All natural body spray recipe: Aromatherapy at its best.

All natural body spray recipe: Aromatherapy at its best.

Ready for an all natural body spray recipe? I thought so. I love how simple this diy stuff is, especially as we start to head into the holiday season. Can you say homemade gifts? Oh yeah.

I remember telling my older brother years ago that shopping for girls was easy. No matter what clothes they liked, music they preferred, or size shoes they wore all girls loved smelly lotions and potions. Like so many teenage girls, I loved spending my times in those “body” shops with hundreds of different scents lofting about the air.

My, how things change.

The truth is that now when I walk through any store’s “body” section I get really uncomfortable. The fragrances that come from every single product attack my senses and I sometimes think I’m going to pass out or throw up. (Thankfully, I haven’t done either. Although I try to avoid these stores now days.)

From laundry detergent to shampoo, there is fragrance in just about every commercial product these days. Artificial fragrances are often made from petroleum or coal which degrade in the environment and cause skin irritations. Cosmetic fragrance is made with cheap synthetic chemicals which replicate the natural aroma of products which already exist in nature. Companies use them because it is cheaper than using the natural scent.

Behold the power of essential oils.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils are all natural. Not only do they smell nice, but they offer a powerful punch for your body as well. Consider the following facts:

  • Essential oils are highly concentrated plant constituents that posses potent qualities.
  • Essential oils have been widely studies and shown to really keep the body healthy.
  • Essential oils are absorbed well by the skin – making them perfect ingredients in personal care items intended to heal, soften, and nourish. Better yet: they do not accumulate in the body over time. They do their thing and then pass on through.

Because essentials oils are wholly natural, they cannot be patented. This is why you don’t see them in pharmaceutical drugs… and probably why most healthcare practitioners won’t recommend them. But essential oils have been used for thousands of years.  (Learn how to get my favorite essential oils at wholesale prices here.)

More than just an all natural body spray recipe…

This body spray recipe will make you smell good AND has the added benefit of some subtle aromatherapy. That’s right, you can tailor your body spray to help lift your mood, energize your brain, or relax your body. What synthetic, chemically-laden, overly-priced commercial body spray can do that!?

Isn’t this do-it-yourself stuff, cool?


This all natural body spray recipe is perfect to pamper yourself or give as a gift. Here are three recipes to get your creative juices going.

What’s your favorite essential oil? What is your signature smell?



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  1. Lauren @ Empowered Sustenance

    I have always been the one waiting outside those body stores while my friends browsed inside because the toxic fragrances made me woozy! I love using essential oils mixed into a bit of jojoba oil for a natural perfume, but I want to try this body spray recipe now! The orange and cinnamon combo sounds very festive. One of my favorite combinations in sweet orange and vanilla oil.

    And I was just reading that rosemary helps memory–how interesting! Now when I’m studying for my exams I apply a little diluted rosemary oil on my wrists. I don’t really know if it is helping, but I figure its worth a shot! And the labels you made are so cute! Perfect for DIY Christmas gifts!

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          I’d use essential oils as they are more potent than fruit juice. And the witch hazel is important to help “carry” the scent.

  2. Stacy @ A Delightful Home

    Oh, I can’t wait to make this!

    I’m very excited to find your blog tonight. We have a lot in common. I LOVE making homemade body products and I can’t walk through those “body” stores anymore, either. I always get a headache.

    1. Post author

      So glad you found me, too. :) I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with fake fragrances.

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  4. Rachel Ramey

    I’ve always hated “smelly things.” It was only fairly recently I discovered that it’s really SYNTHETIC smelly things I don’t like – the natural stuff often smells fabulous!

    Thank you for this recipe!

  5. Barbara G

    Hi Robin
    I too love the essential oils over fragrance oils whenever possible. I’ve been making body sprays, soaps, lotions, creams and candles for over 10 years.

    One very major concern is whenever you make something with water, no matter how careful you are to be sure all your equipment and packageing are clean, bacteria always finds a way in. A preservative is always necessary unless you make small quantities and refrigerate. Even then, you need to chuck it out after a month.

    I don’t have time or space to discuss preservatives here but there is a lot on the internet. Just be sure you are getting your information from those who do this professionally. There is a lot of serious misinformation online where preservatives are mixed up with antioxidants and the difference is quite serious.

    While some essential oils are quite good as mild preservatives, you still need to know exactly how much and what to mix it with.

    Keep up the good work using essential oils and have fun blending. I love my collection of oils and every so often get to “play” with new blends. It’s a lot of fun!

    1. Post author

      Hi Barbara,

      Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment. I totally agree that we need to be careful when making our own stuff. I’m actually in the process of writing a post to help people be smart about homemade beauty and care products.

      Thanks again!

      1. Tiffany

        Oxidation of the essential oils is a concern too. When they become oxidized, they can increase the potential for sensitization and increased aging. Citrus oils are particularly quick at oxidizing, not only that but temperature, air, heat…these can all affect the rate of oxidation. The safety of %’s in homemade formulas is a great concern for me, particularly with infants and compromised individuals, as they can create extra work for the liver…I’ve seen %’s as high as 3% for infants! YIKES!

  6. Julie

    Awesome! How long do essential oils scent last on skin? I know perfumes are long lasting, but what about the use of oils? And these recipes? thanks!

    1. Post author

      It really depends on the oils. I’ve found the cinnamon and rosemary recipes stay longer than the grapefruit. It’s definitely not a perfume that will last all day… more like a quick pick me up that leaves a subtle reminder for a an hour or two. :)

  7. Bonnie

    I love homemade scented things! I’m experimenting now with alum as a means of suppressing bacteria growth. I actually made a spray-on deodorant with water, alum and lavender oil. Alum is aluminum sulfate. It’s the stuff deodorant crystals are made of and it’s also used in fermented pickle recipes to keep the pickles crispy.


  8. Caroline

    I really want to try this but I’m having a hard time finding witch hazel in Sweden. If I don’t find it I guess I’ll have to consider order it online.

    1. Post author

      I’ve heard vodka will also work. We are drinkers so I never have it on hand, but it’s an option. Just use the same amount as you would witch hazel. :)

  9. Chandra R

    I love this. It is a similar formula to what I use for summer mosquito repellent (with lemongrass, sweet orange, and eucalyptus EOs). I have not tried to make it as a body spray yet, but my shampoo and body wash are already in my “signature” fragrance of eucalyptus and spearmint, so that would probably be what I would go for in this product as well.

    I also try hard to avoid those bath/body shops, along with perfume counters in department stores and cleaning products aisles in the grocery. It seems the more I reduce the toxic exposures in my life, the more sensitive I get to them and the faster I get terrible headaches from them.

    1. Post author

      I’ve noticed that, too. I am so sensitive to things now that never used to bother me before.

  10. Katherine @ Green Thickies

    These sound great. Can you tell me what is the purpose of the witch hazel and what would happen if I left it out?

    Many thanks for all your great homemade beauty solutions. I’m in the process of replacing everything and haven’t worn perfume for years but it would be nice to have something like this.

    1. Post author

      The witch hazel will help with preservation and keeping bacteria away, so I wouldn’t leave it out. Or you could use vodka instead and get the same effect.

  11. Amanda @Natural Living Mamma

    Great post! I am SO extremely sensitive/allergic to artificial smells. It is terrible. I want to die walking through those aisles and go as fast as I can past them!

    My two fragrances I always LOVE for my self are the balance blend by doTERRA and the Elevation blend by doTERRA. Balance really grounds me and helps me step back from my self and analyze the situation. It helps me become more patient and accepting which is a must for me with the two kiddos. The elevation gives me a pick me up and lightens my mood when I am angry or grumpy or depressed. The power of aromatherapy is amazing and not being allergic to it is awesome too.

    Congratulations! You have been featured on Natural Living Monday. My readers love you :) I am excited to hear what you have going on this week.

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  13. Anna

    My signature scent for hair care is Grapefruit and ginger (i use a baking soda “no poo” wash) I love it! So refreshing. I also want to make some lotion bars scented with peppercorn, lime and ginger – great for circulation and so spicy-good!

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  17. Emma

    Thanks for sharing. I love these wonderful sprays and use them in my home. I love Rosemary and use it for my face and patchouli is my very favorite eo of all.

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  21. lilly @ gentle simplicity

    I am so excited that I have found your post (and your blog) because I have written recently an article about battling my own fragrance addiction and moving on…
    I have tried many combinations of essential oils (including those you mention) and sadly they didn’t work for me. Still searching for the right blend…
    Good to know I am not alone.

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    1. Post author

      Hi Isabella,

      I just used photoshop to design and printed them on a mailing label. You can access the files above if you want them. :)

  23. Laura Strasser

    Would a drop or two of grapefruit seed extract work as a natural preservative? Just wondering.

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  25. Amethyst Douglas

    Loved these recipes, thank you. They were a refreshing change from all the others I’ve found that have 7+ notes. Plus, the fact that you took the time to describe what these blends were suited for, took it up a notch. Do you have any more?

  26. Kelly Evans

    Just wondering if this would leave a stain or mark on clothing if I sprayed too close…

    1. Post author

      I haven’t noticed any issues with it… but I also have a two year old with messy hands all over me all the time, so I’m not sure I’m the best to give a guarantee. 😉

  27. yvonne

    do we have to use distilled water? and what happens if you use tap water/ spring water?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’d stick with distilled or else I’d use it up fast before it can go bad. Tap water may have some living organisms that can make this go bad faster.

  28. Acacia Raines

    Is there something that can be added to add a little shimmer/sparkle to your skin?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Not sure what can be added to it. You can always just rub a tiny bit of coconut oil on your skin to get a little shimmer.

  29. Melissa

    I love the grapefruit lavender combo! I just made this (well, I edited the recipe a bit) and I LOVE it!

    I did a combo of this recipe and the DIY bug spray recipe I found here:

    Like in the bug spray recipe, I did half boiled/distilled water, half witch hazel, then added 1/2tsp of vegetable glycerin. I did this for the base because I thought it would combine easier and last a bit longer.

    I used more EO than your recipe called for, too, but that’s because I wanted it stronger and it had to be able to overcome the witch hazel smell(which goes away after about 2 minutes, but I want to smell yummy from the beginning.)

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, and those labels are super cute! I think this is this year’s Christmas present for the ladies in my life!! :]

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  31. Susan

    So glad I goggled and found you! Can’t wait to make these. Love that you have summer/winter recipes. Happy 4th!

  32. Cs_y

    Hi! This is so awesome.

    I want to make a mass amount for my school project, but I’m worried that some of body sprays will expire even before I finish making all of them.

    Will it really expire after 2 weeks?

    and is it really safe to use? I searched up, and it said that essential oils cannot be diluted with water…

    First time making a diy body product, so Im a little worried.

    Thanks so much! 😀

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Mine have lasted more than two weeks… and you can always store in a cooler or the fridge just in case. The witch hazel helps carry the oils in the water. It’s a really simple project, actually. :)

  33. Bert

    This sounds great. I usually just use witch hazel. And people should know that the citrus oils especially will make you sun sensitive.

  34. Shadowsmom42

    I followed this exactly and just couldn’t get the scents strong enough with the EO’s, etc.. The basic recipe just isn’t quite cutting it for me. Great idea but it seems like there’s something missing, something that would/could bring out the scent more………

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Could be the essential oils you are using. What brand do you use? You can always add some more oils, or replace the witch hazel with vodka… that might help.

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  38. Emily

    This is fabulous! I LOVE, LOVE, grapefruit! As an essential oil educator, I thought I’d shed some light on a few things mentioned above. Not all essential oils are equal. Even if you purchase 100% pure oil. The fda does not regulate oils for purity. The second thing is….if you have the right oil it will naturally kill bacteria, so no need for preservatives. What oil do I turn to? Doterra. The great thing about their oils is you can also ingest them. Grapefruit smoothies are amazing! Yes, I cook and clean and use oils to resolve all of my health concerns. I can’t wait to make this body spray!

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