Recipe: All Natural Italian Cream Soda

Recipe: All Natural Italian Cream Soda

One of my girls’ favorite treats is Italian Cream Soda.  Who could say no to sparkling water flavored with fruit syrup and a shot of rich cream…and of course, it must be topped with a generous pile of thick whipped cream!  The word “soda” carries with it visions of chemical additives, artificial flavors and colors, and toxic sweeteners. And rightfully so! Anyone who has read the “helpful hints” floating around the internet that suggest cleaning your toilet bowl or car engine with cola products would be justified in thinking twice before putting them in their body!

It’s possible, however, to make a soda at home that’s not only fizzy and tasty, but also good for you.  Not only that, it’s also easy enough that your kids can make it with you!

Yummy Italian Soda, all natural and kid-friendly!

We invited some natural-food friends over to share in the fun, picked up a few simple ingredients, and let the kids get to work.  Traditional Italian syrups contain a lot of what’s wrong with regular soda, so I planned ahead and made a reduction from organic, 100% fruit juice (pomegranate, blueberry, and cherry are good choices).  Drop some of this homemade goodness into sparkling natural mineral water, add some raw, organic cream and top with whipped cream made with organic cane sugar and you have a fun, healthy treat!


Yummy Italian Soda, all natural and kid-friendly!

The kids had fun adding sugar to the cream…

Yummy Italian Soda, all natural and kid-friendly!

Pouring the sparkling mineral water…

Yummy Italian Soda, all natural and kid-friendly!

Yummy Italian Cream Soda, all natural and kid-friendly!

Adding the cream…

Yummy Italian Cream Soda, all natural and kid-friendly!

And enjoying the end result!


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Do you like Italian Cream Soda?  What’s your favorite flavor?


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  1. Sadie

    This came right when I needed it. My son came home raving about the Italian Soda he made at school so I went online looking up how to make it and I could only find references to chemical laden syrups. I had no idea how to get around that bit. Lightbulb when off when I read ‘reduction’. totally awesome. now I can make it at home. yay!

    1. Christian

      It works well with homemade syrups. I like to add just a tad of my own vanilla syrup to a cherry soda. I’ve been making these for a long time. A local Italian place used to serve them (from scratch! no nasty stuff.) where I used to live. They were amazing on a hot summers day. Gonna have to make these again. Yum.

  2. Shelly

    When you make the reduction, do you use all the juices at once, or do you choose one. Which is your favorite?

    1. Post author
      Erica Hale

      My favorite is pomegranate! It boils down to a really nice, thick syrup. I’ve only done one at a time, but I bet you could experiment. I think I’d still do them individually and then mix them when you make your soda though…that way you’d have some choices (it would be fun to try different combinations!).

  3. Lance

    I am disappointed that you have chosen to support the sales of Pellegrino sparkling water. This brand is owned by Nestle, an evil company that is known for its disregard for the environment and human right, that believes that humans do not have a right to potable water, and on that I urge those within my circle of influence, to boycott.

    I urge you to not sell your soul for a few dollars that you may earn for promoting a Nestle product.

  4. Post author
    Erica Hale

    Lance, thanks for the feedback! I will look into it, I wasn’t aware. I’m sure there are a lot of other sparkling waters available…do you have a recommendation?

    1. Lance

      Erica, I am pleased with your response, and to learn that you are a woman of good conscience.

      I personally do not use any brand of sparkling water due to the fact that there is no regulation for them, though I am sure there may be some decent ones out there.

      I use and older soda syphon I have, with a CO2 cartridge, or a homemade sparkling kefir or kombucha when I have a desire for something effervescent.

      If you do a quick search, you can learn about the parent company of most brands.

      I wish you well.

        1. Lance

          Erica, I would suggest kefir (made with water and water-kefir grains) over kombucha, flavoured with vanilla (it makes it taste a lot like cream soda), or any clear fruit juice of your choice.

          I wish you well, and look forward to more recipes from you.

  5. Carole P.

    The one thing that would make this taste better, and be more nutritious besides, is replacing the organic sugar with raw honey. I always make whipped cream this way and it is a dessert all on its own. We call it honey cream.

    1. Post author
      Erica Hale

      I love making whipped cream that way! Yum. You could totally do that…and I wonder if you could even use a fruit reduction as the sweetener for whipped cream to make a flavored cream dessert? I may have to try that!

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