Free e-guide! (Because we all like free things.)

Free e-guide! (Because we all like free things.)

Do you like free things? Duh. That’s a dumb question.

Better question: Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or at a desk? Do you find yourself needing an energy boost in the middle of the day? Would you like to transform your days from “blah” into “Yay!”

Would you like a FREE guide to help you?

Move free: 12 simple stretches to transform your day

I’ve been working on some secret stuff over here at TYB. And today I’m happy to share some of my hard work with you. Check out this e-guide:

So this book isn’t going to change the world. It won’t make you thinner or more beautiful (trust me, you are beautiful already). But this little guide does have a lot of potential in helping your day feel a whole lot better.

  • Want to increase your range of motion?
  • Want to increase your energy and circulation?
  • Want some tricks for dealing with pain?
  • Want to improve your posture?
  • Want more vitality?

Of course you do! And you are in luck because this free guide will offer some simple solutions to common body problems (the kind of problems that come from our overly sedentary lifestyle).

What’s in this 15 page guide?

  • An introduction with the science and safe strategies behind stretching
  • Beautiful full color images so you can see what is really going on with each stretch
  • Step by step directions so you can really “get it right”
  • Tip, modifications, and safety guidelines to tailor the stretches to your own body

This guide is an easy way to thank your body. Seriously, even if you commit to just ten minutes a day you will feel a difference.

Want your own copy?

Easy! All you need to do is sign up for the Thank Your Body newsletter. I’m really excited to be offering this bi-monthly newsletter. It’s just one more way I get to help other people on their journey to real health.

What’s in the newsletter? Good stuff like giveaway announcements, coupon codes, healthy recipes, and healthy lifestyle tips.

So sign up now and get your free copy!

Sign up here. Just enter your email address:

And remember, I hate spam just as much as you do. I will never give out your information and you can unsubscribe at anytime.


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    1. Post author

      Hi Annabelle,

      Hopefully you got my email that I sent with the guide. Sorry about the confusion. The link is included in the confirmation email that comes when you sign up for the newsletter. :)

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  2. TAnk

    I don’t know how I missed it but can I get in on the stretchy goodness!? I’ve been subscribed since July; silly me.

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  4. Jen

    I tried to sign up and it MailChimp said the link didn’t exist anymore. Suggestions? I see recent comments on the page, so I assume it’s still an ongoing thing? Thanks.

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  6. Andrea

    Hi Robin,

    I listened to you today via the Green Village Network. I signed up for the mailing list. I got the confirmation link but my iPad seems to have an issue with PDF files. Would you be able to email the Move Free document? I enjoyed listening to you today! Kind regards, Andrea

  7. Shonduel

    Three is a charm. I received “Move Free,” which came through just after I emailed you regarding difficulty accessing (please disregard). Looks good. And thank you again.

  8. Crystal Nilsson

    Hi Robin – I would love to have this book, but I was signed up before I saw this. Is there another way to get the book? Hugs!!

  9. RacheL H.

    I am a subscriber by email but I never got the book.

    P.S. I’ve been doing the “hip flexor” stretches! :)

  10. pomi

    hi, just read the article ….great by the way….but i did not receive the book, i tried it but i could not download it

  11. Dena Caron

    I am really interested in this book, but after I enter my email address there’s no button or anything to click to register. Is it due to being on an iPad? Please let me know. Thank you!!

    1. cc

      Hi Dena, I had the same thing happen. I figured hitting the enter button couldn’t hurt, and in fact that worked! Try it!

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