Link Love – March

Link Love – March

I cannot believe how fast March has flown by! It’s been a great month with lots of good sunshine, barefootin’, real food, and family. In fact, we have some family coming into town this weekend (so excuse me if I’m gone for a few days.)

Here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed reading/viewing/learning about this month:

There is a great new film out called “Hungry for Change.” I really enjoyed it, and am sure you will, too. The best part is that you can watch it online FOR FREE! But you must hurry because it’s only available for free until the 31st of March. Watch it here.

I loved the article, Sacred Foods for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond by Real Food Forager. It seems like more people are struggling with infertility and miscarriage than ever before. And it also speaks a bit to the thoughts I’ve had when I consider the state of our health (or lack thereof) in our world today. Definitely some food for thought.

Did you know that you can read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration for FREE online? Project Gutenberg of Australia has made it available. It’s definitely a must read for those interested in real food and traditional eating. Check it out here.

Up on my “to try next” list is making my own yogurt! Check out Our Nourishing Roots where the illustrious Kendahl gives you the power to conquer this awesome skill.

Be prepared to roll your eyes when you hear what the Tyson execute said about their “pink slime meat.” Check out Real Food Family‘s article here.

I received an awesome comment from one of you guys (Thanks, Melissa! Keep them coming) that informed me of the site Beauty Redefined. It’s definitely worth a look. They do a lot of presentations and write posts about the unattainable “beauty” media has created for us women, and how to fight back against it.

And in case you missed them, here are some of the posts I enjoyed writing the most this past month:

What is everyone’s problem with butter?
Creme Brulee: For the fancy schmancy-real foodie inside of you!
Reworking the Pinterest approach 
My journey to real health 

Happy March everyone! Don’t forget to join in our upcoming April Challenge!


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  1. Jessica

    I just read the article on foods for pregnancy. Very interesting. I agree with everything she is saying but I’m not sure I will ever be able to bring myself to eat liver of whole fish. But I do eat eggs so there’s a start right?

    I wanted to tell you that I started reading the Deep Nutrition book the other day and it is very interesting! I read the preface and the first chapter. I really like the point of view they have in going back to the earth as the real source of life. After I put the book down my whole family came over (they were in town from California). My dad picked up the book, started reading and was sucked right in. The next few hours consisted of discussion of food and the importance of real food with my dad piping in every once in a while with “listen to this” and then reading a part of the book. It was a great family discussion and I hope very helpful for my dad who is having all sorts of pain and problems. He wrote down the title and told my mom they needed to buy this.
    Thank you for the book! It came just in time. :)

    1. robin

      Hey Jessica,

      Yeah, liver can be quite the challenge. :) I think the main thing is to eat nutrient dense foods (and not stress if you’re not getting ALL of them.)

      I love that the book came in time for you! I hope your dad likes it. This comment just makes me happy.

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