Recipe: Grapefruit Curd (from Empowered Sustenance’s Indulge and Heal)

Recipe: Grapefruit Curd (from Empowered Sustenance’s Indulge and Heal)

I know it’s January… just a few days since the beginning of the new year. And I know that for a lot of people it also means one thing: No more treats! (Aaaagh!)

After all, many people are trying to be better about their health. This is a good thing. But telling yourself that you will never eat dessert again in hopes of achieving some image of health isn’t the way to do it. In fact, I think it’s important to enjoy our food. I take my food seriously. You will not find processed anything in my home. And yet, I eat dessert most days. It’s just about eating the right kind of dessert.

Awesome ebook: Indulge and heal - nourishing treats

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you guys about Lauren from Empowered Sustenance’s book, Indulge and Heal. Why do I love this book so much? Well, for starters:

  • There are over 70 pages of nourishing recipes, beautiful photos, and healing information
  • Recipes suited for the GAPS, SCD and Paleo/Primal diets
  • 24 exhaustively tested recipes without grains, dairy, nuts and refined sugar
  • An additional egg free recipe index
  • Information on ingredient substitution and sourcing
  • More resources for healing

Here’s the thing: My family eats grains, dairy, AND nuts. And these recipes are still awesome. They are especially perfect for anyone with food allergies.

Best part? Lauren has graciously allowed me to share one of the recipes in her book with you. This recipe is super delicious… and perfect since grapefruits are in season!


Want to learn more about Indulge and Heal? Check it out here. And for a limited time get 20% off with promo code INDULGE20.


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