5 Ways to Prevent Age Spots

5 Ways to Prevent Age Spots

Age spots, also called lipofuscin or liver spots don’t have to come with aging. To prevent age spots is just as easy as changing your diet. According to Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, “Age pigment is the brown material that forms spots on aging skin, and that accumulates in the lens of the eye forming cataracts, and in blood vessels causing hardening of the arteries, and in the heart and brain and other organs, causing their functions to deteriorate with age. It is made up of oxidized unsaturated oils with iron.” Ray Peat’s research brilliance helps shed light on how we can prevent age spots through our food!

5 Ways to Prevent Age Spots

1) Get the PUFA fats out of your diet.

If you haven’t done this already, this means ditching the vegetable oils, margarine, and nut & seed oils for saturated fats. Coconut oil, butter, and animal fats are your best bets (and the most delicious)! Monounsaturated fats like olive oil are okay in moderation, but are best not heated since they are more prone to oxidation. When in doubt, always eat the fats you crave and it’s probably not soybean oil.

2) Get excess iron out of the diet.

Multivitamins, other supplements and most processed foods are fortified with iron (especially grain products). Instead, rely on food sourced iron. If your iron stores are already high, you can drink coffee with meals to help minimize uptake of iron in the small intestines.

3) Balance your hormones.

Excess estrogen relative to progesterone levels contributes to increased age spot formation. In addition, excess estrogen increases iron absorption, which could prove problematic. Synthetic hormones like the pill, stress, protein deficiency, and poor liver detoxification all contribute to increased estrogen levels.

4) Increase your intake of copper rich foods to help guard against iron excess.

When you are low in copper, you tend to store more iron. Foods richest in copper include shellfish (especially oysters & shrimp), liver, and dark chocolate.

5) Get more antioxidants in your diet to offer protection from free radicals.

Uncontrolled free radicals help to form age pigment, and antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Thus increasing the amount of antioxidants in your diet, gives your body the strength to combat free radicals. The best sources of antioxidants are ripe fruits and easy to digest vegetables. Real food is always best over supplements.

What if you already have age spots?

To late to prevent age spots? No worries. First, by all means change your diet and be careful about what you put on your skin. Secondly, according to Ray Peat, progesterone and vitamin E (like this) applied topically can help them fade. My miracle cream is a great place to start!


Iron’s Dangers by Ray Peat
Aging, Puberty & Infertility by Josh Rubin


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          1. Catherine

            I think there is a lot more to the progesterone story than the required WARNING on progesterone products sold in the state of California…

            “Many progesterone products have been taken off the market because of California’s warning signs and labels, and as a result many women are having to rely on their physicians for progesterone. Too many physicians know only what the pharmaceutical companies want them to know about progesterone and other hormones that had been available for decades in places such as health food stores.” -Ray Peat, PhD

            I recommend doing your own research and coming to your own opinion. You can read the about the benefits of progesterone from Dr. Ray Peat himself here:

        1. Tami

          AC Grace makes very high quality vitamin E – ‘Unique E’. This may be the only high quality natural form on the market and the company has been around for nearly 50 years. Many companies try to replicate in synthetic form of this antioxidant and they were only able to come up with a mirror image of the molecule but the FDA still allowed them to call it Vitamin E although there is no proof that your body can convert. The natural form that you need is d alpha tocopherol. The ‘ol’ at the end is very important. The synthetic version is dl alpha tocopheryl so make sure it’s just a d and not dl. Tocopheryl (yl) is stabilized yet not active and will say on package that it is NOT an antioxidant but in a multi – this statement is not required by FDA.

  2. Jeanette Caldwell

    I like your recommendations. Thank you. I have great success with Michael Zenn’s Organic Herbal Face Food Serum.
    Absolutely amazing and natural. Just as your body likes a variety of nutrients, so does your skin.

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  4. ellenb

    This doesn’t make sense to me. If the pigmentation is caused by diet, then why don’t people have age spots all over their body? I only have this pigmentation on parts of my body that have been exposed to the sun = sun damage.

    1. Robin Konie

      It’s true that it’s sun damage, but consider that our ancestors spent a lot of time in the sun while eating a traditional diet. Our diet helps protect our skin from sun damage. The two are connected.

  5. Lindsey

    And what if you’re now 24, got an age spot at 22, and have been anemic for years? This all seems to center around iron excess but I have a deficiency.

  6. ImpressiveSteph

    What is your recommendation for cooking pans? I use my iron skillet daily, if I am getting excess iron from it what’s my alterntive?

    1. Robin Konie

      I personally don’t stress too much about using cast iron unless you are showing symptoms of too much iron. But stainless steel is another great option.

  7. Elise

    I’m curious to understand the link between excess iron and age spots? My husband has very high iron stores and we’re trying to make sense of this?

  8. E Pyer

    Question. In the description above the progesterone and vitamin E (like this) refers us to Amazon and shows Jason Vitamin E 5000 i.u. In the recipe it refers to Kenogen Progesterone E which refers to Dr. Peat’s Progest Complex which can be purchased at other sites. In a further article by Long Natural Health it says that Dr. Peat’s verson can be aplied directly to the skin for the treatment of sun damaged skin. Which of the two would you suggest would be better to use in your Miracle Cream. I usually have to get IPL’s done every 2-3 months or am forced to use harsher products which make my face red and thin the skin. My skin melonin appears quickly (probably due to the heart meds I have to take). Any recommendation would be helpful.

    1. Tami

      I found that IPLs at least tripled the amount of age spots I get on my chest and face. If I walk outside without sunscreen for just a few minutes to run an errand a few will pop up. It’s crazy but I’m not the only one who noticed the connection to IPLs – Google it.

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