Orange Honey Lotion Bars

Orange Honey Lotion Bars

There I was, for the fourth time in one month, standing in the lotion aisle of a store picking up lotion after lotion, studying the ingredients, and being shocked by the amount of toxicity in even the most “natural” of brands.

There is this database online called the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database – it tells you the level of toxicity in your beauty products; and most of them that you find at the store these days have a rather high toxicity level. Most lotions contain chemicals and drying agents rather than rich moisturizers like you would expect. The EWG’s site also has a great explanation of the common ingredients to avoid and why, which I highly recommend reading.

Since finding a good lotion these days can be tricky, I resorted to taking to my kitchen and making my own. Our skin is our largest organ, so I want to make sure I take care of it. I had heard of hard lotion bars and became curious – with a little digging and tinkering with my recipe, I finally have one that works perfectly for soothing the driest skin and moisturizing to get the softest skin!

Hard lotion bars are incredibly easy to make and you get to control the quality of the ingredients going into the bars. This equals healthy and happy skin!

What are Hard Lotion Bars?

Orange honey lotion bars! Have to make these!

Hard lotion bars are essentially the same as liquid lotion, except they are solid at room temperature. They are “activated” by the warmth of your skin, meaning once the lotion bar is applied to your skin, your natural body heat warms up the bar. This softens the bar which allows you to glide it on smoothly.

The ingredients I use are rich, softening, and moisturizing: coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter. The beeswax I include helps harden the bars and locks in the goodness of the softening oils and butters.

These ingredients are great for sensitive skin as well, soothing rather than irritating. I have also noticed that my lotion bars last a lot longer than the pump containers I have used in the past.

Why Sweet Orange Oil?

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of my favorites, it comes from the peel of a variety of special oranges and has a bright, energizing, and refreshing smell – which is why it has become a fast favorite of mine. Something about the smell of Sweet Orange Oil just brightens my day and clears my head.

Sweet Orange oil has even been said to have anti-bacterial properties, which is an extra plus for me. Best of all, it makes these lotion bars smell so good! It’s the most natural citrus honey smell that is not overpowering…just refreshing and light.

Let’s make some bars!


Orange honey lotion bars! Have to make these!


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    1. Robin Konie

      Haven’t tried it yet myself, but you probably could… it will be more liquid, though. If you have cocoa butter that would be a better alternative.

    2. Cat

      Thanks for this recipe and for the awesome photographs. I intend to make some and give out samples to family and friends. I seem to be the one in my family who is more into natural ingredients and it’d be a great way to encourage my family members to “go natural”. :-)

  2. Bethany Dirksen

    I’ve made hard lotion before and gave it as gifts. Everyone raved. I have one question though…where’s the honey in your “Orange Honey” lotion?

    1. marli

      I wondered the same thing, hah. Maybe it’s when your husband says: HONEY! Your skin is so SOFT!


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  4. Margaret Blair

    Thankyou so much for this recipe . I need to make something for 8 friends for Christmas and this sounds ideal. One question , would this be suitable for someone with sever eczema ? Once again thankyou
    Margaret in Tasmania

    1. Katie | Girl Meets Nourishment

      Hi Margaret, I have mild eczema and this is so soothing to me! I would recommend leaving out the essential oil and just doing a mix of the coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, and olive oil. This will make a gentle and soothing mixture for severe eczema.

  5. dea lowry

    hope you re-post with the corrected recipe…but if not, I am going to make this anyway. What do you think of adding calendula oil for the eczema?

    1. Robin Konie

      I haven’t done a lot with calendula myself, but I’m always excited for experimentation. ;)

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  7. Tracy W.

    For some people suffering with eczema, coconut oil can exacerbate the problem. Rub the product on a small area first over a couple of days to test it out.

  8. jill

    Do you mix the honey with the beeswax or the olive oil? Sorry if the question has already been answered, this just looked too yummy to pass on in confusion! :) thanks!

    1. CJ

      I was also wondering this. Could you include the honey in your instructions? I would think you’d add it when you add the olive oil and EO as you don’t want to heat the honey, but I could be wrong. :)

  9. Carlyn

    Could I substitute in some orange wax and have a half coconut oil/orange wax combo? I got some from New Directions Aromatics and have been at a loss for how/where to use it. I might omit the sweet orange essential oil though, or add some lavender. Would there still be phototoxicity risks with the orange wax?

  10. Cathi

    My grandson has tactile issues and doesn’t like applying lotion, so I made lotion bars for him using half as much beeswax and poured into empty deodorant roll-up containers (buy them from amazon). It is a bit softer but still holds its shape and he loves that he doesn’t have to “touch” anything with his hands.

  11. Anika Jensdotter

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!! They actually look edible, which is even better. I have planned to have a DIY lotion/soap project over the weekend and will add this to my list.

    You rock!
    Love Anika~ a former raw vegan who now eats raw butter, grass fed meats, drinks broth and feels so nourished. Good to know I am not alone :)

  12. Rachel

    Hi there! Was just wondering if there is any special storage needs for these awesome lotion bars? Do they have a shelf life or do they last a good while? Thanks!

    1. Robin Konie

      This isn’t my recipe, so I can’t say for sure… but looking at the ingredients I would think this would be fine at room temperature for a few months. But if anything every smells fishy, toss it. :)

  13. Joey

    Watch using any citrus oils (bergamot included) as they are photoxic meaning you can burn in the sun. Typically after 12 hours it ok. so you could put it on at night

    1. Robin Konie

      Probably, just use really low heat. Or fill a small sauce pan with a an inch of water and place a glass (heat safe) bowl on top of that.

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  15. Cynthia Reames

    I made made these per the directions and found the honey settled in the bottom of the molds and made a sticky mess that had to be rinsed off once the bars were unmolded. I thought about trying again and using my stick blender to try to try to fully incorporate the honey but instead will simply omit it next time.

    1. Katie | Girl Meets Nourishment

      Hi Cynthia,

      I am sorry to hear that! A tip that I do is add the honey to melted ingredients and really mix until well-incorporated – this should prevent it from settling at the bottom. If you are finding that this is still causing you a problem, you can omit the honey or stick them into the fridge to harden faster than on the counter – which should also prevent settling. Hope this helps!

  16. Darla

    I also had the problem of the honey settling at the bottom and leaving a sticky mess. The other part is very moisturizing and soothing though! Could I just leave the honey out next time? I may just cut that part off the bars I just made. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks for the great recipe!!

    1. Robin Konie

      I would bet you could just leave it out. Just sent a message to Katie to see if she knows why the honey is settling to the bottom. :)

    2. Katie | Girl Meets Nourishment

      Hi Darla,

      I am sorry to hear that! A tip that I do is add the honey to melted ingredients and really mix until well-incorporated – this should prevent it from settling at the bottom. If you are finding that this is still causing you a problem, you can omit the honey or stick them into the fridge to harden faster than on the counter – which should also prevent settling. Hope this helps!

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  18. Julie

    These turned out really cute, but after being in the fridge and then on the counter overnight, they are still a little soft & gooey in the middle. Any suggestions? I suppose I’ll just stick them back in the fridge for awhile.

    1. Robin Konie

      Yeah, I’d chill them longer… you could also add a little more beeswax to help give it more “hold.”

  19. Umm Asad

    if you don’t have shea butter add more beeswax n cocoa butter, but let the beeswax be the main extra. beeswax is very thick, waaaaay thicker than shea butter

  20. Angie

    Just wondering if I did something wrong or if anyone else had the same thing happen, but my honey did not want to mix in to the oils. My bars are setting up now and some of them are oozing honey out of pockets that settled in the mix.

    1. Robin Konie

      I think others had this issue. Look at some of the previous comments by Katie of Girl Meet Nourishment for her response. :)

  21. Annie

    I have been making the standard beeswax, shea butter, and cocnut oil bars for awhile now. My family loves them and several people swear that the lotion bars have helped with anything from wounds to severe dry skin where nothing else helped them. I would love to try this version, thanks for sharing! I too noticed that lotion rarely helps with dry skin like it should and started noticing ALL of them have alcohol and other weird ingredients that certainly don’t sound moisturizing.

  22. Michelle

    I made these and followed directions: I was a little disappointed, my honey is at the bottom of these, it sunk
    and so they are not really usable
    the honey was sticky, separated from everything……:(

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  25. Cherish

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I would like to try to make these for my daughter. She has mild eczema and I can’t find a good soothing lotion for her. The only problem is that she coconut oil irritates her skin. Would it be possible to omit the coconut oil and just use extra shea butter? Or would there be a better ingredient substitution?

  26. aarin

    I think these will be nice but I had the same problem with the honey. I mixed it like crazy into the warm oils and wax (exactly as specified in the recipe), poured into molds and popped right in the refrigerator in an attempt to keep the honey incorporated but it immediately settled to the bottom into a sticky, gooey mess. I wiped it off and hope the bars are otherwise a success. I definitely wouldn’t bother with the honey.

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  28. Linda

    I made the lotion bars as gifts & they were a big hit. However, one individual is allergic to coconut oil ( what a loss )’ so what could I substitute for her?

    1. Robin Konie

      You could try another oil like jojoba or olive, but you may need to add some beeswax to help keep the shape. Haven’t tried it to know for sure, but that would be where I’d start.

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