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Live Pain Free (E-Book)

Pain is more than just discomfort

Everyday millions of people suffer from chronic pain caused by accident, injury and disease – often without any evidence of bodily damage. As your body adjusts for pain it relies on secondary muscles and connective tissues to establish compensatory movement patterns inside your body. These patterns if left unaddressed can lead to secondary injuries and permanent damage even after the initial pain or injury is gone! The lasting effects of pain can carry over into every area of your life. The unfortunate reality is that many people suffer unnecessarily from chronic pain and its far-reaching effects.

With the right approach to body connectivity and movement therapy, you can live pain free!

Peek Inside Live Pain Free!

Discover the secrets to pain-free living with Live Pain Free!

Somatics is a method for taking our health and wellness into our own hands by honoring what we feel from the inside out. The word “Soma” is a Greek word meaning “the living body” and is the basis for its techniques. By viewing the body as an intelligent, self-sensing and self-adjusting organism, instead of just a quantified and objectified cadaver, we can address the root cause of chronic pain. By combining Somatic practices and the other healing techniques you’ll learn in Pain Free, you will have the tools you need to be pain free!

Live Pain Free comes with 60 Somatic based exercises proven to reduce chronic pain in real clients, detailed instructions and full color images to help you master each exercise, an overview of what pain really is and movement’s role in finding permanent relief, and excercise modifications to help you do the exercises at your own level. PLUS there’s a common pain “cheat sheet” to help you address your individual pain issues.

Improve Mobility · Find Freedom · Live Pain Free!


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