pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe for a Healthy Scalp

pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe for a Healthy Scalp

pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe UPDATE: (Mar. 2015) I get a LOT of questions about this recipe. Some people love what it does for their hair. Other try waiting through the detox and still can’t get results they love. I wish I had the answer, but natural hair care is tricky. In fact, you can read about some of the common hair issues and what I now recommend for natural hair care in this post. There are a lot of great questions about this shampoo in this post that I have answered in my All Natural Hair Care Guide. Thanks for stopping by!  ~Robin

My all natural shampoo recipe is one of my more popular posts. So why am I giving you another shampoo recipe? Well, because I’ve grown. I’ve learned. And I’m not afraid to admit it when there’s something better. Something like a pH balanced shampoo recipe.

Especially when one of YOU guys helped me see the better solution.

My original shampoo recipe, like so many out there online, uses a base of castile soap. For me, this recipe was a great solution to my no ‘poo problems… and I felt a whole lot better using it verses commercial shampoos full of toxic (or very expensive natural) ingredients. And if I only had the option between my castile shampoo recipe or buying something in the store, I’d still stick with the homemade stuff.

Luckily, there are more options.

The comment that helped my poor little scalp

Some months ago I got a comment from a reader named Amanda on my shampoo recipe. Here is some of what she wrote:

Using highly alkaline solutions on your hair (baking soda, bronners soaps, etc.) though it feels soft and manageable that is really the disulfide bonds in your internal hair structure being weakened by the alkaline solution.The colors and perms that are performed use this method to work, they “open up” your hair to deposit the color or permanent, then a clarifying shampoo is used to “close” your hair and lock the color or permanent in. To then bring your hair down to it’s proper pH a acidic solution (apple cider vinegar) when using a alkalinic cleanser is used, this is called clarifying. This dual process is not healthy for your hair or your scalp. (…) This is why so many shampoos on the market advertise that they are pH balanced shampoos. Because that is very important. So forcing your hair to go up to an 8 or 9 and then forcing it back down to a 4.5 in a short period of time is very damaging.  -Amanda (awesome TYB reader)

Why restoring your scalp’s pH is important

I did a little research and found some amazing information on the importance of proper pH for your scalp. In fact, problems with fungi or bacteria on your scalp is likely due to being too alkali. This is often the result of using a product with a higher than 7 pH that strips away your naturally acidic sebum that fights against bacteria. That sebum can help prevent hair loss from dandruff, bacteria, or fungus.

Your scalp, like your skin, ranges in pH between a 4 and 7. 

Liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) has a pH around 8.9… much more alkaline.

Confession time: While I loved my all natural shampoo for MANY reasons, I did notice that after using it for so many months that my scalp wasn’t liking it so much. I was often complaining to my husband of a dry and itchy head… and sadness ensued. I blamed my hard water. Got a water filter… which helped, but not like this new shampoo did.

pH balanced all natural shampoo: Better for your scalp and only two ingredients!

A Natural pH balanced Shampoo Recipe

I wish I could take credit for this pH balanced shampoo recipe, but it was that swell Amanda who left this gem in that little comment section. It’s a super simple recipe. And I experimented with it for several weeks. By the fourth use I LOVED the results I was seeing.

But what I didn’t love was the short-term supply of the recipe.

Because the recipe has a pretty short shelf life of about one week, I found myself going through more ingredients than I could use before it went bad.

Fear not! I have solved that problem.

pH Balanced Shampoo Tablets

I put my little bird brain to the test and came up with a way to enjoy this super simple recipe without having to make it every single week or waste any bit of the ingredient goodness.

So enough blabbing! Are you ready for the pH balanced shampoo recipe? I thought so.



The beauty of coconut milk and aloe vera gel

I’ve talked about why coconut milk is so yummy for your scalp in my deep conditioner recipe. The saturated fats help repair damaged hair among other things. And aloe vera is also great for keeping the cuticles of your hair closed and healthy.

But these two lovely ingredients also have a lower pH that’s under 7… much more aligned with your scalp’s natural pH.

Do I still need a conditioner?

Hair care is personal and tricky. I have super short pixie hair so I find that I don’t need to “condition” after using this shampoo very often. But for longer hair, you might. the pH of apple cider vinegar is typically between 4.25 and 5 if undiluted (I’d always use it diluted when rinsing your hair). Depending on your scalp using an AVC rinse may be a good way to bring your scalp back to it’s natural pH. Experiment and see what works for you. Most people find that doing an ACV rinse is an important step following this pH balanced shampoo.

One last note: If you have really dry hair you may want to add some Vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil to the mixture before freezing.

I love this shampoo.

Not only does my scalp feel better and the itch has gone away, but this recipe is so easy! And frugal. And at the rate I wash my hair (about twice a week… and I can get about 2 or 3 washes out of each shampoo “cube”) this batch will last me more than 6 months! Huzzah for pH balanced shampoo!

Looking for simple, frugal ways to live more naturally? I thought so.

The internet is full of natural tutorials these days. The only problems is finding the tried-and-true recipes and keeping them all organized in one place.

That’s why I created the ultimate guide to non-toxic living. My ebook, All Natural Living has 75 non-toxic recipes. You’ll find recipes for hair care, makeup, personal care products, cleaning products and more. It also walks you through the best first steps and provides insights on the must-have ingredients.

Needless to say, it’s a super handy guide to have nearby.

The DIY revolution can save you cash and keep your home super healthy. Since the book is only 4 bucks you really have nothing to lose. So stop wasting time and money and grab your copy right now. Click here to check it out.



What do you think? Are you ready to try an all natural pH balanced shampoo recipe?





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  1. Monica Silva

    I will definitely try this recipe after i find pure aloe very gel. I think my grandmother has an aloe vera plant, i’m not sure. Excite about this recipe because i’m not a real fan of baking soda so this seems a perfect subtitute.

    Thank you Robin and Amanda .

      1. kp

        Can you keep it in a bottle in the refrigerator instead frozen in the freezer? (My freezer is very small.)

        1. Post author

          In the fridge it will only last for a week… maybe two. But you can store it there, you just probably won’t be able to use it all before it goes bad.

          1. Ali

            I’ve used a recipe just like this many times and have never had it go bad in the fridge. However, I do freeze the milk because there’s just so much of it and then thaw 4-5 cubes at a time to mix up and keep in the fridge. It just means you don’t have to remember to thaw every time you want to shampoo.

    1. katie

      You need to get actual pure aloe vera gel because it is stabilized and will not lose effectiveness soon after being harvested.

    2. Shane Adams

      I’ve used apple cider vinegar for over a year now but have just got on the the baking soda kick because it seemed to have worked pretty well. I used straight coconut oil for my beard and its seems good. But from what I’ve read about the baking soda and the water not diluting it and baking soda then ACV routine supposedly a hair wrecker, I’m definitely checking out the rye wash. I got on to using ACV because of my dandruff and it worked pretty well and I’m hoping this combination will be perfect. I’m be steering away from the coco aloe wash though/ not a fan oiled up face and body and all that. Lol.

  2. AK

    I have been reading a lot about aloe vera gel as an excellent addition to various homemade cosmetics; however, I’m yet to find one without questionable ingredients. The one you recommend, Lily of the Desert, contains EDTA and preservatives, as well as other things that I thought should be avoided ( and click on Ingredients tab). How do you feel about this, do these particular additives matter, and if so, do you know of a more pure brand? I LOVE your blog, btw, thanks for all the awesome recipes!!

    1. Post author

      You could use their Aloe Gel instead of the gelly… it’s safe to consume. I used the gelly because my local health food store was out of the other stuff and for the teeny amount of preservatives in it I wasn’t too worried.

      1. KC

        You could also buy Aloe Vera leaves. Our town has a asian grocery store where they sell Aloe Vera leaves, then you can remove the gel yourself and you know it’s pure! :)

        1. katie

          Not a good option because it is not stabilized so the ingredient in the gel that is good for you will not be good for long after being harvested.

  3. Brooke

    Okay, you’ve got me curious. I’ve been considering switching to a homemade shampoo and been weighing my options. Would you consider showing a picture of your hair? I’m always wondering how someone’s hair actually appears with the natural shampoos. The proof is in the picture 😉

    1. Post author

      Ha ha! Well, like I said, I have really short hair… but you can see what my hair looks like in my foundation post. I was using this recipe during that time as well:

      Keep in mind that hair care is SO personal. And if you’re used to commercial products there will almost certainly be a “detox” period where your hair is going to be grosser than usual. Because synthetic shampoos actual coat the hair, and your scalp works in over-drive to counter balance the stripping over natural oils, it takes time for your hair to heal and your scalp to rebalance itself. Just a heads up. :)

      1. Hannah

        Hi I recently made this shampoo, keeping in mind that i’ve always used some sort of store bought product (the one i have now is mane n tails which was stripping my hair and causing dandruff- if any of you out there are using it STOP). Anyways, the first time i used it, it was AWESOME!!! My hair was soft and smooth with no fly aways and it managed my wave giving me the most perfect beachy style!:) the second and third time though… not so much.. it wasn’t really oily but felt “over-producted”. So after reading this comment, how long do you think this detox period will last? do you have any suggestions on how to handle your hair before your scalp heals?
        Thanks, Hannah

        1. Post author

          Sounds like my first experiences with alternative shampoos. :)

          The detox can last a couple weeks. Are you shampooing every day? That may be the real issue. I’d only use this a couple times a week and then just water if you really feel the need to rinse your hair after working out or something.

          1. Hannah

            I started washing my hair every other day a few months ago. but i decided to give this shampoo another go tonight and just wait it out and hopefully my scalp will adjust soon! lol
            Thank for the advise!

  4. Catherine

    I have some organic aloe vera juice (cold pressed inner leaf gel). Would this work instead of the gel?

  5. Jaime

    Ok so this is interesting!! I am wondering if anyone had tried this with long hair?
    My hair always feels waxy but scalp itchy when trying no-pop thing. Getting over the detox period is such a drag. A holistic skin care maker told me the dry shampoos are terrible for your scalp because they clog your follicles.
    Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Post author

      I’d love for anyone with long hair to try it out and let us know how it goes. Part of the reason I cut my hair was because I was getting sick of how no ‘poo was working on it… cutting it made everything easier, but this shampoo has made my hair feel much better.

      1. Patsy

        Hi ladies!
        I have long hair, middle of my back and haven’t used “shampoo” in 4 yrs…
        I found the hair near my scalp and my bangs always got oily and my tips were dry so there is a few dif things i do to adjust that. Here is the hair care that works for me…

        *To transition I started with a shampoo bar from Rocky Mountain Soap Company, washing my hair 3 times a week at first…
        *On a regular basis I only wash my hair once a week. However i do lots of sports that include helmets -yup and sweat, so i do rinse my hair twice a week as well.
        A little bit before i head into the shower i twirl in at the end of my pony tail either almond or coconut oil than hop in the shower and used the baking soda (but will now change to this great recipe!!) and than use diluted apple cider vinegar as a rinse.
        *I also find very important to brush my hair every night, even after it is de-tangled i do a few more stokes to balance that oil from scalp to tips.
        *Than from time to time if my hair is oily and there is buildup around my scalp i use the Bar Shampoo once. If it is dry i either do a deep conditioning rinse in the shower or i add almond oil straight to my hair as i brush.

        I always get great comments about my hair even my hair dresser loves it. So it does take some adjustment to find what is right for you but i swear it can work. and i have to admit from time to time i have to wear an up-do and headband hehe but for me being chemical free is so worth it!!!
        Good luck

        much love to TYB!!! love your page!


          1. Teresa

            Great recipe. I want to try it soon. I have hypothyroidism and it has dried out my hair as well as shooed my hair off my head. Hair had gotten so much thinner :-( I have been using the store type shampoos but want to clean my hair naturally and “no-poo” way. Thank you for posting your recipe Robin!

        1. Tasha

          Thank you for posting your comments about your long hair. Mine is almost to my waist. I have been using the baking soda since before Christmas, but I am finding my hair is getting really dry and brittle, even when I add oil to it. (I guess I need to do a deep conditioning more often.) I will have to try some of your other suggestions as well–and try the soap suggested in the post. Thanks everyone!

          1. Tara

            I was having the same problem with the baking soda and the act wasn’t working for me. I found that a mix of equal parts aloe Vera gel and water is a great conditioner and really helps.

        2. Melissa

          Thanks for posting! I just made this shampoo but I have really long hair. I didn’t know how hard it would be to wash with this but I’ll definitely take everything you said into consideration.

      2. Jessica M.

        Robin, I have long (not quite elbow length) hair, and I’m planning to give this a try! I’ve been using baking soda and ACV for months and I like it well enough, but this post gives me reason enough to switch. I’ll let you know how it works. Love the simple ingredients list!

    2. Rachel

      Jaime, I’ve got elbow-length hair and honestly, I don’t use anything but water! For as long as I can remember I only ever washed my hair every 3-5 days, so I already was going a “long time” without cleaning my hair. I tried the baking soda/ACV thing but it really didn’t work for me; my hair felt dry immediately, washing it was logistically hard, and it just didn’t look great afterwards. So I initially just started using shampoo and no conditioner, and for my hair “gel” I just used my all natural goat’s milk lotion (from Little Blessings) as conditioner. Then I read someone else decided to go completely sans washing ingredient and I just had to give it a try. I’ve only used shampoo once in the last six weeks, and have used my homemade bar soap a couple times just around my forehead. I think as soon as I get a water filter for the semi-hard water we have here I won’t need much, but would really like to keep this recipe around for when I feel my hair has gone a little past “acceptable.” It was getting dry a few days ago so I moisturized it with a little coconut oil between washes (just put a tiny dab in and your hair benefits from it until you wash next), and my hair is fabulous now. It helps that I normally put my hair in pin curls when I wash it and it has these loose waves, so even if my hair is a tad on the greasy side, I look put together because of the gorgeous curls. Hope that helps!

        1. Olivera

          I just used this for the third time (wash every 3ish days). I have long, thick hair and currently my ends are too dry and the roots are SO greasy! I just washed my hair and i look like i havent for a week.. ugh. Don’t know how much longer this detox will last but I am reaalllyyy not liking it!! :( I massage my scalp well, too, so i dont think its unwashed product causing this. But I feel like the while top of my head for the first couple of inches is coated in residue.

          1. Post author
            Robin Konie

            Try using it on just your ends while you let your scalp take a break. That might help.

          2. Terra

            I am having this same issue…I actually washed my hair with ACV rinse to try to get the greasey look out, and it didn’t work, so I turned to that bottle of shampoo that’s been sitting there since I started no pooing 6 months ago. Will try ends only, but I don’t have time to take 3 showers on hair wash day!:-)

          3. Marcia

            Me too. Just started it today. Super greasy! I’ve been doing BS/ACV for over a year, so I know there will be some adjustment period. I’m sure the pH of my scalp is off. I’m going to tough it out. I’ll let you know in a couple of months how it’s going.

    1. Post author

      I would imagine that’s be perfect. You may need to strain the entire recipe if any little “grains” are left.

  6. Libby

    By coconut milk, are we talking the stuff in the can, the stuff in the carton, or something else altogether? I didn’t see coconut milk in the link you posted, and I’d like to avoid ordering online if I can.

    1. Post author

      Either coconut milk that you make yourself or that stuff in the can. Don’t use the coconut “milk” that is sold as a dairy substitute. :)

  7. Natalie

    Does this shampoo leave your hair smelling pleasant? Is it okay to add an essential oil to leave a fragrance on the hair? If so, which kind and how much are recommended? Thank you!

    1. Post author

      I doesn’t have much of a smell but you could add some essential oils. If adding to the whole recipe I’d start with 15 – 30 of your favorite (I’d go with grapefruit… love it!)

  8. Cari

    I’m new to the “no ‘poo” world and just started the baking soda/acv routine last week. I have long curly/frizzy hair and the only thing that has helped with the frizz has been bouncy cream (which I stopped last week and it hasn’t been pretty.) I want to try to make my own flax seed hair gel but I am wondering how well this shampoo recipe will clean out the hair gel when I use it? What type of styling products (gels or creams) does anyone recommend using that will wash away with just this shampoo? I really want to cut out all the ridiculous hair products I use but am finding this very hard! Thanks :)

    1. Post author

      Hmmm… that’s a great question. I don’t use any hair products, so mostly I’m looking for a shampoo that cleans out the dirt from living. :) This might do the job, but I can’t say for sure. I’d start by brushing my hair really well before showering, rub off anything I can with a washcloth, and THEN proceed with shampooing. That might do the trick.

    2. JC

      I have a friend with really curly dry hair and she told me that she does not use shampoo at all. She just runs it under very got water to rinse the natural oils out several times a week to keep it from getting greasy. She has beautiful hair!

      1. Amanda

        I have crazy frizzy curly hair as well, and this past December I started the no ‘poo regime. I use organic edible aloe gel for my hair and it works amazing! I also have hard water so the ACV rinse is a must weekly. I am ordering my products now to try it out because the stuff I get in store here is either not no ‘poo or still has some questionable chemicals even though it advertises as safe and natural….

    3. Sophia

      Hello Cari! I have really curly hair that tend to be dry. I use this homemade hair spray: Cut a lemon in small pieces (keep the peel and seeds), add two cups of water and slow boil it until it’s down to one cup of liquid. Strain, add two tablespoons of vodka and you’re good to go! No need for hair gel 😉

      1. Jen

        Thanks for the recipe, Sophia! This should work wonders for my super allergic daughter for when I put rag curlers in her hair! Thank you!!!

      2. Paola

        Thanks for this recipe! I read somewhere that lemon tends to dry your hair, and to only use it about once a week. I’m wondering if it’s true and if vodka dries the hair as well???? What do you think? I desperately want to stop using commercial hair gel but I don’t want to end up with dry hair.

        1. TaylerRae

          As far as the lemon goes, I have not tried it. However, I have tried a vodka hair spray solution, and it made my hair unbelievably dry! Instead, I’ve started using a solution of 4tsp cane sugar melted into 1cup of nearly boiling water (plus some essential oil to make it smell nice!). It really works wonders. I was very skeptical of it at first because… Who knew sugar could make your hair hold?! But it works well, and doesn’t make your hair crunchy.

          1. Lois

            This is what women used as hair spray, back before commercial hair spray was created. My Grandmother has mentioned using it many times.

    4. Ruby

      You can try using one part jojoba oil to one part water and using a little spray bottle to reduce frizz.

  9. Mary

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to try this! I “no pood” for a few months with baking soda or a castile soap mixture but I admit that I ended up hating it and went back to my mostly natural (I’m so sure!) organic shampoo. I have some aloe from so I think I’ll just grab a can of coconut milk tomorrow and see what happens! Will let you know!

    1. Post author

      Yes, let me know. Give a couple of tries before you decide for sure. I noticed that my scalp actually “detoxed” a little the first few times… nothing like when I went no ‘poo, but a little flakiness that subsided after about the third or fourth time. (Don’t worry, nothing really embarrassing that anyone else probably noticed.) :)

  10. Ashley

    Tried this for the first time tonight. I have sebhorric dermatitis (spelling?) and was told by a dermatologist to leave Head and Shoulders in my hair for 5 min. 3 times a week. It hasn’t helped and my scalp burns and itches like crazy afterwards. My hair feels softer already and it didn’t burn or itch (I did rinse with diluted ACV and it itched for just a second afterwards.) Does anyone else have this problem and have any solutions that work. I’m going to keep this up for a month and see if it helps. Thanks!

    1. Cynthia C.

      Hi Ashley,

      I also have seborric dermatitis, and the only thing that keeps it under control is a prescription shampoo with 2% Ketoconazole (anti-fungal). But with two kids, I scrub the life out of my tub after I use it to make sure my kids don’t get exposed.

      That said, I’m giving this a try and see how it affects my scalp. I’ve never heard of the ‘no ‘poo’ recipies, but have switched all cleaners to homemade, natural (and better smelling) cleaners for the sake of my kids (and appreciate the side-effect of saving $$).

      Best of luck to you!

      1. Emily P.


        Do let us know how it goes! I have seborric dermatitis as well and would love to not have to buy a new bottle of T-Gel every month!

      2. Cynthia H

        I tried the no poo thing several years ago and loved it! That is until I went on a motorcycle trip and messed up my hair with the wind and commercial hair gels, etc. I never could go back to it after that, so I tried to find the most natural stuff I could, even tho I knew there was still some bad stuff in it. I did find a company that has a certified toxic skin care line as well as shampoo and conditioner. I love it and am actually a distributor for this company now. I don’t have seborric dermatitis, but I’ve heard of people that had it, and better results with this shampoo and conditioner than with prescription shampoo. If this doesn’t work for you, contact me and I’ll get some to you to try. I am going to show this post to my daughter who is still doing the baking soda / ACV thing, and is not getting as good results anymore. Very interesting about the PH shock to your hair.

    2. Post author

      Awesome! I’d definitely give it a couple of tries as the scalp may need to detox a little before it normalizes.

    3. Brynn

      I Use An Aloe, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Water Mixture To Combat My Scalp Dermatitis. I Put It In A Spray Bottle And Apply 30 Minutes Before Showering.

    4. Esther

      I have the same issue! I tried the no poo and the baking soda just wasn’t working for me. My hair felt sticky, oily and knotty. But the itchy scalp went away! After more research I tried using a diluted Dr. Bronners shampoo and that helped with the sticky/oily/knottiness but it was drying out my hair. Then I switched to 1/1 ratio of coconut milk and Dr. Bronners. I loved it! It had the suds, didn’t need a conditioner, my head wasn’t was great. But after reading this post I am going to try this recipe. I have noticed a lot of split ends and the harshness of the castile soap has probably been doing that…

    5. Vee

      Finally found someone with the same problem as I. I don’t know about you but i live in a very hot/humid country and it is at it worse on the hottest times (most of the year) itches alot and ends up bleeding and vey very oily.
      I was already doing the ACV rince since the beguinning of the year on my scalp and was the ONLY thing that EVER sorta work. It’s been a month since I started the baking soda shampooing along with the ACV and i imediately saw a big diference. my hair is thicker shinier and the hair falling has stopped. BUT I’m getting a little itchy again and I still can’t get more than 1 day before it gets oily. However I’m not thinking on going back because I already had the oilyness and the itcheness (so mich more lolol) and the good change I’ve already seen wows me.
      Now i will change from the Baking soda to this coconut milk recepie and see what happens :)
      Oh, I have tried a honey and egg yolk shampoo and my hair was soooo amayzingly (?) beautiful (really never in my life i saw my hair like that) but honey in here is extremely expensive :( aloe vera and coconut on the other hand grows on the side walk in every corner lol
      Other thing, run it through ice cold water in the end. Really relieves with the itch.

      1. Alexa

        I really like the shampoo so far. It’s great conditioning and I am using the vinegar mix after. But my hair is really greasy. Did anyone else have this problem? I can’t do the no-poo method because after day 2 my hair is greasy and not so nice looking.

        1. Emma

          Hi Alexa,
          Yes this is my first day washing with this recipe and it’s very greasy. I have a feeling there won’t really be a detox period, I think it’s just a pretty greasy recipe. I will stick it out for a few weeks just to see if anything changes (I imagine if it IS just a detox period then mine won’t be long – I’ve only washed twice a week for the last 3 weeks and with very minimal amounts of regular shampoo). If my hair remains this greasy after a few weeks then I think I will begin to add a little bit of the Dr. Bronner’s soap til I find the right ratio that works for my hair type.

  11. Catherine

    I am interested as to how you got to using 1 3/4 cups of gel (why not 1.5 or 2?). I have used aloe vera before and thought it made my hair greasy looking. If I used less aloe vera would this have an effect? Many thanks

    1. Post author

      That’s just the recipe I was given in the comment. By all means, play with the ratios to find what helps your scalp the most. :)

  12. Catherine

    Robin – I should have added that I have been using baking soda and acv since the beginning of the year, so I have gone through the adjustment stage (which wasn’t too bad). Should I expect a further readjustment using this recipe? I also have hard water and live in the UK. Many thanks

    1. Post author

      I would imagine much of an adjustment. I did notice some *slight* flakiness the first couple of times as my scalp re-balanced itself. Nothing like going no ‘poo for the first time, but it gets way better by the third or fourth time… at least for me.

  13. Catelyn

    I’ve been doing ‘no poo’ for almost a year & I also have a short pixie cut, but my scalp has been dry, itchy and irritated. So, I’m really excited to try this recipe! It sounds like just the thing to fix my problem! Out of curiosity, would this recipe work for a mild face wash too? I was using aloe for a while in place of a moisturizer and it did wonderful things for my skin!
    Thanks for the recipe and advice!

    1. Melissa E

      I don’t see why not use it as a face wash? Or you could do oil pulling with coconut oil to “wash” your face.

      1. Jen

        I use fresh honey (from my local farmer’s market) to wash my face, and then moisturize with jojoba or grapeseed or rose oil. My skin has never been better!

          1. Sam

            Lol, no recipe. Simply honey to wash her face (however much feels best for her particular skin) and jojoba oil to moisturize. They’re both pure ingredients, there’s no recipe for them. I used to do this, too — now I don’t do anything but get my face wet in the shower every few days. I have never had better skin in my life :)

  14. Erica

    I have medium length hair & I’ve been doing the no ‘poo for about a month & been really happy with it. I tried your new pH balanced shampoo last night & woke up to a head full of grease! I’m reluctant to try again as it was TOO greasy. Is that normal & part of the adjustment? Do I need to maybe adjust the ingredients one way or another? Thanks :-)

    1. Post author

      Hmmm… I didn’t have greasy hair but it could be the adjustment from the no ‘poo or it could be that you used too much. A little goes a long way (even though it doesn’t lather and feels like you need a lot). Sorry about the greasy situation, though. Hair care is so tricky!

      1. Erica

        Hair care is very tricky! I’ll try it a few more times with some adjustments & see how it goes! Thanks for the post! I love your blog & your toxic free book. I have enjoyed the things I have been making :-)

        1. jen

          I just tried it and had the same issue with major greasy hair. My hair is pretty long (mid back) and I’ve been doing no-poo a month and a half. I didn’t have this problem with the BS/ACV but did with the castile recipe (although I only used that twice before finding this recipe). Not sure if I am just readjusting again or what but hoping this gets better soon. I’ll prob. keep trying for at least another week before trying to change it up. THe bs/acv made my scalp super itchy and drove me nuts but this feels great (just greasy). Let me know how this ends up working for you Erica as I would love to know if you find a solution! I’ll try to share in a week or two to update.

          1. Agnes

            The same result here, unfortunately :( I have longer hair. It’s also fine.
            I really wanted this to work since I have an itchy scalp.

          2. Post author

            I’d definitely give it a couple of tries before making any decisions. I didn’t really like it until the fourth wash… and my scalp had already been through the detox phase, too.

          3. Agnes

            Robin, I’m not giving up yet! hahaha
            I’ll definitely give it another try. I just might have to suffer a few days.

            I did recommend this recipe to a friend who has dry, curly, short hair. I suspect it’ll work much better for her.

          4. Bita

            I adjusted the recipe for the shampoo based on reading all of the posts and am thrilled with the results. So I used liquid black soap with shea butter (1/4 cup), coconut milk (1/4 cup) with several drops of lemon oil. I have thinning chin length .

            I can’t see ever going back to conventional shampoo.

          5. Jimé

            I tried this as a first form of no pooing and chalked uo the grease to detox. But it was dip your head in a vat of oil greasy and I had to be seen in public so I did a detox mask. Still greasy! Switched to baking soda and no more grease. Decided to give this a try again (post detox) and super greasy again. I have a natuarally oily scalp so maybe I this just isn’t the recipe for me? Maybe I used too much, but it doesn’t spread well so I didn’t know how else to cover my whole scalp. Has any one found success with long fine hair? Ihhaven’t seen any posts on tried success yet. Thanks!

  15. anne stager

    I have the tumeric mask on now for psoriasis and It was tingly at first but has taken the inflamation out an its only been 10 minutes.Going to use the shampoo tomarro an conditioner on medium length curly hair.Will post results.thumbs up.Thank you many much.

  16. Patty

    Let’s just say I’m new to this world. LOL Just recently switched my family over to traditional cooking (got rid of processed, packaged foods), in the process of getting rid of household cleaners as well. Trying to switch over to personal care products. This is all new to me but love the idea of making my own products. I color my hair and would love to stop but would like to find a more natural DIY way. Any suggestions for brown hair? Also, I think I shocked my system since I stirred up my psoriasis. Itching like crazy! I just started using the baking soda with castile soap and the vinegar rinse on my hair. But is this too much for every day? I am noticing itchy scalp now that I read your post. :) The comments led me to believe people only wash their hair every few days. I wash every day. And notice I need some sort of mousse or something. Hair is fly away, like static. It’s very thin. Also falls out, or it’s breaking – maybe due to the hair coloring. Would this be ok to do use daily? I’m wondering if the baking soda/vinegar probably isn’t a good idea to do every day either. Not sure what to do? Thanks!

    1. Pam Hurd

      I just started the baking soda/acv routine. But if you are itchy, it may be the castille soap. Dr Bronners made me itch and burn all over.

    2. Jaleen

      I’ve been doing the bc/acv for over a year now (with hair half way down my back) and sometimes it itches when I don’t get the ratio right for me (I wing it each time) but you definitely don’t want to wash it each day in any method. The point is to let your natural oils be there(why brushing scalp to tip helps the between days). If you are scrubbing them away every day that can cause thr dryness. Just do a water rinse if you need it every day. Also try a coconut oil mask. I usually plan on hats and headbands at least a few days after if I really use a lot.

      This recipe sounds like its worth a try and look forward to seeing how it works! After all if I hadn’t have given the other methods a try I would still be using very expensive chemicals. :-)

      1. Marcia

        Me too. Been using BS/ACV for over a year and loving my hair. I have naturally dry hair and it has totally transformed to shiny, bouncy healthy hair that actually grows instead of broken brittle stuff that would NOT grow. I must add that I started taking biotin at the same time and I’m convinced the combination has produced the fab results. That said, I’m going to try this recipe as I have been reading about the importance of PH balance. I use and consume coconut oil daily and plan to use coconut in every way I can. I know this will be great. Thanks for the recipe!

    3. Regina W

      I have been doing BS/ACV for two years now and I have very fine, thin hair that tends to be oily. It’s at my shoulders now. I wash my hair with the BS and ACV every single night but in fairly diluted amounts. I don’t do a paste of baking soda, just dilute slightly less than a tablespoon of it in 8 oz of water, pour on my scalp, massage in, rinse out. Same for the ACV.

      I haven’t noticed any damage from the pH shock, but I had wondered about the strong pHs I was using, so the above post is very interesting to me. My hair looks better than it’s ever looked in my life, so I have no good reason to switch, but I’m curious.

    4. Allison

      @ Patty- I was doing the BS/ACV routine too- until my thick, wavy hair started breaking off about four inches from my scalp. A lot of people have great luck with it, but I didn’t. I only washed my hair about two to three times a week, too. If the BS/ACV works for you, then you’ll only have to wash your hair two or three times a week. My scalp used to be super oily and I religiously washed every single day. Now, I don’t need to. Sometimes I eek out four days without a wash.

      I’m so proud that you’re switching your family over to a healthier way of life!

    5. Jen

      Check Mountain Rose Herbs for Natural Henna hair colors. I am going to switch soon, and know many people who LOVE them!

      My hair is very fine and thin, and I’m also going through a period of it falling out a ton – due to being exposed to gluten I believe, though my husband insists I have my thyroid checked as falling out hair is also a sign of thyroid issues. Good luck!

  17. Gina Salem Gunter

    Hi, I just read the article and recipe, and I have a question. Can I use fresh aloe vera pulp from the plant itself? The flesh comes out very thick and gooey, but I can blend it smooth with the coconut milk. I also wondered, have you tried this recipe with adding baking soda? Any suggestions would be really helpful. I’m so excited to try this new recipe out!

    1. Post author

      You should be able to use fresh aloe, for sure. I would skip the baking soda as that will throw off the pH.

  18. Veronique

    I am wondering if there is a difference between aloe vera juice and loe vera gel. Will either work in this recipe?

    1. Veronique

      And about how long does the detox period last? I’m just starting my organic, natural lifestyle and am still using the “good old chemical stuff”.

      1. Post author

        It really depends on the person. Some find it’s bad for two weeks… others have reported more like 6 – 8. Pony tails and hats are your best friend for a while… but if you can stick it out I think it’s SO worth it.

  19. Erin

    Hi! I saw Amanda’s ph balanced comment on a site a few months ago and I tried the recipe 4 times but it made my hair REALLY greasy. I did try the ACV rinse but it just stayed super slick and greasy. Should this work for all hair types? Can hard water affect this too? I have bra strap length straight hair. I REALLY want to find a natural recipe that works. the castille soap/baking soda options left my hair really waxy. I made my own bars of soap but I think its whats causing my scalp to itch. Im about to try the shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley soap, hopefully after using those for a while I will have better luck with this recipe.

    1. Post author

      I don’t think there will ever be one recipe that is perfect for everyone’s hair. Part of that is also water, which can definitely affect it. How much of this are your using? I find that less is more and a nice rinse helps with greasy issues. And it could just be a detox phase, but it’s so hard to say.

  20. Rosemary

    Works wonderful but BEWARE to read ingredients on the coconut milk as some have additives that you may be sensitive to. There are very few brands that just contain coconut and water. A good reason to make your own.

  21. Liz

    I would like to know if you could guide me regarding hair thinning and hair loss please ?
    Any vitamins or oil ?
    Thank you

    1. Faith

      Liz, I’ve had two babies, and after each one I lost so much hair- it was coming out by the handful every time I took a shower. So depressing! I did some research and discovered that kelp has been used in hair tonics for a long time, so I decided to get my own kelp and make a tincture out of it. It has worked wonderfully!! I’m so happy I did it! Follow the link and you’ll find the kelp. If you don’t know how to make a tincture, this is what I did:

      Get a mason jar, and fill it about half-full with the kelp powder. Fill it the rest of the way with vodka, leaving about a half-inch of space at the top. Put the cap on and put the jar in a cool, dark place for 3-4 weeks, shaking it every day or two. When it’s done steeping, strain it using cheesecloth or muslin, and put the liquid into a dark-colored tincture bottle. Straining it can be hard, and take a little patience. I just strain a little bit at a time, and squeeze the cloth really well to get all the liquid out. The tincture will keep about 3 years, but I’m sure you’ll use it up MUCH more quickly. I’d start by taking about 1/2tsp per day, and adjust the dosage if you need to. It tastes nasty!! …So we usually mix it into juice, or you can put it in your mug when you’re making a cup of tea.

      Kelp is so helpful because it is so high in vitamins and minerals (as well as trace minerals) that we need (and are likely deficient in) for general health, as well as for strengthening our hair, skin and nails. A tincture is great because it results in the strongest form of the kelp.

      Good luck! :)

    2. Darris

      Biotin and stinging nettle. I buy from Mountain Rose Herbs online. I also use jojoba oil to which I add rosemary and peppermint oil; I apply it to thinning areas of my scalp and leave on at least 30 minutes or overnight before washing. I would NEVER use baking soda on hair or scalp ~ it’s far too alkaline and will burn. I dilute about 1 tbs or ACV to 1 cup filtered water as a final rinse. My hair is down to my hips and I’m 58 years-old. I am going to try the recipe above with liquid black soap and 1/4 c. coconut milk. I also coat the bottom half of my hair with coconut oil before washing. I have color treated blond hair so it helps with dryness. I also use about a dime size of jojoba oil on the ends of my towel dried hair and then very lightly run my palms over the rest ~ keeps down fly-aways. Good luck!

      1. Shana trahan

        What about detangling? The main reason I haven’t considered no poo or anything like that is because conditioner is the only reason I am able to brush after a shower.

        1. Ballaurena

          I’m new to going natural and still figuring stuff out, but I’ve found one helpful tool for detangling: Glycerin. I actually thought of trying it after I noticed that the first two ingredients in my Pantene detangler were water and glycerin. How nice it was to get confirmation both from others online and my own results. However there are a few caveats. First of all it is only half of the equation; some kind of oil is still needed in the hair care regiment that I haven’t figured out yet. Second, according to another natural website it is apparently a humectant, therefore it should be applied to wet hair (the same was also true with the Pantene) otherwise it will suck up the water ‘from’ your hair instead of ‘for’ your hair.

  22. Shelby Decker

    I didn’t know anything about making shampoo out of coconut milk and aloe. but I read on pintrest one day that aloe is good for hair. I’ve been following your recipe all along and not known it!

  23. Brittany Ardito

    Thank you for posting this. I can’t wait to try. I have been using baking soda and ACV for about 6mths now, and my scalp is very dry and itchy…Hope this helps :-)

  24. Ayla

    Could you just clean out a store bought shampoo bottle and put it in there instead of freezing it?

    1. Post author

      You could, but that won’t change the fact that this recipe is not shelf stable and will only last about one week in the fridge. It’s the downside of having beauty products do pure you can eat. 😉

  25. Elizabeth

    I made this yesterday and washed my hair with it today. I’ve got long hair. Unfortunately it made my hair pretty greezy and dull. It works with my husband’s hair which is short, and it would probably be great on short hair.

    1. Heather

      I too, have long hair (rear-length) AND it’s curly. I have been doing the soda/vinegar thing for 2+ years with no problems but tried this after reading the article. This is my 3rd wash with it (I wash 2x a week) and I agree with you– greasy and dull. I’m hoping this is just a detox phase. I’d like to stick it out awhile to see but if it gets any worse, I can’t. I also had to wash it a day early this time due to itching.

  26. Tasha

    I have been shampoo free since just before Christmas, but I am finding I am now getting terrible dandruff. does anyone have a suggestion for natural way to treat it? (I do use Tea Tree Oil sometimes, but my kids won’t come near me for hours afterwards! lol)

  27. kristi lee

    hi, I guess this is a dumb question…
    what is “no poo”
    thanks for all the great info

    1. Post author

      “no ‘poo” refers to using no shampoo… usually people will use a baking soda/apple cider vinegar combo instead. Google “no ‘poo” for lots of info. :)

  28. Marcie

    Hi there! Thank you so much for this recipe. I’ve been using baking soda & acv for about a month on my long curly hair and honestly it has been a nightmare. All it did was dry out my hair and cause breakage. (Not to mention the soap scum issue caused by hard water) I’ve been desperate for other options.

    A friend sent me this link the other day and I’m about to make a small sample batch. I have my coconut milk, aloe, & jojobo oil ready to go. I have dry hair issues & want to try a sample with oil & one without to see what works better. However, I have no idea how much oil to use. Undoubtedly, I will have to experiment, but could really use some advice one what to start with. Thanks!

      1. Marcie


        I tried it yesterday and the results were not exactly what I expected, but also not bad. My first reaction was one of excitement because while I was still in the shower I could FEEL this mixture tackling the dryness. My hair was instantly smoother & manageable. I could even run my fingers through it! I went ahead & used the acv rinse I already had made up from before. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

        As it was drying, my hair seemed a little greasy at first, but as I styled it I realized that wasn’t quite what was going on. Once it was dried & combed through, I would describe the texture more as just being heavier. This could have been caused by the oil, using too much of the “shampoo”, or any number of things. I’ve also been using coconut oil to smooth out my hair & maybe I need to try skipping this step now that I have something that isn’t destroying my hair.  It flattened my wavy curls a bit, but it also took away my frizz! My hair is also much softer than it has been in a long time and easy to comb – almost no knots at all.  

        I combed it out this morning & it looks fine. One other thing I noticed today is that my hair doesn’t smell.  When I was using baking soda my hair always smelled the next day or two – it wasn’t awful, but it just didn’t smell clean.  Today it smells like nothing at all.

        I’m definitely going to stick with this recipe for awhile and just keep tweaking it because I think we have a lot of potential here!

  29. Alissa

    This is a really interesting post – I’ve been using baking soda/acv for nearly a year now, and while I LOVED it at first, maybe 2-3 months ago I noticed that my scalp started getting extra flaky and my hair feels waxy most of the time. I like this as an alternative but I’m a little worried about how practical it will be to keep my shampoo in the fridge since my kitchen is on the very opposite corner of my house from my bathroom. Do you think there’s any flexibility, like possibly I could take a cube out of the freezer before bedtime and leave it in my bathroom overnight so at least I don’t have to trek across the house first thing in the morning?

      1. Carmen

        Do you think it would help to add a dab of vitamin E to extend the shelf life? I’m not sure where I read it , but, I want to say that vitamin E is a natural preservative. Yes, it is another oil that you will be adding but I think that you should be able to adjust the recipe to suit your own hair type.
        I have not quite waist length hair, that is very dry, very frizzy, and very thick. I have been battling this straw like hair for as long as I can remember and have been loosing that battle. 10 years ago I had a complete hysterectomy that threw me into early menopause at the age of 30. My hair is still long dry frizzy and thick but the texture changed to baby fine. I started the bs/acv thing about a week ago and am working with the roots being “gummy, waxy, oily” while the ends are still so dry and brittle. I work a small amount of coconut oil into the ends but by the end of the day my thirst hair has sucked it all up and the ends are dry again.
        Sorry about the rambling. My point to this post is, has anybody elses suffering with the same kind of hair, used this and had good results? Also, I am little confused on the point of not washing your hair and just rinsing with water. If that is true I would love to get to the point where all I have to do is jump in the shower and wet my hair and go on about my daily business without ending up with grease soaked dreadlocks.

  30. Justine

    i tried the recipe tonight and like some of your other posters with longer hair, it made my hair greasy. My hair was already greasy and needed a good wash so maybe I should have started when it wasn’t so greasy. But I did use more than a quarter size amount – it’s so hard not to…I just didn’t feel like I was getting it everywhere! So I’ll give it a good rinse tomorrow.

    I’ve been no-poo for a year and a half….in the past two months or so, I have been using a combo of baking soda/water and a shampoo bar. Perhaps there might also be a transition phase due to me using the bar. Anyway, I will definitely follow up for you and your readers.

  31. kezia

    Brilliant , i have been using bicarb for a few months now and my hair is not feeling incredibly healthy , so i will give this ago.
    Just discovered your website – love it well done!

  32. Brittany Ardito

    This left my hair extremely greasy. So I am going to have to experiment and maybe add just a little baking soda or castille soap back into the coconut milk. I have always had greasy hair and had to wash everyday, but since I started using just baking soda and ACV, I can go every other day. I wish to use a more PH balanced formula so I don’t have dry, itchy scalp, but this recipe just made my hair super oily. Will have to experiment…

    1. Brittany Ardito

      I forgot to mention that I have very long, very fine, straight hair. I used more than a quarter size amount because I have so much hair. Maybe I used too much???

    2. Post author

      And don’t forget to give it a few washes before really deciding. You scalp could still be detoxing from the harsher baking soda.

  33. Diana

    I am so excited to try this! I have been looking for a good shampoo recipe that is nourishing for my scalp.I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make the leap into making my own shampoo but I think I will now that I saw this. Thanks so much for all your helpful posts ♥.

  34. Anna

    Sorry for the stupid question, but what do you mean by ”hard water”? English is not my first language so i don’t quite get what you mean by that.

    I’ll definitely try this out at some point if i can find the aloe vera gel somewhere. Love your blog, it’s really inspiring me to change my lifestyle to something better. Greetings from Finland :)

    1. Post author

      No worries, Anna. Hard water is a term that describes water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap…. and it can be tough on your scalp. Water varies from location to location. If you have hard water a water softener or water filter can help. :)

  35. Amelie

    This looks great, but looks more like a conditioner than a shampoo to me. I’m curious: how does it “clean” your hair, exactly?

    1. Amanda

      While you are massaging it through your hair, the friction from your hand causes dirt, greese, oil, and just about anything else to be lifted from your hair and scalp and then the water rinses it away. It also helps that the moisturizers that occur naturally in these products are transferred to your hair!

  36. Karla

    I just finished chemo 6 weeks ago -and my hair is just coming back. The good news about this is that I get a fresh start! I’m now VERY interested to go ‘all natural’ with most everything and be as health-conscious as possible. But I’m completely new to it. This is one of the first sights I’ve found that your advice seems sound and worth a try. Unfortunately there are TONS of sites -most seem to be selling a product -and I have doubts of what to follow and where to start. It’s overwhelming. So I’m looking for advice how to be kind to my ‘scalp’ (since I don’t really have much hair yet..and what I do have will be changing)…but I want to give it the best chance to grow and be healthy. Also it’s coming back white. Any tips for how to begin…or what other resources/sites are reliable for my journey back to better health (in all things -not just hair)…I’d LOVE to be directed! Just feel very overwhelmed with the amount of info out there that is bogus.

    1. Post author

      Wow, Karla! Happy to hear you get this chance to start anew… sorry about the chemo. I’m sure it’s been a rough six weeks.

      This recipe should be really kind to your scalp, but of course everyone is different. The good news is that it won’t do any harm (assuming you aren’t allergic to coconut or aloe) even if it’s not your favorite “shampoo.” Give it a go (since it’s cheap to make) and give it a couple of weeks before your decide.

      As for other help, check out my categories at the top of the page. I have articles on DIY natural care and cleaning products, real food basic steps, recipes, and integrated movement help. I also link to other great sources within many of the posts so I’m sure you’ll have more than enough info. My biggest reminder: Do what you can and don’t let it overwhelm your life. Your body has been through a lot and it doesn’t need extra stress from trying to do everything perfect. Good luck!

      1. Karla

        Thanks Robin for the kind reply -your site is now bookmarked and will be a great place to begin this journey. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share the knowledge you’ve gained with all of us. I’m lousy at research, so this DOES make it less stressful to get started! THANKS!!!

  37. Amanda

    I forgot to ask as well how do you apply it? Is there an easier way to do it or a way to make it thicker so it doesn’t go all over the place?

    1. Post author

      I apply it to the scalp, let it sit there for a few minutes, and then rub it down the shafts of the hair. I only wash my hair with this probably twice a week… three times if I do something that makes me really sweaty or dirty.

  38. Dawn

    Can you tell me how you do an ACV rinse? I mean, after you rinse with the ACV, do you then rinse with water?

    1. Post author

      I will use a diluted amount of ACV (usually 1 Tbs to 8 oz of water). Pour some over your scalp and massage down the hair briefly (doesn’t take a lot) and then rinse with water.

    2. Darris

      I have very long, color treated hair and have use diluted ACV (1TBS/1 C filtered water) as a final rinse with good results. I also use a dime size amount of jojoba or argan oil on the ends of my towel-dried hair. I’m going to try the recipe from #84. Sounds like a good balance for someone like me with an oily scalp and dry ends. Good luck!

  39. Kate

    I love this recipe and can’t wait to try it out. I wasn’t sure if you were aware that the aloe vera gel you have linked to contains carrageenan which is a horrible and toxic ingredient! Do you have any non-toxic recommendations for the aloe vera gel? I have long hair so can’t wait to try this out!!!

      1. Sydney

        Hi. Knowing this from my marine biology class, carageenan is actually a type of algae that grows in the ocean. It is used in a variety of things people use or eat every day, like toothpaste, ice cream, poptarts, frozen dinners, etc. I’m not positive about it being toxic, but ! don’t know how or why it would be.

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          A good point to remember: just because something has a strange name doesn’t necessarily mean its toxic. However, if I can avoid additives I do… especially because our oceans are so polluted and we have no idea how those things were processed to know if they are really safe. Moderation is the key. Don’t stress too much about small amounts, but I wouldn’t let it go completely.

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  41. Lori

    Great post! I’m new to the “no poo” world too and have a couple of questions. What should I expect during the “detox” period and how long does it ususally last? Also – a little off subject, but I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s castille soap as a body wash for the kids and I thinking that was the way to go for our skin. It sounds like from your research that it’s not good for the pH of our skin. What is everyone else using for body wash/soap? Thanks!

    1. Post author

      Hi Lori,

      As far as ‘no poo it really depends. Detox can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks… and some people only experience mild “grossness” like slightly greasier hair. My hair actually was better than ever during the second week and then got progressively more “waxy” but part of that was due to my hard water. This shampoo is less harsh than baking soda so hopefully it won’t be as long a detox period. Also, some people experience flaky scalp during the detox, but that should go away at some point (especially with this more gentle shampoo.)

      As for body wash, I actually still use a very diluted castile based soap (Dr. Bronner’s), but I only use it for the “dirtiest” part of my body (like arm pits) or if I really need it. Otherwise I just go with water and a wash cloth. :)

      1. Mel

        Hi, Iv just been told by a doc i need to go chemical free everything in my life and ‘chemical free’ ‘all natural’ products are so expensive here in Australia. I saw a ‘no poo’ post about the bs/acv hair routine and did 1 wash of that, my thick, ‘greesy roots, dry ends’, wavy, part curly hair went majorly dry, boofy and dull. I decided to do a little more research and came across this recipe. It seemed to make more sence to me than such a harsh ingrediant to wash my hair so I washed it today with this for the 1st time. I am happy with the glossiness of my hair but the ends are still dry and the roots LOOK greasy but dont feel greasy. So i guess i’ve the same question as Lori, Is this what you mean by ‘waxy’? Is this what you mean by the ‘detox’ feeling or is detoxing the scalp more greasy?

        I also used more than amount told, I’m not sure how to get that amount around my whole scalp and down to the ends?!

        Thanks for sharing knolage and taking time to reply to most posts, its awesome work your doing =)

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          Give it some time. You’re scalp will need to adjust as most commercial shampoos are VERY hard on the hair. If you have long hair feel free to use some of this on the ends as a conditioner as well. I’d also use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse at the end.

    2. Edel

      I know this is a bit late, but I use Dr. Bronner’s with one of those sloughing gloves (the ones that are a thin, but rough material) 3-5 times a week (after my swim), and then I rub almond oil everywhere. The thing about the routine I like is I can use literally a couple drops at a time for a particular area, meaing, I can use two drops of castille soap and that will wash half my body, then two more for the other side (I only bring one glove in my washkit). I rub in the almond oil before I dry off, so a tiny bit really goes a long way. I end up with lovely smooth, non-dry skin. I do find the oil a necessity, as the pool water is so hard on the skin. A drop rubbed between my palms then over my dripping hair a couple times a week also helps control dryness..

    1. Post author

      I haven’t tried that, but it might work. You could always experiment and see… and then report back if you do.

  42. Jenny

    So, I have pretty greasy hair and live in a remote location without running water. I’ve been looking for something that doesn’t freak my skin out for a long time. Do you think this shampoo would effectively remove the grease from my hair? Thank you for any insight you can give!

    1. Post author

      It’s hard to say because everyone’s hair/scalp is so different… but it’s a cheap enough recipe to make that it’s worth trying. :)

  43. Manang Kusinera

    I am so trying this now because my aloe pot fell and broke, and in the process some leaves broke. I removed the gel from them and gathered about 1.5 cups. That was last week. Gel was super clear then, but last night while I was massaging my scalp with it, it was turning brownish already, so I will make this right now to save it, and will try as shampoo!

  44. VeronicaS

    I’m going to go make a batch right now. I had been no poo for well over a year, using baking soda and ACV on my hair. For a while it was great, then I started noticing that the baking soda seemed to dry my scalp out. I started using shampoo again and that helped a lot. I would love to be able to go no poo again and can’t wait to try this. Thank you for sharing.

  45. terri tillman

    i too have been thinking about switching to ‘no poo’ but i am kinda nervous because i have dyed hair. i am afraid that it will fade my color too fast. i do like the idea of this one instead when it comes to the ‘better for your hair’ part but i wonder if it would be any gentler on my dye job. do you have an opinion on the matter? thank you!

    ps: i also so your post on making your own foundation. oh my gosh!! awesomeness!!

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Terri!

      I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think this would be harsh on dyed hair. I’d start with a small patch test to make sure… but I can’t imagine either of these two ingredients stripping the dye out.

  46. fawn

    Will Almond Milk work? I meant to buy the right stuff and bought more Almond milk. Not going back to store today. haha

    1. Post author

      No clue. Maybe? Ha ha… coconut milk (not the kind that comes in a “milk” carton, but the kind you find in the Asian section) is loaded with awesome saturated fats that are great for hair. You could try the almond milk, but I’d maybe start with just one small bit and test it out.

  47. Marci

    Hi, thanks for the great post. Sounds like what I’ve been looking for with only one set back…I’m allergic to aloe! It’s been a struggle as so many (all?!) natural beauty products use it. Any ideas on what I could use instead?
    Thanks so much!

      1. terri tillman

        i dont know if this will work or not but i just want to throw this idea out there. would glycerin work to replace aloe?? would the ‘texture’ be the same?

  48. Heidi

    I have really wanted to try no poo for a while, but I wonder…. how does the sebum actually get removed? What about sweat? I run most days and have to take a shower and scrub my hair to feel clean. I can’t stand the feeling of dirty hair! It seems that no poo mixures have many nutritional benefits to help hair be healthier, but how do they actually clean the hair/scalp??

    1. Post author

      Hey Heidi! I haven’t had any problem getting the hair clean. This mixture seems to do a good job of removing sebum, dust, or other “stuff” off the scalp and down the hair shaft. If your hair is longer I would suggest using a comb before showering to help loosening things up first, and then after shampooing (before doing a rinse) you can always use a washcloth to help move everything down the hair shaft. Just rub it from the scalp down. Of course, I’m not a runner so I can’t so for sure if this will “do the job” in this instance, but I think you might be surprised. :)

  49. Anne


    I was dying to try this, but in my enthusiasm I accidentally bought coconut oil instead of milk, is there any way to make that work as wel or do I need to go the store?

    1. Post author

      Coconut oil, sadly, will not work. It’s a great deep conditioner for your scalp, but if you use more than a tablespoon or so it will stay on your hair like nothing else.

  50. Sarah Schneider

    I tried it this morning! I have hair almost to my elbows and it has felt like it needed a haircut but my ends are great, no split. So today I used what I had, about 1/4 cup of coconut milk and filled the measuring cup up to 1/3 with aloe gel on top. I whisked it and used and let it sit for a few minutes. My hair feels really soft, the tangling I have been having on the ends was decreased by about half. Not greasy and no smell..bummer I love the smell of coconut milk! Great recipe! Since I don’t have ice trays and we cook with coconut milk I will try small portions weekly and put it back in the fridge between dog loves natural things, I know she would totally hop in the tub and eat this if I left it out! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Ph is something I often forget about with my hair and skin and I know it is so important!

  51. Tara

    Huh. This makes sense! I’ve been doing ‘no-poo’ for about 3 years now, and still don’t feel I’ve got it quite right. One of the more successful recipes/ides I tried was a mixture of coconut milk and dr. Bronners…so there you go…it was the coconut milk. Looking forward to trying this one out!

  52. Bess

    I was wondering if there is a big difference between coconut milk and coconut water? I have only been able to find coconut water. And would coconut water work ok?

    1. Post author

      Coconut water is the liquid from the coconut whereas coconut milk comes from the meat of the coconut. You can usually find coconut milk in the Asian section of most grocery stores. Hope that helps!

  53. Jan Amos

    I have a question, my hair is thinning, I was wondering if you knew a way to thicken my hair, any suggestions would be ever so helpful, thanks Jan

  54. Kristen

    Just tried it yesterday! I have long hair, and unfortunately, the formula made my hair (not necessarily scalp, but hair itself) very greasy. My hair was very soft and nourished feeling, so I’m going to tweak the recipe to have a higher aloe content than coconut milk. I think it was the fats in the coconut milk that made my hair weighed down and greasy. After I adjust the aloe to coconut milk ratio, I’ll post an update! If nothing else, it would be a fabulous mask for my ends!

  55. Dawn

    OK ladies, I think I’m ready to give a review… I typically wash my hair every day as the roots get very greasy, but the ends are very dry. I have tried every brand the hairdressers have recommended, but nothing changes it. I also color my hair, but it was getting dry like this before I started that.

    Ok, so I started using this recipe on Thursday night. I was going on a field trip to the zoo with my 2nd grade class the next monring, so I figured a hat would help with any ugliness in the beginning, LOL! When I got home from the zoo, I showered again, this time only rinsing my hair with water. On Friday, I washed again with this recipe, as well as a diluted ACV rinse… on Saturday I rinsed with water… it felt sooooooooooooooooooooo greasy… I wore a hat if I went outside…
    Today is Sunday- I washed and used the ACV rinse and the greasiness is nearly gone!!! the ends are not nearly as dry as they were…
    My theory is that by stripping away my hair’s natural oils daily, my scalp felt the need to make double/triple the amount to get some to the ends (which it could never do since I kept washing it out)… and now that I’ve allowed it to get some oil to the ends, it is not making as much?
    In any case, yes, it was ugly the first of days, but it seems to be improving now… I think I might have my son try this, as he has an itchy scalp and uses H&S a lot– this has helped tremendously with the itching I had, as well…

  56. DeeDee

    Do you have to do the bs/acv detox before using the coconut milk and aloe wash? I started using a coconut milk shampoo that is supposed to be 100% vegetarian with no sulfates or formaldahydes and a coconut milk conditioner from the same company. Although it made my hair feel incredibly soft and has a wonderful smell of cocnut I want to go totally natural.

  57. StephH

    I’m really intrigued, how can aloe Vera and coconut milk wash your hair? Isn’t aloe Vera sticky! I have an aloe Vera plant and that stuff is really sticky. How often should I “wash” it with this recipe? Thanks!

  58. Janice

    I’m another one with long hair (curly, but I straighten it) who found it made my hair very oily. It’s not just that it didn’t remove oil (it wasn’t very oily to begin with). It made all of my hair very oily, to a point that it actually looks wet. Yikes! I was actually afraid to use my flat iron, lest my hair catch on fire. No pony tail can fix that! lol. I can’t chalk that up to detox because it’s covering all of the hair except the very dry ends. And I didn’t use a lot, though a little more than one would for short hair.

    My batch is slightly different… I used home made coconut milk (blended organic shredded coconut and water, strained) and a gutted aloe plant leaf. I also added some honey as the aloe was a little less than the amount of coconut milk. I also put a few drops of castile soap because of the feedback I saw here for people with long hair. I knew it might leave it a bit oily, but was not prepared for this!

    I will say, that even after just one try my scalp feels great. I have a highly sensitive scalp with psoriasis. I’ve been using a baking soda mix for a couple of months now and found it doesn’t upset the psoriasis (which regular shampoos do!), but did make my scalp itchy and my hair more brittle. I wash about three times/week. So I’m very happy to find this article about the PH balance and will keep experimenting.

    I’m thinking that for those of us with long hair, this might be a better conditioner than shampoo. There’s just no way to use a pea or even crock size amount of cleaning agent when you have long hair. It needs to spread out some. I didn’t use a lot of this recipe and it still created a huge oily mess for me. No worries, I’m considering this my “24 hour deep conditioning treatment” since I am not going out tonight:). But I will be washing my hair again tomorrow with some baking soda solution (I have been using rosemary infused filtered water, baking soda, honey and peppermint essential oil). Not sure what the mix will be yet tomorrow, but might try adding some coconut milk to see what that does. Trial and error!

    1. Post author

      Thanks for commenting and giving us your experience and experiments! Good luck making it work just for you. :)

      1. Janice


        My latest try was my original baking soda mix, but this time I added equal parts aloe gel (the same one you linked to). I also added about 10 drops of mint essential oil, which created a lovely smell and made my scalp feel cool and tingly. I have to recommend this! My hair feels clean, but more moisturized than it did without the aloe, so I will be adding this to my mix from now on. I’m also going to try using a diluted coconut milk rinse for the ends for extra conditioning since my hair ends are so dry right now (I need a hair cut! lol).

          1. Janice

            Thanks! Well I was too lazy to whip up some more coconut milk today, so I skipped it for now and used the aloe in addition to my original mix again. I will say that I’m really impressed with the addition of aloe to the mix. I think it is a great helper for dry ends, if nothing else. And my scalp is in better shape too already. My hair is starting to feel softer each time I wash now.

        1. Rhonda

          Janice. Can I ask what your original baking soda mix is? I have similar hair/scalp issues and like the way baking soda cleans my scalp but not the brittleness on the hair. Maybe adding aloe vera is the key. Thanks! Rhonda

  59. Kaitlyn

    When I was little my hair was smooth, thick, and overall quite pretty. Once I got older and started experimenting with products is when it became frizzy and unruly and began requiring product in order to look decent. So, over a year ago I gave up heat styling (except very rarely), hair dye, conventional shampoo and conditioner, and also other conventional hair styling products such as hair gel and hairspray. Since that time I have used Dr. Mercola’s pH balanced shampoo + conditioner, and also baking soda and apple cider vinegar, and nothing at all for a time, and now this recipe.

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  61. NMG

    I bought aloe vera juice because I couldn’t find gel. I wonder does the gel make the recipe more “gel like”? The juice makes it runny and hard to work with since I have long hair.

    1. Post author

      Yeah, the gel gives it a bit more “hold”… but the juice would probably still work if you can get it on your hair. Maybe try a squirt bottle?

      1. NMG

        Thats what I’m going to try today. Thanks for the reply. But next time I’m buying gel!

  62. Sandi

    I have color treated hair. It is red right now so i am terrified to wash it at all (sick).

    I want to give this a try to see if it will be gentle enough to not strip my hair color. As most people know, even “color treated hair” shampoos are terrible and strip the color just as fast as a regular poo.

    So, im definitely going to give this a whirl!

  63. leah

    I’ve used this a couple of times and am still waiting for my hair to adjust. My main issue at this point is that I don’t like the way it makes my hair smell. Part of that may have been that I didn’t rinse it out enough last time? I rinsed for a LONG time though, but the smell was better after I rinsed my hair again the next day. I put essential oils in the mix but I have to rinse my hair so much that they all get rinsed out too. Could I make a spray to put in my hair to give it a pleasant smell? I have extremely thick, long, coarse, dry and curly hair so I have been using one whole cube for each wash (only washing ever 3 days). It doesn’t seem like too much but I could be wrong. Any suggestions for smelly hair? Also, the aloe and coconut milk seem to make my hair, which takes forever to air dry anyway, take even longer to dry, which could account for some of the smell? Thanks!

    1. Janice

      My hair is similar to yours. I have been hunting for some kind of spray like that for the same reason. I’ve been experimenting with some essential oils in my rinses, but that doesn’t seem to do much once it’s dry. I do use Argan oil on the ends once it’s dry and that smells nice, but it doesn’t solve the general problem closer to the scalp.

      1. leah

        Yeah, the problem is definitely at my scalp. The ends of my hair are dry and just smell like hair…not good or bad. It’s up at the scalp where the hair is thickest. Rinsing with water daily seems to help some but it doesn’t solve that first day of washing gross-fest. I want to be natural…but not THAT natural :)

    2. Post author

      Try mixing a few drops of essential oils with some witch hazel to use as a finishing spray. A little goes a long way.

  64. Amanda

    For many of you who have oily hair or are finding oily results, try only applying it to your scalp, massage it through to loosen any dirt or grime, and then rinsing. The pressure from the water should be enough to clean the lower parts of your hair and it may reduce that greasy feeling. I cannot confirm this as I have shoulder length dry, brittle hair, but that’s what Loraine Massey author of The Curly Girl Handbook, said to do and I have heard it works.

  65. Monica

    My coconut milk and aloe vera seemed to separate. It isn’t creamy looking like yours. It looks like water with tons of white specks. I don’t know why? How much do you use each time? It’s weird for me to just pour a liquid in my hair. I don’t feel like it’s cleaning my hair since there isn’t any kind of soap ingredient. With that being said, I like it and it seems to be working well for my dry, curly hair, even without using a conditioner. It’s just strange getting used to it and I’m not sure if the consistency is right

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          Yeah, that’s a different kind of coconut milk… more of a “milk” alternative. Try to get the canned stuff. It’s much thicker.

          1. Monica

            Ok thank you, I will. I appreciate that you always respond to comments and questions. I know it takes tons of time, so thank you! It doesn’t go unnoticed. I don’t like it when bloggers don’t answer my questions, though I try to be considerate of their time and lives in general :)

    1. Amanda

      Try to get the canned kind, the ethnic sections usually carry it, the Mexican section has the canned coconut milk and Asian section has the coconut meat I used for the deep conditioner. That being said, I also have dry curly hair and these are working great for the moisture! I also use the slow Vera gel as a hair gel. Just apply to damp or dry hair and style as usual (I prefer damp but dry has worked)

  66. Kim

    The pH explanation makes so much sense to me, so I ordered Aloe Vera gel and mixed some up with some canned coconut milk I had in the pantry. I have the same issue with hair feeling greasy after washing it with this recipe, but want to figure out how to make this work. Would adding a little castille soap throw off the balance too much? Is it still advisable/ ok to do the ACV rinse once week or does that throw off the balance. And do you recomment not using baking soda at all? I’m trying to figure out if I can mix it up from time to time without throwing off the pH balance. I’m doing the experiments on myself before I try it on the rest of the family! Thanks for your research, insights and recipes!

  67. Crystal

    I need some help. I made the recipe, and have used it once. I took it out of the freezer and put it in the frig. the night before I used it. It separated and became very grainy looking. I think I used too much, but it left my hair very greasy looking. I washed it again with your other shampoo recipe (which I like very much), but it was still greasy. I couldn’t feel it in my hair,so had a hard time knowing if I had it worked in or not.

    If I use less, will it stop being greasy? Is is supposed to separate? How do you get it worked into your hair and then rinsed out properly?

    I don’t want to waste all those cubes. I was excited to try this, but so far am disappointed. Can you help???

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’d start by using less. It’s hard to say for sure why your hair is greasy… again, it could just be your scalp trying to normalize back to it’s natural pH. I’d also try an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after, too. As for the separating issue… it’s probably not a big deal. Sometimes my separates (and sometimes it doesn’t), but I just use my finger and stir it together and it’s worked fine for me.

      Good luck. I wish I had THE answer, but hair care is so tricky and personal.

  68. Susan P

    Oh my goodness! I’m not sure what I did wrong, but WOW did my hair end up oily/greasy. I used about a tablespoon (my hair is about to the middle of my back). Worked it along my scalp and then the ends of my hair (which tend to be frizzy and dry). I then rinsed it with diluted ACV. About 2 hours later I thought my hair was still wet. I washed it with a homemade Sweet Orange and Honey shampoo (which has Castile soap as the base) and while it was better, is still greasy – I mean it is in HANKS hanging around my face. The ends are lovely and moisturized but WOW I couldn’t leave the house looking this way. Anyone have suggestions? I want to have nice hair and b/c it’s long it’s especially important to keep it healthy. Anyone else experience this and have some tips for me? I could use it just on the ends and use the other on my roots I guess.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Oh drat. I’m sorry. What were you using before this? It could just be part of the detox phase. If you hair is used to shampoos stripping it of its natural oils it will be in “over production” mode for a while until it balances back out. You could try it on just the ends and go from there. Sadly, hair care is SO tricky and so personal. Often times things work out if you’re willing to give it time, but I also know that sometimes that “time” factor is too much.

      1. Susan P

        I use a Sweet Orange and Honey shampoo I make with Castile soap, raw honey, water and a few drops of various essential oils. I’ve used that for a while. Before that I used something commercial but without sulfates, sulfites, etc etc – the most natural I could find without making it myself.

        I don’t think this CAUSED my hair to be greasy from detox, it was more like I couldn’t wash it out and it LEFT it greasy/oily – does that make sense? Then I used the Sweet Orange and HOney (I got it from and it still wouldn’t come all the way out. I had to wash my hair again today with the SO&H shampoo. Used this on the ends. Today is better but my scalp is mildly itchy. I DID add some raw honey to the Natural PH Shampoo b/c it’s supposed to have so many great qualities. Could that contribute do you think?

        OH, the ACV rinse I can’t remember where I got the recipe, perhaps Whole New Mom? At any rate, it has aloe JUICE in it too. Maybe too much aloe? I have no idea what aloe is supposed to do for hair. My ends are SO dry that I’m trying to balance the scalp (oily and tends to break out) with the ends which are dry and frizzy)

        I understand you are not an expert, but you are so great at offering suggestions (I’m VERY new to making body and hair products) and everyone else here who has experience. I’m willing to give suggestions a try – that’s all we can do, right? I don’t know enough about how the ingredients work together to feel comfortable yet in just tossing things together so I’m relying on you guys who have more experience than I – does that make sense?

        I’m VERY willing to give it time, but I couldn’t go to work with my hair looking like I used an old-fashioned hair pomade (like in the 50’s where the guys greased back their hair. That is what it looked like) :-)

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          It could be a combination of the honey and more aloe. Too much aloe might make it hard to wash out and if you have it in both the shampoo and the ACV rinse that could be it. Worth a try. Also, what kind of coconut milk did you use?

          1. Susan P

            Natural Value (?) the stuff that has nothing else in it but coconut milk. Is there a difference in the moisturizing properties of aloe juice and the gelly? Maybe the juice would be less “moisturizing.” Maybe I’ll make another batch and forget adding the honey or cut back on the aloe and do a combo. My scalp sure felt nice – no itchies or anything.

  69. Susan P

    Just another question…I was wondering if you know anything about coconut oil soap. I was thinking if maybe I need a bit more “cleansing” than this but Castile is too harsh for hair, maybe substituting some Coconut Oil Soap might do the trick? Just a thought… :-) I appreciate your time in answering my questions. Your a gem :-)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I haven’t tried coconut oil soap, but I think it might be a great alternative to castile. Smart thinking!

      1. Susan P

        Just ordered some. I’ll give it a whirl and check back. Thanks for your patience in listening and responding. Maybe this will help others too.

        1. Emma

          I’m having a problem with the greasiness too, so please do let us know the results!! Thank you!

  70. Kat

    I have a question: when I mixed this together it was soupy and the consistency I expected. when I thawed some to use it, it had to be mixed back together (the water had separated out of it) and it was like water and very hard to apply. Did I do something wrong? I used the coconut milk in the can and the Aloe vera gel (not liquid).

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          Hmmmmm….. Not sure what might be going on. Sometimes mine will separate a little, but I just sort of mix it with my finger and it still works.

  71. Kelley

    I have fine, curly hair. The BSV method left my scalp super itchy, but this method leaves my hair super oily. I held out for 3 weeks, hoping it was a long adjustment period, but no luck….still super greasy hair. Any tips or suggestions?

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  73. Amber

    I’ve only opened a can of coconut milk once for a recipe. It had like firm oils on the sides which i wasn’t even sure then if I should use. I have 2 cans right now. A thick creamy one and a light one, both from trader joes. Which should I use and should I use the entire can?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’d go with the thick creamy one. And yes, the whole can. Some separation of the coconut milk is normal. As long as it doesn’t smelly funky it should be fine.

  74. leah

    This might seem like a silly question but which coconut milk do you use? The one from the store that you drink like milk or the canned coconut milk?

  75. Page

    I have a Mercola shower filter that removes chlorine and fluoride. It’s high quality equipment, affordable and we have seen improvement in hair and skin. I fill up my baby’s bath from the shower head so she is not getting chlorine on her skin!

    We change it only twice per year, and again, it’s affordable, oh and easy install.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      A shower filter is SUCH a great investment. We got one last year and I totally noticed a difference.

  76. Amanda

    finally got all of my stuff in (had to order online) and made my first batch! I’m very excited!!

  77. Page

    So, I just tried this after two months of “no poo” (baking soda and vinegar) that I was not loving the results of, though I was very happy to be shampoo free!. I made some coconut milk this morning, added fresh aloe vera (from the plant) and pureed with a hand blender to break up any chunks of aloe. I then doused my head in the mixture. After ONE application, my hair feels so much better! I think I found what works for me! Fingers crossed that it keeps working!

  78. Monica Medina

    I tried this shampoo and absolutely hated it. It was great at first but then it started to build up on my scalp. I had coconut/aloe dandruff. I did some research and found the no poo method. That was a disaster. My hair was oily and flat for weeks. So I went back to what I used before “LUSH.” I am sticking with this. Its natural ingredients. No more coconut milk or vinegar for me.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’m sorry it didn’t work. I wish there was a one-size-fits-all hair solution. Glad you have something you like, though. :)

  79. Sarah Woon

    Hi Robin

    How many millilitres is the can of coconut milk? Here in Singapore they sell various sizes of packet/canned coconut milk… :)


      1. Sarah Woon

        Thanks Robin – I must’ve been blinded by excitement at trying it out – So didn’t notice that you wrote 1 1/2 cups after the 1 can of coconut milk. 😀

        Anyway I tried making it last night and I bought fresh coconut milk that was pasteurized. (I’m hoping that’s not gonna change the effect of the shampoo too much?)

        I’m guessing I may have used too much (1 tbsp) because my hair turned out really tacky. I have a short bob hairstyle.

        Also I saw in another coconut shampoo recipe to add essential oil for fragrance and I did, so I’m not sure if it was the e.o. or the coconut milk that made my hair tacky.

        I also used aloe vera gel straight from the plant.

        What can I try thinning the coconut shampoo with?

        Also how long will the coconut shampoo keep for whilst frozen? I’ve put them in ice cube trays too… The coconut milk packet had a “best before date” of 13 June.

        Thank you for your time and this great website!! :)

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          The cubes should last about six month in the freezer. You could thin it out with a little distilled water. And you only need a very little to wash your hair. :)

          1. Sarah

            Ah…thanks Robin :) I did use much less last night but after a baking soda wash first. I followed with the coconut milk and it seems less oily. Is that still damaging to my hair? (i.e: the baking soda)

          2. Post author
            Robin Konie

            Some people swear by baking soda and don’t seem to have a problem. If that’s your case, I wouldn’t stress too much about it. :)

  80. Kristina

    I’ve been looking into no-poo for ages but never had the guts to commit [and here in AZ our water is crazy hard!] and now I’m glad I didn’t. I have a dry scalp and oily hair [not sure how that works, but oh well] and I’m going to give this a try. The only thing I could imagine being difficult about it is using the same cube more than once after it’s melted – I’ll admit it! I’m lazy and I don’t to go back to the fridge – so I think I’m going to use a miniature ice tray (a bit like this so that I can have single-use cubes! No danger of using too much, which is especially good considering how oily my hair already is. Plus, they’ll melt faster since they’re so tiny. I’ll report back with the results! :)

      1. Kristina

        Alright, I’m only on day 3 but I’m really liking this stuff so far! I tweaked it a little and used a 1:1 ratio of the coconut milk and aloe, plus some diluted (20% strength) tea tree oil. To make sure that I have enough to coat my thick, fairly long hair – it’s about bra-strap length – I melt two of the tiny ice cubes of the shampoo mixture in 6oz of water in a small travel bottel that I got from Target. Then I pour that all over my head, concentrating on the roots. It works great so far! And no more dry, tight, itchy scalp! To combat oiliness during the transition period, I’m going to experiment with some natural DIY dry shampoos. I’m so glad I found this shampoo recipe! Thank you so much for sharing it! 😀

  81. Aimee

    I went No ‘Poo due to allergies I have to fragrances and the like. (I also have tree nut, coconut and egg allergies)

    I’ve been using baking soda, tea rinses and natural conditioner (for my ends) for about three months, and my previous issues with my very oily scalp and split ends have been solved. But, at the start of the Australian winter, my hair is now dry, rough and frizzy. (Doesn’t look that terrible, though. But it feels nasty, and I don’t like the lightening effect it has on my hair.)

    I’ve been looking for more DIY shampoo recipes but I can’t use many of them, because they all have coconut or almond in them! :(

    This recipe looks promising though, so do you know any good substitutes for coconut milk?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Can you get your hands on some coconuts? You could make your coconut milk. If not… try a simple honey shampoo that is also balanced. I know Empowered Sustenance just posted a recipe not too long ago: (search for honey shampoo)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Do you mean would this work instead of commercial shampoo? Yes. Otherwise, I’m not sure what you are asking. I use this INSTEAD of baking soda (which was really rough on my scalp) but still use a AVC rinse.

  82. Laura

    I tried this for the first time today and I like the way my hair feels but I feel like it smells awful! Is this normal?! Also – I have long, thick, curly hair… Help?!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hmmmmm…. I didn’t notice much smell. What kind of aloe vera did you use? Also, you can add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell which ever way you want. :)

  83. Holli

    I found this post because I was searching for an alternative to my current hair washing routine. I haven’t used shampoo since early April. I started with the baking soda/acv routine, but i really hated my hair with that. So after a month or so, I switched to a recipe that uses egg, buttermilk, honey, and some other things. I liked the way that felt in my hair, but I wasn’t thrilled with the smell because I felt like I couldn’t always get all of it out of my hair. (It smelled good at the time, but then I felt like if some of it didn’t get rinsed out it smelled yucky. Plus I couldn’t use hot water to rinse or else the egg would cook! haha)

    So anyway, I’ve tried your recipe twice so far, and I think I’m going to like it. I’m trying not to completely judge it right away, since you said to give it time. But I have some questions/comments about the shampoo and some general no-poo questions.

    First, I love the way this feels way more like regular shampoo when you squirt it out (although not as much after it’s been frozen). And I used jasmine essential oils, so it smells more like a shampoo too. The thing I don’t understand is why you say to use so little. I feel like using that small amount, I have no idea whether it’s really getting anywhere on my scalp except for the one place i put my hand. It’s like it disappears immediately when i touch my head with it. Is there anything I can do to make it foam or lather so I can tell if it’s spreading out? Also, why would I want it mostly on my scalp and not on the rest of my hair? It seems like it should make the rest of your hair soft if you put it all over. I just feel like I’d like to use a lot more of it, but I don’t want to make my hair gross. And maybe if i had short hair like yours, I could tell that it was spreading around, but my hair is a little longer than shoulder length, and I just feel like that tiny amount does nothing.

    One other general no-poo question….What do people do with their hair on the days they don’t wash it? Mine isn’t greasy anymore at all on those off days….but it still doesn’t look good after sleeping on it, haha. I can keep my hair curly (not really small curls- kind of medium curly) after washing it by letting it air dry, and it doesn’t get frizzy anymore. (That’s the main reason I tried no-poo in the first place. My hair used to be such a pain to wash because I could never let it air dry- waaaay too frizzy and ugly!!) And it looks good on the days I wash it (or even just rinse it) but then when I sleep on it, it looks bad the next day! Any tips?

    Thanks so much for your post! :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Holli,

      With the first question: You can use whatever feels right for you, but some people notice that it makes their hair greasy if they use to much. Again, hair care is SO personal, so if you feel like you need more and it works for your hair, go for it. I worry about the scalp because I have a tendency for oily hair and a dry scalp. But you definitely can focus on the ends, too.

      Second question: If my hair needs a boost I’ll just a super quick rinse of water and then style as usual. Not sure what others to.

      1. Holli

        I guess my question, then, is why would it make hair greasy? Is it because it doesn’t rinse out well or something? I still haven’t tried using more, because I’m scared to get really greasy looking hair.
        And is soap the only thing that normally makes shampoo lather…and does that also help rinse the “shampoo” out? And is just soap in general bad for your hair (like coconut oil soap?)
        And if I add something to it (like coconut oil soap) would it throw off the ph balance?

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          The grease factor is often due to the fact that the scalp has to readjust to its normal pH. For example, when switching from a commercial shampoo that strips the hair of it’s natural oils it takes a while for the scalp to stop producing so much oil (that is used to need to counteract the shampoo). Lathering is a false illusion to “clean” and not necessary to clean the hair. I haven’t tried coconut oil soap, but it might be a great alternative to washing the hair.

    2. Amanda

      As a curly girl myself, I just rewet it everyday. I also use straight up aloe vera gel (I choose from Lily of the Desert) as a moisturizing frizz control gel. It’s pretty watery and a 32 oz bottle will usually last me 3-4 weeks of everyday use. I have TONS very fine spiral just below shoulder length hair (it’s shoulder blade length when straightened). I get a month of twice weekly shampoos (I use it more often as my hair is dry and it keeps me from needing a conditioner. I also use more than one ice cube worth per wash, about 4-6 – again I have LOTS of hair). This is the best my hair has looked EVER!!!!

      Economically speaking I spend $15 on aloe and $3 on coconut milk for $18 per month in hair care. Considering I used to spend that much every 2-3 weeks for not nearly the same results, I think it’s a win! Now that I know it’s a better product for my hair, I can buy more volume, therefore coming out cheaper!

      I love good products and reasonable prices!

  84. Melissa E

    I’m gonna get the stuff and start this weekend! Tanks for the recipe! I do make my own coconut milk but its it made with dried coconut. Do u think that will still work? or should I make a more concentrated version so that the milk resembles the stuff in the can more?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve been too lazy to make my own. In general I’d think homemade would be even better than canned.

  85. Ashley

    Okay, I’ve been doing the no shampoo thing for a few months now and tried different recipes. I definitely believe this recipe would be conditioning, but does it actually remove the dirt? I have long hair. About two feet long. And thick. My pony tail is about and inch and a half thick. Without shampoo my hair has been accumulating this terrible scum. My comb is full of this gross sticky gunk at the end of the week. Is that a part of the detox? Would this wash recipe help?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I can’t speak from experience since I have super short hair. Read some of the comments above as there are people who’ve used it with long. I’d also recommend getting a natural bristled brush and brushing your hair thoroughly from scalp to ends every day to help get rid of dead scalp skin that could cause buildup.

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  87. Nina

    I wanted to try this for a few weeks before passing judgment. I have thin to medium hair with a lt of natural wave/curl in certain conditions. As ive aged my hair has gotten drier and drier and sadly less shiny. So i was going 3-4 days without washing it without it being noticably dirty or greasy. Ive always had issues with dry scalp. My hair is almost mid- back. I have found any sulfate free health type shampoos freak my scalp out terribly – i even get dry skin on my face especially around my nose when my skin does not agree with my shampoo or conditioner. My hair can handle fairly heavy conditioners. So i mixed this with honey and lavendar and tea tree oil. Due to many people stating it was making their hair greasy looking i put it in a small spray bottle. This worked great! In fact today, for the first time i just poured some from a baggie (with a melted frozen cube) and my hair looked greasy prior to that it did not at all. It felt greasy but did not look or smell greasy. The only issue with usinf a sprayer is if you forget to take it out of the fridge the night before cold shampoo does not go through the mister hardly at all. I tired warming it under the shower spray but that did not work either. When i use shampoo i never did more then soap my scalp, the length i just cleaned with rinsing the suds through so it is the same with this. My hair is drier and fuzzier then i like without conditioner so I am putting that on the ends. And this weekend i did a deep treatment with some i have to use up and it was a sparkling, glorious result! The weird thing is, my hair is not more curly as I thought it would be because usually – like if i use baking soda as a clarifier – it gets curlier. But it feels stronger and healthier. It has gotten rid of some flakes but not completely, it certainly hasnt caused excess. My scalp stillitches but not excessively and i live in utah the land of the hideous heat wave right now, and I dont have a/c or a swamp cooler at home so…i would recommend it, i will keep doing it but if people are seeing it be too greasy I think they are just using too much. With the heat Ive been showering more but only use this evry other shower. I do feel like it gets musty smelling sooner then with bad shampoo but that may just be my imagination. Hth someone.

    1. Nina

      Oh sorry to add i used aloe vera juice not gel. Pure aloe. And the first ice cube I just rubbed over my scalp and that did not make it too greasy. Because i forget tot take it out of the fridge evey night i now just leave it in the tub and it lasts a week or more before it seems like it will not mix together so i figure id better get a new serving. Im only on my first ice cube after using the mister from mixing it up the first time.

    2. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Awesome! Love the spray bottle idea. :) (And yes, Utah is WAY too hot right now. Ugh.)

  88. Vanessa

    How did you get the Alow Vera Gel? Did you obtain from the plant itself or a store? Thanks!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Either works. I’ve mostly gotten mine from the store because I’m lazy. :)

  89. Kit

    Hi, I’m really keen to try this out but don’t really know where to find aloe Vera gel. do you know of another ingredient that could replace that? thankyou :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      You can check out the link I provide to see where I get mine online… or if you have access to an aloe plant you can make get your own easily. :)

  90. ashley knotts

    There is a store that i have been to in florida, this lady opened it and runs it herself. She sells sea sponges to use in the shower in place of scrubbie poofs and loofas because the sea sponges dont hold bacteria. She also makes her own lotions, bodybutters, body soaps, overnight creams, and exfoliating scrubs. Everything that goes into her products is 100% natural. I recently started using her goatsmilk soap in the shower. I have severe acne, a lot of acne scars, etc. Ive had it since i was about 13. I started using her soap (goatsmilk) because she recommended it for my acne. She said it has a lower ph and that goatsmilk has many healing properties. I was skeptical because i have tried about every acne wash, cream, even took medication for it. This goats milk soap has changed my life, no joke. Within the first week, any remaining pimpes disappeared, any scabs healed, and my skin brightened. I have only been using it for about 3 weeks, and my skin is getting brighter and healthier everyday. basically, this lady knows what she is doing and i would recommend calling and asking any questions you have about her soaps lotions and shampoos. I am ordering her shampoo this weekend. I dony know the ingredients, but she will answer any questions you have and i would highly recommend the goatsmilk soaps and the exfoliating dry scrub, its got olive oil, sand, sea salt, and a couple other things in it i cant recall. You can order online and she is very upfront about anythig you ask, very friendly too. thats her webpage, she does not have all of her products on the webpage, she has many more items in the store than the website says, but she will probably ship anything, you just need to call and ask her if you decide to order. Anyways, i am babbling lol, i just absolutely love this store, i have never been so excited about soaps and such. I am acne free for the first time in roughly ten years! Please at least check out the site. :)
    peace love and health y’all!

  91. Kasia

    If I am traveling is it safe to keep them in my suitcase or will they melt ? If it isn’t a good idea I travel with these cubes do you have any other suggestions on what I can travel with for a no poo shampoo? Thanks !

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yeah, not sure that would work. Go check out Empowered Sustenance for her honey shampoo recipe. That might work better for traveling.

  92. pneu

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the recipe. I gave it a go for over a week to see if it would help my dry scalp and ends, since my normal routine of baking soda and ACV (and/or silicone-free conditioner) hasn’t been helping. Unfortunately, the coconut milk and aloe made my long hair incredibly greasy from scalp to ends. So very, very greasy! It was challenging to go to work every day. :) Still, even though it didn’t work out for me, I’m glad to have read about your experiences and hope others will have the same luck as you. Maybe shorter hair is better for this recipe.

    As for the rest of my frozen coconut/aloe vera juice cubes–I’m using them to make delicious smoothies, since the juice I bought is drinkable. Mmmm.

    P.S. You’ve been very patient with some of the commenters who seemed to be blaming you for the recipe not working for them. Kudos for you for being such a lovely person!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Aw, thanks for your kind words. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. Hair care is SO tricky. There’s another recipe I’d recommend checking out at Empowered Sustenance. It’s a honey shampoo that is also pH balanced. Lauren, the author, has longer hair so it might work better for this.

  93. Jennifer

    I am completely new to this “no poo” deal & I tried this last night. My hair felt fantastic right as I got out of the shower, I let it air dry overnight while I was sleeping but when I woke up today it looked and felt SO greasy. I am getting married in November so I have been doing research on the no poo things people have tried because I am wanting my hair to get even longer & stronger. It is about mid back length right now. I knew I didn’t want to do the baking soda one & that’s when I stumbled across this… It looked so simple and I loved the ingredients.

    I would love to transition into this however, greasy hair just will not do. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? Do I need to do an ACV rinse after I use this wash? I also may have used too much? What are your thoughts on olive oil for the tips of my hair? I would really just love some advice/ suggestions on what to do.

    Thank you!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hope I can help. My hair is super short, and everyone’s hair is so different, so all I can give is some general ideas.

      I’d definitely do an AVC rinse afterwards, and don’t be afraid to play with amounts until you find what works for you. If your hair is dry than olive oil on the tips will be great, but a little goes a long way so start very small (especially because all oils are hard to get out if you aren’t using commercial shampoos). The greasy hair thing is temporary, but almost any “natural” approach you take to hair care will have a greasy period as your scalp rebalances out. Keep in mind that traditional commercial shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils so as you transition your scalp will still be overproducing oils to compensate for that. Pony tails, hats, etc. are great for those few weeks while your hair adjusts, but there’s generally no way around that.

  94. Kim44

    I color my hair often – and my hair is also really dry and damaged from the coloring sometimes. I’ve tried so many different shampoos-color, moisturizing, damage repair, curly, and they all pale in comparison to the Shielo Hydrating Shampoo. The Shielo Shampoo really brought out my hair color and made my hair not just shiny but shimmery! After using when you dry your hair, it still smelled so fresh and clean, like I just walked out of the salon.

  95. Radha

    Oh I wish I could say good things about this! My hair looks great with the traditional no poo method of baking soda and acv but I’m worried about the ph being too alkaline. I loved this idea of coconut milk, but it left my hair greasy greasy greasy! Limp, no body at all. I might as well have washed with water alone. Is there any way this can work with oily hair?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      How much did you use? I only use it twice a week (sometimes once) and only a little. And I finish off with a ACV rinse which seems to help with the grease factor. But again, everyone’s hair is different.

  96. Elisa

    Just wanted to share my experience. First I have very thick, coarse wavy/curly hair that tends to frizz and is about mid back length. I started June 8th using this method. This made my hair very greasy and very waxy feeling. I had been using products with silicone so on June 19 I decided to use a clarifying shampoo and start all over. I made my shampoo using 1/4 cup coconut milk and 3TBS aloe vera gel. This amount lasts me 3 washings and I kept it in the fridge in between. I do think the 1/2 cube might be great for your hair thickness/length but for someone with “big” hair like me it was way too small of an amount. at this time my hair still felt very oily, greasy, waxy and heavy, which I assumed was part of the transition. I decided to buy a boar bristle brush to move the oils from my roots to the length of my hair. This made a huge difference but the greasiness was still lingering. I brush my hair at night and then in the AM I spray it down with water to reactivate the curls/waves. On July 6th (4 weeks after I started) I bought some low-poo shampoo (shea moisture). I added 1 tsp to the almost 1/2 cup shampoo concoction. This as well as doing an ACV rinse helped with the remainder of the transition. My hair is now soft, full of body, curlier than before and smells of coconut. I’ve added a honey, water, coconut oil conditioner to my routine. The transition took longer than I expected but its been well worth it.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Thanks for sharing! It’s so good to hear different experiences. Hopefully this helps someone. :)

  97. Rachael M.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ve been looking to try some no poo recipes if for no other reason than that I’m bored with my current hair care routine and figure I may as well try something healthier for my hair. I was using baking soda with vinegar rinse for 2 weeks but felt my hair felt dry and was falling out like crazy. I’ve tried your recipe twice thus far (2 days in a row because I felt gross after working out) and have found my hair is a bit greasy. I might be using too much, based on all the comments I read. My hair is thick and shoulder length.

    My question is, how thick should this mixture be? I think my mistake may have been choosing the “light coconut milk” with only coconut milk and water rather than the normal mixture that contained xanthum gum or some sort of thickening agent? Which one do you recommend? Should this be like a thick paste spreading over my hair? Mine is somewhat watery in consistency. I have a ton of ice cubes, so if you have any suggestions to thicken it, I would appreciate it. I think the reason I have used so much is that i feel like it isn’t penetrating through my thick hair.


    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Mine isn’t super thick, but it isn’t super watery either. It could be the light coconut milk making it thinner. It should still work, you just might need a bit more.

    2. Sarah

      Hi Rachael and Robin,
      I have been kinda no poo for about 2 months using dr. bronners baby castile shampoo cut with herbal water, jojoba, and peppermint oil. And every once in a while doing a white vinegar rinse. This just didn’t seem to be cutting it as good as I had hoped because the vinegar makes my hair oily. So after using one small bottle I decided to make it using different essential oils and just totally messed up the whole recipe. I dumped it down the drain.
      Yesterday, I did the baking soda shampoo and a rinse with citric acid instead of vinegar. I came out looking and feeling like a freshly sheared sheep…(gotta laugh)
      This morning I see this recipe on youtube with coconut milk, aloe and a small amount almond oil, so tried it, but I added 2 drops of Apricot oil because I have very fine, shoulder length hair that doesn’t care for anything with an oil. Well, I’ll tell you when my hair dried it stayed slicked back like a gangster:) Just like I had coated it with a good layer of brill cream. So I decided to try a new formula and test with ph strips along the way. I put some aloe that is a ph level 7, in a small bowl and added some homemade liquid castile soap which has a ph level that tested at 10. The aloe only dropped the ph to a 9. So I decided to add a small amount of citric acid, abt 1/16-1/8 of a tsp dissolved in a small amount of water, that turned it white and lowered the ph to a 4, so I added two more tsp’s of castile soap and it brought the ph level back up to a 7. So, lol, I decided I should pour this on my hair. Well, that didn’t do much good because of the oils that came from the coconut milk and apricot oil. So I broke down and washed with my granddaughters Johnson’s natural shampoo and am still sitting here with dry hair that still looks oily. LOL, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just use my store bought to bring everything back to normal. And then start using again my original recipe for the castile liquid, it wasn’t perfect but, it did help some and kept me off the store bought for awhile. Hope this helps or at least gave you a good laugh:)

      1. Post author
        Robin Konie

        That’s dedication! Ha ha… wow, thanks for the story. Sorry it didn’t have the happiest of endings. But I sure appreciate your comments. :)

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  99. Kara

    I was just wondering if a person could use coconut oil and water instead of the coconut milk. I was really hoping to find a recipe that I could keep in the shower. This one looks great, I really want to try it but like you said it would go bad after a week. I though maybe the saturated fats in the oil is what you are after. Are there other benefits from the milk versus just the oil? Also, do you wet your hair before rubbing the shampoo on your scalp? I have bad build up on my scalp- it actually gets orange sometimes ( eww!) I’m trying to find something natural that will work to get rid of this. Thank you so much for your hard work! :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I know the build up you are talking about. For me the best thing was getting a natural bristle brush and brushing my scalp a couple of times a week before showering. (The first few times might be really gross, but then it gets really better). I also make sure to use an ACV rinse which helps a lot.

      As for the the coconut oil substitute, I don’t know if it would work or not. I would use a VERY little to start out with as it does stick to your hair and is hard to get out with commercial shampoos. But it might be worth a try if you’re up for it. :)

  100. Michele

    My hair is very fine and fairly thin, just a little past my shoulders, but extremely healthy. I’ve never used heat on it or colored it, so it’s always been soft and shiny. I’ve always conditioned daily and even used deep treatments weekly.

    I tried your original recipe, with Castile oil and coconut milk for about a week and my hair was so dry that I couldn’t even brush it for all the static electricity it generated.

    I saw this post and made the switch right away, but so far the results have not been a whole lot better. Now it’s extremely greasy and clumpy but still strangely dry feeling. And while there is no static at the roots, about midway down the static starts right back.

    I’m also a little afraid that this could be damaging my hair. It’s never felt so unpleasant in my life!

    I guess I need some encouragement to stick this out. :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Were you using commercial shampoo before or something natural? Commercial shampoos coat the hair with synthetic chemicals giving it a shiny feel. They also strip your hair of its natural oils so when you switch your scalp will overproduce oils until it balances it out. It can take a few weeks (4 – 9, from what I’ve heard.) This pH balanced shampoo wouldn’t be causing any damage (unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients) but there still will be a detox period that isn’t very fun.

      1. Michele

        I was using commercial shampoo before (though a gentle, fairly natural one). Is it okay to use things like baby powder in my hair from time to time, or will that have a clogging effect? And until things balance out…will it hurt too much to wash with a gentle shampoo on special occasions? I’m trying to convince myself to make this work! :)

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          I’m not sure I’d use baby powder… but making a DIY dry shampoo might work. There are lots of online recipes that super simple and more natural than baby powder if you google it. 😉

  101. razz

    Hi Thank you for the recipe. I wonder what is the pH level of your recipe, have you tested it? Would these strips work to test your shampoo?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I haven’t pulled out any pH strips, just going off what the normal pH of these ingredients would be. But I think testing it sounds fun!

  102. Kristine W.

    I was wondering if you’ve heard from anyone that had a problem with thinning hair? Any word on if switching to a no poo method helped in that area?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I haven’t heard, and I would guess it would depend on the root problem. But I would imagine that a no poo method would be MUCH more gentle and probably better for thinning hair.

  103. Marci

    Hi! I recently found your blog in my quest for a no-poo recipe and I’m excited to try this one! I’ve read on many other websites that the baking soda and ACV combo is bad for your hair (it’s a good thing I did a little research!) Anyway, I have blonde hair that has slowly been darkening over the years. I used to put lemon in my hair while I was outside because I read that this would lighten it up. I was wondering if you would recommend doing this, or is it damaging to hair? Also, could you add lemon to this recipe for blondes?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I haven’t done a ton of research on the safety of using lemon on your hair, but I do know that it naturally lightens it. The acid may be rough on the hair, but our scalp is actually fairly acidic so it might not be bad at all. If you’ve doing it for a while and your hair doesn’t seem brittle from it, it’s probably okay… but I honestly don’t know for sure.

  104. Tamara

    Hey, I was just wondering if this shampoo removes the natural oil out of the hair like regular shampoo does?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      You really don’t want to remove the natural oils, as that will get the scalp to produce MORE oils which is what gives us greasy hair. This will keep your scalp better balances, while still cleansing the hair. Keep in mind that if you are transitioning from commercial shampoo there will be a period of greasiness as your scalp will continue to over produce oils until it balances back out.

  105. Amy

    Hi! Thank you so much for posting this! I have purchased the ingredients to make this shampoo. I do have some concerns, however, going no ‘poo. One is that I have short hair, and I style it almost every single day, so I am used to washing it every single day. This recipe said, I believe, that it was for use a couple times a week. Could I use it every day? Will is be enough to get all the product out of my hair? Usually water takes it out for the most part, but I am afraid of residue building up. I purchased a non-toxic shampoo for intermittent use while I am adjusting to all of this, but it was really expensive and I prefer to make my own! What do you think? Could this still work for me considering daily styling product? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I can’t say for sure, since I don’t use a lot of styling product, but it should work. I’d be sure to do an apple cider vinegar rinse either every time you shampoo or once a week to help cleanse any product residue.

  106. Alice

    I highly recommend putting olive oil in your hair it leaves it moisturized and also prevents and kills lice. Note that it needs to be left in your hair for about 10 minutes. maybe shorter for you because I have CRAZY long hair. It’s nice to put on a before you shower, and then rinse off during shower. I only do this when there are lice going around because it’s kind of a pain since it has to be in you hair so long.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Olive oil is great for your hair. Just be careful as it can be hard to get out if you aren’t using commercial shampoos. :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      No shampoo. :) It’s using natural approaches to cleaning hair instead of commercial shampoos.

  107. Sara - My Merry Messy Life

    Hi Robin! So, I love your blog, but I’m just convinced that baking soda is “bad.” I’ve been doing the no-poo method for a year and a half with absolutely no problems with dandruff – I have had some dryness but I’ve also been pregnant and just had a baby. My hair is starting to return to normal again. On my blog, my BS & ACV post is the most popular on my blog, too, with hundreds of testimonials about how well it works. Do you find your recipe actually helps to clean your hair? Baking soda does a great job of balancing the oils on my scalp.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yes, this recipe does clean my hair. I know lots of people have had success with BS and ‘no poo… which is awesome. It just didn’t work for me. Just to hard on my scalp. Overall I’m a fan of baking soda, but it’s good to have options. For my scalp this recipe is much more gentle. :)

  108. Kathryn Victoria

    I think this is a great idea; I’ve used Baking Soda and AVC for years, but I still have trouble with it. I just don’t want to go back to commercial shampoo! Does this really clean your hair? My hair is very fine and gets greasy/oily very quickly. Will this shampoo help that, once I’m through the detox phase?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’ve had no problem with getting my hair clean, although I’d still do an ACV rinse at the end to help clarify.

  109. Lauren Gibson

    I have read some things about coconut butter/manna being just a concentrated version of the coconut milk. The benefit being that it is shelf stable…. so no freezing/refrigerating required/ I purchased the ingredients. I substituted 3/4 cup of coconut manna for the milk. I am planning on putting a teaspoon or so of the mixture with water in the shower. I probably should have asked before I purchased all of the ingredients but has anyone tried this substitution before???

  110. no name please

    Does it matter if the Aloe vera gel is Green? I’m worried about dyes. It says it’s 99.7% aloe vera gel. Should I be concerned about that .3% and buy a new one? or is it fine?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      It’s probably fine. I wouldn’t ingest it, but I’d feel okay using it on my hair.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I get the kind that comes in a can and is usually found in the Asian food section. Don’t get the kind that is sold as a “milk alternative” as it’s usually watered down and has extra stuff in there you don’t need.

  111. Gennifer

    Hello, I am on my third wash and my hair is getting less greasy. It’s just greasy at the roots. Anyway, my hair is has become very thin and I read that castor oil can help regrow hair. I know aloe helps with regrowth but I want to also try castor oil. I would like to apply castor oil to my scalp a few times a week but I am worried about how I will get the oil out of my hair. Do you think washing with conditioner would be less alkaline than a shampoo with soap? Would the conditioner mess with the ph balance I am trying to achieve with the aloe and milk solution? From my experience AVC does not get oil out of my hair. What would you recommend? Thanks!!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I wish I had a solid answer… but hair care is so tricky, especially when you add in different lengths, textures, and water. I’ve heard people have good success using a conditioner as a shampoo (google “curly hair method”) but I haven’t tried it myself to say for sure. Good luck!

  112. Minerva

    i’m a little late on the no-poo band wagon and with minimal research had to find out the hard way about the baking soda issue :( so glad i found your post Robin, thanks for putting this information out there. there’s very little to contest the alkalinity (aka fire on my scalp add pine straw)thing. i’m glad it works for some people but i always seem to be the exception when it comes to this stuff so your different perspective is much appreciated. so… i tried your recipe. love coconut milk. love aloe gel. not so much loving the greaser look right now but i’m committed, promise! i know it takes a while to adjust but i can’t stop thinking about this idea… call me crazy, but what if we put some arrowroot in there to help with the oily roots? i’ve seen articles about the diy dry shampoo but nothing about using it wet, like you would baking soda. what i’ve found says it has lower alkalinity but honestly, i likely failed whatever science class that backs me up there so i’ll humbly defer this to a more knowledgeable source. in the meantime, i might have some interesting experimental results to report 😮

  113. Angela

    I’ve not tried it yet, but I just don’t understand how this cleans? there’s not soap (so of course no lather) but then how does it clean??

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Actually, lather doesn’t really cleanse… it just gives the “feeling” of cleansing since so many detergents and cleansers lather up.

  114. Susie

    I just recently started using that vodka/baking soda scrub based off the post above and was interested in a natural shampoo as well. This recipe was suggested to me. But if I am reading this right, then there would seem to be a contradiction between what the above post states as to the purpose of the alkaline use of baking soda and what your implying with yours. Any sources as to why this vodka mix is right/wrong, or what’s your opinion. Thank you.

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  117. Esther

    Does this work well on permed hair? I know that perming my hair isn’t the most “natural” but I love how convenient it is. I don’t want to use this shampoo and it removes the curls.. :(

  118. Amy Jackson

    I found Lilly of the desert aloe Vera juice. What is your thought on that. I didn’t realize I bought the juice to I was getting ready to mix everything together. I can’t wait to try this. I was using baking soda and my hair was so dry. I did spray it with acv. Also I noticed that when my shower was over I had a lot of hair collected on the drain. Thanks

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      The juice may work… but it will be a much different consistency… so I can’t say what the results may be.

  119. Cathy

    Help! I have been doing the no-poo method with baking soda and ACV rinses for over six months now, liking the way my hair was feeling but also noticing that the “oil” never seemed to come back in my scalp. I had switched to this method in hopes that my dry hair would adjust and the natural scalp oils would come back. So after reading about baking soda being too highly alkaline, I tried the coconut milk and aloe vera gel combination. YUK – immediate grease factory all over my hair. I let it dry naturally and it was so stringy and greasy. I suspect the coconut milk has too much coconut oil in it to use on my fine dry hair. I am going to try just using the aloe vera gel mixed, or put the coconut milk in the fridge to see if an “oil head” will float to the top that I can then skim off and just use what is left over, or try water and raw honey combination. I did try it a second time the same day and used diluted ACV as a rinse but still way too greasy! Why do you think this coconut milk and aloe vera combination made my hair instantly greasy?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Could be that your hair is balancing itself out again… could be that you used too much. I find a little goes a long way. Did you use an ACV rinse, too? I find that helps me with oil… but again, a little goes a long way.

  120. TaylerRae

    I stumbled across this while contemplating going no ‘poo. I’m very new to the DIY natural products, and have started with some basic stuff that, if it didn’t work right, I could just rinse off and use my regular stuff until I find a recipe that worked.
    Now, the no ‘poo idea terrifies me. I’m 21 years old, and my hair has been Hell since I was 13 and got a perm. It’s never been the same (it actually grows curly now!) I heat style my hair fairly regularly (about twice a week) and use heat protecting hair products, including shampoo and conditioner. I also really don’t look forward to the detox, as I’m currently looking for work and don’t want to go into an interview looking like I haven’t washed my hair in months. My hair is elbow-length, very thin, and full of lots of layers. This means, when it looks greasy, I look like a wet chihuahua.
    I also want to throw in that I usually wash my hair no more than twice a week. My hair doesn’t get very greasy, and if it does look greasy before I’m ready to wash, I use cornstarch as a dry shampoo (it adds some volume too!)

    Now, if you’ve ready my novel, I guess I have three questions:
    1) Does anyone know of a natural heat barrier that may help protect my hair?
    2) Will my hair produce MORE oil than it regularly does? By this I mean, will my hair become greasier within those 4 days or so between washes?
    3) Is using cornstarch to deal with the extra grease going to completely defeat the purpose of avoiding stripping your natural oils?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      1. I’m not sure… I’d think something like a TINY bit of coconut oil would help… but I really don’t know off the top of my head.
      2. That’s hard to say as everyone’s reaction is different. It’s very possible that, in the beginning, your scalp will produce more oil as you switch to natural shampoos that don’t strip your hair’s oil… but how long that will be or how bad, I don’t know. Eventually your hair should balance out, but that really can take anywhere from from a few days to a few months (Yikes, I know).
      3. I’ve heard of lots of people using dry shampoos with great success to beat the oils. I haven’t done a lot of research on cornstarch as one of them, but it should be fine.

      Hope that helps. I wish there were solid answers to these questions, but it’s just so personal.

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  122. Dazed in Galway

    Hi. I’ve seen many homemade shampoo recipes online and yours seems to be the most natural one. How many ml is there in the can of coconut milk you use? Also, how much ml is there in the cup you use? I ask because it varies in every country. You seem to be from the US. I’m in Ireland. Thanks.

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  124. Megan

    Why does it have such a short shelf life? I use coconut milk and castile soap, and it lasts for a month. Is it the aloe that makes it go bad quickly? And, how do you know when it has gone bad?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Actually, I’d say the coconut milk has a shorter shelf life… but you can always try it and see how long it lasts. It will smell bad when it’s gone bad. When using food products for beauty, the shelf life will resemble that of food.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’d probably add 10 – 15 for the whole batch. But I haven’t tried it to know if that’s the perfect amount.

  125. Jaime

    I just made a batch of this, all I had was one cup of aloe gel so I made a smaller batch. I put my coconut oil in a pot and heated it up and put a bag of lavender and chamomile tea in the pot and let it simmer for a few minutes. Then I turned it off and mixed in the aloe and also a few drops of essential oils of rosemary, thyme, and sage.

    Just these two cups filled 24 mini cupcake moulds so I am not sure how you fit more than three cups into two ice cube trays!

    It is in the freezer now and I will be testing it tomorrow!

    I am really hoping it will fix my hair. I have been doing the baking soda and ACV for over a year and it took that long to get rid of the constant grease but now I still need to wash every three or four days and I have developed dandruff. Ugh!

    Hopefully this will get everything soft, gorgeous, non greasy, and dandruff free!

    I shall post reviews.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Did you use coconut milk or coconut oil? Coconut oil could lead to very greasy hair, just a heads up.

  126. Talia

    I tried this shampoo and it left my hair oily everywhere, so much so that I had to wash it again. I really hoped it would work for me…but…:(

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      What kind of shampoo were you using before? If you were using commercial it can take a few weeks for your scalp to balance back out.

  127. Lindsay

    I really wanted to like this stuff, but I have tried this for a week now and am throwing in the towel. I know we’re supposed to give this more time than that, but it makes my hair really greasy. I’m using hardly any, but my hair looks like I haven’t washed it in weeks. And I know it’s not my own natural oil because I went in the shower with non greasy hair and came out with weighed-down, gross-looking hair. Plus, it took me much longer to blow dry and style. I’m having to use baby powder so that I can go to work! Plus my hair doesn’t really move anymore – there’s no “flow” to it and it feels horrible.

    I know what naturally greasy hair is, and this is not from that. My hair is greasy from root to tip.

    Going back to Aveeno.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Sorry it didn’t work for you. That’s the tricky thing about natural hair care… everyone is SO different. :(

  128. Helena

    I have been considering getting rid of my chemical hair products but most of the feedback about ‘no-poo’ recipes seems negative and they are not easily available ingredients. I did consider a face/hair cleanser I saw some where that had clay in it but I haven’t been able to find any clay locally.

    From what I’ve read though people seem to wash their hair Waaaay too often and this seems to be part of the problem. I was laid up in my teens with an illness and I couldn’t wash my hair – after a while it self cleans but the more you wash it the more it needs washing. You are stimulating the scalp to produce more oil. I wash my hair once a week and yes, you know it’s close to washing day when I have an up-do but that’s no biggie.

    Honestly, even before selecting an alternative hair cleaning option I would suggest just not washing your hair for a few weeks, you just need to persevere. Having said that I want to try this recipe as it’s easy to come by the ingredients and I just want something gentle. I think your site is great by the way!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      THanks, Helena. I totally agree. My hairstylist would always tell me I was doing my hair well by only washing every few days. 😉

  129. Shauna Hunter

    Hi Robin:) I just wanted to let you know that I tried this recipe for the first time last night, and my hair loved it . . . no greasy feeling at all! I have PCOS and my hormones have radically affected my hair over the years. I used to have thick, long, curly hair, and now I have thin, fuzzy, weird hair. This recipe makes my hair feel fresh and light and much more manageable. I asked my husband to smell my hair this morning, and he said it smelled like hair should . . . like hair . . . not perfume-y, not chemical-y . . . just clean. I altered the recipe a little bit just because of what was available at the grocery store. I went to Trader Joe’s and got their 14 oz. can of coconut milk (they only have LIGHT coconut milk which may have kept my hair from being greasy?) and I also got their 12 oz. bottle of aloe vera gel. I mixed everything from both containers together and added some tea tree and rosemary essential oil. So far, so good . . . By the way, I really appreciate your website and all the work you put into it. Your writing is a pleasure to read, and your attitude is great. Keep on!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Thank you, Shauna! I’m so glad the recipe worked for you. Love the additions of essential oils!

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  131. Deetry

    thank you so much for sharing
    i always wondered why dr bronners castile soap
    made my scalp so itchy!

    in this recipe do you think you can use
    pure aloe juice?


  132. Therese

    Hi, I have medium length hair ( a little past shoulders). It is wavy to curly. I have been no pooing for a while off and on and need to do more on:-) I did read a very interesting book titled the Curly Girl: The handbook. I found this at the library. There are methods for wavy and curly hair care that save the hair from breakage and drying out as it will be dryer than straight hair. Whatever you use for shampoo, you should use the fingertips, not nails to massage it into your scalp and not throughout the hair. When you rinse, not in really hot water, you rinse the shampoo/no poo through the hair while holding the ends up not to be stretched out. You gently ring out the hair and use a non terry cloth towel to allow as much air drying as possible. I have found shorter is not always better for this as the wavy and curly lends itself to hiding imperfections and wearing updos. The book at least warns against all sulfa/sulfates as well as silcones. She give some natural recipes for the hair including a homemade flax gel a friend of mine swears by:-)Another tip to keep the split ends away… no brushing the hair, but rather using your fingers to separate the ends. I do this and never a tangle or a pull on the wave/curls. My hair now falls into the natural wave and curl that it was meant to have and looks so much better. I never brush..period, and never use a large pick on wet hair or blow it away either. I am going to try this with Shauna’s idea minus the tea tree oil as there have been some questions raised in its safety of use that I am still checking out. Also, hormones play a BIG role in the looks of our hair and skin. Dealing with that made a world of difference for me and my daughter:-) I love coconut’s diversity of use!

  133. Jennifer

    I am on day 4 of using your recipe. I was using traditional shampoos and conditioners before, so I know I am in for a long haul of transition. My hair wasn’t oily before I used it the first time. I used a tiny amount, and really thought I hadn’t used enough. It was instantly greasy, I could feel it as I was rinsing. I was expecting this amount of oil a few days in, not day 1. And my ends were dry. Fast forward to today – it’s a good thing my hair is long enough to pull back. It is gross, but ends are less dry. After reading through the comments, I realized one of my mistakes, washing my hair daily. I got this method confused with the honey one where I read you could do it every day and then taper off. I will switch to washing every 3 days and rinsing with water on the off days if you think that would be better. I am not giving up, like I said, I know the detox period has to happen. But, I wasn’t expecting this amount of grossness. I do not have the smell issue that other posters have had. I have not been using a ACV rinse. Should I? Also, I am using this on my daughter who developed an allergy to shampoos/conditioners. I only washed her hair about 1-2 times a week before, will her detox period be better than mine? And, her hair was a tangled mess after we used it. Should I comb it through her hair before rinsing, or use tiny bit of coconut oil as detangler? I apologize for my many questions, but I am a bit lost as to what to do to make this better in the short term.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I think an ACV rinse is really important. I would imagine your daughter’s detox period will be better, but you never know. I’d probably do a little bit of coconut oil to help detangle.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Jennifer

        It does. Thank you very much! I can’t imagine trying to find a shampoo for her without this recipe. I don’t think her hair would handle baking soda at all. You have given us the perfect solution. Her hair looks great today. Mine is a little better today by just doing water last night. Do you do a ACV rinse even if you just wash with water? Or just on the days you use the coconut milk shampoo?

          1. Jennifer

            Thank you! I am two weeks in now and on the day I wash my hair I can actually wear it down. And my hair is becoming curly. It was fine and straight and frizzed at my scalp before. On the other days I still pull it back, but it looks better than it feels. I hope in a few more weeks I should be done with the transition. My daughter’s hair is doing great. And the coconut oil does well getting the tangles out.

  134. Andrew


    I would like to clean my wetsuit but all I can find is chemical products,

    I read your recipe above regarding shampoo, thinking of using it.

    Any sugestions please

    Kind regards Andrew

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I would personally try just plain castile soap, but I don’t know for sure how it would work for a wet suit.

  135. Janet

    Most aloe vera gel’s I have seen contain Carrageenan, which really needs to be avoided. Do you know of any without this carcinogen? And what about using the natural shampoo alternated with a commercial shampoo for a bit at the beginning?

  136. Janelle

    My main issue with this mix is that the coconut milk is very greasy. I was doing the no-poo method before experimenting with this recipe. I found it left my hair dry at the ends. I have very fine hair so any little bit of oil on my scalp shows very quickly. I’m desperately looking for a natural solution to restore my scalp’s natural oils. If the coconut milk is greasy, how can my hair come out looking clean? I feel like this is the main problem that a lot of others are experiencing as well. I’ve tried it for a couple of weeks and I don’t see an end to this problem due to the greasiness of the coconut milk. Any thoughts?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Like dissolves like. Many natural soaps are made from various oils. So that fact that coconut oil is “greasy” isn’t why people are getting greasy hair. It’s generally more that their scalp is used to over-producing oils because most commercial cleaners strip hair of oil. For me I didn’t have a greasy issue. I only put the oil in my scalp, massaged with my finger tips, rinsed, and then used an apple cider vinegar rinse. But everyone’s hair is different and this recipe won’t be for everyone. So if the greasiness doesn’t go away after a couple of weeks you may need to try something else.

  137. Sammi

    I have really thick, curly and dry hair. I stopped shampooing and started co-washing (washing my scalp with conditioner) 4 months ago and although I got great results (my hair was much softer and less dry) I had a ton of build up! The conditioner simply would not wash it away. Even after using sulfate-free shampoo I still have build up. As soon as I got to the supermarket im getting aloe vera gel and coconut milk. I will comment down here again to tell you if it works. I´m really hopeful though because I already know that my hair loves coconut milk!

  138. Bethany

    How do those ingredients actually clean your hair? You mention that they are great for conditioning it, but what about removing the oil and daily grime? I tried this recipe it made my hair SUPER greasy! I’m looking for something that will gently clean my hair.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Did you just switch from commercial products? There’s going to be a greasy stage as your scalp balances out. And, as I’ve said in a lot of these other comments, hair care is so personal and hard to find the “right” formula for your hair. But this will clean it.

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  140. Danielle

    I have very short salt and pepper hair and started using the no poo method about two months ago. I love it. Now you are saying it might not be good for my hair? I have noticed an itchy scalp but seem to have fixed it by giving my head a good scrub with a hair brush whilst in the shower. I am not sure if I will try the new method for myself, but will for sure give it a go for my granddaughters who both have supper curly spring like hair.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hey, if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. I had major scalp issues with no ‘poo, but we are all so different. :)

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  142. kgirl

    I have a question, I too have found that the no poo regime of baking soda and acv stopped working, and ive been no poo for about a year. My hair is fine and more prone to becoming greasy…do you think this recipe would work for my type of hair?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      It’s really hard to say because it’s so personal. With fine hair I’d start with a VERY little amount and focus mostly on the scalp. I’d also do an AVC rinse.

  143. Jessica H

    So, I have been doing this remedy for about 8-9 days now with my boyfriend. He loves it! I have questions pertaining to my hair. My hair is still noticeably greasy and will not dry. I take an ice cube out hours before I use. For the past two days, I haven’t been putting all of it in because it has been too greasy. I don’t know if its because I live in south Florida, where it is very humid and sticky. I wash my hair at night after work. I cannot go multiple days without washing my hair. Living down here its a bit different.
    So, do you think it’s okay if I use less? How long should we keep doing remedy for? Until all has been used?

    Thank you!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Have you tried an apple cider vinegar rinse after shampooing? I find that helps my hair.

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  145. Jamie

    I just got some canned organic coconut milk today. I have an aloe plant so I can pull off a leaf at a time to use. I will do a acv rinse too and come back in a few days with results. I tried the “no poo” awhile back and gave up. Keeping my fingers crossed that this works.

      1. Jamie

        Quick question. Should I do a acv rinse after every “shampoo” ?
        I am waiting for my hair to dry now…it felt really soft in the shower but now not so much. I may need some kind of conditioner or a spray on to leave in…any suggestions?
        I am hoping this works. I have been getting away with washing every 3 days so hopefully my transition won’t be a greasy mess :) lol!

        1. Jamie

          I should also mention that I color my hair and am worried that the vinegar if used too often with strip or change the color.

        2. Post author
          Robin Konie

          I do an acv rinse after each shampoo, but I only shampoo two or three times a week… the other days I just wash with water.

  146. Reshma Talgaonkar

    Hey Robin, just a cause of worry.. I normally oil my hair the night before and then wash it next morning. At present, I am using baking soda for hair wash and it does remove the oil. But my scalp becomes itchy too.. Will this coconut milk shampoo, remove the excess oil or make it too greasy??

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Reshma. Remember hair care is very personal to you, so I can’t tell you exactly what will happen to your hair. With that said, many people do experience a “greasy” stage when they switch to this. I didn’t, but if you read the comments above many did. This will remove the excess oil, but as your scalp balances out it may produce more oil. Unfortunately, the only way to know how it will work for your hair is to give it a try. It should help with the itchy scalp a lot.

  147. Bree

    I started using this recipe 10 days ago.

    For the past 2.5 years I have been using Baking Soda, but it was making my curly hair brittle/broken and impossible to grow past my shoulders. I needed something moisture-rich and balanced.

    Well, ten day and 3 actual hair-washings later, I am having the super insanely greasy-looking gross-feeling detox phase all over again — with Baking Soda it took FIVE weeks so I’m really hoping this is quicker.

    I’m willing to stick it out, but after reading all these comments I see only TWO people have something positive to say about this recipe working so I’m a bit discouraged.

    I can only imagine this is the way all reviews end up — people are more inclined to come back to complain than they are to praise, right? Well, if this works, I’ll come back to say so…. I’m hoping no later than November.

    Either way, thanks for presenting this healthy option for us to try.

    1. Jamie

      I just started yesterday…and so far so good. I only used a tiny bit in my middle of the back, thick, frizzy and color treated hair. My hair seems fine this morning and not too greasy. I will wash again tomorrow and come back and give results. (fingers crossed)

    2. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Bree,

      Thanks for your comments and willingness to “stick it out.” I think a lot of people get turned off by the grease factor and quit quickly. And it’s so hard because hair care is so personal. This recipe has worked great for me, but it won’t for everyone. I wish there were a universal natural solution. Thanks for stopping by!

    3. Bree

      Well, after 5 and 1/2 weeks and 7 actual hair washings, I’m still battling the detox phase mostly around the ears and crown of my head after four days. I must say though, my curls have never been happier and I’m pretty sure my hair has grown an inch!

      Recommendations for others trying this:
      *stretch out the washing days as far as possible, like once a week
      *use the least amount possible!!! not too much!!!
      *use ACV as a clarifying rinse afterwards
      *every night, massage and lightly scratch your scalp
      *every night, run a 100% boar bristle brush over your hair for 5 minutes to move the oils down

      So, all that to say, it is working for me and I’m sticking with it.
      Thanks again for your dedication to this topic and to the people who comment — it really matters :-)

      1. Post author
        Robin Konie

        Thank YOU for being so willing to stick it out and share your tips and experiences! Love this.

  148. Jamie

    Ok I don’t want to jinx anything because I just started…but my hair feels GREAT!! I used this shampoo with the vinegar rinse the other day and then again today. My hair was looking a little greasy (just a tad)so I wanted a wash. Eventually I will spread washes out a day more. I used a tiny amount of my Frizz be gone on just the ends and then blow dried. I use a natural brush and my hair feels awesome!! It still seemed a little frizzy so I used a small dab of some coconut oil, rubbed my hands together and ran them through the ends. Super soft, shiny and manageable hair!! I hope this stays this way! As I think I have found what I have been looking for!!
    I have to say Robin that your Blog Rocks!! I started doing oil cleansing and my face feels great! I made your foundation and I love love love it!! Now this!! Plus the fact that you take the time to reply and answer any questions and concerns via facebook or your blog in a very timely manner! Thanks so much!!
    ~A very happy reader!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      You are so sweet, Jamie. Thank you! I’m glad it’s working for you so far. Thanks for letting us know. :)

  149. stephanie

    can this be used as a ph balanced bodywash?
    what would you suggest for cleansing the private parts of a woman?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I haven’t tried using it as a body wash… but I don’t see why it would work. As for “that area” I generally just use water.

  150. Jessidork

    Do you have any suggestions on what to use instead of coconut milk? I have been allergic to coconuts since I was a wee one (never grew out of it) and I hate to think of what would happen should I slather this on my head! :(

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’ve heard people who have had success doing a honey shampoo. If you go to you can search for her recipe. Good luck!

  151. Shauna Hunter

    Hi Robin . . . I have a few questions for you:

    1. I’ve been using your shampoo recipe with an acv rinse for a while now, and my hair still loves it – great body and much more manageable; however, I continue to have residue left in my brush that was never there before I started (it’s not for lack of scrubbing or rinsing thoroughly) and my hair feels a little waxy (which actually makes it more style-able with my curly hair . . . there’s always a bright side, isn’t there?) Anyway, have you or anybody else experienced this?

    2. I can’t take frozen cubes of shampoo and acv with me when I travel (unless I want to look like a crazy person), so do you have a shampoo that you would recommend I use when I am not at home?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Shauna,

      I found that using a natural bristle brush and giving my scalp a good brush/scrub while it’s dry before showering helps remove any residue. Not sure if that will help your situation or not, but it might be worth a try. As for the traveling issue, you may look into a honey shampoo. It probably has a little bit longer room temperature shelf life (although it will still not last nearly as long as commercial shampoos.) has a recipe.

      1. Shauna Hunter

        Hey Robin:) Thank you for your response. I do brush my hair with a number of different kinds of brushes (including natural bristle), and every single one of them has developed a white, waxy film on the bristles. I am so sad, because the texture of my hair has been amazing since I started your recipe. I am almost willing to turn a blind eye to it, but it’s grossing me out a little. I asked you before if you had experienced a similar kind of residue, but I don’t think you mentioned whether you had or not. Anyway, I had been formulating a scheme of my own to eliminate the shampoo altogether and only use acv. Coincidentally, when I visited the site you recommended, I saw that she had moved away from the honey shampoo and just started doing acv once a week. Thoughts?

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          I actually have plenty of periods of avc rinse only… mostly because I run out of this shampoo and am too busy (or lazy, depends on the day!) to make more… and I will go weeks doing just water and acv. It works pretty good, and I find that I only occasionally use this as a sort of pampering for my hair. :)

  152. Enbrethiliel


    Hi, Robin! Thanks for the recipe! =)

    I’ve already done four washes and am feeling a little discouraged at how greasy my hair gets after each wash. It takes a couple of days of water-only washing in between before I stop rocking the “wet look.” =(

    The only part of your recipe I haven’t followed is the freezing (because I know from experience that both aloe vera and coconut milk keep really well in my refrigerator). Do you think that may be a factor?

    Also, I usually shower in cold water all the time. Would rinsing my hair in hot water make a difference?

    Finally, you mention that you also do an ACV rinse each time you use this shampoo? Does that help to get the grease out?

    Thanks in advance! I’ll be reporting back with my tweaks because I have a really good feeling about this recipe. =)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      The freezing is purely for shelf life, so I don’t think would be a problem. The ACV rinse helps my hair a lot so I’d try that. Ultimately, hair care is SO personal that there really is no recipe I’ve found that works for everyone. I wish there was! :)

  153. Beth

    Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement for the coconut milk? I have an allergy to coconut, and pretty much every natural shampoo out there seems to include it. Castille soap includes it too. Baking soda dried out my hair terribly, so that’s a no go. :( Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  154. Beth

    Forgot to mention that I have already tried the honey shampoo for a few months, but it left my hair super greasy.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Not sure what a good replacement would be. But if I think of one or come across one I’ll let you know!

  155. Marilia

    Hi Robin!

    First of all thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge with us! In times like these when it’s just so hard to find actual non-chemical alternatives (“organic” shampoo with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate? No thank you) it’s very valuable to have people willing to exchange their experience!

    I would like to ask, do you think flax seed gel could be used to thicken the recipe? I can’t find aloe vera gel so I’ll try to make it with aloe vera juice, but I guess it will be a bit too runny and liquid with the juice…

    Thank you so much!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Could work! I haven’t tried it, but if you’re open to experimenting go for it and let us know how it works! :)

  156. Kendle

    I’ve done the baking soda and ACV “no poo” routine for the past 10 months, I only air-dry and never use styling products or heat. My hair seems dry, and knowing how good aloe & Coconut milk are for you prompted me to try this.

    When you rinse this shampoo out of your hair in the shower, how long did you rinse it and is it very important to use hot water? My hair is super greasy, even greasier than when I went through the detox/transitional phase with the baking soda. It just seems really weird for it to be this greasy the first time through. Do I just need to stick it out and put a scarf on? :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Did you do an ACV rinse after? I find that helps A LOT (and the AVC is very close to our hair’s natural pH so it won’t irritate the scalp the way the baking soda does). I wish I could say when and if the greasiness will go away, but hair care is so personal. I didn’t really have an issue with grease at all, but I have really short hair…. I did find that the longer I used this recipe the better my hair texture was over time.

      1. Kendle

        I kind of do an ACV rinse. After I used the aloe/coconut milk poo I get out of the shower and spray my homemade leave-in conditioner on the ends of my hair and let it dry. The conditioner has large amounts of ACV, aloe, and many different essential oils in it.

        Would maybe spraying my conditioner on the **roots** of my hair help with greasiness? I’m loving the texture of the ends of my hair with your poo recipe (not dry, very soft!), but the roots look pretty greasy. Thanks again!

  157. tanisha

    Hi Robin,

    I’m a bit confused. Doesn’t the fats of the coconut milk get the hair greasy? I want get rid of the grease when I wash my hair. I tried mineral clay, baking soda and castile soap so far but found that the clay didn’t get rid of the oils. The other two options I find rather harsh.

    I’ve already made a batch of this shampoo. My ratio isn’t right though. I used 4:1 (coconut milk : aloe vera gel) basically because the gel cost me about 20 bucks already. I bought a very good one. I didn’t use the mix yet but am starting to worry about greasyness now.

    I’d be glad to hear your advice.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      In chemistry we learn that like dissolves like… just like the Oil Cleansing Method, this will help get grease out. With that said, a lot of people have experienced a greasy side affect with this recipe (I didn’t). Hair care is VERY personal. The grease isn’t because it didn’t get the other grease out… it’s more of a reaction of the scalp either because there is a balance period while the scalp readjusted to how much oil it needs to produce (commercial shampoos stril the scalp of oil so the scalp actually produces MORE oil and it may take a while for it to re-balance itself) OR could because of too hard or too soft water, etc. I find using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse helps keep my hair from being too greasy.

  158. Lauren


    This is the second beauty recipe I’ve tried from your site :) I have a success story but it doesn’t involve my own head of hair…

    I tried this recipe for a month, but my long/straight/thick hair just wouldn’t handle it. I looked a bit like a grease mop everyday even after I tried the typical ACV rinse.

    I held onto the extra cubes in the freezer and forgot about them…Until my husband and I got a puppy who LOVES mud, dirt and all other messy things. So I used it as shampoo on our little 2 month old dog (since none of the ingredients are poisonous to him) and it worked GREAT! He could lick himself right after and I didn’t have to worry about any toxic junk from other dog shampoos. And its cheap (the Petsmart in my city sells dog shampoo for $15 a bottle)…AND its makes him smell like aloe + coconut :)

    So thanks Robin! 😀 Genius puppy shampoo!!

  159. jojo

    Hello Robin,
    thanks so much for the informative lesson on the importance of PH balance… I live in an area that gets extremely cold and my scalp suffers a lot as a result… Often drying it out…. I’ve tried so many diy methods but my only remedy has been to apply coconut in its solid form and rub it on the areas of my scalp that I feel need it.

    I love this recipe, and my question is, do you think if i washed my hair according to the recipe with two ice cubes instead of one it would have a negative effect? I have a really hard time getting the coconut oil out….

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’ve found that less is more with this recipe. Of course, everyone is SO different so you may need to experiment with the perfect amount, but you may find your hair is really greasy if you use too much.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Mine get soft and start to melt a little. It’s totally fine. The cube is just to make getting a “single serving” out easy when they are frozen.

  160. David

    Hi Robin,

    Can you explain why the shelf life is so short? Can anything at all be done about this other than freezing? Would getting Aloe Vera that has been stabilized fix this or is all aloe vera stabilized before being packaged? I’m confused.

    Thank you!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Just think of it this way: You’re putting food on your hair. The coconut milk is the main culprit to the shelf life. You can make this in smaller batches and just keep it in its liquid form in the fridge, it will last a week (maybe two) there.

      1. David

        Thank you! That cleared it up for me! Also, thank you for continuing to answer questions from a post you made in April. It’s really quite impressive.

      2. David

        Thank you! That cleared it up! Also, thank you for answering questions from a post you made in April. It’s impressive how much interest there is in it.

  161. Jeannette Lowry

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been trying this combination for a week and a half and I’m loving the way my hair feels and the fact that I’m losing less (I had my thyroid gland removed when I was 20… my hair falls out a lot). I have a couple of questions, though. On the days when I don’t use the mixture, my hair doesn’t smell nice. It smells kind of greasy. Any solution for this? Also, what do you do when you travel. If these questions were answered in the above thread, I apologize. There’s a lot to wade through! Thanks for your help!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      You could always make a little hair spray using essential oils and maybe a little distilled water and witch hazel to give it some smelly goodness. You can do a search for my homemade body spray and just alter that recipe for your hair.

      As for traveling… I haven’t had a chance to take any trips since making this (which is kind of depressing now that I think about it!) :) I am planning a vacation in February and will probably just take some diluted apple cider vinegar to rinse my hair for the week I’m away. For my short hair I can do that for a week or two without an issue… but not sure if it’s be good for long hair.

      1. Jeannette Lowry

        Thanks! I’ll have to try that. The oily smell is making me want to go back to shampoo. I’m very sensitive to smells. Even my pillow smells greasy.

        I think that might work since your hair is so short! You’ll have to let us know how it goes!

        On a different topic, I have been using coconut milk to wash my face for the last week. I have HUGE pores and have used a million different products that haven’t worked. The coconut milk is actually making my pores smaller and clearing up my acne! I give you credit for this, because I would never have tried it without this blog!! So thank you so so much!!

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. Even if the no-poo doesn’t work for me, it’s great that you’re willing to share your knowledge with others!

  162. Bernice

    My hair history:
    – Currently growing my hair out, just below shoulder length
    – Course, thick, frizzy Asian hair
    – Colour treated, dry on the ends…needs coconut oil for shine
    – Shampoo once a week with commercial shampoo, will put coconut oil in my hair overnight prior to the day I shampoo my hair (this has helped me with my flakes)

    I finally tried making this yesterday and I will say it was quite interesting. I used aloe vera gel from the plant and when mixing it with the coconut milk I had a good giggle as it looked like a giant white snot. I put the snot into small ice cube trays, they are about 1/4 the size of a regular ice cube. I didn’t put any coconut oil in my hair the previous night, I wanted to see how it worked without the oil. I used 1 mini sized cube for my hair and not sure if it was enough, I’ll experiment with the next wash…,my hair soaks everything up like a sponge. I left it in my hair until I was completely done with my shower then rinsed it out and let my hair dry naturally. My hair dried nice, and felt thick and was shiny, a couple f flakes, but nothing to be alarmed about…I didn’t need to put any coconut oil on the ends like I usually do to control the friz. I woke up today and no issue with greasiness like the others have experienced. I only used commercial conditioner (I have tons and will use it up until it’s gone) in my hair today and my hair is still thick and shiny. If anything, I will say this was made perfectly for my hair. Thank you soo much for sharing this and I’ll be sure to keep you up to date as time goes by.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Thank you! And thank you for sharing your experience. I love this community we have here!

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  165. Dorcas

    Just started using this today.
    left in a greasy mess! then after awhile while drying, there’s a really really smelly smell. I think it’s because of the coconut.
    What should i do? ):

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      The grease is part of the detox phase (you can read a lot of other’s experiences in the comments above). Not sure about the smell… as mine didn’t have any strong scent. Be sure your ingredients are not past their expiration date… and you can always add some essential oils to make it smell pretty.

    2. Brianna

      Same thing happened to me…..I was so excited to start using this recipe since I found it a few months ago. I had been using BS/ACV for at least 6 months and it was working nicely. I can’t remember what happened when I caved and used diluted shampoo a couple times. After the few tablespoons I had left were gone I went back to BS/ACV for a while and wanted to work my way to water only. I started to notice my scalp getting dry and flaky. I started looking around and found a few recipes. I tried raw honey a few times and didn’t quite like that (maybe I was doing something wrong) and I found this one. I love all things coconut and I was super excited to use it! Finally got my aloe and coconut milk and made this today. I used it this afternoon. My hair felt great after my shower. It was soft and tangle free. Still a few flakes, but I didn’t expect them to be gone right away. I did notice my hair had a funny smell, but I figured, like ACV, the smell would dissipate as my hair dried. Well, it’s been about 4 hours and my hair looks very wet still and smells pretty bad. Maybe I need to rinse it longer? Follow with an ACV rinse? I made 2 full ice cube trays so I hope this works out. My hair is about elbow length, pretty thick, and wavy.

      1. Post author
        Robin Konie

        I would definitely do an ACV rinse… but I still don’t know why some people are having smell issues. I can only imagine it has something to do with the brand of ingredients?

        1. Brianna

          Next time I will do an ACV rinse. I used Lily of the Desert Aloe and Native Forest unsweetened organic coconut milk. Could it possibly be that I used too much? I filled two ice cube trays and just used the rest right away. It was probably near a 1/4 cup.

          1. Post author
            Robin Konie

            That could be it. It’s hard to say since my hair is so short, but I do know that a little goes a long way.

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  167. Sid

    Can i add 1/4th cup of ACV to this mixture to make my hair less greasy? And maybe a few drops of castor/olive oil? :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hmmmm… I always do an ACV rinse after I shampoo it… not sure how it would work in the recipe, but if you’re open to experimenting I say go for it. :)

      1. Sid

        I can’t make a coconut milk at home so i got a canned one. But i am a bit unsure about the ingredients which are: Coconut Milk Extract 27.27%, Water, Stabilizer (Guar Gum E412), Emulsifier (Polysorbate60 E435), Antioxidant (Citric Acid E330, Sodium Metabisulphate E223). Contains: Sulphur Dioxide, Coconut.

  168. Tricia

    For anyone who may have issues with the shelf life of coconut milk, you should try raw honey and aloe vera. It’s still ph balanced, I personally make the amount I need for each shower. Both items can last longer! I love using it on my hair what I do is 2 tbs of raw honey, 1 tbs of aloe vera, and 3-4tbs of water, I wet my hair and scalp and massage it in working a part of my scalp a section at a time. And I suffer from dandruff so I add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the mix.

    After my shower what I do after patting my hair of excess water, I put a very small amount of lanolin on my comb and comb through all my hair to seal in the moisture, I wet my comb with water and run it a few times through just to make sure everything is even.

    I have thick, frizzy wavy/curly Asian hair and it works pretty damn well. But I wouldn’t have thought about making my own shampoo without reading this article.

  169. Ashley

    I would strongly recommend trying a small batch of this before making the whole recipe. I have dozens of shampoo ice cubes in my freezer that will now go unused. I tried it about 8 times and had terrible results. I don’t think this is a detox phase… I think it simply doesn’t work for me. The first couple of times I figured I was using too much, because my hair looked really oily and slicked back (I have very long hair, and I was using the recommended amount). After weeks of using it, nothing changed. I think my hair was probably technically clean — it wasn’t actually oily. But it looked greasy every day (I’m guessing it was from the “shampoo” staying in my hair instead of rinsing out as a normal shampoo would).

    I have very normal hair and had no issues (or even a detox phase) with the baking soda method. This coconut milk/aloe idea was bad, bad, bad for me.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I wish there were one natural shampoo that was perfect for everyone. Did you do an ACV rinse? I found that critical to the success of this shampoo.

  170. Candace

    I noticed that there are a lot of users who are noticing a lot of greasy hair with this, even after a detox phase. Could it be because of the Guar Gum in the canned coconut milk? Has anyone made their own coconut milk from scratch and then used it in this recipe? I am noticing a lot of grease as well, but no grease on the no poo days.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      That’s a good question! I don’t have greasy issues as long as I do an ACV rinse, but it would be interesting to see if the guar gum is an issue.

      1. Abigail

        I’m also wondering about the guar gum. I’ve been soooo excited about this shampoo because it makes my hair feel AMAZING (I was using commercial shampoo before). I have long straight hair, it reaches almost to my bellybutton. Only downside is that I’ve worn my hair in a ballerina bun every day for 2 weeks now. The greasy look has gone way down but seems to be pretty consistent the past several days. rinsing it on the off days does help but i feel like the shampoo makes it look greasier? Anyway, I work from home so I’m willing to try this for as long as it takes! Just wondering if we’ve heard anything new about the guar gum. Bonus: my scalp eczema has almost completely stopped irritating me. WAHOO!

  171. courtney

    hi there!

    hopefully my questions are repeats…

    the coconut milk you use, is that the one you use to cook such food as thai or indian cuisine? or is it more like coconut water? perhaps you could post a picture of the product you use?

    did anyone establish whether aloe vera gel can be substituted with aloe vera juice?

    thanks for this post! i’ve been looking for a simple “no poo” poo that has a closer ph than the baking soda method! can’t wait to try it!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      It’s the coconut milk you’d find in the Asian section of a grocery store. :) As far as the aloe juice, I haven’t tried it to know if it would work or not. Sorry!

  172. Kaity

    Ok how is everyone talking about just rinsing hair in between actual washes? Anytime I get my hair wet without actually washing it, if there was any oil in it at all (which is usually the case as I have long oily hair) it dries looking ten times more oily than before… That is never an option for me… I either have to wash it, or wear a shower cap. Does anyone else have this problem? I usually wash about every other day to two days. I’d love to wash less frequently but the water rinse does not work… I do rub my scalp and I do have hard water if anyone was wondering…

  173. paulina

    hey there :) im 15 and ive been washing my hair everyday aswell as following it with blowdrying and straightening… ive been doing this for 3 years now. After finally being tiered with the disgusting dry split ended hair i have, ive been looking for natural alternatives. I really want longer healthy hair. ( my hair is currently past my boobs).. i tried the baking soda/ apple cider shampoo, but it didnt work out well for me. I came across this method and it seemed to have quite positive results. Im thinking of trying it out, but i naturally have light brown hair and also i have lots of blonde highlights all over my head, so technically im kinda blonde, anywaaay im scared that this might fade my highlights out? idk thats just one of my concerns, also my second biggest concern is the greasiness factor that this leaves behind with every wash, some people said that their experience with this wasnt good cause they mentioned that even after months of using this their hair still came out greasy and the scalp never adapted… also i was worried that with the transition period it adds even more greasiness to deal with… Do you know how long the transition period would last for me?( my hair sometimes gets greasy after just a day; hence the reason why i was it everyday) I hate the feel and look of greasy hair and also i really need to have clean looking hair for school, do you think my hair will adapt between 1-4 weeks? i really want my hair to be able to adjust quickly so i wont need to wash it as often. If my hair can adapt to this how long can i go between washes? And lastly, does this shampoo method improve hair health? im willing to stop using chemical hair products and heat styling tools till my hair grows out longer and healthier ( crossing my fingers that it’ll be healthier and longer by this summer!! ). Hopefully you’ll reply, thanks for all the feedback, and i apologize for all my questions!! hahah 😛

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  178. Jessica

    Hi! I had a very similar journey…started no poo in July, switched to castile soap in October, then to a mixture similar to your original natural shampoo recipe in November. My scalp was so itchy and flaky and then I came upon this recipe at the end of December. I wash my hair 2-3 times per week and once a week follow with an ACV rinse. I have shoulder length hair. My scalp is MUCH improved, thank you! But, like many others, the hair near my scalp (particularly the crown area) is greasy. It’s most greasy immediately after my shower, when my hair dries and actually gets better by the third day before I wash it again. It’s almost like I’m not rinsing all of the coconut milk out or something. I have a wonderful water filter on my shower, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Any time I use a mask of any sort on my hair, I have the hardest time rinsing it out completely. Anyone else experience this? Is there a trick to rinsing your hair clean? I thought the ACV would help but it’s not. I’m going to try rinsing the fresh lemon tonight to see if there’s a difference. The one other recipe I’ve since is combining 2 parts coconut milk to 1 part castile soap with a few drops vitamin E oil. I’m so scared to have my scalp freak out again, but I’m wondering if it might keep my hair residue free.

  179. michelle

    I used this last night for the first time. FABULOUS! Feels like it nourishes my dry itchy flaky scalp and coarse hair.

    The shampoo seemed greasy after rinsing, but I would agree that the ACV rinse is essential.

    Additions: a squirt of sweet almond oil because I have dry wavy hair, and 10 drops each of lavender and rosemary oil to the entire recipe before freezing.

    Note:I have not detoxed my hair, I have switched straight from commercial shampoo to this pH balance shampoo. I maybe used a teaspoon total on my entire scalp. I coated all my hair with a shea/coconut blend after the shower and slept on it, I have curls galore this morning and hardly any frizz, whereas yesterday I was a giant puffball. Works great!

  180. priya

    hi…i m new to no i have a few questions..any help is much appreciated……
    1) i oil my hair everyday (including scalp) so is this shampoo ok to use as in cleaning my hair ?or can i add lemon to the recipe or something to remove the oiliness of my scalp or is this recipe alone is already ok?
    2)is the acv rinse a must?i have medium length,thick hair….

  181. Flesicia packer

    I really want to try this. But I hate going through the transition period! I have thick curly hair and very frizzy after I get out of the shower. I don’t know how to stop the frizz, any advice? I already use ACV rinse after I shampoo with organic shampoo, but I want to go all natural even shampoo. I hope this works. I haven’t found anything that stops the frizz :( maybe something will come up.

      1. Flesicia

        How much would you use if you want to make enough for just one wash? Sad to say I don’t have ice cube trays. And right now I’m just using aloe vera and honey on my hair, it’s only my second time washing and my hair was greasy at first and it still kinda is but not as bad. Is just aloe vera gel ok to use. I’m waiting for the greasiness to finally go away.

          1. Flesicia

            I have a aloe vera plant but not that much to make a big batch. I only want to make what I use to wash once. Can I please get the amount for that.

  182. Maddie

    Would it screw up the whole pH balance to add some essential oils? I’m thinking tea tree, rosemary, and maybe lemon.

  183. Alison

    I’m going to try this for my first go at “no-pooing”. My question is: is there scientific research that coconut or the aloe vera cleanses the hair? I work part time at a dental office and I don’t feel like living with people’s plague and germs in my hair :-)


    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’m not sure about “scientific research” but I know there are plenty of natural commercial soaps out there that use coconut as a base. I can’t give any hard evidence… but I haven’t had any issues with it. :)

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  185. Melody

    Long shot… but could we replace the aloe with something else? I have an aloe allergy. I know. Crazy. But it will make my skin itch like nobody’s business. I would love to make my own shampoo and coconut milk sounds great but can’t do the aloe. :(

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      OH man, I’m not sure… I bet there is something but I’m not coming with any ideas of the top of my head. If I think of something I’ll let you know. Sorry!

  186. Amber

    I want to start using an all natural/homemade shampoo and conditioner, but not sure where to start. I have fairly long, thin, fine hair. It tangles easily and if I don’t condition I can’t brush it out. It’s also a grease pit, if I don’t wash daily my hair is just flat out nasty. Would this shampoo you posted be ok to use daily? Of all the comments I read it looks like everyone uses 2-3 times a week only, and that’s just not going to work for me. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  187. Jamie

    I like to add essential oils to my store bought shampoos and conditioners. I use tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary. (all organic) I use 1 drop per ounce of liquid. Would it be safe to use those in your recipe, and in the same ratio?

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  189. Heidi

    I have a question about the coconut milk. I used the organic kind in a can, but it was really thick and left my hair feeling really waxy/greasy and gross. Does your recipe call for the kind of coconut milk that you would buy from the cooler (IE So Delicious) or is my hair REALLY not taking to this stuff? No amount of vinegar rinse is clearing this waxy substance from my hair. Please tell me I am doing this wrong! I really want to go no poo, but the vegabond look is not becoming :)

  190. Laura

    Hi Robin
    You’re very patient to still be answering posts this far out.
    I do have a comment to make. I don’t think the greasiness people experience from their first wash is a “detox” reaction. First, it happens way to fast if they are feeling it immediately; secondly, coconut oil is made from coconut milk. I don’t know how it is done commercially, but if you skim the cream off the milk, you can sauté it and seperate out the solids from the oil, kind of like making ghee. So the milk has oil in it. There may be a detox reaction later, but it is greasy because you are washing your hair with what is essentially an oil/water combo.
    I’m going to try it and see how it goes. I have been no poo for for a few months now, bs/acv, and while my hair has never been healthier, softer, and shinier, it is still very frizzy. Regular shampoo, which I’m allergic to, couldn’t control my frizz, and I haven’t found anything that does, except oil. Lots of oil. So the idea of this possibly making my hair greasy doesn’t bother me. My hair is very long, slightly curly, thin and blonde. It was dry until I started the no poo, and I had hoped that would stop the frizz, but no such luck. I plan to start with a very small batch, less coconut milk, and more aloe, and work from there.
    And what you said about oil cleaning oil is dead on. I had the worst oily skin my whole life. I’m 45, and I tried everything under the sun for oil control. Even my dermatologist commented on my oiliness ( is that a word? ). I started the oil cleansing method in November and the results are amazing!! I can wear bangs now without them soaking up the oil off my forehead, and my makeup actually stays on, no raccoon eyes. Not to mention my skin has never looked better. And my son has oily skin and acne. He is using oil cleansing and in 2 weeks his breakouts have started to clear and his skin looks much better.
    Anyway, I’ll post an update after I try this out for a few washes and let you know. One of the things I love about no poo is the twice weekly “shampoos” but that means it takes longer to know if something is gonna work.

  191. Allyson Bossie

    I hope to realize my husband joining me on this crunchy path. Actually he has joined me so far, making homemade food, canning, living off our land, diapers, etc, but now I want him to realize a much healthier lifestyle with me. He is slowly joining, and just recently I got him to start drinking ACV drink daily so I just want to see him healthy happy and live long!

  192. piperchappi

    try the Shielo Volume Shampoo – it alot of the oil out, but still leave moisture in your hair + it has biotin…

  193. Eleanor

    Ooh fantastic! I love to find new recipes, and I’ve never tried coconut milk in shampoo before. Thank you for passing on the tip :)

  194. Melissa

    I just recently found this and am really interested in trying it! Does it help with frizz? Also, I’m a little worried about just doing a mixture of vinegar and water because of the smell, but I found where someone put orange slices in the vinegar and just let it sit for about two weeks so that it would smell better when using it as a house cleaner. Would this be safe to do for hair?

    1. Alexa


      I found that the recipe makes my hair greasy but I also feel like my hair is purging the oils and over compensation. I am not sure if you like or use essential oils but lemon is supposed to be good. I use essential oils in the vinegar and my hair just smells like those.


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  200. Robyn

    Isn’t it amazing how much energy we put into hair?
    I’m an ultralonghair, not too far from knee length.
    I’m a hippie from way back, going all natural at 13.
    I also experiment.

    So, here are my observations on this recipe:
    It’s a conditioner. Conditioners do in fact cleanse. Oil removes oil.
    Knowing its a cleansing conditioner, use accordingly, meaning less, and following with you natural conditioner of choice, be that in a bottle or some jojoba, almond, olive or other oil. (Since this is coconut based, skip coconut oil. Overkill)
    Research conditioner only (often called CO) method. Or curly girl method.
    Co works on straight hair, but I personally have to clarify a bit more often than my curly cohorts.

    Using aloe juice works, but you probably want to grab a bottle used to apply color or perm solution to get the cleanser to your roots, and control the liquid.
    If you want to use fresh leaf, you could merely freeze the coconut milk in cubes, and not all that full, thaw those and squeeze the leaf into it at use. Mix in your hand.

    Honey has been suggested. It’s a great humectant, but understand how they work.
    Honey moves moisture from moisture rich to less moist areas.
    As a high Colorado desert dweller for many years, I can say with certainty that when humidity is under 40 percent, honey will remove moisture form hair and give it to the air.
    So, if you live in dry, only use honey in a steamy shower area.
    Side note, don’t use honey based lip balm in Moab, Utah. Just don’t. Ouch.

    1. Jaime

      I love the idea about just making it “to order,” mixing it daily. Just seems like kind of a hassle. I live on an island and have tons of access to the fresh aloe leaf. I’m curious how long the good stuff in it will last before it is inactive? Do you know? I also use aloe gel in my face wash. Last night I finally harvested my own and mixed it up. I didn’t consider that it would essentially go “bad.” I did add a little vitamin E oil to help preserve. You seem to know your biz, so I’d appreciate your input. Thanks!

  201. Rebecca

    I made this recipe a few days ago and am very pleased several days after my first wash! I have long hair that is fairly thick and did not have any issues with this leaving my hair greasy. However, the change I made was the aloe portion being 1.5 cups instead of 1.75 (that was the amount in the bottle I bought so I just went with it).

    I stopped using shampoo 6 months ago and started the baking soda/acv wash. My hair and scalp responded in two ways: my hair quickly adjusted and did not become greasy for weeks, and my scalp became very, very dry. I started looking around for dry scalp solutions and, after many searches, found this recipe. It seemed like my solution (despite all the greasy hair comments) and a healthier one at that (pH balance in mind).

    That being said, this has been MUCH better for my scalp than the baking soda. I still use acv as an after rinse. After one use I can tell my scalp is more comfortable, although, I assume I will need a few washes to fully get rid of dandruff. If you have a lot of hair, a possible solution to staying grease-free is rinsing like crazy! After washing, I rinsed for several minutes, used the acv and rinsed again, and then I stuck my head under the faucet and did a cold water rinse at the end of my shower. Basically, my shower was 90% rinsing after I washed my hair. Also, worth of note is how noticeable soft my hair is!! It’s been 4 days since I washed — soft, grease-free hair and a calmer scalp!

    Thank you for this recipe!!

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  203. Michelle

    Hi Robyn,
    I wanted to follow up with you in regards to this shampoo. We had a conversation a few times when I first made it so I thought I would update. I have long hair to my bra strap and texture is fine. Always oily as a teen/young adult and dryer as I got older. So I have been commercial shampoo free for a while now. I have used all the usual ACV/BS, Dr Bronners, and lots of different recipes I found. I wanted this one to work sooooo much bc I love coconut milk & Aloe. Well, coconut being very high in fat content does not rinse out of my hair! I use henna to color and when I used it over this past weekend, I used a can of coconut milk to mix the powdered henna for the dye release. It felt so good on my hair and made rinsing the henna out very easy. I used a henna shampoo bar that I made to wash it afterwards and my hair was feeling really nice. Then when I woke the next day, it felt like my hair was wet it was SO oily it looked wet! Lol… So I washed it with some soap nut liquid, rinsed for a looooong time, then washed with the henna shampoo bar two more times. Wash, rinse, repeat! When my hair dried, it was perfect. Smooth….no frizzed and I am in the very humid Deep South… Very soft and NOT greasy. I couldn’t figure out why I was always having this issue with coconut milk and I am guessing either I just wasn’t washing or rinsing well enough. I still have some of this recipe in pods I froze so I will use again when hair feels dry. One thing I have noticed during all my trial and error and umpteen recipes is sometimes my hair may feel oily after I washed and since I don’t wash it but 2-3x/wk, by the time I was ready to wash, any oily feel had absorbed into my hair and was no longer oily even without washing.. That was a pretty cool discovery. I totally recommend anyone to use a 100% organic henna on their hair. Use the Cassia which is neutral and doesn’t deposit any color and make sure it is pure henna. Some places sell henna that has other ingredients that can cause problems but the cassia is natures most perfect conditioner!! I will mix up some cassia obovata powder, Amla and Shikakai powder with enough water to make a paste and work it into my hair right before soaking in a tub bath so I leave it in about 30-60minutes then rinse it all out. I get my ingredients from HennaSooq and have been greatly pleased with all of their products. So thank you for all your work and recipes! It’s always a work in progress for me!

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  205. Whitney

    Hi! I just made this recipe and started using it last week. This is my almost-first time going no-poo (I tried baking soda a few weeks ago, but did some more research afterwards, and gave it up after discovering that it’s not good for your hair). I’ve never gone without shampoo before, although I have gotten to the point where I only shampooed two or three times a week. I have prepared myself for a long transition period, but it doesn’t make it any easier since my hair is already feeling pretty disgusting :) I am determined to stick with it for at least a month. I have a few questions, though:
    1. What if I can’t brush the oils out of my hair? I have naturally curly hair and if I brush or comb it while it’s drying/dry it will get extremely frizzy and make it weird-looking and less curly. I comb it in the shower with conditioner, but that’s it. Is there an alternative to brushing it?
    2. What is the consistency of this shampoo supposed to be? I bought a bottle of Lakewood Organic Aloe Vera Gel, but it’s really more like juice than gel, and my shampoo is very watery. Is it supposed to be more gel-like? When I pour it in my hair I’m not sure it is thick enough to be evenly distributed in small amounts.
    3. Looking ahead – I am planning on going overseas next year. Any suggestions for keeping this shampoo fresh, since it has to be refrigerated? We will be traveling to several different locations so I’m not sure what our refrigeration options will be. The vacation will be at least two weeks, and I’m not sure my hair could go that long without washing…
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your recipe! I’m glad this has worked so well for you :)

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  209. Lacy

    I think the admin of this web site is genuinely working hard in favor of his web site, as here every data is quality based stuff.

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  214. Alex

    Could you post a smaller recipe? I went to my towns natural health and food store today and they only had a 100ml tube :(

  215. manju

    Can i use origional aloevera and coconut milk and màke it every time… Do i still need to refrigate it ?

  216. Stacie

    Hey Robin! I am so excited to try this out! I was wondering, what are some oils that you use. Or does anyone else reading this have suggestions? I use the Young Living brand. :)


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  218. Kim Gustafson

    I have long, very fine hair. It tends to be naturally greasy and have to wash it every day. I try to go every other day on the weekends, but in the long run, have to wash it. I tried this recipe and found my hair to be even greasier. I tried using less and a bit more. I also did the ACV rinse. Nothing worked. :-( I’m so bummed. I did try this for a week thinking my hair was just going through the “detox” stage but I think my hair just doesn’t like it. Any suggestions at all?

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  220. Wendy Barrantes

    Great recipe I have medium length hair I have been using johnsons baby shampoo for years with good results but excited to try this coconut milk and aloe recipe and hoping for healthier results.

  221. Sukayna

    Hi I was hoping you could help me! I actually tried Dr. Bronners castille liquid soap about two weeks ago – the first time I applied it undiluted onto wet hair, the second time I diluted it a little but I don’t think it was enough, and so the third and fourth time I am pretty sure I diluted it enough but after these four applications, I am pretty sure it messed with my ph balance as my hair is greasy now no matter how I wash it (natural olive oil bar soap or plain water). I really want to try this recipe but problem is I have two weddings coming up, one in 15 days and one at the end of the month and I just need my hair to look normal!

    Do you think the “detox” phase could be that long? (Or if it didn’t work on my hair, the “restoring back-to-normal” phase later). I haven’t used chemical products in over 2 years, have used shampoos from the natural stores, and have stopped those for about three weeks now just because I haven’t found one I really like. My hair is usually thick and slightly dry. The castille soap made it softer but then greasy with flaky scalp!

    Sorry for the long message! Should I risk trying this recipe out? Thank you.

  222. Lynda


    I tried to read through all the comments, but there’s so many. hehe. Just wondering when using the coconut milk. If you took the cream off the top first, before adding it to the aloe, would that take away a lot of the greasiness people are experiencing? I made a shampoo from a recipe from Wellness Mama, which uses coconut milk. I found it very greasy, so I put the mixture in the fridge to get hard, then scooped off the hardened cream. That did seem to make a difference, at least with me anyway. I have short grey hair.

    I love your site, with all it’s yummy recipes. Thanks for all that you do.

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