Connect with your body through integrated movement at

Sounds like some sort of power ballad from the 80’s. But stick with me.

I’m so happy you want to work on moving more for better health. Movement is so much more than just getting toned muscles or shedding unwanted pounds. Movement plays into your health at a cellular level.

Want to sleep better, stress less, improve your immune system, build confidence, reduce chronic pain, and beautify your body?

Get movin’!

But before I jump into the “one thing” I recommend for moving more, I first need to know:

How do you feel about exercise?

For me, exercise is just “meh.”

I mean, it’s better than sitting around all day, but I personally don’t get turned on by “fitness.”

What I love is movement. Movement is more than repetitive exercises or long sweat sessions. Movement honors the infinite possibility of the body.

I’m in deep smit, honestly.

Moving makes me feel more alive, more energized, and more beautiful than anything else.

Whether it’s a good stretch, a restorative flow sequence, or an intense nature hike – I feel pretty much like Wonder Woman when I’m moving my body the way it was intended to move.

The thing is, as a Movement Therapist I’ve worked with a lot of people over the 10+ years of my professional career. Whenever I help someone rediscover their body’s potential through movement they are always blown away by how they feel. I had one recent student say, “I feel a bit like I am recapturing lost knowledge with your classes!”

So where is the disconnect? What’s causing this gap between knowing that movement makes you feel alive and the reality that our world is more sedentary than ever?

The disconnect, unfortunately, is with you.

No, I’m not saying YOU are the reason our world is so sedentary. I’m saying that you are disconnected from your body.

The world teaches us to see the body as “other.” We judge it. Dress it. Shame it. Obsess over it. Tone it. And objectify it.

That disconnection has created more body image issues, more dangerous disordered habits, more injuries, more chronic pain, and more unsatisfied people than just about anything else in the world.

The connection with your body is that critical.

So when I say I want you to “move more,” what I’m really saying is that I want you to move more so you can reconnect.

I want you to feel like a superhero. I want you to feel alive, confident, beautiful, and strong.

Are you ready to take the “move often” challenge and rediscover your incredible body? I hope so!

One thing to make moving often a habit: Reconnect with your body.

There is no easy way to tell people (particularly online) how to reconnect with your body. Simple practices like daily walks, meditation, moving in nature, and noticing how you feel are great ways to start.

I also recommend looking into developmental movement patterns as a foundation for restorative movement. It’s training that sheds bad habits and layers of useless beliefs about the body.

My own journey toward reconnection came as a result of a $11,000 certification program. It was life changing and incredible. I’m guessing you don’t have $11,000 to go have that same kind of experience (although if you do, it’s totally worth it!).

After trying to hone in on what I could best recommend for my readers that would leave them the biggest impact on their health in terms of movement, exercise, and fitness I kept coming up blank.

So I had to create the solution.

I wanted something that was easy to follow along and that would build foundational habits. I wanted something that worked to restore movement patterns, improve alignment and posture, and provide a rich landscape that honored the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

At its core I wanted something that would reconnect you with your body.


Because when you reconnect you:

  • Move with more ease and efficiency. This means less pain, tension, and chance of injury.
  • Value your body for more than what it looks like. You discover your potential as a breathing, feeling, expressive human being who communicates more through movement than words.
  • Let go of unhealthy practices.
  • Find ways to incorporate movement into your daily life and combat the dangerous issues that come from poor posture and sedentary living.
  • Learn to hold yourself with confidence, beauty, and clarity. You show your true, authentic self with power and compassion.

I spent more than a decade putting the pieces together and creating a program that will help you with all of these things. (And this program won’t require any sort of student loan to get started, either! In fact, you can start for FREE.)

What I recommend: The Inside Out Program

This program is the answer to the “move often” equation. It’s a simple, doable, and practical six-week experience that will transform your body and your habits for the rest of your life.

Because I know life is busy, I’ve worked to make the lessons simple and accessible. The program consists of video lessons and one-of-a-kind workouts that you can watch and do on your own time. If you can dedicate 15 – 45 minutes a day for six weeks you’ll be amazed at how much more confident, alive, and ready you will be to take on the world with your body.

Listen, I know how hard it can be to change habits. And movement habits can be the hardest to break. Not because they are impossible to change, but because most people don’t know how to change.

I’ll give you a hint: Doing a hundred crunches isn’t the way.

The Inside Out program was created it with you in mind. I asked myself, “If there was one thing I could recommend that would have the biggest change in people’s lives for their health… what would it be?”

This program is my answer. I hope you’ll take a look and give it a try. For better health. For better connection. For a better life.

Want a free sneak peek?

I’m offering you a chance to get a taste of the Inside Out program for free. Really. I believe in this work, and whether you decide to do the whole program or not, I want to at least give you some of the foundational tools to reconnect with your body.

If you go check out the program you can preview three full classes and on workout. For free. 

Just scroll down to the class curriculum to see the free available class previews. Click and enjoy.

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