Real Food Basics

Real Food Basics: Learn how to nourish your body and avoid nutrition dogma.

Real food shouldn’t be complicated, but in today’s world where we are constantly fighting against clever marketing and companies with big pockets sometimes even the most basic truths about food get twisted. Here are some of my favorite posts that deal with real food philosophy and politics:

Real Food Basics

Just getting started with real food? Check out this post on an easy approach to food:

Real food in an overly processed world
Real Food Basics – Stocking Your Pantry
Which diet is best?
Why I don’t count calories (hint: food is more than calories!)
Real food simplified for the stressed, busy, or overwhelmed
Five common mistakes people make when switching to real food
How To Menu Plan
Why I choose organic
Real food for busy people


Still believe fat is bad? Read these posts to learn why your body needs fat along with what kind of fats are best:

Why your body needs fat (part 1)
Why your body needs fat
 (part 2)
What’s everyone’s problem with butter?
The battle between butter and margarine
Is meat healthy?
The ugly truth about vegetable oils

Real Food Basics: Learn how to nourish your body and avoid nutrition dogma.

And check out some of my favorite super foods and nutrients:

Why you should eat liver (and how to get over the “ick” factor)
Benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil
Benefits of Gelatin
Coconut Oil 101
The Benefits of Vitamin K2 and How To Get It
5 Reasons to Start Loving Lard
5 Nutritious and Sustainable Alternatives to Your Favorite Seafood
Vitamin D 101: Why You Need This Nutrient In Your Life

You may be surprised to learn that not all “health” food really is healthy:

3 “health” foods to avoid
Healthy or not? Pinterest lies and other foolish things
Reconsider Folic Acid for Pregnancy
Are you drinking too much water?
Is skim milk healthy?

And some are:

Is sugar bad? Why I say No.

Other things to avoid:

Artificial Food Dyes
Genetically Modified Foods
Why You Should Ditch Microwave Popcorn and What To Eat Instead


Still here? Check out these little gems:

My Journey to Real Food

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What’s really in a McDonald’s hamburger

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