Homemade Lotion: Peppermint Whipped Body Butter

Homemade Lotion: Peppermint Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter: It’s on!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m really excited by this whipped body butter recipe. In fact, it’s my absolute favorite DIY recipe to date.

I mean, say it with me: Whipped Body Butter. Whipped Body Butter. Whipped Body BUTTER.

It’s like a chant I can’t stop repeating. Maybe it’s because these colder months have turned my skin into sand paper. Hello, whipped body butter. Thanks for helping. Maybe it’s because this recipe feels so luxurious. Why yes, whipped body butter I would like a little spa treatment. Maybe it’s because I feel somewhat frazzled from my two little kids and the soothing caress of this whipped body butter is like a unicorn kissing my soul and telling me everything is going to be okay.

It’s going to be okay.

And maybe it’s just because this isn’t ANY whipped body butter. Oh no. Say it with me:

Peppermint Whipped Body Butter.

Mmmmmmm…. Yeah, that’s better

The decadent, luxurious, DIY whipped body butter recipe of the year!

Homemade lotion, only better: Peppermint whipped body butter! This would be an AWESOME diy gift.
This is also a perfect DIY gift, whether you’re looking for something for the holidays, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or “just because.” I’m on a mission to create really awesome homemade gifts that people actually want. And today’s recipe is my favorite. This homemade lotion, nah, whipped body butter is awesome-sauce times twenty. Having a good homemade body butter recipe is a much healthier option than store bought. It’s super nourishing, easy to make, smells DIVINE, and can easily be packaged into a pretty little gift for all your friends and family.

Of course, if you want to just make it for yourself that’s okay, too. This recipe uses nourishing fats and “butters” to help moisturize, nourish, and pamper dry winter skin. The peppermint essential oils give it a refreshing holiday smell, but it is also a great oil to use on sore muscles and cramps. Keep in mind that peppermint essential oils are generally more potent than other oils, so a few drops is really all you need. Of course you can switch out the peppermint for your favorite essential oil to give it a whole new flavor. You can also just omit the essential oil for a non-“flavored” homemade whipped body butter. Whatever floats your boat.

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Homemade lotion, only better: Peppermint whipped body butter! This would be an AWESOME diy gift.
Tell me: Are you planning on making some DIY gifts this year? Make sure you make this awesome whipped body butter. The unicorns agree.


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    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yeah, I actually had my MIL over right after I had made a batch and it was still sitting in the mixing bowl. I had to tell her that it was lotion and not to eat it because it was so tempting to swipe a little and try it out. 😉

  1. eileen

    Please explain ( “you say 1/2 coconut oil 1/2 cocoa butter 1/2 shea butter ) half of what ??? is it half teaspoon, half tablespoon, half a pint, half litre) sorry for this but i need to know as i’m not sure what i have to buy ….

  2. Laura White

    This looks so great! I have a question–if I were to use a different scent of flavoring oil, how many drops do you think that I should use? Thanks!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’d say between 15 – 20 for stronger ones and 20 – 30 for lighter oils (like lavender)

  3. Sharon

    I am sure you mean 1/2 cup for the coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter? It looks great, I am ordering shea butter now!

  4. Jaimi curry

    I would love to make this for my mom, mother in law, 2 sisters, and 2 sisters in law, so 6 people total. How much does the recipe make as stated above? I would like to put it in containers like you have pictured. Would one batch be enough? Also, could I make it in my crock pot on low? Thank you!!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Jaimi,

      The recipe above filled the container you see. So you’ll need to multiply that by the number you want to give. I haven’t tried using a crockpot, but it might work? My only concern would be if you started making so much of it that you’d probably want to keep an eye on it and stir it still continuously.

  5. Tanisha

    Dear Robin!

    This looks amazing =) I live in Germany and have never seen raw cocoa butter before. I just googled it and couldn’t find anything similar (besides of coconut oil/butter). The product in your link cannot be shipped to Germany. Also that would be way to expensive. Do you know a substitute?

    Thanks so much for your insiring work!

    1. Tammy

      I’m following too…. I LOVE the smell of coconut for food purposes… but despise it for me wearing it. I JUST made this and cannot even smell the oils because the coconut is so overpowering! I like drinking pina coladas not smelling like one :))

      Any tips on suitable replacements for the coconut butter?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yeah, I only make a few batches and give them to people I really like. It still usually beats out expensive (and toxic) lotions from the mall. :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      This recipe made enough to fill the jar you see in the photograph… which I would guess holds a little over two cups of lotion.

    1. Tom Konie

      I honestly don’t remember… I bought two of them a couple of years ago. One holds my salt and I just found the empty one when we moved a few months ago. Wish I knew! Sorry. :/

  6. Amy

    I’d like to use this on my son, who’s 12, while he’s having chemo, to treat leukemia. (The nurse said we’d need to put lotion on him everyday to keep his skin from cracking from dryness, and letting bacteria/infection in.) Anyway, do you think peppermint oil would be good for him, or is there another oil that might benefit him more?

    1. Holly

      Amy, another possibility is using coconut oil on your son. Organic coconut oil has so many therapeutic benefits. Just rub the oil directly on his skin and after a bit wipe off the excess. I’m sure this lotion is amazing, and I’m looking forward to making it myself. I just thought you’d like another option. I’m sorry you and your son are going through this.

    2. paola

      try young living frankincense essential oil instead of lavender or peppermint.

      a few researchers studying the effects of frankincense on various cancers with some degree of success. In vitro effects show inhibition or stimulation of cell proliferation depending on the concentration of frankincense oil in the growth media. A recent study conducted at the University of Oklahoma showed that frankincense kills bladder cancer cells without harming surrounding tissue.

      Studies are showing frankincense to be a strong immune-stimulant with some claiming that frankincense has the ability to repair DNA. A Chinese study conducted in 2000 indicated that Boswellia has “anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor activities.” These boswellic acids from frankincense inhibited “a variety of malignant cells” in people suffering from leukemia and brain tumors. The Cancer Research Institute of the University of Nevada treated cervical cancer with frankincense, in which “there was 72% inhibition and growth of non-cancerous cells.” Other studies have shown that boswellic acids from frankincense exert antiprolifertive activity toward a variety of malignant cells. Another study showed that boswellic acids are potent apoptotic agents to cancer cells and another one shows that Boswellic acids from frankincense gum exhibit potent cytotoxic activity against CNS tumors.

      Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2516681

    3. paola

      try YOUNG LIVING FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL instead of peppermint. There is research that shows its supposed to be very beneficial for cancer patients. google it.

      Also, dont heat the essential oil.

  7. Marina Verne

    Amy, sorry to butt in. I’m an aromatherapist. I wouldn’t use peppermint oil for your son. Peppermint is quite strong and stimulating and his condition needs more soothing oils. The receipe without the essential oils would be very good for him but you could add 3-5 drops of a pure essential oil he likes that has a gentle floral smell such as lavender if you want to. If you can afford it, Roman Camomile would be wonderful. (My Mom has just finished chemo – she just had one day of sickness and felt fine throughout. I hope your son has a similarly good experience.)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Totally agree, as I mentioned in the recipe… for children I’d choose something besides peppermint. :)

  8. CLove

    Greetings, I have a question re: the vit E. I purchased a vit E w/out carrier oils at 32,000IU, I was wondering what your IU level was or if you know what the goal is as a ratio ie 2c lotion needs (?)IU of vit E? I’m pretty sure I can get away with less then a tsp w/the higher UI count.

  9. Ashton

    Thank you very much.
    Yes, I would like some more DIY-gift ideas.

    Sincerely friendly

    Praise the Lord!

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    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I haven’t tried it without… but you *might* be able to just double the shea butter… no guarantees on how it will whip up, though.

    2. Tanya

      I was wondering the same thing. I made a similar recipe to this and did not like the cocoa smell that it added. I might like it mixed with Peppermint though. I did have a successful batch of lotion without the cocoa butter. Would it also not be beneficial to add some vegetable glycerine, and aloe vera? Perhaps a little bees wax?

    3. Stephanie

      Hi Angelica,
      I’ve made a similar lotion with 1C shea butter, 1/2C coconut oil and 1/2C olive oil and it turned out great! :)

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  12. Jennifer

    how do you store this after it is made? some recipes that i have seen require it to be refrigerated. does this one need to be refrigerated when finished or can it be left on the counter? also, how long does it last before separation occurs?


    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’ve had mine on the counter since I made it a couple of weeks ago and it’s still whipped beautifully. If you’re going to use this every day or at least every other day it will probably be just fine on the counter until it’s gone. If you don’t use it that often I’d keep my eye on it. If it every smells fishy toss it. Haven’t had to toss anything yet, though. 😉

      1. Tammy

        What climate/state do you live in? Just wondering because I’m sure that makes a difference for the temp on counter! :) I live in the humid hot south! Not an issue now, but summer… ugh

  13. Deborah

    I bought and made this yesterday. It’s awesome. I made one batch to test the amounts and batch size, and to test how much peppermint to use. The lotion is beautifully moisturizing and I just about doubled the amount of peppermint. (i really dig the aroma). I used the little jars that the cocoa butter and shea butter came in to re-gift the lotion to my daughters to see if they like it. the remainder I put in a plastic container for myself.
    My intention, this holiday, is to give a set of deodorant, a sugar scrub and this lotion. Thanks for this and the great photo!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I found that it absorbed pretty quickly, but everyone will be different. I usually put this on right after I get out of the shower and by the time I brush my teeth and towel dry my hair the greasy-feel is gone and can get dressed. :)

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  15. Nina

    How long did people whip the lotion? I whipped mine for quire a while and it didn’t turn into the whipped consistency. Did I not let the lotion cool enough or did I cool it too long? Thanks for any advice/tips!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Was it hard when you tried to whip it? If so then you cooled it too long. You want it chilled enough that it just starts to set without getting completely solid. Hope that helps!

  16. MelissaSK

    I made this recipe last weekend and it is just awesome! It feels wonderful and smells even better. I halved the recipe, and it still made plenty, since you just need to use a dab.

  17. Holly

    I didn’t use as much almond oil as I ran out. I noticed when I first whipped it is was quite oily. Now after a day of them being in the jars it is very firm and not like the nice whipped lotion in the picture or from last night. Any suggestions?

  18. Tracy

    Do you have any suggestions for almond oil replacement. I have mild reactions to almonds but would love to try this recipe! Thanks!

  19. Amy G

    I really need to know if there is something to use instead of coconut oil.. I break out something awful.
    This sounds like heaven but I know I cannot use it the way it is…

    Thank you

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hmmm… I’m not sure if there’s a good replacement for the coconut oil for this particular recipe. Since coconut oil stiffens in colder temperatures it helps give this lotion the “whip” it needs. Anyone have any suggestions?

    2. Stephanie

      Maybe try substituting the 1/2C coconut oil with 1/4C shea butter and 1/4C liquid oil? It might even out the consistency… Not sure though.

  20. Suzanne

    I was wondering what I might use instead of the 1/2 cup sweet almond oil. I am highly allergic to almond anything. Have you tried anything else?

    Thank you

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  22. Lindsay

    Hi Robin! This lotion sounds amazing! What do you think if I left out the cocoa butter? Would the lotion still be as whipped and good?

  23. Andrea

    Hi! I just tried making a batch, but I did decide to swap out the sweet almond oil for avocado oil, and I used jojoba instead of Vitamin E (avocado and jojoba are my fave oils). BUT now I’m not sure if it was a good idea, because the consistency definitely turned out much more milky than thick and whipped :( It could be my tiny apartment is too warm (i stuck it in the fridge and it definitely got thicker, but won’t stay that way out of it). I’m wondering if I should try increasing one of the other ingredients, like the shea or cocoa butter? What do you think? I hope I haven’t made a mockery of this recipie!!

    1. Andrea

      Update: the batch that is sitting on my windowsill by an open window in December has separated. I think I definitely may have screwed up by substituting oils. Anyone?

        1. Andrea

          Hi Robin,
          I replaced the vitamin E with jojoba, so it really wasn’t a lot. I’m going to try again tonight and see if I have a better result with more cocoa and less of the other oils. Really want to make this work!

      1. Andrea

        Yes! I had to do it by hand though, because I don’t have any mixers. I did whip it and it was reasonably thick at first, kind of like whipped cream, but it soon got thinner and more liquidy. If I keep it in the fridge it just gets hard. I think since we live in a top floor apt with no way to control the heat, it’s just too warm to sustain the product as it stands now. As I said I’ll try again, but I just don’t know how to keep it thick.

        1. Tammy

          I’m guessing, based on my cooking experience and having made this, that if you were doing this by hand, that was the problem….. I assume it took you about 2-3 times longer, if not more, to get it whipped, I had mine done in less than 20 seconds… too much ‘working with it and time getting air into it’ will ‘warm it’ which is why it probably got thinner the longer you worked with it.

          Maybe borrow a friend/neighbors hand beater with whisk attachment?

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  25. Kylie

    Hi! This lotion sounds super good! I’m thinking of making a batch or 2 of this for some Christmas gifts, but was wondering how this would turn out if I replaced the cocoa butter and Shea butter with the lotion kind (instead of raw cocoa butter and the Shea butter in the link) and how you think this lotion would turn out. Thanks so much and I hope I can try it that way! Thanks for the recipe!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Shea butter with the lotion kind.” Is it different from regular shea butter? I haven’t tried it so I can’t say if it will whip up or not. I’m sorry!

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  27. Kate

    I’d like to make these as gifts for Christmas. If I wrap them up, will it melt under the tree? I’m hoping it’ll stay whipped so that it looks nice and is ready to go on Christmas morning. Do you have any experience with or suggestions about this? Thanks!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hmmm… I’m not entirely sure. I keep mine out on my counter in my bathroom and it’s totally fine. I would think it’d be okay under the tree… but the extra warmth from the wrapping and lights *might* be an issue. Can’t say for sure.

  28. AG

    I made some yesterday and notice this morning that they liquified again. After taking it out from the fridge, I whipped it and it was good and felt smooth on my skin and smell was glorious but this morning it became oil again. What did I do wrong?

  29. lisa

    This looks great, I can’t wait to try it. I want to make some for Christmas gifts for 4 or 5 people to put in medium jars. How many batches do you think I need to make?

  30. lisa

    I see your previous response about making 1 batch for each person. Do you know how many ounces the jar you used is? I was going to use 4 oz jars.

  31. kathleen

    I don’t know why everyone puts lavender in childrens EVERYTHING. I know it’s supposed to be calming, so maybe that’s why, but an article a few years ago in the New England Journal of medicine found that lavender is not good for males. It makes breast tissue grow. Anyway, maybe it’s been debunked since then but I err on no lavender for my son and it honestly limits choices of eco/super-crunchy/non-toxic things. lavender is popular =(

  32. Angela

    I made this to go along with my peppermint spa theme for Christmas baskets (along side hand scrub, foot soak and milk bath) and I’m **IN LOVE**. I am currently 8 months pregnant and apply it to my tummy to help with stretch marks. It absorbs into the skin quickly and feels wonderful. My mother in-law even uses it for the dry skin on her face/neck. I use more peppermint than suggested to overpower the smell of coconut. I also ran out of sweet almond oil (because I just had to make a second batch just for me :p) so I used olive oil and got the same great result. I will make this recipe over and over and over! Also, I see some people not getting a whipped consistency- just make sure the the mixture is hardened enough before whipping :-) I made the same mistake and just put it in the fridge longer.

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  34. gratefulhoo

    I just made this, and it is easy to make and whipped up nicely. Got a little firm just sitting on the counter (lost the whipped texture) but still very nice. However, this was extremely expensive to make, and I won’t doing it again. Ever. Not a good choice for the “I’m flat broke and doing homemade this year” plan. I was into it before realizing the final cost. Nice recipe, though.

    1. Tammy

      WOW! I was just thinking how much cheaper this is than buying ‘body butter’ that I typically do! YES, it was a lot up front, but the ingredients will make at least 3 more batches with some of them lasting 6-7! So that makes my cost SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper!

      But I guess it just goes to show how differently things are priced in various parts of country!

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  39. Diana

    I am sorry but reading this is driving me crazy, I don’t know who is answering the questions but to start, this is not a lotion. It is whipped oils/ butters. Not a body butter or a lotion, it wont last 6-12 months at room temp, it will melt. Vit E will not preserve it from bacteria/ Putting it in the fridge will make it very hard. 10-20 drops of anything for this size is to much unless it is a very diluted Fragrance oil or essential oil. Never use either on a baby under 3 years of age and always use cosmetic grade oils and butters if you are putting it on your skin. I have been making these products for 20 years. If you want to offer me employment to answer your questions please email me. =)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Well I don’t know what to say as mine hasn’t melted. And I’m not sure why I can’t call it a body butter… if it is, as you say, “whipped oils/butters” and I use it on my body wouldn’t that make it a body butter? I already mentioned not to use it on small children, and I always use therapeutic grade oils. Please be kind before you come to my “home” and try to discredit me and then promote yourself. Thank you.

      1. Angel K

        it is a body butter, and anyone telling you otherwise really needs to reconsider what they are saying no matter how long they had been “making” things like this. They are absolutely wrong a body butter is any natural butter such as Shea, mango or cocoa butter blended with a natural oil then whipped.

      2. Angel at AKM

        Robin I love your website. As for the person saying this is not a body butter she no idea what she is saying. Any natural butter (shea, mango, cocoa and all the other natural butters) mixed with a oil and whipped is a body butter. its creamy texture and it being used on your body it what gives it its name. what your doing here is wonderful and I hope you never stop or change. The things Diana posted shows just how desperate she is for attention, all she did is discredited herself.

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  42. Sarah B

    I live in a climate where my coconut oil is constantly in liquid form at room temperature (no air conditioning). Do you think that would effect the compound of the lotion when mixed together and stored?

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  45. AJ

    This smells like CHOCOLATE, not like peppermint, and is extremely greasy. I followed the directions perfectly and it came out fine. The cocoa is overpowering. I wonder if there’s something to eliminate/replace the cocoa butter (?) I probably would not make this again; it’s very expensive.

  46. kimberly

    I love this! I made it without the essential oils and used it as a baby belly body butter during pregnancy and had no stretch marks. It kept baby belly nicely hydrated so I wasn’t itchy in the middle of January in MN! Thanks for sharing!

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