Recipe: Chocolate Truffle Cake (nobody needs to know it’s healthy…)

Recipe: Chocolate Truffle Cake (nobody needs to know it’s healthy…)

I believe in desserts. No really, I do. And I still believe in being healthy. How can I believe both? Because they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With the right ingredients dessert can be a nourishing treat.

Take, for example, this chocolate truffle cake. This is one of the 70 mouth watering recipes from Carol of Ditch The Wheat’s new book: Indulge. This cake is a cross between a chocolate truffle and a brownie. So rich (but full of real ingredients) that a sliver of a slice is all you need to feel pampered and decadent… without the guilt.

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Indulge: 70 Grain Free Recipes

I’ve talked about the various reasons why a person may need to go grain free. Some people really can’t handle grains. But even if you do enjoy grains like me (properly prepared, thankyouverymuch), this book is FULL of nourishing desserts. I personally LOVE to have a bunch of grain-free recipes on hand just to get more variety in my diet. It’s also nice when I have guests over who can’t handle the grains.

I got a copy of this book last month and I’ve been drooling through the pages ever since. It’s a super handy guide for those looking to replace refined sweeteners and learn to cook with different ingredients. I’d buy the book for the useful storing information and ingredient-swap chart alone. Useful information for anyone serious about baking.

Serve plain or with a recipe of Double Double Caramel Sauce (Also in Carol’s book!)

Chocolate Truffle Cake with caramel sauce

Chocolate Truffle Cake (it's okay to indulge... this one's good for you.)


Want to see what other AMAZING recipes are in Indulge? Be prepared to drool over the 162 pages of recipes that are grain-free, dairy-free, and Paleo safe.

Learn more here.




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  1. Katie

    Wow! I am all about this, I have a birthday coming up so I may need to hint to my husband that a Chocolate Truffle Cake might be necessary! Thanks for sharing such a delicious looking recipe. :)

    — Katie

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  3. Keo

    It would be really helpful if the caloric information was available for the recipe. Does anyone know if the desert book contains a nutritional breakdown? Thanks.

    1. Post author

      The book doesn’t have caloric information. But I don’t really think calories are a good indication of anything. These recipes use real ingredients, and in my experience, when I eat a balanced diet with enough fats, carbs, and proteins, I can really trust my body’s signals.

  4. Kayleigh

    This looks amazing! I love getting my TYB newsletter and checking out the fun stuff you write about, Robin! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. Elizabeth

    Just discovered your site and found this…. *drool*.

    Must make ASAP!

    Think I need that book too, as I also don’t eat grains or milk (but I do have cultured dairy, as my body handles it just fine.)

    Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!

    1. Post author

      If you have a larger springform pan it should still work… it just will come out flatter. If you don’t have a springform pan, you could try lining a normal pan with parchment paper that extends beyond the sides so you can easily pull it out. But I haven’t tried it to know if that will work for sure.

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    1. Post author

      I would think so, but I haven’t tried it for sure to say. In *most* instances coconut milk and cows milk can be substituted pretty easily in baking.

  8. Alexandra

    I made it with cows milk and served with home made ice cream and fresh strawberries – turned out amazing! thank you for the recipe!

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  10. Aicia P

    SO SO YUMMY! I made it twice!!! Works with butter or coconut oil! It also freezes well- my 2 year old requested “ice cream cake” for his birthday & I used this with coconut milk ice cream on top- With Carmel sauce- delicious!!!

  11. Allie

    Hi Robin!
    This recipe looks AMAZING! Right up my alley.
    However, my husband and I are planning on making dinner for another couple for Valentine’s day to enjoy at home (they just had their first baby), and I don’t know if the chocolate part would go over ok. Do you think this would work ok if I left out the cocoa powder? Would it change consistency at all? Any recommendations would be great!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hey Allie, I honestly don’t know… You might hop on over to Carol’s blog at and ask her expert advice since it’s her recipe. :)

  12. yoli

    Hello, Mine is in the oven right now, they batter tastes like coconut. Is that normal? I only had a 9 inch spring foam pan and the batter was at the bottom. In the oven it is rising so we shall see how it tastes after 4 HOURS!!! Just kidding! Also, what do you consider “toothpick comes out clean” My toothpick keeps picking a bit of cooked batter, should I still wait? Thanks so much.


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