Cookie Dough Truffles: Grain Free, Guilt Free

Cookie Dough Truffles: Grain Free, Guilt Free

There seems to be two very opposing mentalities that make a very public appearance during the last two months of the year. On the one hand you have the “I will NOT eat crap this holiday season” folks who stress and worry about every little gathering, party, or trip to the store. Food is their enemy as they fear their only options are to grab a bag of baby carrots or die by chocolate as their are bombarded with treats at every corner.

On the other hand you have the “forget it” folks who binge in every treat that comes their way. “It’s the holidays! Live a little,” they cry out each night only to wake up in the morning feeling ill from the onslaught of junk they consumed.

Guess what, folks, it doesn’t have to be so extreme!

Friends, you CAN enjoy holiday eating without giving up yummy treats.

Behold, the guilt free cookie dough truffle.

See this. That’s chocolate. And cookie dough! And it’s not going to tip the scale on you or make you feel ill the next day! That’s because unlike traditional cookie dough truffles that are loaded with refined flours and sugars, unidentifiable ingredients, and other nasty stuff, these grain free cookie dough truffles are packed with nourishing ingredients. Almonds, grass-fed gelatin, coconut oil. Good stuff. And they are sweetened with natural sweeteners to make these homemade truffles a treat full of quality proteins, good fats, and sensible sugars.

So go ahead, eat them. Enjoy them. Give them to friends. Take them to the work party.

No holiday guilt here: Grain free cookie dough truffles. Um, yes please!


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No holiday guilt here: Grain free cookie dough truffles. Um, yes please!


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  1. jill

    This may be a stupid question but what is the gelatin derived from? I only ask because I know there are different types out there and I have a pork allergy. Thank you!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      There is both beef and pork. I usually use the beef gelatin. It should say on the package. :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yep, you can just double the coconut oil and leave out the butter. I just like butter. :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’m sorry I don’t have that info. I think fat is good (especially the kind in these truffles) and I don’t really count calories. Sorry!

  2. zosia

    can you please provide the measurements for chocolate in grams or ounces?
    this would be very helpful because I’d love to make these!


  3. Elizabeth

    I live outside the USA where it’s difficult to find this kind of gelatin you are suggesting. What is the purpose if the gelatin in the recipe?

    1. Helen James delivers world wide. I buy the gelatin from there and I’m in Australia. Use the code IKU019 for a 10% discount :)

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