Natural Sunburn Remedies (You know, just in case)

Natural Sunburn Remedies (You know, just in case)

Hopefully, this list of natural sunburn remedies isn’t something you need very often. Let’s be honest, I rarely use sunscreen (and when I do I either make my own or look diligently for the least toxic sunscreen available). I believe getting sunshine is essential to good health. I protect my skin mostly through a nourishing diet. And I cover up if I know I’ll be out long because I do take sun damage seriously.

Luckily, I haven’t had a real sunburn in almost 20 years. But with my unbelievably white skin being passed down to my daughter, I want to be prepared for the worse. And that’s why I’ve complied this list of natural sunburn remedies.

Super simple, all natural sunburn remedies

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is probably the most common natural sunburn remedy, and with good reason. That’s because the plant has a long history of providing sunburn relief due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Slather on some quality pure aloe vera gel (like this), or get some straight from the plant (even better if you have access to it).

Apple Cider Vinegar

Is there anything this stuff can’t do? I’m not sure. Because vinegar is antiseptic it helps cool the skin as it evaporates. It can also help balance the body’ pH levels which can take away the stinging feeling of the burn. Put some in a spray bottle and spray on the burn. For an extra cooling effect store the bottle in the fridge for a nice chilly blast. (This is my favorite ACV.)

Super simple, but effective, all natural sunburn remedies. Good to know.


Did you know that oatmeal is one of the oldest home remedies for sunburn. The anti-inflammatory properties of oatmeal can help relieve the pain of sunburn. Just be sure to chill the oatmeal before putting on the burn.

Baking Soda

Among it’s many uses, baking soda can also be made into a paste to help sunburns. Baking soda creates an alkalized environment that can be soothing to the skin. Like vinegar, it also has antiseptic properties which can help cool and relieve the skin. Simply mix baking soda with some water to make a paste and gently dab it on the burn. If the burn is really sensitive you can also add some baking soda to a tepid bath and soak in it.

Raw Honey

Honey can be a sweet relief to a sunburn due to its antibacterial properties. Honey has been used to heal wounds for years. Applying honey to a healing sunburn can help the skin repair faster. (Just be sure your honey is really raw).

Super simple, but effective, all natural sunburn remedies. Good to know.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender can provide immediate relief to sunburns while also promoting and accelerating the healing process.  It offers immediate relief and healing, and may accelerate the healing process.

To make your own lavender healing spray combine in a small bottle and apply on the burn:

4 oz. of Jojoba Oil (like this)
20 drops of Lavender essential oil  (learn how to get my favorite essential oils at wholesale prices here.)
10 drops of Vitamin E oil (like this)

Note: It’s not recommended that you apply anything with a carrier oil, like Jojoba, on a fresh burn as it can increase heat and discomfort. But this is a great spray to help the skin after the burn has already started to heal.


There you go. Six simple and all natural remedies for sunburn. You know, just in case.

What are your favorite natural sunburn remedies?

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  1. Sara Mann

    Thank you! I am pro at getting sunburns! I’ve been known to burn even while wearing a white shirt. oh the joys of being a red head. I don’t want to try your remedies because I don’t want to get sunburned, but I’ll give them a try if I need to! thanks!

  2. ChristinaL30

    My dad is also extremely fair-skinned. He got his first really bad sunburn when he was 15, on a family vacation in Florida (he’s from Wisconsin). He instinctively turned to what was readily available: oranges. To this day, his favorite, best sunburn remedy is mega-doses of vitamin C — either eating a dozen oranges, or drinking a gallon of orange juice. (He goes from red to white in a day!)

  3. Shann

    About raw honey!!! Several years ago my daughter burned her arm pretty bad while doing a “balancing act” with her bowl of hot. The pharmisit recommended a topical ointment that cause an allergic reaction. Out of desperation and complete disappointment in “modern medicine”. I searched the web and found a doctor in New Zealand using raw honey for burn victims, specifically milatary patients that had been burned. Long story short they did side by side treatment and found the honey treated limbs were healing faster and had far less scaring. So I tried it on my daughters arm. I was amazed! It healed in two weeks and she had no scaring. Honey really works! My oldest daughter started using it to wash her face,hoping to help with acne, only to find it cleared her face completely and minimized the scaring.

  4. Jody

    Honey works well (but sticky and messy), and my favorite “remedy” now is actually Ava Anderson’s diaper cream (yes I know it sounds crazy). It soothes and heals burned skin in a matter of hours! (great for eczema, psoriasis and dry skin too)

  5. Erin Shaffer

    A quick FYI-Please do not use any of these remedies (except raw honey and internal doses of vitamin C) on anything worse than a first degree sunburn. The result will be worsening of the burn (especially with any oil-based remedy) a potentially serious infection, and excruciating (blackout level) pain for the patient. I have not only been through this fiasco before, I’m a nurse and have seen it happen. If your sunburn evidences any blistering or any of these remedies cause more pain than relief, seek help from a trusted medical professional. Second degree burns are not safe to treat at home.

  6. Kimberly

    These are great remedies, but remember not to trap the heat in. The ACV and Lavender are great while the skin is still hot. The other stuff after the heat is gone. Also, don’t use most of these is the skin is broken. Use ice to pull the heat then something like comfrey poultice or aloe.

  7. Antigoni

    a common practice for easy sunburns in Greece is yogurt. Just apply yogurt on the sunburned skin and it will help it heal overnight. i ‘ve seen it working well.

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  10. Heather

    Ok seriously try this it works amazingly and literally overnight. okay get a spray bottle probably about 16 ounces full of purified water and add these essential oils: lavender, sandalwood, geranium, & sandalwood about ten drops of each. add one or two vitamin E tablets pnk with a pin and add to the water. then add some sort of oil like apricot or jojoba. olive oil will work in a pinch but I prefer the other two because they absorb more. Add about a coupl. e tablespoons of the oil. then put the lid on and give it a good shake spray it on your skin liberally

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