Move Often

Get tips on exercise, posture, movement, and more.

Our bodies are designed to move.

The good news is that you do not have to spend your life in a gym to have a healthy relationship with movement. Exercise is important, but so are the other hours of your day. Learning how to combat our sedentary lifestyle without going crazy is the key to finding that happy, healthy sweet spot.

Want to know how to get in shape without going crazy?

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My Favorite Fitness Articles


The basics (a good place to start):

Why good health requires you to MOVE.
Why breathing matters.
Body Connectivity: The missing link to fitness
How to properly recuperate for improved energy
Improve your eyesight naturally with simple exercises
What is Somatics?
Constructive Rest Position to help deal with stress and exhaustion
Does your posture “stack up” – Secrets to beautiful alignment
Five minute movement ritual to get your day started right.
Why Exercise Matters
The Busy Person’s Solution to Exercise

Core training:

Core strengthening exercises that actually work
10 reasons to never do crunches

Fitness Friday: Learn about different ways to get moving

Overview of Biking
Overview of Crossfit
Overview of Running
Overview of Surfing
Overview of Yoga
Overview of Zumba

Good things to remember as you approach your fitness training:

Don’t forget the benefits of play!
5 ways to a better workout
Lose weight: Toss the scale!
Back pain? Could be your chair.
How to get a flat stomach (and improve your health)
Tennis Ball for Tight Muscles
3 simple stretches for better posture
Are your shoes a health hazard?
The surprising truth about pre-performance stretching
Dynamic Stretching
Fun Alternative Workouts
Video: Tabata Style Workout for HIIT

A couple of videos to get your started right:

Video: Computer recuperation
Video: Are you carrying your baby correctly?
Video: Reduce shoulder tension and neck pain



last updated 03/01/15