The Perfect All Natural Cleaner: Confessions of a DIY Blogger

Today’s discussion: Natural Cleaner. If you haven’t noticed, I kind of have an obsession with all things natural and diy. I mean, I have tried almost every diy recipe out there from homemade deodorant to laundry detergent. I put a lot of time and effort into keeping my home safe and clean. So when it comes to a natural cleaner I have always followed the old adage: If you want to do something right, do it yourself.

But today I have a confession: I no longer make my own all purpose cleaner…

or glass cleaner…
or oven cleaner…
or… well, a lot of things.

Why? Well, because I found something better. Let me explain:

How I cheated on my natural cleaner.

Back in July I was nine months pregnant and trying to survive the hot heat of Utah in my third floor condo. Our vaulted ceilings, while attractive, sort of stole what little air conditioning our home could produce. I was tired, swollen, and still trying to get my 2 1/2 year old to sleep at night. To add to it, we were getting ready to move. (A word to the wise: Do NOT move when you are 37 weeks pregnant. You’re welcome.)

While we were excited about the transition to a bigger place and being closer to family, I was beyond stressed by the idea of deep cleaning the new home we were moving into. The home needed work. It was previously lived in by a bachelor who had all sorts of caged animals (snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, etc.)… and the previous tenant didn’t spend a whole lot of time cleaning, to say the least. The home had a weird smell, splatters all over the wall, and we were left to deal with the mess.

My stress with the mess.

I still remember the morning when I opened my cupboard of homemade natural cleaners. I was running low and knew I would need to make a lot for the new home. And honestly, I just didn’t have the energy or desire to make anything. (Remember: Grumpy pregnancy.)

Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted a safe, toxic-free, and natural cleaner to do the job. I wasn’t about to go all chemical-blue in my new house where I was going to be giving birth just a couple weeks later. I had recently heard about Branch Basics as an effective natural cleaner. So I decided to do a little research. (Not even a grumpy pregnancy can stop me from my nerdy love of research).

As I perused information and read through testimonials about this safe, natural cleaner, I felt a weight lifted off my too-tired shoulders…

Was it possible that I could be happy with a non-diy cleaner?

Here’s what I learned about Branch Basics as a natural cleaner:

  • This cleaner has NO warning labels. (None! I looked.)

  • It’s perfect for people with allergies or sensitivities to harsh chemicals. (Um, that’s me!)

  • It’s beyond nontoxic, it’s human safe: non-irritating and not harmful if absorbed, inhaled, or accidentally ingested. (Perfect, I have a curious two-year old.)

  • It’s made from all natural food-grade ingredients (I can’t even say that about all of my homemade stuff!)

  • AND it’s so much more than just an all purpose cleaner. There are over 40 different ways you could use this all natural soap: From counter tops to baby wash.

Heck, reading about the the story behind the company kind of made me tear up. I was so thrilled to support people who are trying to help others live a healthier life. This stuff isn’t just “green.”   It’s human safe. It’s not just a better alternative, it’s a solution. This completely natural cleaner is a result of people trying to help reduce the toxic-load in this too-toxic world.

To say that Branch Basic’s natural cleaner passed my highly scrutinized check list was a major understatement. This grumpy pregnant lady was getting excited.

The best all natural cleaner... why this diy girl made the switch.

But did this human safe, natural cleaner actually work?

I wasn’t about to tell the world that I had caved and bought cleaner until I knew if the stuff could do the job. I mean, this diy girl has a reputation to uphold! Nope, I was all secret-ninja-spy-like as I purchased a bottle of the concentrated soap,  a few foaming bottles, and a spray bottle. My package arrived just in time to clean our new home. I was ready to put this new natural cleaner to the ultimate test.

  • I started with some mirrors and was thrilled with how easy it wiped all the grime off AND left a streak-free shine.

  • I used it on the counters: Boom. Clean.

  • I sprayed it over the grease-stained sink and let is sit for a few minutes and it wiped clean with no effort.

  • I even used it in our carpet cleaning machine to help with the (really gross) smelly animal carpets. Smell, gone. Carpet are clean!

An all natural cleaner that actually works!

I’m kind of having another one of those “why am I so giddy about this” moment. I think my pregnancy hormones *might* have contributed to the glee I was experiencing from something as simple as soap.

But then again, using soaps and natural cleaners that you feel good about do make a huge difference. I had a monumental task in front of me, and I was tired beyond exhaustion. All I wanted to do was move, have a baby, and not be terrified by lingering smells, stains, or the like. I also didn’t want to be afraid of introducing toxins or harsh chemicals into our new home.

I wanted my home to feel… like home: Clean, welcoming, and safe.

And you know what? Two weeks after we moved we welcomed our little guy via home birth—a home birth that would not have happened if our place wasn’t ready.

So maybe I’m a little giddy over a natural cleaner, but when you find something so safe from a company that cares so much, even soap can make a messy house into a clean, wonderful, and toxic-free home.

Where to find

Because I have the smartest readers in the world, I’m sure you’ll want to save yourself from ineffective and toxic cleaners. Head on over to Branch Basics and check them out. Learn more about their story, their passion, and all that this all natural cleaner can do.

Even better news: Branch Basics is offering a special coupon to my readers!

If you use the code ThankYourBody25 for the next week you can get 25% off your order. How cool is that? Now there’s no reason not to try this perfect natural cleaner for yourself. Click here now to order your own Branch Basics.

Save 25% on my favorite cleaner!


Tell me: What is your favorite all natural cleaner and are you willing to try my new favorite out?


The best all natural cleaner... why this diy girl made the switch.




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  1. Amanda

    Thanks, just ordered some. With a 3-year-old, 14-month-old, and one on the way, haven’t much felt like making my own lately :)

  2. Gaby Miranda

    Hey Robin! I was checking out your blog and being another go green hippie like you, I’m so grateful I came across it! I was actually wondering if you have ever heard of Legacy of Clean products? They were the first to have biodegradable cleaning products and they are even recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. I can tell you a crazy story about how my curious, little 2-year-old neice ate a spoonful of their powdered bleach! And of course we all freaked out!! We called the company and they tell us “Calm down. Make sure she drinks a glass of water to dilute what she consumed and if she so happens to have an allergic reaction, take her to the doctor and tell him she ingested this product so they can figure out what ELEMENT she is allergic to”. Funny thing is that nothing happened to her!

  3. dawn

    First let me just say I love your site here. I love the diy recipes and have used several, but since I work full time I don’t have time to do that as much as I’d like to. I really haven’t found a natural cleaner that works so yeah I probably will order some of this. Keep up the good stuff.

  4. ashley

    love that there is something out there that natural i also make my own cleaner and i love it for everything! and it does work, i buy oranges for my three kids and myself/ hub and i always keep a quart jar that the kids will peel their peels into and once it is full (5 ppl =no time at all lol) i fill the jar with vinegar let sit for two – three weeks and there ya go strain and dillute for simple things or use full strength for tough jobs. and i can let the kids use it too. i usually have them overlapping so i will always have some ready to be strained and used.

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