Book Review: Quit PMS

Book Review: Quit PMS

Hey guys! It’s time for another book review. I love reading and have read my fair share of gems and… uh, not-so-gem-like books. Please know that I will ONLY review books that I have read and LOVE. My hope is that for those readers looking for more thorough knowledge than just a blog post may find the right book for them. You can check out my other book reviews here.

Despite what television tries to tell us, that “time of the month” is not always a white-shorts-wearing, sports-filled-day, be-happy-with-your-period kind of experience. In fact, for many women dealing with their periods (and the days leading up to it) is a hormonal tornado. Cramps. Acne. Bloating. 

Fun, right?

Yeah, not so much.

I was pretty lucky in that I rarely had bad cramps. But I could always tell when my time was coming as my acne-prone skin would flare up with a vengeance. During my college days I was amazed at how different each of my roommate were affected by our periods… from mild cramps to mood swings to having to consistently stay home due to pain. Dealing with PMS and the like is challenging to say the least. And when that “fun time” comes around every 28 days or so, it can be more than a little frustrating.

But did you know that our bodies were not designed to go through this menstruation nightmare?

Quit PMS for good!

Lauren from Empowered Sustenance went through plenty of PMS misery:

I was knocked out by a full-blown hormonal explosion each month. Debilitating cramps required that I rearrange my schedule to remain at home for the first two days of my period. Painful hormonal acne covered my face and back. Splitting headaches kept me awake at night and impaired my ability to keep up with even simple tasks.

Once again, I delved into frantic research and volunteered myself as a guinea pig. My determination finally paid off, because I am now PMS free! …Periods aren’t supposed to suck. Our wise, wonderful bodies know that. That’s why, when given the correct tools and building blocks, our hormones fall into equilibrium and PMS disappears. – Quit PMS 

Learn how to be free from menstrual misery

In her book, Quit PMSLauren guides you through the various components that lead to PMS.

She discusses:

  • Estrogen Dominance and how this common hormonal issue underlies your PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, acne, weight gain and moodiness.
  • How to utilize and balance fats, carbs and proteins to bring hormonal balance.
  • Seven dietary principles that will drastically change your hormones – and your life – for good.
  • Good Period Foods: Foods to emphasize that boast a bigger bang for their buck when it comes to hormone balancing.
  • Bad Period Foods: Foods to minimize that work at a cellular level to make a hot mess of hormones.
  • Detox and elimination as keys to healthy hormones.
  • Stress and Stress Reduction: Proven techniques to reduce stress and heal hormones.
  • Specific herbs and supplements that can be a powerful tool in hormone balancing when used in conjunction with the lifestyle and dietary changes outlined in this guide.
  • Common questions about bioidentical hormone therapy, progesterone creams and oral contraceptives.
  • Natural, homemade skincare that offers acne-busting, glowing results.
  • Better period products for healthier, safer methods for catching the flow.

Oh yeah, and then there are the recipes.

Quit PMS EbookThe information in Quit PMS is awesome all by itself, but for even more awesomeness, Lauren gives over 30 savory and sweet recipes that support “happy periods.” And as someone who has enjoyed Lauren’s recipes for a while, I can tell you this is a sweet bonus, indeed.

Want more?

Check out Quit PMS: End your menstrual misery today to help you get over your period pain. 😉


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