long day, when I spotted the jar of honey on my bathroom counter. That’s it! I use the honey to wash my face in the mornings (I got the idea here), and frankly my face loves it. And if my face loves it, maybe my legs would, too…

And it turned out they did! Honey provides just enough lubrication to help the razor glide smooth over the skin, but also rinses away completely with water so it doesn’t clog the razor one bit. Best of all, honey is very gentle and didn’t dry out my skin like soap. Huzzah! My search for naturally smooth legs was finally complete.

Directions for Shaving with Honey:

  • Wet your legs with warm water. Tip: Shave at the end of a shower or bath. The warm water opens the pores and softens hair so you’ll get a smoother shave with less razor burn.
  • Smooth 1-2 tablespoons of honey over one leg and shave as usual. Repeat on the other side.
  • Rinse legs with warm water. Don’t worry, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue! The honey washes away easily with plain water.
  • Pat legs try and follow up with an all-natural moisturizer like coconut oil.

Do I Need to Shave With Raw Honey?

Raw honey from a quality source is my favorite pick for sweeteners and skincare (especially for my raw honey face mask recipes). However, good quality raw honey isn’t exactly cheap. Considering that shaving with honey could easily use a 1/2 cup of honey or more every week, I think this is an understandable area to compromise and use less expensive honey if needed. However, I still recommend going with a trusted source if possible, since grocery store honey can often be contaminated.


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  1. Maddie

    Great idea. For those who prefer to wax, you can make your own. I’ve been doing for a year and it’s life changing! You heat up a mix of sugar,water and lemon juice. That’s it! There are specific recipes on the Internet. It is called sugaring and has been used for centuries. Although I think before they used honey – which I plan on trying soon.

    I use an old bed sheet cut in to strips to get the “wax” and hair off. One other tip – put the stuff on against the grain of the hair (both the mixture and the cotton strips). Then pull the stips off the way the hair grows. Apparently this makes for less Broken hairs and red spots.

    1. Kate

      I’m curious on how long you stay “hair free” with the sugaring method.

      Both the honey method and sugaring sound interesting. Currently I use Dr. Bronner’s soap that I have put into a recycled soap foaming container.

  2. Paloma

    What an amazing idea I never thought of. I tried it this morning and my legs are so smooth! Now Im encouraging my husband to shave with honey as well… We’ll see if I succeed on this one :D

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Sue

    What a great idea? I wouldn’t have thought to try it in a million years and will now.
    Loving my “margarita”butter :)
    You rock!

  4. Jennifer

    I almost didn’t read this article because I assumed that honey would clog up my razor (like olive oil did when I tried that, although it was an incredibly smooth shave). But now I’ll definitely give it a try!

  5. Salixisme

    Interesting – I have never thought of using honey to shave! And honey is antibacterial, and helps heal cuts, so if you did accidentally cut yourself it would help the cut heal…

    I do use coconut oil to shave my legs, as do my eldest 2 daughters.

    The trick to clearing a clogged razor is to have a small pot of rubbing alcohol and soak the razor in that…. You could probably use vodka too, but who wants to waste good vodka?

  6. Erin

    What a great idea! I use honey and greek yogurt as a face mask and love it and you’re right – as soon as it’s damp it’s not sticky at all. I’m definitely going to try it for shaving (plus it smells great, right?)

  7. Ashley Stewart

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been trying to figure out the best option for shaving and haven’t had much luck, so I needed to see this. One question though about something you mentioned in the article…you said you’ve been trying to stay away from using harsh soaps on your body and that’s something else I’ve been concerned with lately, so I was wondering what products/methods you do use. Thanks!

  8. Lesley Valles

    I was already planning on doing a honey face mask tonight, so while I have the honey out I’ll try this. I’m wondering, does it change the appearance in your skin after shaving? When I shave, no matter what I use I get irritated red bumps. My legs look anything but healthy or sexy. I’m hoping honey might give me that glow I’m in search for?

    1. Robin Konie

      Good question. I don’t know, and my guess is that it’s different for everyone. Let me know how it goes!

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