iPad Mini Giveaway!

iPad Mini Giveaway!

Update: Winner announced! Check the widget below to see if you won!

Alright, friends! It’s time for another Thank Your Body Giveaway! And I’m really excited about this one. Like most of my giveaways, I let my facebook fans vote for their favorite option and this was the clear winner.

But what exactly does an iPad Mini have to do with healthy living?

I’ll tell you.

Books, my friends. That’s the answer. I love books, especially when I can put a whole bunch of books onto one light little device, like this cool iPad Mini. You see, books were what got me to change my habits. Reading about our food industry, health care, fitness, and the like… books helped me on my journey. A good book can transform you, motivate you, and help give you the push you need to make real changes.

Win an iPad Mini from thankyourbody.com!

So to celebrate the love of healthy reading, I’m giving one lucky Thank Your Body reader a 16GB iPad Mini. Of course, along with reading awesome healthy ebooks, you can also do cool things like:

  • Map out your next hiking adventure.
  • Take awesome video in 1080p HD.
  • Find the best real food restaurants in town.
  • Watch a webcast or a movie.
  • Check email. Send messages. Or stay in touch face-to-face over FaceTime.
  • And more!

iPad mini has everything that makes an iPad an iPad, but it’s a fraction of the size. At just 7.2 millimeters, it’s pencil thin and unbelievably light.3 You can easily hold it in your palm. And stash it in your smallest bag without a second thought, so it’s always close at hand.

Want to win? Entering is easy!

Just use the rafflecopter widget below. The only mandatory entry is checking out the product and leaving a comment below. But of course I’ve given you other options to make your odds of winning even better.
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Congrats, Jolene! Make sure you contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize.  Email me at robin AT thankyourbody DOT com (but with real @ and “.” signs.)   :)

Terms and Conditions

Giveaway Ends on Monday, September 30th at midnight. I will announce the winner on facebook, G+, the blog, and on the widget above sometime on Tuesday, October 1st. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me to claim the prize.

Note: For any subscription or “following” entries you can unsubscribe/unlike at any time. However, if you are not subscribed/liked at the time the winner is drawn your entry will not be eligible. Your email address will only be used for Thank Your Body email updates and will not be sold or shared with anyone.

This giveaway is open to everyone, but the iPad Mini will be shipped to U.S. residents only. Winners who are residents outside of the U.S. will receive a gift card for the lowest listed prize for the prize on Amazon.


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  1. Mandy Weirick

    I would LOVE to have the iPad mini to read my textbooks on! It would be so much lighter than the 800-page books that I”m currently carrying around. :)

    1. Charlene R. Smith

      I’d love to win this mini iPad..it sounds better than my Nook, and I love my Nook so I know i’d love it!!

  2. Jen

    OMG…I would LOVE an ipad mini! I don’t even have a msart phone let alone a tablet! I miss out on all these great ebooks, and would LOVE the chance to have a device to put them on!

  3. Heather S

    I have an older iPad for work but would absolutely love to have an iPad mini that is all mine. I would use it a lot for reading and recipes for cooking and making my own natural beauty and cleaning products!

  4. Jen

    I would love “From Scratch”…it’s actually on my Amazon wishlist! Also interested in the “busy Mom, Real Food” one…

  5. charlotte

    it will be awesome to have such a great Ipad just for me and check my email when I want, see a movie or read a book ;) Thank you for that fantastic giveaway ;)

  6. Heather

    An ipad mini would be so helpful with grocery lists and having easy access to recipes on the web especially!

  7. Chantelle

    Wow! I would love an ipad mini to organize and view tasty recipes and follow my favorite sites and blogs!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  8. Carol W

    Checked out the books, and I’m having a hard time deciding… It’s either Grain free desserts, or the sleep solution book…

  9. Conni M

    I would LOVE this so that I could bring my recipes into my kitchen without having to run into my office and check ingredients…repeatably.

  10. Amy B

    I love all the cool things I learn from your blog. I want to get the book special and an iPad mini would be perfect for reading them!

  11. Laura

    This iPad mini will help me through graduate school. It can keep track of my apps which I use to keep track of classes, as well as reference important information that I need to be successful in clinical scenarios as well as theory classes.

  12. Alexia Day

    I would love to win this. I do not even have a smart phone! It would be great for my studies plus loads of information wherever I am on how to be a healthier, happier me. This would be so beneficial to me in so many ways! And right now being a student I cannot afford one. Thank you for your generous give away! You do amazing work!

  13. Elizabeth

    I would love to win the iPad mini. Using it to track my healthy habits would make things so much easier. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Conni M

    Processed Free bc I want to learn how to eat processed free…stress free!!! It can be an information overload and this would help navigate.

  15. Sandi

    My children have all their back to school essentials and that leaves me broke for self items…I would love to win the ipad mini for myself. Its snall and convienient but bigger than my phone making it easier to read off

  16. Steph H.

    This would help me organize my life in so many ways; reading, cooking, pinning, homework and study time for the kids etc.! :-)

  17. Andrea M from DE

    Wow! What an awesome prize! Thank you for the opportunity! I would love an iPad mini to do lots of things-read books/e-books, watch videos, listen to music, & save my recipes for cooking!

  18. Phyllis

    I have to say I don’t even own a cell phone. I guess this would be my gateway into the tech age…a bit late I guess.

  19. tracy teague

    A convenient way to have internet recipes in the kitchen. Takes up less counter space than my laptop.

  20. Chantelle

    Many awesome book choices! The ones I’d love to add to my list are ‘Processed Free’, ‘Real Fit at any Age’, and ‘Nourishing our Children’!

  21. Michelle Underwood

    I would use an iPad mini for everything! I could use it for e-mail, Facebook, taking pictures of my fitness progress, taking videos, skyping…..well, just everything you could do on a computer and more! It is small and convenient to carry too!

  22. Jillian M

    My ipad just bit the dust :( I used it for everything, especially following recipes in the kitchen. I’d love a new one!

  23. Hannah

    Winning an iPad mini would be awesome! Perfect for reading and surfing the web, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  24. Shanna

    So many reasons! Mostly for recipes and fitness routines though. I love how easy it is to get healthy information, but a screen larger than my phone would be helpful!

  25. Brenda McCracken

    I’d like an Ipad mini to help me with recipes in the kitchen. Right now I run back and forth to the living room to the kitchen when I want to see a recipe.

  26. cassia

    oh the ipad. books, learning tools for toddlers, keeping in touch with family… there is so much i would love to do with an ipad :)

  27. Rebecca N

    Would love an ipad mini! Need one to put all these great ebooks on ; )
    Not to mention anything helps getting my 9 yr old to read and do anything educational

  28. cassia

    definitely most interested in emily’s book, “the sleep solution”. fascinating how sleep is affected by so much else we do!

  29. Emily Hale

    I have dreamt of owning one and winning one would be a dream come true! How awesome it would be to be able to catch up on reading ebooks and blogs. Congrats on you new sweet addition too!

  30. Janet

    The one problem with being an Android user is that there are certain aps I’d like to try (like the one put out by the Civilized Caveman and The Fat Burning man) that are only available on iPhone/iPads. Would be cool to win an iPad so I could use them.

  31. Emily Hale

    Of course of the book bundle on top of my list would be PAIN FREE! I’m hoping to purchase these books asap

  32. Paulina

    I would love the ipad mini!! We move a lot so I don’t have a lot of books (we had to get rid of them all). Would love it for all the diy recipes you post too ;)

  33. Janet

    The books I’m most interested in, in the e-book bundle are: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes and Simply Salads by Season.

  34. Angie K

    Whoa! What a giveaway o_o! We were going to eventually get a Chromebook for me so remote work would be easier, but this would definitely fit the bill! ;D
    Thanks for the chance, Robin! ^_^

  35. Cheryl

    My husband has a MacBook, and a smartphone, and now he’s stealing my Kindle for school so he doesn’t have to haul textbooks to class. I will have no access to anything without a device of my own! This would be so awesome to have!!!

  36. Kristen S

    I would love an iPad mini! DH has a full size one and and I find that I can’t hold it for long because it gets too heavy. I would love one that is easier to hold and fits nicely in my purse for on the go. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Wendy

    I would love to have 30+ books all stored on this device. How wonderful that would be! Being able to Facetime my granddaughter would be even better!! :D

  38. Cheryl

    I want ALL THE BOOKS!!! I had to choose, I can only narrow it down to three. Feed Your Fertility, because I’m trying to get pregnant and not having much luck yet, Pain Free, because I’ve suffered from chronic joint pain since I was 12, and Natural Cocktails, because they sound delicious!!!

  39. Eileen @ Phoenix Helix

    I’m one of those crazy people who don’t have a smart phone, which means when I travel, I don’t have access to the internet. I would use the mini to keep up with favorite blogs like this one! As for the book bundle, I would love to get the Heartburn Solution, because my husband has suffered from that for years.

  40. Heather Dance

    I would love to win this! I put recipes on my phone – but it’s too small. I would love something with a larger screen to help me stay on top of healthy meal planning and use as my recipe “book”. I’ve been trying to save up for one, but would love to win!!

  41. Heather

    Oh I would love an iPad mini. My kids have taken over my kindle fire, so it would be nice to have something of my own. :)

  42. Angie K

    The books that interest me most? “Quit PMS” >_>, “Get Your Fats Straight,” and “Grain Free Desserts.” Once we move out of our temporary home, we want to really make an effort to go grain free, to help my husband. It’d be nice to have some yummy dessert recipes up my sleeve so he doesn’t crave Dunkin Doughnuts anymore >_<! ;)

  43. Doina

    I would love to win this because it’s just so cute! I can put all my e-books on it and finally read them all. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Teri

    Awesome! Handheld size would be perfect for following all my REAL FOOD bloggers!

    N I would like to read Kick the Weight With Keto…my brain needs healing!

  45. Bri

    The from scratch book sounds super good. I love making everything from scratch. For example I am making all my baby food from scratch including the rice cereal.

  46. Cheryl Kennedy

    So many great uses for an iPad mini! Where do I start? Would love to win this and put it to good use.

  47. Mare

    I’m a dinosaur and really need to get with it. all I have is a regular cell phone and have resisted all other gadgets. but I do love to read and its time I made the switch. it was the same way when I dragged my feet from switching to cd’s from records and cassete tapes. good luck everybody.

  48. Laura

    I would love to win this so I can keep all my great info in one place. I am interested in Sustainability Starts at Home.

  49. Jen

    Most of my recipes and books are digital now. These little gadgets are awesome in the kitchen for everything from converting measurements to finding a quick substitute for the ingredient you just realized you were missing in the middle of a recipe. Wish all kitchens were equipped with built in computers. :-)

  50. Alicia B.

    I have been wanting to get a tablet for quite a while now. I use my phone all the time in the kitchen for so I can follow recipes, and it just doesn’t cut it. I would LOVE it for that!!

  51. Alicia B.

    The ones that might make me buy the ebook bundle are Pain Free, Natural Cocktails, and The Sleep Solution.

  52. Jill Payne

    I am most interested in the book Sustainability Starts At Home, but there was so many good ones it was hard to choose just one.

  53. Regina Cunningham

    I would use the mini iPad in my health coaching business. It would certainly make various tasks easier to accomplish and leave me more time to do what I love, working helping people get healthy and fit.

  54. Tiffany

    We currently have a kindle fire – well I have it but since we do not have TV it is hooked up to Netflix – needless to say I am missing having my own tablet to read books on it!

  55. Tiffany

    WOW – so many good books to choose from. At first i was going to say the non-toxic cleaning guide, then the real food for busy mom and then i saw the Processed Free. We do a really good job eating non-processed foods but there are a few in our house I would love to get rid of.

  56. Regina Cunningham

    I would I use it for my Holistic Health Coaching business. Giving me more time to do what I love the most, coaching!

  57. Emmy

    I would love an ipad mini to carry around in my purse. You never know when little E will throw a fit and need some entertainment!!

  58. Rhonda Lynn

    What an awesome prize – it’s exactly what I have been wanting! The main reason, aside from the trillion others, is its size and ability to do so much. It packs a punch! Thanks :D

  59. Regina Cunningham

    In the books I would be interested in “Healer” & “The Sleep Solution” & ” Beyond Broth”.

  60. Melanie Pike

    Would love to win! So many things I could do with it, including perhaps putting all my newer healthy recipes on it to access in the kitchen. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  61. Emmy

    I am most interested in the Sleep Solution. My husband has been an insomniac for years! Here’s to hoping we will get some good info to end his sleeplessness.

  62. Rhonda Lynn

    I am most interested in the book Processed Free. Each day I intend to live as natural and processed free as possible. I’m sure this book would only enhance and improve my life in that regard.

  63. beth wurst

    An i-pad mini would be a treat to own! We could find good and healthy dishes on the net and simply take a pic of the recipe and save it right there for future reference :)

    1. viviana

      regarding the books, so many that i want!!! but first off, i would choose “the sleep solution: end your insomnia naturally!” :)

  64. Wendy

    I would be very happy to win this ipad! I’ve been wanting a mini to tote in my purse. I’m trying to learn Chinese and there are a ton of great apps that help! Also like to use ipad for healthy recipes. :) Thanks for this opportunity.

  65. Molly Kittle

    I would love this iPad mini to have access to all my health books and information during my travels and everyday life… and to help save paper and educate those around me! This is a brilliant idea and cheers to good health and empowering people with great information.

  66. Veronika Griffin

    Yes! I really love it and I really want it! Never had a smart phone, or devices like this and it is time that I finally win something so important to have in these days! Thank you for this special Giveaway(smiling) Love and Hugs…

  67. Molly Kittle

    And I will also mention that the E-Books I’m most eager to read are the DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes, Feed Your Fertility, Pain Free, The Sleep Solution, and Beyond Broth. :))

  68. mamanina

    i have a kindle i fight over with my hubby, this would be way better though..and would love to read mommypotamus’ book on it :)

  69. Tasha

    Processed Free would be my choice, I am trying really hard to get rid of the “junk” in my home, and that would help.

  70. Dawn

    I am brand new to natural living/eating. This would be a wonderful ” one stop shop” for all my research, recipes etc. So excited with the emerging lifestyle and the ipad would be like frosting on the cake. :)

  71. Sheila

    This is my first time entering a contest or for that matter posting a comment. It took awhile to figure it out. I would love to win this because I have published an children’s e-book (The Get Away Boat) and have never seen it. I care for my aging mother and therefore do not have an income so I can not purchase something like an i-pad. I want you to know that even though I would love this i-pad you are loved more for your willingness to guide all those who will come to a better healthier life style. To achieve the lifestyle I would desire I would choose Process Free-it sounds great.

  72. Avery C

    It would be awesome to read ebooks on, as well as taking it to the kitchen when cooking recipes that I’ve saved online!

  73. Wendy

    I would LOVE to win the ipad mini. It would help me in so many ways with family planning, reading and researching! I also checked out the book store and the book I was most interested in was DIY Cleaning…it looks great! Fingers crossed that I win :)

  74. jamie m

    My daughter will be using it for homeschooling and just loves all the cool eductional apps. It is a great size for a almost 5 yr old:)

  75. Avery C

    I actually just bought this bundle this morning, and am looking forward to checking out Shaye Elliot’s “From Scratch” and Elizabeth Walling’s “Love Your Body.”

  76. Veronika Griffin

    …hmm, all the ebooks are very interesting, but my favorite would be
    Eating Additive Free
    Christy Pooschke of Completely Nourished :-)

  77. Lori Houston

    My best friend moved in with me in May… and she has an Ipad. I find it amazing to use her pad for the patterns I work from in my fiber arts. I have a smartphone, but its awful small screen for my aging eyes makes a larger page so much more functional, and there are apps that only come on Apple devices. I would love to win this… and thank you for the giveaway!

  78. Leah

    I’m loving the 1080p HD Video Recording feature of the iPad Mini! I’m pregnant with my first child and would love to record her milestone moments! It would also be great to download books on healthy & eco-safe living with a baby :)

  79. Leah

    Actually, the first book on the End of Summer Sale’s list is the one I would get: “DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes”. I’ve been pinning recipes like crazy since I’ve been pregnant and want only safe products in the house.

  80. Heather Burris

    I’m considering getting rid of my smart phone and this would really put me over the edge. I could spend the $30 I currently spend monthly on a data plan on better food…Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Jessica

    Wow, there are so many reasons to love this. All the great cooking apps and other info available on such a small, portable device – pretty awesome. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  82. Danielle

    This iPad mini would help me as I’d be able to keep track on events/occasions/classes and things that I have to do. It would also allow me to do work on it, so that I can get everything done quicker and have more time to do things I enjoy and relax!

  83. Susan

    This would help me save some room in my home, because all my bookcases are already full of books and I don’t have any more room for all the things I still have yet to read!

  84. Awa

    I am currently learning about eat right and taking care of my body, reading or researching on my phone is hard, having an ipad mini will make it much easier and help me with my being healthy journey

  85. Kimberly Deacon

    They all sound interesting, but I think the one I would want to read the most is Processed Free.

  86. Jessica

    All the books look very interesting but I think the DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes would be great to have. I’ve been starting to move in that direction and have recipes collected in various places on the Internet but having them all in one place would be great. Thanks!

  87. Melanie Foote

    I really want Processed Free. I’m moving more and more towards a whole foods diet and it would be such a help to have a book that gives me ammo to explain to others why I don’t eat processed food anymore.

  88. Gretchen Ellis

    This would be so awesome to have! It would really make cooking a breeze because I could have recipes on there and ebooks to read.

  89. Brittany

    I would love to win this iPad!! I will soon be without a computer (currently using my work computer, but will be quitting in a few weeks due to a military relocation for my husband and I) and I won’t have any way to continue my research on living a natural and healthy life. I’m soaking in as much information as possible before I lose my precious technology! It would be amazing for me to be able to still have access to these ebooks and all the wonderful information on your site without having to make my way to a library. :/

  90. SPBradley

    I would love to use an iPad mini as a “recipe holder” when I’m cooking. It would be so easy to sit it on the stand to use when cooking. With the bigger screen than my phone, I wouldn’t have to scroll! Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. Stephanie Knowlton

    I want it for a bunch of reasons! Great for the kids, read on, small and mobile. And our Ipad 1 generation is needed replaced at some point, this would be perfect!

  92. Brittany

    Also, I would be most interested in reading Feed Your Fertility, Real Food Survival Guide For Busy Moms and Nourishing Our Children. I obviously have a passion for raising a healthy family. :)

  93. Cristi Perkins

    I would love to win this Ipad mini. I would use it in the kitchen when I’m cooking rather than all of those hard bound books. I could take it with me to work to catch up on life during my breaks. I would use it to keep in contact with the grandchildren.

  94. Lorina

    This is so cool! We don’t have any tech like this and there are so many educational apps I’d love to share with my kiddos. They know more than I do, they have them at school!

  95. Lorina

    I just saw the ebook bundle email in my box this morning. What a great deal! I would love to check out From Scratch by Shaye Elliott of The Elliott Homestead and Nourishing Our Children by Sandrine Love of Nourishing Our Children.

  96. Lisa

    I really need one to be honest! I just started my own vegan/organic personal chef business and am doing everything on my own! I need to get organized and use an iPad so this would save my life!

  97. Jennifer C

    Real food survival guide for busy moms! Would love to win this. I am studying to become a teacher. Not only would it be handy while I’m in school, but also when I’m out. IPads in the classroom are great!

  98. J.T.

    Something I can easily stick in my briefcase to have files with me in case I need to look up or update a document, also, to always have a book with me to read when I find myself with down time to kill.

  99. Tammy

    I would love a tablet, I don’t have a tablet or kindle, it would be great for reading or using for traveling.

  100. Hope

    I would like to win the ipad mini so I could have all my cookbooks in my kitchen instead of running back and forth to the computer while cooking.

  101. Cassandra M

    What a wonderful opportunity, thanks! Not only could I use it to read any of your wonderful books, but I could use it for my child with special needs for all those great apps – which would be awesome also! :)

  102. Debra

    I would be very interested in From Scratch, Sustainability starts at Home, and simply salads by season. So much to learn and I could read it all on my new ipad mini!

  103. Meg

    Love to have my very first time gears like iPad. I am a mom for a preschooler and we would need this to share for both entertaining and education!

  104. Danyelle Cotten

    I would love to win this IPad Mini because I love to read and this would be such a nice item to own.I have wanted one of these for some time,I would be ever so grateful!

  105. Jane J

    Oh my goodness, so many to choose from. I’m curious about the Real Fit at Every Age. But then 30 Days of Simple Dinners is also a winner.

  106. ImpressiveSteph

    Why would I want it?! Why wouldn’t I?! If I won this awesome piece of tech hardware, I would definitely buy the 30 Healthy Living ebook bundle. I am starting on a new journey with my husband and grown children of living a more Traditional lifestyle. To be able to do my research and reading on this iPad Mini would make it so much easier to learn. Thanks ever so much for the opportunity!

  107. Caren M.

    As a woman who has survived cancer twice, I would utilize this constantly. I am trying hard to heal my body after my treatments. Easy access to ebooks and other vital online information would be such a gigantic blessing! Also, I have the most incredible 4th grader who knocks it out of the park daily at school who would be able to use it for schoolwork. And looking up her animal facts she is always telling me about!

  108. Kristi Winings

    I am an owner of a previously used iPod touch. I’ve been drooling over iPads for a very long time. The larger size would be very helpful. The mini is smaller than an iPad but still significantly bigger than my tiny touch.

  109. Karibeth Soto

    Looks awesome. I take my son to the doctor and occupational and speech therapy a lot. This would give me a way to fit all the books I want in my purse. Love it.

  110. Laura

    I would love an ipad mini! I am always reading some sort of health, nutrition or natural healing book and this would make it so much easier to do so! I spend a lot of time at the soccer fields (and traveling) with my daughter and it would be great to have an ipad mini to read conveniently while I wait for her :)

  111. Mel

    As a busy single mama, I would use the iPad mini for just about everything! Especially for recipes and e-books — I can’t carry my computer around, so this would be incredibly handy. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  112. Carolyn

    I would love the iPad Mini to put the great eBooks on it for use in the kitchen and away from my desktop!

  113. Patty S

    I would not have to share the main computer with my husband! He is on-line even before he starts his coffee. What a wonderful giveaway for whomever wins it.

  114. Michelle H

    I would love to have an iPad mini so my husband has a way to FaceTime us when he starts driving for work again!

  115. Marlene

    Love iPads! And the mini is so portable. I have tons of eBooks that I haven’t had a chance to read/use yet, and this would make it so much more convenient.

  116. Keith

    I would love to win this as I almost always have my nose in a book. I don’t even have cable! Just a bit of simple (read slow) internet, my books, and whatever dozen or so library books that I have at anytime. This would be a lot lighter to carry around.

  117. Maureen

    I posted on FB but will post here as well: I would love to win the iPad mini and am looking forward to reading Pain Free. Thanks!

  118. Jo

    I would love an iPad mini!! I’m a grad student and I read tons and tons of papers that would be so much easier to read with some sort of device like that!

  119. Lisa Owens

    This would be perfect for looking at all the real food blogs I follow and quick access to Pinterest for recipes!

  120. Blessie Nelson

    I would love an ipad mini as it is so useful for me to multitask my work and personal things without having to carry my laptop everywhere to access my data. Thanks!

  121. Blessie Nelson

    The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally is a book I would love my mom to read. She needs it!

  122. Lauren N

    An iPad mini would come in handy so often. I love my kindle app on my phone, but it is hard to read sometimes. It would be so easy to take with me for work.

  123. Rosemeri

    I would like to see the book “Beyond Broth”. I make my own broth and I love soup, especially during the winter. I make a lot and freeze small portions for quick warming meals.

  124. Sylvia

    As a cancer survivor and LiveSTRONG personal trainer for other cancer survivors, this would be perfect for me to take to my classes. I am continually searching for whole food recipes, exercise videos, and wellness information. This would be used ALL the time!!

  125. Carolyne

    My other half is hospitalized right now, recovering from a stroke. This looks like it would be about the ideal size and weight for him to manage. With the right apps, he could have the books read to him. Ideal!!

  126. Dee

    I have always wanted an iPad to become more modern. I often feel like technology has left me in the dust. I would have to have a young person teach me how to use it; LOL!

  127. marci

    Fun give away!!!. I checked out the amazon site. I like to read the reviews first and it ave 41/2 stars. I’m not sure about all the technical bit. We don’t have a tablet at home to compare

  128. LeAnn Smith

    I would LOVE to win the iPad mini. We live out of town, homeschool and love to read. This would benefit our family in so many ways!

  129. Shan Walker

    OH MY GOODNESS! I want to win this Mini Ipad for sooo many reasons. The main reason is to read, read, read! I am a book fanatic and now with my new healthier lifestyle, I have so much to learn.
    I am also an intense blogger and this would help with that. Thirdly, we are homeschoolers and this ipad would be SUCH a blessing.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway,

  130. Kelly

    I would like to read the book “Healer” because I like to learn about other people’s lives. And I’ve been told I am a healer too. I have a passion to heal other people.

  131. Barbara

    I want an iPad so bad! Just not in the budget though. I can think of so many ways to use it, but my favorite would be just to be able to catch up on my reading!

  132. Wendy

    This would be awesome to have in the kitchen for following recipes. My laptop is too big for the small amount of counter space I have. I’m always running back and forth to see my recipe. I love to bookmark recipes and websites for cooking.

  133. Wendy

    Processed Free is for me. I love to continue educating myself on what is going on in our food world. It’s always shocking, surprising, and scary!! But interesting.

  134. Kimmie

    I would love to have an iPad mini to read on! My phone is a little small for much reading, and though i have a basic Kindle, it would be nice to have an iPad so I could use the internet on it too!

  135. Nina

    I would love to win this for my mom. She will be here for Christmas and went through so much the last two years and would very much appreciate it if she could Skype with us all the time.

  136. Amanda

    Being a student, this would make my life soooo much easier! I could organize everything on the iPad mini, instead of a a planner, a calendar, and my teachers websites. Plus, I absolutely LOVE to read!!!

  137. Amanda

    I am most interested in the book Real Food Ingredient Guide, by Kelly the Kitchen Kop because I have been trying to eat healthy, but am still not sure about some foods.

  138. Melissa

    I would so love this to read e-books on. My library has been slowly getting more and more of the new books in electronic format only instead of in print, and I SO want to read them!!

  139. Melissa

    I would love to read the “Pain Free” book. I’d like to read more about exercises that could help alleviate pain, rather than all of the drugs and such that are shoved on us by doctors!

  140. Kim

    Would love to win the iPad mini to read all my ebooks on!!! Thanks so much for giving away such a fabulous treat!!!

  141. Cindy S.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway! Keeping up with email, ebooks, and thankyourbody.com on the go would be great, for starters!!!

  142. Cindy S.

    “Pain Free”, “The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally”, and “DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes” for starters. There are so many great titles in the bundle.

  143. Gloria

    The DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes. Always looking for new recipes as I am finding some work and some not so much.

  144. Tammy Downs

    I love reading books and would love to have access to them and my recipes in one easy and convenient location. It seems like every time I am trying to share them with friends that I am having to search for them everywhere.

  145. Tammy Downs

    I am the most excited about reading Processed Free. I must admit, though, that I am looking forward to reading all of them.

  146. Laura B

    Great book selections! I’m especially interested in the Real Foods Survival Guide for Busy Moms since I will be a first time mom come December!

  147. Stephanie W

    What a lovely giveaway! I would love to have this to read healthy ebooks and use as a cook book in the kitchen to help me on my healthy living journey. I have seen so many people with these types of portable devices enjoying reading any place they are at and have always wanted an i-anything. Hard to take a computer with you everywhere!

  148. paul

    This would be a lovely tool to help me read more books and study on the go when I start iin. to become a health coach. thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  149. Jolene G

    I would love this as I currently read tons of blogs and articles on my iphone. I love the portability and size of the ipad mini and reading on that device would be much improved.

  150. Beth Steidinger

    I think Nourishing our children and DIY non toxic cleaning books look very interesting….now just something to read them on…. ;).

  151. Carly Helliesen

    I have wanted an iPad for years, but they’re just too expensive. I tutor underprivileged kids, and it would be fantastic to be able to integrate technology to help them learn. It would be nice to have a little something fun for myself as well! :P

  152. Carly Helliesen

    The e-book I would be most interested in is Simply Salads. My fiancee and I are working on improving our health before starting a family, and this book would help us out! :)

  153. Christy

    We are going on a mission trip to Cambodia and I would love to have something small I can carry around and update everyone back home with. This would also be small and easy to take on the trip and read the eBook bundle I bought instead of packing a stack of books. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  154. Jackie

    I love to read and have found that e-books are wonderful for many reasons, portability being one of the best. An iPad mini would be great for using around the house and out and about!

  155. Sarah

    I keep hinting at my husband that we need to get an ipod/ipad…this would be the perfect mix of the two! love it!

  156. B.J.

    I would love to take advantage of your sale, but I don’t have an e-reader and don’t foresee one in my future. (other more important bills to pay!) but, I would love to have one! Then I could actually get these books! So many of these good books are only available on e-books anymore. :-(

  157. CC

    I love my Nook but have really wanted to up grade to something I could get multiple uses out of. Having a color screen would be marvelous for when I’m trying to figure out what sort of bug that is eating half my garden!!

    1. CC

      Oooh, natural cleaning, healthy food planning, exercise suggestions and plans. How do you choose just one or two?

  158. Jackie

    I have been debating getting From Scratch by Shaye Elliot among several others in the bundle. I haven’t gotten any of the e-book bundles before, but I might have to get this one!

  159. Margaret Ropp

    I’d love to win this. I use my ipod touch to use sign language videos to teach the bible to deaf persons. The larger screen would be awesome for my older students.

  160. Michelle

    I would love to win to read more about the natural way of living and eating. Also because I’m very much behind technology, it would be a dream to win!

  161. Karissa K.

    I would love getting a tablet! If I had the money I would already own one. It would be super useful at school, and I also LOVE to read. :)

  162. Karissa K.

    I would be interested in reading many of the books but I’d be most interested in the Processed Free book right now.

  163. Candiss KB

    That would be awesome to look up all natural recipes & research why they are medically beneficial!!! Plus I could do research on my neurological condition Cervical Dystonia without dealing with a computer & keyboard which causes me pain:(

  164. Amber

    I would LOVE to win the iPad Mini!! I currently use my phone for reading and to have something larger would be so nice! Thanks for this opportunity!

  165. April

    Simply put; Yes I would love a IPad Mini!!!!;) Take along with me easily, use of more apps (loving that part)Taking pics and video, and last but not by any means least…..Reading. So much to do in a small and portable device. Thanks for the chance.

  166. Jolene G

    Out of the bundle pack I would be interested in the Nourishing Our Children book as I have two children that I want to grow up healthy. There are many other great books I wouldn’t mind reading as well.

  167. Carol

    What a blessing it would be to win! This would not be in our budget-we don’t spend unless we can pay for it…but would be lovely to have one. Good luck to all the others who have entered!

  168. Carol

    So many awesome e-books that I am interested in…number one would have to be DIY cleaning products, two-know your fats….love e-books :)

  169. Rachel

    The Ipad mini would be perfect for doing a bit of business and blogging while on the go :)

    I’m also going to get the e-book bundle and am particularly excited about Dawn Gifford,’s “Sustainability Starts at Home”

  170. Virginia

    My laptop is old, old, old! I need to do a disk clean up several times a day just to keep it moving, and then sometimes that doesn’t work.
    I’m making kefir for people in my neighborhood, and also reading alot of articles about real food, and every time I go to another website, my poor, sweet little laptop struggles.
    I have an iPhone, but it is too small to read much more than emails and facebook.
    This would be awesome!

  171. Cangelobe

    This would be amazing. I have my laptop propped up in my kitchen when making most of my meals and it’s always a mess and so immobile. This would be a wonderful solution.

  172. Cangelobe

    I am very interested in the Feed Your Fertility book. We’ve been struggling with infertility for two years and would love some more “non-medical” insight.

  173. Ashley Leung

    I would love the iPad mini to be able read my books and let my little siblings play educational or fun games on it. :)

  174. R-J

    Though my friends think I’m somewhat of a Luddite, I can see the ease that owning the iPad Mini would be for me. I, like you, love to read about health/nutrition/exercise, etc. and not having to continually lug books around would be a great help. Thanks for the offer and the opportunity for me to join the 21st century.

  175. R-J

    Mmmmmmm, I’d love DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes, or Your Custom Homestead, or Real Fit at Every Age, or … Maybe I should just get the bundle!!!

  176. Annie Rasmussen

    I have to say, I am most interested in the book for sleep trouble. Nothing gets fixed without sleep!

  177. Lindsay Walder

    I would love to have an iPad because last year I lost my mom to cancer and I’m suddenly very interested in all things cancer related. I would love to use my iPad to follow your blog, and share what I can with others about trying to avoid toxic foods and body products. I am also a teacher of children with many food allergies, and it would be a great resource for them to use and learn more about healthy living. Thank you so much for the opportunity! And I’m now subscribed to your blog. Thanks for all of your knowledge. SO helpful!

    God Bless,

  178. Michelle Leverette

    I would love to have an iPad mini to read books. I read one – two books a day so this would get a lot of use.

  179. Christina Cardoza

    I would love an iPad mini so I can read books in bed and not disturb my husband ;) Also it would be great for recipes when cooking.

  180. Kathy

    This would be great to have so that I could do more work when I’m not at home. I would love to do more reading too!

  181. Lindsay

    This would help me out so much. I have an OLD netbook right now and it’s starting to crash. :( I’ve been wanting an iPad for a while, just isn’t in the budget.

  182. Nataly Carbonell

    I’d love to win it because I’d be able to do awesome things with it,like download cooland useful apps, watch videos and movies, download and read books, etc

  183. SD Chandler

    I’m reading your ebook now on my computer and an iPad would make it so I could sit on my ball and read it!

  184. Bonnie

    I would love an ipad mini, I bought a notepad (lemon) and the playstore doesn’t work so I can’t upload apps, just lets me go on the internet. I work out of town and this would be great to keep in touch with everyone and continue learning the valuable insights you have about health. Also I don’t have a smartphone, this would work great in place

  185. Sarah Dalman

    I love to read! Getting this will be a blessing as I continue to read, learn, grow and apply info.

  186. Merle

    I have the iPhone and I’m obsessed! A super sized iPhone!?!?! HEAVEN!! This is seriously like winning the lottery! Yes, PLEASE!

  187. Merle

    No question, I’d love “Feed Your Fertility” – hands down! May even get it on my own…. You can guess why… ;)

  188. Jon

    I WANT IT!! I read so many directions and user manuals off my iphone I would love a little bigger surface that is still manageable to carry.

  189. Marlene

    This ipad mini would be just the right size for downloading recipes, and using it in the kitchen so I wouldn’t have to print them out! Love it!

  190. Jessica T

    I would love to have this because I do a lot reading and recipes online. This would be so nice to have in the kitchen with me instead of writing down every recipe or running to the computer every few minutes!

  191. Billi Cummings

    Beyond Broth
    Jill Tieman of Real Food Forager

    This book looks like something I’d use on a regular basis. Lots to choose from!

  192. Robin

    My 11 year old son is homeschooling this year, as we will be traveling for several months. This ipad would be very useful for us!

  193. Kathryn Litten

    Thank you, Robin! What a great giveaway! I would love to win this! It would be so helpful in having all of your natural healthy tips and positive changes for our lives. Plus, it would be such a better way for me to track my glucose levels, as well as keeping health(y) books and information very handy.

  194. Megan Houston

    I would love to have it to save recipes on, us for college, keep in touch with my family, and stay social and create a blog!:)

  195. Kristina Wagner

    I would love the Mini to use as a tool for tracking my fitness and healthy eating program. Thanks!

  196. Leslie

    I just started following your site. I love the idea of living toxic free and have started making things like shampoo and conditioner and homemade makeup. Love your site!! Looking forward to digging through your archives and learning even more.

    P.s. just saw your homemade natural fruit snacks and am so excited. My kids love fruit snacks but I don’t really like them eating the store bought ones. I had no idea there was a recipe to make your own. Thanks for all the great recipes and info

  197. Dianne N

    I would like to win this because it is a small, lightweight, and portable way to read books & surf the net.

  198. Jennifer Otto

    Checked out the books. The toxic free cleaning and processed free books are right up my alley in what I’m currently trying to accomplish in my life and home.

  199. Beth Lane

    I had to actually look up what the prize was, because I didn’t know the difference between an ipad, iphone and ipod! Lol! I am so far behind technology wise it shouldn’t even be funny, but since I like to laugh…. :) Even my own 75 year old mom has one of these gadgets to read her books! I found out THAT today! I guess I am too busy getting my son through high school and working as a single mom 9i.e. bills, meals, housework, worrying (!), etc. I loved so many books (when I checked out the book page) I wanted to just say “ALL!” At 54 yrs old, and looking back over the past 4+ years, I’ve realized (sort of like a rude awakening one morning looking in the mirror) that I have let nearly everything about myself go…from hobbies to eating right to caring for myself. Your site, I believe, will be a blessing in my life. Thank you. I guess, if I had to pick ‘one’ book to mention right off the get-go, it would be the “sleep Solution” book!

  200. Jessica

    I’d love to win this and give it to my husband. Both the son and I have tablets already, so he’s the only one left out.

  201. Laura GB

    I would love an iPad Mini! It would be awesome to be able to carry all my books around with me. And I am an avid knitter, so it would be wonderful to be able to take electronic copies of patterns along with me instead of having to print paper copies each time.

  202. Krystal Wight Armstrong

    I’d really like this because I do a ton on my iPhone, but it’s just too little and difficult to do things on that tiny screen sometimes, and I have a whole bundle of e-books I need to read on it now!

  203. Stephanie Barrett

    This iPad Mini would make reading for our homeschooling so much easier! Many books are required reading while learning American History for my 11-year-old, and having all the books on the Mini would be devinely simpler! …easier to hold while reading and I wouldn’t need to figure out WHERE IN THE WORLD to keep all the actual books! Would L-O-V-E this! Thanks for an awesome blog!

  204. Amanda

    I want to win this because I don’t have a tablet. Our whole family could really benefit with all the things you can do on one. Thanks!

  205. Jessica

    I would us this iPad as an ereader and a substitute for a smart phone! So what if it doesn’t make phone calls…it does everything else!

  206. Jessica

    I am most interested in the book titled “Pain Free”. I have been managing back pain with chiropractic care for man years now, but love to find advice on what kind of things I can do day to day to deal with the little flair ups that arise.

  207. Carrie Elsass

    My son is in a lot of plays,and when there is downtime, most of the other kids have these to play games with each other on, but my son does not. It would be such a wonderful gift!

  208. megan

    i would love an ipad mini. There are a lot of books I would love to read like you said. Recipes and also healing books like coconut cures and some other great ones. Right now I don’t have even a smart phone so this would be Awesome!

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  209. Vicki T

    An Ipad Mini is the perfect size for me to carry on me and have access to so much all in one package, books, internet, music, apps, photos, so much fun all in one package. I would love to win one. :)

  210. shivam

    i would love to have it as my birthday present (nexus 7) came damaged.. i love to read.. and this would be a perfect present :)

  211. Rochelle

    I’d love to have it healthy recipes while I am cooking in the kitchen which would be so convenient. Thanks!

  212. Tara

    Because I have hundreds of awesome Paleo cookbooks being held hostage on my work computer which is really far away from my kitchen!

  213. Candice

    I think it would be fantastic to use in the kitchen for all the great whole foods recipes I’ve been making!

  214. AnnaLisa Koerner

    I would love to have an iPad mini, I don’t have a smart phone so it would be so nice to have this to carry around on the go.

  215. Ann

    Would love to get organized with one and read my ebooks with much less space than my desktop. I’m such a dinosaur :-)

  216. Ann

    Heather’s new DIY cleaning book and the Quit PMS. I already had some great other ones but it was worth it to get again in this bundle!

  217. Dena g

    An iPod mini would be great ! It would make it so much easier to read all of these great books, it’s kind of hard from a cell phone :)

  218. Stephanie

    So I don’t have to fight the other 5 people in my family for their ipad every time I need to look up a recipe! This would be a perfect kitchen tool.

  219. Elizabeth G.

    Out of all of the books I’m most interested in ‘The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally’.

  220. Jei

    I would love to use the iPad mini to help me balance my life and manage my time better so I can prioritize self-care.

  221. Tom Rabicki

    This is a really great prize. You guys rock – first your valuable site and now this!!! Too too cool!!!!

  222. Tom Rabicki

    Very cool prize. I am sitting here on my iPhone with readers on and it’s not cutting it. Need a bigger screen. Thanks for your site and all you do. Even if I don’t win, you guys rock!!!

  223. BBQ

    This would be a wonderful blessing. I would be able to down load so many books that I have been wanting to get and learn more about clean eating. I have many sleeping issues so I would like The Sleeping Solution. Thank you for all the information you share with all of us.

  224. Charisse F.

    I have been wanting to get my husband an iPad mini. If I could win one it would make it so much nicer!

  225. Whitny

    I would so much enjoy reading this on the train for my commute! Interesting books would make it go by soo much faster!

  226. LDS

    I haven’t found the time to read really since becoming a new mom, but perhaps a handy “pocket” sized device could help me change that!

  227. Katie

    I already bought the bundle and have been reading Cure PMS and Feed Your Fertility. Not trying for another baby yet but I want to be ready this time.

  228. elizabeth hanse

    You are amazing, Robin. I thought, “surely she will slow down once baby number two comes.” Nope. Hope you and your little family are doing well!!

  229. elizabeth hansen

    Oh, and I would love and I would love the iPad because I LOVE my iPod tough, but it isn’t the best for reading . . . but an iPad is!

  230. Alyssa B.

    I would love to win an iPad mini so I can look at healthy cookbooks and plan my healthy meals. Also, I am a graphic designer and I would use it as a tablet for making digital art.

  231. Stephanie Wood

    Would be so nice to have specially with kids There are so many books I want to read but don’t have time. Portable book reader would be so nice!

  232. Debbi M.

    I was just debating on buying the book bundle and was checking out all the books included and saw your pop up to win an ipad. That would be so awesome to read these books on an ipad…would love to win it, so I entered…Thanks! Glad I popped by!

  233. Stephanie Wood

    Lets be honest when I saw the book bundle I totally bought it on the first day. there were 5 or 6 books I was already considering buying From Scratch, Processed free, Real Food survival for busy moms, and the DIY house cleaning.Plus there were a few in there Like sleep solution and heart burn that could really benefit the hubbs. Now just need time to read them all(I’m a mom of 2 very active boys)

  234. Danielle Fish

    It probably sounds silly, but I’d want it in order to look at recipes. I don’t own/operate a lot of tech gadgets, but this would be handy for mealtime.

  235. Beth

    I just found your blog a couple of days ago! LOVE IT!!! Would be super cool to win an i-Pad mini and load all your e-books on it! Am recovering from 2 major surgeries within the last 12 months – many of the books in this collection sound like they would be so beneficial.

  236. Susie Legg

    This would be great to read the ebundle books as well as for my children to use for their school work. Looking forward to reading all of the 30 books – very interested in the one on back pain and heartburn to get some helpful tips for my husband, and the recipe and diy cleaning for me :).

  237. Allyson

    I would love an iPad to read ebook wherever I am. I’m especially interested in the DIY cleaning recipes ebook. I hate store bought, chemically laden stuff!!!!

  238. Jacqui

    I love reading your blog! Would be awesome to take it where ever I go with the Ipad mini!! Many thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  239. Susie Legg

    I just started reading the e-bundle book on heartburn. WOW, WOW, WOW! My husband’s getting off of antacids as of today (and thankfully he is game to try a more natural solution). I am so excited to read the other 29 books – to read them on a new ipad would be exceptional! Thanks for the opportunity.

  240. Jen

    Love it! I love all that I have learned since living a more toxic free life. I feel so much better and have more energy for my kiddos. Thank you for all th einfo on your blog!

  241. Rachel Plymire

    I love reading more about natural, back to basics living! I love how much my views have changed from the person I was a year ago.

  242. Ashley T.

    It would be amazing to win this! I’m trying to convert our family to a real food and toxic-free lifestyle and this would make following recipes so much easier as I don’t have a lot of space in our kitchen!

  243. Ashley T.

    I actually am interested in all of the e-books. I bought the bundle a few days ago because it’s such a great deal! :) I’ve enjoyed Processed Free and Non-toxic DIY so far and I’ve started Feed Your Fertility.

  244. Christina G

    Have always love the all natural, back to basics way of life. Thank you for sharing all the recipes, DIY’s, natural remedies, parenting tips, and so many more. Now, an Ipad giveaway, what more would a gal ask for. :)

  245. Dyanne Spease

    I mini Ipad would be great for reading and for recipes. I love that it has 16GB’s of storage and and 7 inch screen.

  246. Jen

    The real food survival guide for moms would probably be at the top of my list. Grain free desserts would be a close second. My hubby and I have two kids and are trying to teach them to eat well from an early age but it is difficult when it takes more time to find good food and prepare it. I’m learning as I go but it sure can be exhausting and after a long day, we like to enjoy some simple sweets while unwinding and that too has become very difficult.

    1. Jessica

      As for the books, I’m totally interested in the DIY cleaning supplies, not to mention all of the fantastic books on special diets.

  247. Naivete

    I would love an iPad mini because I am a read-aholic. I’ve been reading from before I could talk properly and books have been my constant and truest companion. the iPad mini would allow me to access books in an easier manner.

  248. bobbijo white

    DIY non toxic cleaning,Get your fats straight,real fit at any age, natural cocktails,real food ingredient guide.

  249. Betina

    I would love a mini for my kids. I got a samsung tablet for my birthday but did not realize that some of the disney and nick apps were only on Ipad.

  250. Shayla Robinson

    It would help me with school! My current clunky laptop is over 5 years old and falling apart so I can’t take it on campus with me…

  251. Marguerite

    I would sooo love to win this. I do not have any sort of reading device. Carry around paper back books.

  252. Angel hernandez

    Hello, everyone, I just wanted to wish you luck (and some for me too) LOL

    it would be epic if I win this.

  253. Tamara B

    I would like to have it as a tool for learning in my college classes. Many textbooks are now released as ebooks, and lugging 1 mini ipad vrs the 5 books I lug around every day would e awesome!

  254. Ariel O'Mara

    The non-toxic cleaning book is definitely at the top of my list; I don’t intend on purchasing another cleaning product and this would make the process so much simpler.

  255. Marissa W.

    Better operating system than androids and the apps are awesome. The kids could use it for so many things! A stone-cold apple fan!

  256. Rosewin

    I would love to win an ipad to replace my husband’s broken kindle. Plus, we’d have a portable device on which I could read more real foods e-books. :-D

  257. Jacqueline

    I would love to win because I believe that technology and nature should be integrated and not separated. Like you said, there are sooo many endless possibilities for the use of this amazing device. It would be amazing to win this device to read about nutrition and other health-related concerns

  258. Kris

    I would love to win the iPad mini! It would be SO convenient on-the-go for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reading & research, helping members at work, etc.! It would have its own happy place in my purse.

  259. Dayna Greene

    I would love one of these ipad’s as I have alot of arthritis in my hands & have a difficult time holding books & especially holding them open. I love this blog spot–lots of good info–God bless you all & thank you.

  260. Shauna Avery

    What a great giveaway!! I would love to try the iPad. Sounds like a great tool to do all kinds of fun things. I love to look at healthy living ideas this would be great. My favorite is finding great meals for my family. We just started walking together as a family. It has been great!!!

  261. Cherise Cappella

    I would love to win this to access books, recipes and apps that will help my husband and I in our quest to make a transition to raw vegan. Husband is vegetarian but works in a plant with a lot of toxins and he just recently discovered he had liver lesions. I was also told my last pap smear contained cancer cells so now that we are in our mid 40′s and it looks like our health isn’t what it could be I’d like to really make a concerted effort to clean up our diet and cleanse our bodies. This would help a lot in that respect. Thank you.

  262. Maureen

    We live simply, in a 300sf cabin, so computers take up space. We share a laptop so a mini ipad would be awesome and we could take it along on our Harley trips!

  263. judy

    I would love to win a IPad mini. Would be just wonderful for when I have to travel. Thank you for the opportunity.

  264. Rachel

    This would be so awesome for school! I have so many nursing textbooks – it’d be great to have an Ipad for easy access to my books on the go. Thank you for the giveaway!

  265. Katelyn McCallum

    I would LOVE to have this because I am trying to go full time as a professional photographer and this would be a great way to show my portfolio to potential clients.

  266. Deanna

    I love the size and the ability to take pictures, how awesome would it be to win?! thank you for the opportunity :)

  267. Diane

    I’ve recently gotten into downloading Kindle e-books on my Android phone, but an ipad would be so much better for reading them.

  268. Dominique Ritchie

    I would love this Ipad for school (ebooks) and reading. I would also like it for capturing moments on my hikes around Kamloops, B.C. and for videos of the greatest memories. Mmmm finding the best places to eat in town… that is a bonus!
    Would help me out HUGE.

  269. Leah Hansen

    Yep, would totally use this for reading all the healthy living ebooks I’ve been stacking up on my wishlist/to-buy list. Which only keeps getting longer and longer! :D

  270. Amy O

    I would love to win this! I would give it to my parents so they could Facetime with my kids! We live overseas and we don’t get to “see” them nearly enough!

  271. Arvin Jhann

    I would love to win this Ipad mini. Thank you so much for giving each and everyone of us a chance to win this. :) it would be a great help for me for my schooling. God Bless you all. God Bless to whom may be the winner. thank you so much guys. :))

  272. Anne-Marie Cain

    I would LOVE to win this iPad mini! It would be awesome to let my kids use it to play educational games and to read books on! :)

  273. Sue

    I’ve started downloading Kindle e-books to my laptop. An ipad would be so much better for reading them. I would be able to take it alot more places. Love your blog.

  274. Cindy S

    I really need this! It would be perfect to bring to my Senior/Elderly Clients when I am assisting them with their meal planning…I could easily access recipes :)

  275. Olga

    It can fit in my purse & is portable. I do not have a laptop or iPad & I have never had one so this would be cool to have & very helpful! :)

  276. Lindsey

    I would love to win this so I can quit straining my eyes on my phone! I read articles all the time but that tiny screen is killing my vision!

  277. Emily

    I would love to win the iPad mini so that I can read all the great kindle books that I have saved on something other than my phone. I also just got accepted into nursing school and would like to use it for textbooks as well!

  278. Bev

    I would love to win this! It would be so much easier than taking my laptop with me and would be easier to have in the kitchen to look at recipes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  279. Jeanine B.

    I would like the Ipad Mini to read more without my sister worrying about my eyesight since I read hours on end on my 4 inch Iphone. I would also like to dip my toe into the technological waters and cut down on buying books which use paper. Thanks for this giveaway!

  280. Karen

    I want it because….well who wouldn’t want it!! The opportunities are endless aren’t they!? Reading, mapping, texting….

  281. Barbara Adam

    I would just love to win the mini! I have no way of downloading all these wonderful e-books, it would be great to take advantage of all that is offered!

  282. jenny lynn

    It would definitely help me stay more organized, and I could use it to pin healthy recipes and exercise routines, and find motivating music to dance/play to with my little one!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  283. Veronica

    I would love to have this because in my spare time I research nutrition & natural solutions constantly to take care of my family, I have accumulated tons of free ebooks, and my 3 year-old broke BOTH my kindle and my iPad. First world problems :)

  284. Chris Fell

    I could really do with one of these for college as so much work and additional reading is posted online for us, but my laptop is far too bulky to take to class!

  285. Natalie

    I’ve honestly have been looking into getting one of these for a long time, mostly to get more organized and of course read more nutrition books!:)

  286. Roxanne

    What a great giveaway! Honestly, I would love to give this to my son as a gift for Christmas. I would be the coolest mom ever!

  287. Pam

    With two kids and one home computer, winning the ipod mini would certainly help with finishing homework and projects. Thanks for such a practical giveaway!

  288. Amanda White

    There are so many changes (some wonderful, some scary, some surprising and unexpected) happening in every moment of my life that I am finding it hard to keep up with me. I’m ready to meet, greet, and step into the new me, but I could sure use some help–On Saturday, October 5th my community with kick off our 6 weeks program, COLFAX WOMEN & GIRLS ON THE MOVE (I’m the proud organizer and mama of this program). I just completed my first coursera.org class (NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY FOR HEALTH) and am working to integrate all that I learned into my life. I am a Certified Master Nutrition Volunteer with the LSU Ag Center, a founding member of the Grant Parish Healthy Initiatives Coalition, and a member of the Central Louisiana Local Working Foods Group. I forgot to mention that I have been unemployed and seeking employment since September 10, 2012 (yeah, it’s been a hard row to hoe, but I have it better than many, so I won’t complain). When doubts and worries creep in, as they often do, I just step out to our beautiful Colfax Walking Trail or into my front yard and tend to my herb beds. That’s how I keep my sanity and spiritual balance. Good luck to all the participants.

  289. Whitney

    I would give it to my husband so he could have his own tablet to read books, scriptures, browse. Have access to so much at his finger tips!

  290. Nataya @Chachamisu

    I need it! I’m blogging and browsing, I need gadget that more practical and easier to carry then my laptop but bigger and more sophisticated than my lil handphone so I don’t keep squinting too much. Just make life a little bit easier. ;)

  291. Kelly B.

    I would love to have this! This would be so convenient for reading ebooks and looking up resources/recipes for help in the kitchen!

  292. nicole p

    all my free time (this doesn’t include time spent towards cooking, eating and exercising) is spent on technology- reading up and researching health and nutrition! it would be great to be able to carry this around with me!

  293. Maria W

    This would be great for work! I use my Iphone now, but a bigger screen would be great for billing and invoicing. Not to mention it would be great for looking up recipes and easy to take into the kitchen instead my laptop which can take up much needed space when cooking.

  294. teresa

    Ohh, I’d love to win because I travel a bit and this would be perfect to take with me and be able to read books without having to carry a ton with me! xo

  295. Sidnye

    I would LOVE an iPad mini to read, read, read on! I am notorious for always having a nutrition-exercise-whole foods book on hand and would love to condense my books into a nifty handheld!

  296. Nichole

    I would love to win this giveaway because an iPad mini would be fantastic for both myself and my little girl. She loves playing the educational games that my mother-in-law has for her, but we can’t afford to buy an iPad for her to learn on. Being 3, I try to give her as much room to grow intellectually as I can, and an iPad with it’s amazing kid apps would be fantastic.

    For myself, I have been trying to get back in shape and get healthy for quite some time now. I’m trying to set a good example for my daughter and my mom. I want to be healthy and live to see all of my daughter’s achievements in life. So an iPad packed with some awesome apps to help me achieve my goals would be a great tool to help me along.

  297. Emilie

    I have wanted a way to read ebooks but I just can’t afford one. This way I could download books for so much less than it would cost to buy real bound books.

  298. Rachel

    I would love an ipad mini. First, I would download nomnompaleo.com’s iphone app and make her magic mushroom powder!

  299. April

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m relatively new to the world of Apple products. Just got an iPhone last November. Now I realize how much I need an iPad. I do so much research & reading now that I’ve switched over to a whole-food, nontoxic lifestyle, that it’s difficult to do everything I need to on my phone! Having an iPad mini would greatly inhance my research into my new life path!

  300. Megan

    This would be so much fun to have!! Especially for ebooks! I’ve never been able to justify buying one because it’s not a necessity, but it sure would come in handy sometimes!

  301. Stephanie

    I would love to have a iPad Mini to use with my preschooler! We homeschool our children. Our oldest two are sixth graders, who do their work on laptops. My two year old wants to be just like them…lol.

  302. Amber Trimble

    I want this because it would be a big blessing to my family! Our computer just died and we need another device for our 2 teenagers and 2 younger ones to do homework on.

  303. Karissa

    This looks amazing! I would probably use it mostly to read books on. Also, checking Facebook (not gonna lie ;))

  304. Derik Lee

    This would be pretty rad! Probably get the most use following blogs and other heavy reading things. I got my mobile for all the other garb. Great site btw.

  305. Ana Fonua

    I would absolutely love to win the Ipad Mini. I see so many uses for it such as reading, recording my children’s funny antics, taking pictures, researching many things and the list goes on. I hope I win!

  306. Anna

    I’d love to win because I never win anything. (Just bad luck?) And another great reason to win would be to use for college. Crossing my fingers!!

  307. Jana

    I’d love to win a mini iPad to use for homeschooling, traveling, reading, gaming etc.. So many uses, so little time! Thanks for offering an amazing giveaway and prize!

  308. Ashley Nickerson

    Well, what a cool giveaway! I’d love to win – I love those restaurant apps ;) & I’d love to FaceTime my friends back in Saskatoon!!

  309. Celia

    I would love to have this ipad mini! It would be a more convenient way to store recipes and look them up. I could also expand my knowledge of healthy eating and cooking by getting more books to read on the subject. I could also take it to the gym with me when I’m trying out a new exercise so that I can look up the proper form and technique to perform it. This ipad mini would be perfect!!

  310. Dorothe LeFebre

    I would love this iPad Mini…..this is something I could use anytime, for Yoga, recipes and books, books, books……

  311. Heather K

    I would love to have this to make it easier to use recipes. I could use recipes right off of pinterest without having to print them.

  312. Lisa Ihlenfeldt

    I would love to win an iPad Mini because I love to read about healthy things as well. I homeschool my daughter, and this would be a fantastic tool to keep things interesting. Its uses are endless. What a fantastic giveaway and a lovely website. Thank you.

  313. Nicole Seeley

    I would love an ipad mini so I can use it to look at recipes while I cook, to travel with, while I am teaching, and just in general because it is so cute!

  314. Julie Curtis

    Would love the Apple iPad Mini for ebooks, surfing and saving fabulous real food recipes! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

  315. Amanda

    I really want to win the Ipad Mini! I have never even had a Iphone let along the Ipad. I would use apps for my daughter to learn.

  316. Ryan

    This would be great for finally reading all those ebooks from the bundles I bought! Including Toxic Free and Processed Free!

  317. Morgan C.

    I would love to win this. I have never had an ipad/ipod/iphone etc. Would love to be able to read e-books! There have been a ton of e-books that I wanted to get about vegan/ whole foods cooking that I couldn’t get because i didn’t have anything to put it on.

  318. B

    Being a new mom, I’m always looking for convenient ways to access information. The iPad Mini is such a great tool for this–fits right in the diaper bag so I can look up everything from homemade makeup to tips for a runny nose! I’d love to have one!

  319. Tracy

    why wouldn’t I want it? LOL. I would love this for portability, being able to take into the kitchen to follow recipes without having to print them all out, reading, taking it with me to my many doctor appts (not in very good health) being able to read my favorite blogs (thank your body.com) on the go, etc. Thank you for the giveaway

  320. Maria Sunrise

    You are a very good person that make something like this.
    This ipad would make almost everything so much more easier. It would help me to read for example Your blog faster (I have got a thick old comp huh)
    and it would be really awesome to read all the ebooks. It’s even not possible to read them on my computer.
    Well, this will make me so happy!

  321. Julie

    I own a tablet and I love it. My husband however does not have one. He has always wanted an apple I-Pad. What better one to give him than this one. Would be great to share the portability of a hand held that could include a wonderful library of his own. My fingers are crossed for good luck.

  322. Sierra Klyve-U.

    I would love this ipad mini to use while cooking in the kitchen, reading while traveling and while doing DIY projects especially those including making my own makeup, cleaners, moisturizers, all the great thankyourbody recipes and yoga/exercise!

  323. Michelle

    I would love to have an iPad Mini! My son has a learning disability and he could take it to school with him; it would really help him with his learning and to overcome his challenges. It is something that we had discussed with the school but neither we nor the school board could afford one for him.

  324. Donna Williams

    I would make great use of an iPad mini in my K5 classroom. We could use it to listen to books read aloud, record ourselves reading and use the great educational apps that are available.

  325. GiuLia

    I’m an italian student, on july i’ll be graduated in Architecture and this ipad would be so good to me to bring with me all my projects!

  326. Aliya Headen

    Would love to win this! It would make it easier to transition to a healthier lifestyle by keeping track of everything in one compact place.

  327. Patricia

    This would be awesome to have. I could read new bedtime stories to my kids at night and read my college homework out under the trees while the kids play without the wind blowing my pages everywhere. We moved from in city to the country so library trips are few and far between.
    Found you blog toady when looking up raw milk. We bought our first gallon and its delicious.

  328. Giulia

    i’m a student, and a student needs an ipad but can’t buy it cause is so poor to pay all the bills for books and things to study

  329. Amy

    I’m a student and I need a better way of reading my textbooks and other books than carrying them everywhere with me. It would also help me stay on track with my schedule.

  330. Jennifer

    i use an ipad for work and my children always want to do activities on it, so this would be a great way to let them have some educational and fun apps to play with without using up all my memory!

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