Recipe: Homemade Powdered Sugar

Recipe: Homemade Powdered Sugar

When we made the switch over to real food and real sweeteners, I thought my day of using powdered sugar were over. I mean, nothing seems more processed that that white powdery dust, void of all nutritional value but perfect for delightfully light and delicate baking. Thankfully, I was wrong. Enter: Homemade powdered sugar.

Homemade powdered sugar: A better alternative.

This recipe is almost too easy to be called a recipe. And the best part is that you can use pretty much any granular sweetener that you like: Rapadura/Sucanat, Coconut Sugar, ect. Although, depending on what sugar you choose, the color may vary. I used rapadura so my end result was a light brown color. But it still works great as a substitute for commercial powdered sugar.

Homemade powdered sugar using healthier sweeteners! Finally!

Let’s do this!

Easy, right? Of course you can double or triple this recipe. You’ll get more powdered sugar than what you put in, volume-wise. For example, you’ll get about 1 1/2 cups of homemade powdered sugar for one cup of granular sugar.

Of course, sugar is still sugar, and I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “health food.” But homemade powdered sugar is definitely a better choice compared to store-bought powdered sugar (especially because most store-bought brands contain GMOs). Using Rapadura, for example, provides more minerals that plain white sugar. But I’d still use it sparingly.

During this holiday season, however, it can be great to have a go-to replacement for those special occasions. Like to make homemade peppermint patties! (Check out tomorrow’s post for the recipe.)

Homemade powdered sugar using healthier sweeteners! Finally!

What will you make with homemade powdered sugar?


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  1. Karen

    I almost disregarded this post until I read “homemade peppermint patties”! :-)
    I’ll be checking back hourly to get that recipe! Yum!

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  3. Emily @ HolisticSquid

    Nice! I’ve been thinking about this lately, because my son is asking to make gingerbread houses, and the thought of “royal icing” makes my teeth hurt [cringing face]. I’m curious, though, why the arrowroot?

  4. happy momma

    great idea. I have seen powdered sugar recipes before. They always use sugar and cornstarch. Who knew that you could use other sugars and arrowroot powder. It makes sense that you could make it less refined.

    Thanks for the note that you still have to watch it and use sparinly. My sister has started eating more real food and less refined, but she has the habit of telling herself “this is healthier so I can eat all I want”

    1. Post author

      Ha ha! It’s like when I used to believe packaged foods that said “diet” or “low fat” meant I could eat twice as much. *head smack*…. oh boy. So glad I know better know… and that I nourish my body so that I don’t crave that junk anymore. :)

  5. LORI

    Thanks for this post! Just came across it right after grudgingly buying some 10x sugar today for a recipe for a gathering this weekend! from now on we will be using this recipe I believe! :)

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  7. Laurie

    We’ll be using them to make GMO-free angel food cakes (our family’s speciality!) Thank you so much!

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  11. Michelle E

    I was just wondering about this as I finished some no-bake peanut butter bars. I will pin it for later when I get the urge to induldge in a treat.

  12. Chris V

    I have really missed peanut butter brownies since I can’t eat sugar anymore, and am so looking forward to using your ‘recipe’ as a replacement for the icing!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  14. Lori

    It’s very straightforward to find out any matter on web as compared to
    books, as I found this piece of writing at this website.

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