Recipe: Homemade healthy fruit snacks

Recipe: Homemade healthy fruit snacks

Homemade fruit snacks are at the heart of the story I’m about to share. It’s a story about being that mom. Sometimes I hate being that mom. You know, the mom who thinks her kid deserves only truly healthy fruit snacks.

Well, I don’t really hate being that mom.

But I do hate being the mom that tries to hide her look of fear and disgust as an innocent (and very kind) parent or child offers my child an artificial, store-bought, and full of fake dyes fruit snack. I grit my teeth and politely push a “thank you” from my lips while in my head I’m screaming: DON’T FEED THAT TO MY CHILD!!!!

Yeah, I don’t really like being that mom.

I try not to go too crazy… after all, I know my kids gets real food 99% of the time… so the rare non homemade fruit snack or handful of gold fish crackers won’t kill her. But still. Sundays are always the worse as we head off to church and then my parents’ home. I practice my deep breathing, picture lovely things, and wish I had a better alternative to the processed offerings that seem to come at every angle. Why can’t I just find a healthy fruit snack!?!

Fear not. I have found it. My healthy homemade fruit snack.

Not too long ago, Heather (aka: The Mommypotamus) posted a gem of a recipe for easy sour gummies. I made them. I loved them. And have since been inspired to create my own version of healthy homemade fruit snacks.

Why are these homemade fruit snacks healthy?

I’m glad you asked! Not only are these homemade healthy fruit snacks made from whole fruit, but they also use grass-fed gelatin. Gelatin has lots of benefits and can help keep nails strong, hair beautiful, and skin young. It’s also a great source of high quality protein and amino acids. In fact, for my picky kids, these homemade fruit snacks are a heavenly gift. They love them. I love them. Everyone loves homemade healthy fruit snacks! (Clap your hands and sing along!)

Sweetened only with a little bit of honey, and colored by the fruit themselves, these snacks are simple, delicious, and very kid (and crazy mom) friendly. Blueberry is my favorite (which is saying something because it’s my least favorite berry of the bunch). Combined with the lemon juice… oh boy. They are good. Yes, these yummy treats are a truly healthy fruit snack.


Tell me… Do you love making healthy homemade fruit snacks? How do you help your kids eat real food? 

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 A healthy homemade fruit snack… who knew it could be so easy? 

 Homemade healthy fruit snacks! No food dyes, no refined sugars, only good stuff!




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  1. Wonderwoman

    When my daughter was young, we had the same experiences except she would sulk after turning down whatever was offered to her. Now, she’s more understanding of what is good for her body and what’s not.

    Thanks for the recipe! Where do you get your grass fed gelatin from?

      1. Diana

        I’m finding mixed reviews regarding the taste of the gelatin. Some agree that it is unflavored, while others are reporting a horrible smell and taste. Could you report on your experience?

        1. Diana

          Nevermind! I just saw a post about this same concern later down the page! Just waiting for my gelatin to come in!!!

    1. Jake

      Awesome idea, my twin girls love Pokemon so I made some of this for them one evening, chilled it overnight, and served it at breakfast as “Pokeblock” (if you know the show you’ll understand), complete with Pokemon themed plates and napkins from Party City. Now they love helping me make it, and love eating it even more of course!

  2. Carly Kerby

    These look really good! I know my girls would love making them with me. These definitely do not seem as hard to make as I would think they would be. Love that the fruit makes the coloring.

  3. Jesseca

    I’ve been looking for a better fruit snack recipe! I attempted some at the beginning of summer, but they were not good… I’ll try these today! thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelly B.

    These look great, and I already have the ingredients on-hand. I’m soooo trying this today. You rock, Robin!

  5. Lisa

    They look so yummy! Do you know how long they’s last unrefrigerated in the pantry? I like to vacuum seal my stuff in Mason jars.

    1. Post author

      Good question, Lisa. I’m not entirely sure. They don’t last very long at our house because we eat them so fast! :) Considering the ingredient list, if vacuumed sealed I would imagine they’d last for a quite a while… but I don’t know for sure. Good luck!

  6. Cassie

    I’m having a dense moment….Are you putting all of the fruits together and pureeing them together or making each one separate so each one is a different taste? Thanks!

    1. Post author

      Ha ha… no worries. :)

      The beauty of this recipe is that it is so flexible. I’ve done it both ways. In the above photos I have an all strawberry batch mixed with an all blueberry batch. But you could definitely do a mixed berry batch. You only need 2/3 cups of fruit… whether it’s one kind or a mixed variety. Have fun!

    1. Post author

      Fresh squeezed is always better, but you could definitely make these with bottled juice as well. I’d just make sure to check out the ingredient list to make sure you know what’s really in your juice. :)

  7. chanda

    This might be a silly question, but does the beef gelatin have any flavor at all? I’m assuming the fruit would cover it up if it did, but I’m curious as far as using it for other recipes as well. Thanks so much! Love your site!

    1. Post author

      Not a silly question at all… after all, who would want beef flavored fruit snacks? :) The gelatin is unflavored. You can use it in a lot of things with no fear of beefiness. (Totally a word).

    1. Post author

      I’ve had no problem with sticky using a glass pan. As long as they are fully set up they should come out easily. :)

  8. Alison

    Ok first off I LOVE YOU for introducing me to KOSHER gelatin. There are sooooooo many things I can’t make because we keep kosher and the recipe calls for gelatin.

    Soooo – do you think these would work if you molded them – meaning if you used a silicon mold and poured them in until the set? I have some adorable lego molds that would make awesome fruit snacks?! Hmmmmm Thoughts?

    1. Post author

      Ah, thanks! It’s nice to feel loved. :)

      Yes, you could definitely use a silicon mold for these. It would work perfectly. Just pour in, and put them in the fridge until they are set (or you can put them in the freezer for 10 minutes to kick start the process and then move it to the fridge.)

      Hope you like them!

        1. Emily

          Why don’t you try with Agar, I haven’t used it myself, but I know its a great vegetarian option to gelatin. Check it out, and maybe experiment a bit.

        2. Deb

          I just purchased vegan gelatin from a natural farmer’s market..maybe you have something like that near you?

          Also, check the kosher aisle- some of the kosher gelatins are made from fish bones- which would not be good for your vegan friends, but some have no traces of animals.

          Good luck!

          1. terry

            h, i’m a bit confused by the comment that fish bones gelatins contain no traces of animals. does this man that other gelatins do have traces of animals? aside from the fact that they are made from animals? i’m just trying to get clear because i’ve never used any specialty gelatin in it’s natural state.

            and what is the vegan gelatin you purchased made from? i would love to make some vegan treats for some friends!

    1. pat

      My boys are grown now but they still love making fruit snacks in the dehydrator. One has moved two hours away from us and the dehydrator moves frequently. Their favorites are strawberries. Cut the berries in half. Put in bowl and sprinkle a little powdered sugar over them to get the juices flowing. Laying in single layer in dehydrator and follow your manufactures directions. It takes over night or most of the day. Your house smells wonderful too!
      They also like apples. Granny smith are favorites. Core and cut in quarter inch slices. Sprinkle with lemon or orange juice to prevent browning. Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon and sugar. These take longer, overnight until the next afternoon. We do peaches the same way.

      Do recommend spaying the racks as it makes it much easier to clean.

      Hope you try and have better success.

  9. Michelle

    Are these gummy & easy to chew like the storebought fruit snacks? My youngest is 19 months and I don’t want to make these if he can’t enjoy them too. I hope they are because this looks like something I could *actually* do!! :)

    1. Post author

      My 18 month little girl has been eating these for two months and has had no problems. They are gummy… and I think easy to chew. If you are worried you can always use less gelatin to make them softer. But this will mean they take longer to set up and may get sort of “melty” at room temperature if out too long (like jello).

    1. Post author

      Could be too much whisking, although I’ve whisked mine quite a bit… what kind of fruit did you use? I had one batch that was kind of foamy when I used strawberries… I think I overdid the fruit. They still turned out okay once they set but they did take a little longer to set up. Did yours set up?

      1. Andrea

        They set up fine I used blueberry and orange juice the cut into squares just fine but the texture was like a foamy sponge

        1. Post author

          I’d try blending it less next time. That’s the only thing I can think that would make it foamy. :)

        2. Katie

          I just made these and mine also came out spongey and a bit bland. I did blend mine in my blender though, because with the gelatin it was very lumpy. Blender also changed the color!

          1. elise

            This happened to mine too:( Very bland and spongy. Used fresh strawberries and oj. I used a blender…might try with a different fruit and a food processor. And maybe use the full 2 T honey. Any other thoughts/suggestions??

          2. jeannette

            mine are foamy too . They are just setting now so we will see . Also mine have a strong lemon taste so far . We’ll see . but we are all excited here .

          3. foyupdate

            I’ve looked at several different recipes and many suggest adding lemon juice and I bet that would help add some nice sour.

            I’m also considering using straight fruit concentrate for the 2/3 juice.

    2. Alicia

      I think I’ll use the food processor – less air is incorporated than a blender, and maybe it’ll be less foamy.

    3. Audrey

      Mine were also quite spongey. I used lemon juice and strawberries–with an additional splash of pomegranate/cherry juice. Could this happen with too much gelatin? I let the mixture cook on the stove for awhile, so I’m wondering if some of the liquid evaporated, and then 5T of gelatin was too much. I used a food processor, put the mixture back in the sauce pan, and then whisked in the gelatin gradually, and quite vigorously.

    4. Lisa

      A trick that I have used (for jam) is to add a (very) small pat of butter. Calms the foam, every time. Something I learned from Grandma :)

    1. Post author

      Ha ha… not that weird. My husband hates eating raspberries because of the seeds. (Now THAT’s weird.) You can certainly strain this if seeds are an issue. I’d strain it just before adding the gelatin. Good luck!

      1. Susan

        I’m so glad someone asked!! My son refuses to eat anything with seeds. It drives me crazy (but I know where he got it from…me!) I was wondering if these could be made with fresh berries and use a food mill with berry screen first…but it looks like that could be a possibility after all! :)

  10. martine

    Awesome recipe! But even with 5 tbsp of gelatin they are not hard like yours! And how do you get this color ? mine is really transparent and I use blueberries and strwberries

    1. Post author

      Hmmmm…. what kind of gelatin did you use? I used frozen blueberries for the darker ones pictured, and the lighter ones I used frozen strawberries. I keep mine on heat until they make a compote-like sauce before I give them a quick puree. That can make a difference.

      1. Lisa

        I also used 5 tablespoons of gelatin and mine have been in the fridge for hours and have never set up. Is there any way to salvage them?

          1. Sabrina

            I used Suregel in the yellow box(sp?) is the gelatin in the canning isle. I didn’t want to make an online purchase or pay to much since I was trying it the first time.

            Is it possible I just had too much liquid to gelatin ratio? They have been in the fridge for hours and still jelly like.

          2. Tricia

            Sabrina, The Sure-gel in the yellow box is typically pectin, which is plant based and less strong and usually needs to be boiled to activate, rather than gelatin which is typically animal based. (there was no reply under your comment specifically so i did this one)

  11. Megan

    Thanks for sharing such a great recipe. I am looking forward to trying it out soon. Found you at Momnivore’s Dilemma. I’m your newest follower. Megan

  12. Tamara @ Oh Lardy

    I made the ones from Mommypotamus the other night and they were fabulous! I bet adding the fruit to it makes them even more fabulous. Thanks for posting this recipe. I can’t wait to try it out this weekend!!!

  13. Amy @ Pounds4Pennies

    I have been looking for a great recipe for fruit snacks for my kids! I don’t buy those type of snacks either. I am trying to stay away from anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup. I am still amazed where I find this stuff. I am making more of my treats from scratch and I really enjoy knowing I am giving my kids good for your food!

  14. Daniela

    I just made these today. I made them with frozen mixed berries- blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I used 2 TBSP of honey and they are quite sour and tart. I like them, but may use a little less lemon juice to offset the tartness of the berry mix I used. I did strain the mixture before adding the gelatin to remove the seeds, which I’m glad I did to improve the texture. The texture was perfectly gelatin-y using the Great Lakes gelatin. Thanks so much for this recipe! I love gummy candy and this is a perfectly healthy alternative.

    1. Post author

      Glad you liked them! You could try using a different kind of fruit juice (like oj) so they are less tart, too. :)

    1. Post author

      Hi Deanna,

      I haven’t tried it with other fruits, although you could easily make these just using fruit juice (just double the juice amount and take out the fruit). Fresh squeezed will always give better results, but any fruit juice would work.

      Good luck!

  15. kristy @ gastronomical sovereignty

    very interesting!! do you know where we can find gelatin from grass fed cows?

    thank you for sharing your post with us at the Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up! I hope to see you again this week with more incredible seasonal and whole/real fresh food ideas :) xo, kristy

  16. Renee R.

    Hey there, I just made these this afternoon and mine turned out more like jello! They’re SUPER soft, as in softer than the gummy bear. I followed verbatim so I thought I’d ask. Any advice? :)

    1. Post author

      Great question, Renee. What kind of fruit did you use? I found that when I did my first strawberry batch that they were more jello-y. Could be the water content of the fruit. You can always add more gelatin (try an extra tablespoon) to make them firmer… or play with different fruit and see what happens. It’s hard to get totally consistent results just because the fruit can change things from batch to batch a little. Good luck!

      1. ccru

        Blueberries will naturally make them gummier than most any other fruit because they are very high in pectin.

  17. SamanthaK

    I just found this on Pinterest & made them with my 3 yr old. We both loved them!!! He’s excited to bring them to preschool tomorrow to share with his friends. Thank you!!!

  18. Rachel @ day2day joys

    I really, really want to try this! I saw when Mommypotamus posted and now your recipe! Yum! And I love you put gelatin from grass fed cows… that is great! Whenever I get around to it, I’ll probably blog about it, and hope I can make it look as beautiful as you!

    And thank you so much for linking up with Healthy 2day Wednesdays as always! Hope you have a blessed week and hope you’ll be linking up this week! I also wanted to let you know we are looking for another person to co-host H2W’s with us if you are interested! :) (just email me!)

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    1. Post author

      Not really. They are very similar to store bought fruit snacks in that sense. They are sticky, but not as sticky as honey. Although, the longer they are out at room temperature the stickier they will get.

      1. Krystal

        Try a little cornstarch dusting. AFTER they are set up and cut first, of course. It shouldn’t cake on, and no, my three nieces couldn’t taste the cornstarch…they also didn’t end up with sticky fingers or one big fruit snack either :)

  22. Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick

    I’m THAT mom too!!! My son is 2 so at the moment I can say he’s too little for sweets. I’m going to make this today but with vegetarian gelatin. I think my little man is going to love it. Thanks so much for this post.

    1. Laura

      Vegetarian gelatin? Do you mean agar? Do you have a recipe?? My daughter is vegetarian (usually) and I would love to be bale to make something healthy and fun like this for her!

    1. Post author

      Great question, Poppy. I have never used agar agar, so I can’t say. You could always experiment! :) Maybe start with a half batch and see how it goes. Let us know!

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  24. Courtney

    I live in Canada and am having a hard time finding where I can order the Great Lakes Geltain from. I bought some gelatin packets from an organic store and was going to try the recipe with them but was wondering if using geltain packets v. the gelatin powder would need different measurements? Does anyone have any idea how to convert between those?
    Thanks. I am super excited to try these!

    1. Post author

      Hi Courtney, I’d check the package to see if it lets you know how much is in a packet… most gelatin packets have 1 Tbs in it so I would use 5 packets. It should work just fine. :)

  25. Elizabeth

    Hi! I found your recipe on Pinterest and it looks great and I can’t wait to try them. My daughter is allergic to all citrus…can you think of anything that would work instead? Or what is the purpose of the lemon/orange juice…(acidity/flavoring…etc)


    1. Post author

      You could use any fruit juice. So if citrus is a problem, try a grape juice or berry juice. It will still work. :)

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  27. Taylor

    I am a distance runner, and it occurred to me that these could be a more natural (and probably better-tasting) alternative to the energy gels and chews that many runners use. I used a mixed fruit combination of strawberries, pineapple, and mango, and they set up beautifully! I am at a higher elevation (7200 feet), and I wasn’t sure if that would make a difference, but it didn’t. Next time I might try orange juice to make them a bit less tart and add to the tropical-ness of the fruit combo. Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Post author

      That’s awesome, Taylor. What a brilliant idea to use these instead of running gels. Love it.

  28. Sierra

    I was really excited when I found this recipe and made them over the weekend. I used frozen cherries; however, after they were done setting they were very tart. I could not taste the fruit only the lemon juice. I did add 2tbs of honey, so that wasn’t the problem. Also the top layer of mine were also foamy. I followed the directions exactly with blending to purée etc. I know juice would be an alternative but that is just as much sugar as a fruit snack from the store, and defeating the purpose of being healthier. Any suggestions?

    1. Post author

      Hi Sierra,

      I personally haven’t tried cherries yet (but it sounds good!), so I can’t say for sure about the tartness. Maybe try mixing them with some sweeter berries? As far as the foaming… could be that it just got a little too pureed. Try mixing them less and then if there are still chunks or seeds just run it through a strainer before chilling.

      Hope that helps!

  29. Meagan

    Just made these. When I blended mine it immediately became “foamy” as well. I used orange juice, blueberries and strawberries and honey. I followed the steps and added the mix to a 9×9 glass dish. The gummies aren’t as vibrant as yours in the picture. They came out the “foamy” pastel color with bubbles on top. Anxious to try them and redo to see if I can perfect them.

    1. Meagan

      End result on first batch: Sponge like texture but my son likes them. ha ha. I will try to puree and whisk less too.

    2. Post author

      Hmmm… my only guess is that they got over mixed and that’s why the bubbles. I’m sure you’ll get it. :)

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  31. Alison

    Hello! Thank you for this recipe! As you suggested, I used equal parts berries and lemon juice. I am a big fan of sour candies, but this was way too sour … even with 3 tbs of honey. So, next time I’ll try OJ. I also found that it was barely enough to fit into a small Tupperware container (about 5″ x 5″). It produced a very small amount. I just say all this so that people know what to expect. I will definitely try again and appreciate the recipe!

  32. Jasmine Ward

    I’m sooooooo glad I found this on Pinterest. I love fruit snacks, I don’t love what’s in them, so I don’t eat them. :( Same with Jell-O. I would love these as a fruit snack or even if they turned out like Jell-O. I’m going to be making this soon. Thanks so much for putting this out there!

  33. Cheryl Crouse

    I’m really looking forward to making these as I am one of those grammas and I know my grand daughters will love these. I am enjoying making applesauce and think that organic applesauce would work well in these. I make mine by shredding the peel and whole apple except core and then cooking it down so you get all of the goodness of the apple. I may add another fruit like strawberry to the apple for a friendly color.

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  35. Lauree

    Hi, When you use frozen fruit, do you use it frozen or thaw it first? I’m trying to become that mom. My daughter has inherited my extreme sweet tooth and I hope these will be a good fix. Thank you.

  36. Rachel

    I made this recipe and it looks and tastes good initially, but then it seems to have a bit of an aftertaste. Am I imagining this? Too much gelatin?

    1. Post author

      What kind of an aftertaste? Could be the gelatin… or the fruit… or the honey you used. I haven’t noticed anything when I’ve made them… but each batch does taste slightly different because of the difference in fruit. I also use raw honey which can add a different taste depending on that particular “batch” of honey.

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    1. Post author

      With as much gelatin as the recipe calls for they are definitely more gusher like than jello. I haven’t had a gushed in probably twenty years, so I can’t say for sure… but they are more firm than jello. :)

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  44. Alethea

    My kids thought these were too sour. Think it’s because I used the bottled lemon juice (I read comments AFTER I made them)? I’d love to try again as my 4 yr old LOVES & BEGS for fruit snacks but I just can’t give him the sugary ones anymore.

      1. TTammy

        I tried the recipe and my are super rubbery and creamy looking instead of fruite looking like yours. Thoughts on what might have gone wrong?

        1. Post author

          Could be too much gelatin? As I mentioned in a previous comment, the type of fruit and even humidity in the air can make each batch a little different. A general rule of thumb: More gelatin to harden it up (or less juice/fruit) and less to make them softer (more jello-like). Hope that helps!

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  46. Genny

    So I made these and of course, they do not look like yours! I refrigerated them for an hour and they set up but, have that wet, jello look to them. Yours look more dry. They had more of a jello like texture. I did use a little more than 2/3 cup of fruit and a little less lemon juice and 5 TBS of gelatin. Maybe that could be the problem??

    1. Post author

      I’d guess it’s probably a ratio thing. Between the amount of fruit, the type of fruit, the amount of juice, gelatin, humidity in the air… there’s a lot of little factors. I’d try either less fruit or a little more gelatin. Try 6 TBS and see how that works.

  47. Catherine

    I just tried this and it did not work for me at all. :( I used raspberries, blueberries and orange juice. As I added the gelatin, the mixture became very dry and crumbly. Any advice?

    1. Post author

      I’m so sorry, Catherine!

      My guess is that the gelatin was giving your problems. It’s important to only do a little gelatin at a time while whisking very quickly. If you add too much at once it will clump up.

      A tip: keep the mixture over a low heat while GRADUALLY adding in the gelatin and whisking vigorously. The use the blender after the gelatin is in to puree any small left over lumps.

      Hope that helps!

  48. ginna

    i have these in fridge now. i hope they turn out as good as yours looks. mine look creamy red if that makes sense. what does it look like before you put it in fridge. i am very excited to make these for my girls

    1. Post author

      I hope you like them! Mine look slightly different from batch to batch simply because I use different fruit and I don’t really measure my honey… ha! But some look more creamy than others and still taste great. :)

  49. Kimberly T.

    Yeah!! Just today I flat out told my kids I was not going to buy fruit snacks anymore, since they seem to think they actually is some fruit in them. :). They’ll be thrilled when I actually give them real fruit snacks. I knew somewhere someone had to come up with a recipe. Thank you!

  50. Rebecca

    Just made these and the kids love them! I used frozen blueberries and lemon juice. I called them “sour gummies” and they are begging for more. :) Thanks!

    1. Post author

      Oh yay! I sometimes get nervous putting recipes out there, especially for kids (they are the biggest critics). So glad they like them. :)

  51. Kristine

    I just made two batches.

    Here’s my question – in reading the recipe, it would seem you are supposed to add the gelatin to the pan while it is off the stove?

    Batch #1 was by the book with tangerine juice + cherries. I don’t think the cherries have enough liquid in them and so the recipe turned out chunky and unwieldy. I added the gelatin off the stove after the mixture had cooled.

    Batch #2 was 1 1/3c OJ plus 2/3 cup mango and 2/3 cup pineapple. I did 8 TBSPs of gelatin. I put the pan back on the burner when I added the gelatin and whisked furiously. Then I put it back in Vitamix and gave it one last whirl. The texture is much, much better this time.

    Can you clarify the gelatin issue for me?


    1. Post author

      Hi Kristine,

      Great question. I’ve never done cherries, so it could be a liquid issue. As for the gelatin… I’ve put it in both while on the stove and off. The real key is having enough liquid, stirring vigorously, and then if you get some lumps giving it a whirl in the blender. It’s worked for me every time. I hope that helps! Gelatin can be something of a tricky beast. 😉

    2. Post author

      Hi Kristine,

      Great question. I’ve never done cherries, so it could be a liquid issue. As for the gelatin… I’ve put it in both while on the stove and off. The real key is having enough liquid, stirring vigorously, and then if you get some lumps giving it a whirl in the blender. It’s worked for me every time. I hope that helps! Gelatin can be something of a tricky beast. 😉

      1. Kristine

        The mango/pineapple batch #2 turned out very nicely and will go with me to my mom and kids potluck today. I definitely think the cherries were an issue. Next time I try cherries I will compensate with much more juice. I also had vastly more success with the gelatin on low heat + Vitamix whirl.

        Thanks for the fun recipe!

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  53. Carla


    Thanks for the recipe! I just made these with blueberries, oj and honey. I didn’t have gelatin, so I used agar flakes. I used 4Tbs of agar (vegetarian option for gelatin) and they started setting up immediately! Apparently, you don’t need nearly as much agar as you do gelatin. :)

  54. Megan

    My 2 cents…first batch i made with fresh lemon juice. I read the comments about the tartness so i added another honey squirt and a packet of stevia. The second batch i made with OJ. This turned out spongy, it wasn’t the same liquid after i added the gelatin and i had to spread it. Not sure if it’s because i accidentally boiled the fruit or whoops may have forgotten the honey. The first batch tasted better, slightly tart but still good. I used frozen Dole berry mix. Thanks for the recipe!

  55. marissa

    Can anyone tell me the shelf life of this recipe? I would like to make them, but I don’t know how long it would take them to expire and I wouldnt want myself or my children to be consuming anything past date. Thanks!!!

    1. Post author

      Great question, Marissa. I keep my in the fridge, but we usually have eaten them all within a week. I would guess that in the fridge they’d last for a couple of weeks. Not sure at room temperature. Food usually gives some pretty obvious signs when it goes bad. If it has mold or smells funny it’s no good. Otherwise, it’s probably okay. :)

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  57. Erin

    Fabulous! This looks yummy and fun to make. I skimmed through your comments and please forgive me if you’ve addressed this as I did not see this question: Have you attempted to make this with vegan gelatin?

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  59. Holly

    Just made this and it is so tart! Also it is more like chewing a rubber band then a fruit snack. I assume I measures my gelatin wrong ( had to help a toddler in the bathroom in the middle). Is there a way to make them less sour with out adding much more sugar?
    Ps I used strawberry.

    1. Post author

      I would try orange juice instead of lemon juice. And maybe do one less Tbs of gelatin. It’s a little bit of a trial and error until you get the texture that YOU like. :)

      Good luck!

  60. Liz

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this recipe! My first batch is in the fridge and I can’t wait to make more and do some experiments with future batches!

    1. Post author

      Great Lakes also has pork gelatin… or if you look at just a few comments above there has been some success using a vegetarian substitute of agar agar. (see comment #144).

      Hope that helps! :)

  61. Mary

    Are you aware that when you click the “print” icon to print the recipe, you also get all the comments. I just wanted the recipe and my was going to get 44 PAGES!!! Yikes! At least I caught my printer before it got that far. That’s a lot of ink! I am hoping there is some way you can adjust the way that print button works so we just get the recipe itself.

    Thanks for posting the recipe, though. I’ll be making it soon!

  62. Beth

    I made something similar and they molded (at room temperature) more quickly than I would have hoped. It was at least a week, maybe more. I bought some food grade (non-gmo) citric acid, for my dishwasher, but I’m wondering if adding that would preserve them longer so I can give them as gifts too. I know I see ascorbic acid in many organic, store-bought brands. Thanks for any thoughts on natural preservatives! :)

    1. Post author

      Great question, Beth. For me, I just keep mine in my fridge until I want to take them somewhere. Although these usually don’t last more than a week anyway (even when I double the batch).

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  65. Arlene

    I am looking forward to making these for my kids. But I was wondering if you would be able to add bananas. My kids love strawberry banana and I wanted to try it but not sure if it would work?

    1. Post author

      That’s a great questions, Arlene! I would total experiment with bananas… sounds good. But I have no idea how it will affect the texture. If you like to experiment, go for it! 😉

  66. Meg

    Hi, I made these with frozen blueberries and Great Lakes gelatin in the green can. They came out like a puree and never gelled.. What did I do wrong? I didn’t let them sit very long before wisking gelatin in–could that be it?

    1. Post author

      Hmmmmm… not sure what happened. The sitting part is just to keep the gelatin from turning into clumps. How long did you let them sit in the fridge? That’s really odd. The only thing I can think is that somehow the gelatin/fruit ratio wasn’t quite right. I’m not familiar with the great lakes gelatin in the green can… (my can is orange/red)… hmmmmm…. I’m sorry it didn’t work. I wish I knew what the issue was.

      1. Kristina Larson

        How interesting! I used Great Lakes gelatin in the green can, and it didn’t set for me either.

        I made these the first time with Knox gelatin (and they turned out great), and then I splurged on the Great Lakes good stuff. I’m so bummed it didn’t work. (Not your fault, Robin–it’s a great recipe!) I’m trying to decide if I can justify splurging on a different colored can of Great Lakes to try again.

        By the way, instead of tossing out the unset fruit snack mixture, I just added it to smoothies until it ran out. It added some extra zing!

    2. Alicia

      Hi, the green can is a non gelling (sp) kind of gelatin. It will not firm up like the orange canister. It’s easier to digest though, from what I’ve heard

  67. Shelly

    I REALLY wish you had a better print version i ended up printing all the comments and pics when i just wanted the recipe and what a fabulous one it is!

    1. Post author

      Ah! I’m so sorry! I was just recently notified that this is what happens with the print button. Ugh, technology! I am in the process of trying to find a better one. So so sorry!

  68. Stephanie

    I am having a problem understanding, what gelatin you are using. I mean can you use regular hello it if the pack? I am not a big baker or canner. I have heard of pectin, but remember grandma using it to can. could you please clarify the gelatin for me. I am so anxious to make these for my kids:)

    1. Post author

      I’ve linked the kind of gelatin I use in the recipe (it’s the “like this” link after the gelatin listing). I love this particular brand as it is from grass-fed cows which is better for you and the environment. Ultimately, any gelatin will work (although pectin is something different). You should be able to find gelatin at almost every grocery store… probably in the baking aisle. Hope that helps!

  69. gale

    does it really matter if the gelatin is from grass fed cows? I have nothing against grain fed since our own cattle are fed a mix of grass and grain. thanks for the recipe-my kids love fruit snacks but I limit the ones from the store.

  70. Penny Michalski

    I love butter, too. But it has too many points. I use Land O’ Lakes butter and canola oil, only one point per tablespoon. I have the taste, but not the points of real butter. When you have 26 points (weight watchers) a day, every one of them counts!

  71. Truc

    I’m totally that Mom… My husband laughs… I tried to whip up a batch of these tonight with frozen blueberries and oranges. They turned out spongy and opaque but I think it was overblending in my magic bullet to blame. My problem is the smell of the gelatin really turns me off. I tried eating some of the snacks and I just couldn’t stomach it. Is it an acquired taste? I have the Great Lakes unflavored gelatin.

    1. Post author

      Hmmmm… I haven’t noticed a smell with the gelatin. Did you use beef or pork unflavored gelatin? Maybe try the other kind? I’d also maybe try adding a bit more honey or use orange juice instead of lemon. That might help bring out a stronger “fruit” flavor. Good luck!

    2. michele

      We made these too super excited,but then we didn’t like the smell of the gelatin either. I doubled the batch , so I used twice the amount of gelatin. Should I have done that?

      1. Post author

        I would have doubled the gelatin. If the smell bothers you, consider adding in some natural flavoring like vanilla or a pure fruit extract. It might help give it a more “fruity” flavor while still keeping it healthy. :)

    3. Nicci

      I had this same problem. The gelatin smells so bad when it’s dissolving that I nearly gagged. It smells like a rendering plant or something. I was hoping the smell/flavor would dissipate as it cooled. It did a little, and my son liked the fruit snacks fine, but I could still smell/taste the gelatin. Ugh. Suggestions?

  72. Jenn Doherty

    what is the point of the orange/lemon juice- is it for taste or is there a need for a citrus juice in order to make something specifically happen that a non-citrus juice might not? Could one use pineapple juice? grapefruit juice (an alternative citrus)? just wondering….making a batch now (it’s cooling before I add the gelatin) with lemon juice. want an alternative in case it’s too sour… I can’t do oranges as they give me canker sores.

    1. rochel

      I made mine with lemon juice and I am throwing the whole thing out-it is WAY too sour. I’m going to try orange juice next…tho pineapple juice sounds yummy too!

      1. Post author

        I’m sorry, Rochel! I love the sourness, but the OJ should definitely sweeten it up a bit. You could also add a little more honey. Good luck!

  73. Jenna

    I made these and was so excited…They taste good but they are very sticky? Is that the way they are supposed to be? I was thinking they would be more solid than jello-ish.

    1. Post author

      Hmmmm… Not sure about the sticky factor. I’ve never had a problem with that… but different humidity and temperatures could affect it. Try keeping them in the fridge. They should be fairy solid… definitely more so than jello.

  74. Theresa M.

    I made these with blueberry and lime juice. They do have a bit of a sour taste because of the lime juice, but we love them! Thanks, we can’t wait to try other flavors!

  75. Leslie

    My son is 19 months and I’ve been looking for healthy toddler friendly snacks. Plum baby food brand makes these organic fruit and veggie stripz that have no sugar, only fruit veggies and pectin..he loves them, but they’re too expensive to buy all the time. I used Knox gelatin as its what I had. I figured the grass-fed would be way pricier, but when I did thr math, it’s costs exactly the same per oz as the stuff you get in your regular grocery store, even with shipping ! That shocked me…I plan on ordering some ASAP. When googling homemade fruit snacks, lots of recipes came up for jello ones using tons of gelatin..what’s the point of that?!!! Jello has just as much sugar and additives as store bought fruit snacks :/. Anyway, thanks for this! I threw a handful of spinach in mine too!

  76. Coco

    I was thinking about pouring these into a a larger glass dish to make them thinner, how do you think that would turn out?

    1. Post author

      That will totally work! I use different size dishes all the time, depending on my mood. The thinner dish will also set up faster. :)

  77. maybeloreds

    Its not that I would want to do a recipe unjustice with using different ingredients. I just can’t spend that much money on gelitain so what would happen if I used the regular kind the non grass fed kind would it still be good?

  78. Jessica

    I made this recipe a few days ago. I followed it word for word and my gummie just tasted like a sour lemon. Anyone else have this prob?

    1. Post author

      Great question, Bek. They never last more than a day or two at my house. If you keep them in the fridge they should last at least a week… although it could be even longer. I just don’t know from first hand experience. Sorry!

  79. Katie

    I am so relieved that someone else feels the same way about being “that mom.” it is a constant battle with church and family and I am looked at as an extremist. I really appreciate you sharing these! thank you thank you!

      1. Anne

        Robin, Katie, other moms,
        How do you handle the snacks that are given in nursery and primary? My baby girl is going into Primary in a few weeks and I am thinking I will send her with a snack pack of dried fruit – or something that looks similar to the standard snacks. What other ideas do you have?

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          I’ve sent her with her own snacks before, but stopped once she got a little older and started wanting what the other kids had. Now I just try to be relaxed about it and make sure she only gets good food at home. It’s a hard balance, so do what feels best to you!

  80. Mars

    I finally made these and they are great. I didn’t read the comments first so I over-blended and ended up with a “foamy” layer on top. Looks kinda cool though! 😉 I just wanted to let you know that I actually did the steps a little different, because the last time I used my immersion blender in a pot of berries, well… I had hot berry juice everywhere! So, I put 1c Frzn Bluberries and 1c Water w/Juice from 1/2 Lemon and a generous squirt of Honey into my Vitamix and gave that a long whirl. Then I poured it intpo a pot over low heat and whisked the Gelatin in. My mistake was putting it back in the Vitamix ‘just in case.’ Hence the foam. Will skip this step next time! This gave a great gummy bear like consistency and mild but yummy flavor. Looking forward to trying more flavor combos. Thanks for the recipe! Happy New Year!

  81. Ada

    I tried these today and they are so yummy! They are a little tart, but after reading the other comments, next time i will use less lemon juice. But my 2.5 year old loves them! I hope they make it through the weekend!

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  83. Begum

    Just made these for my toddler, looks yummy. Thank for the recipe. Question, can i use cake pan instead of glass?

  84. Kahele

    When I made mine using 2/3 cup juice, 2/3 cup berries, I didnʻt have enough to cover the bottom of my 8x8x8 dish. Am I doing the measurements wrong?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Post author

      Hmmmm… Not sure. I’ve always been able to cover an 8×8 dish. You can always add more juice and berries (in roughly an equal amount). Could be the berries you used just didn’t have as much water content. When using fruit that is always something that can happen.

  85. Jessalyn

    Glad I am not the only “that mom”!!! I feel like I’m crazy sometimes, especially with the looks I get from friends but it’s good to know there are others out there Lol Can’t wait to try these for my 2 1/2 yr old son and I! Loved the idea of throwing in some spinach too. Oh, and one question…would a regular blender work? That is all I have right now, I don’ t have a smaller one like the magic bullet. But thanks for the recipe and I can’t wait to try it out!!

  86. Ali

    So, I followed the recipe (using strawberries) and my cubes ended up really bland and boring. They were kind of tart with only the faintest strawberry taste. I’m not sure what went wrong… When you say 2/3 cup of frozen or fresh berries, do you mean frozen berries that have been defrosted and packed into the 2/3 cup? I used sliced frozen berries and packed and overflowed the measuring cup to make up for the spaces in between the berries, but it didn’t have the fruity flavor I was looking for.

  87. Sara

    This looks good, and it looks a lot like kanten, which incidentally is what some people in the comments have been asking about: mostly the same as your recipe but made with agar agar.

    This is how I’ve been doing it: for each cup of liquid you use 2 grams agar agar powder. The liquid could be the pureed fruit alone (raw, you’ll boil it later) or with water or apple juice (I think I read somewhere agar doesn’t set well with citrus but I’m not sure). Once you’ve chosen what your liquid/taste base will be, you measure one cup and heat it in a saucepan until it boils (if you’re adding sweeteners do it now), then add the agar and stir until it is dissolved, this could take a few minutes. Then simply pour it in a mold or small molds and pop it in the fridge. Kanten sets very quickly, about an hour or so, and this recipe is firm enough that you can cut it in cubes easily.
    Note: agar agar is a vegetarian alternative to cow/pork gelatin, but the nutritional content is not similar at all. Although it is low cal and high in minerals and fiber (yay!) it is not a good protein source by any means, so if you’d prefer a high protein snack stick with the normal gelatin stuff. Otherwise try it for a healthy light fruity snack =)

    Original recipe here:

    The rest is my own experience from making it all summer this year as a light and healthy jell-O substitute =)

    1. Jenna

      Hey… I made these and they taste great. So thank you for sharing this!

      My only issue… I tried using a mini ice cube tray to make smaller and cuter shapes. The fruit snacks stuck and did not come out easy at all. Is this probably not a good type of mold product to use for these? I was wondering if a silicone mold would allow them to truly “pop” out as I visioned.

      Thanks again!

  88. Amy Sparks

    Found this on Pinterest and I went out and bought all the stuff for it tonight! I am excited to try it with orange juice and a strawberry/banana fruit mixture I found in the frozen fruit section. Letting the liquid cool as I type. My daughter had a real obsession with gummies (Thanks to grandma) and couldnt have just one pack so we had to nip that in the bud, but Im hoping these healthy ones will allow us to give her fruit snacks again!! Thanks!

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    1. Post author

      Hi Vicki! You could probably substitute regular sugar. I’d add a little more liquid to compensate… and it definitely cuts down on the “healthy” factor… but it should work.

  90. Alise

    These look wonderful! Do you know if health food stores might have the gelatin? It looks like amazon is all out and I’m dying to try these!

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  93. donna

    Robin, I am glad I am not a “crazy” Mom after reading your post !:) My son has been going through a huge growth spurt and amazingly enough he has been pounding his whole lunch at snack time. The school didn’t inform me of this until last week and have been making him go through the lunch line CRINGE! They tell me that I have to pay for all the hormone, processed crud! As we also are about 99% ORGANIC . And then told me that if he doesn’t have food at lunch that he has to send him through this is where I said oh NO, I will tell you what I am going to do, I am sending in a bag with ORGANIC snacks , juice , milk and he can have something from there. I told him he was hindering what I was doing by allowing him to put that processed chemical garbage in his body. He was like I don’t know as I am not a nutritionist,DUH ,neither am I. but I know that stuff isn’t good for him. ok I will get off my soap box :) thanks for the info will have to try these!

    1. Post author

      Wow! Sometimes I am amazed at the “authority” schools think they have over what our kids can and cannot eat. Way to stick to your guys. You’re not crazy. You’re a good mom. :)

  94. Diane Tantimonaco

    Made these today and they turned out awesome! I threw frozen blueberries and orange juice, plus a little meyer lemon juice into the vitamix and blended then into a pot on the stove with honey. Then whisked in gelatin and let set in fridge. They turned out perfectly and my son gobbled a handful of them up quickly. They turned out the perfect consistency. Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting on my gelatin (Bernard Jensen) to arrive so that I could try this.

  95. Amy F.

    I can’t wait to try these. I have a niece with allergies/sensitivities and this will be great for her!
    I thought the pear and tropical varieties sound wonderful just like the berry ones. I’m thinking watermelon would be great as soon as they are available… Because of high water content of them, would you think leaving out the lemon juice or simmering to reduce the water would be better?In #75 you even mentioned adding more gelatin. I understand that the lemon juice is for tartness and the vitamin C in it should help preserve them so maybe just reducing the lemon and an extra TBSP of gelatin. Just looking for the opinion of the guru. ; )

    1. Post author

      The gugu!? Ha! Not sure I’d call myself that. :)

      I think your logic is right on. I haven’t tried to watermelon so I can’t say for sure what the best ratio would be… but reducing the liquid a bit and/or adding more gelatin should do the trick.

  96. Katie

    I made these and they turned out great!!!

    –I did three flavors: 1) apple cinnamon (with 1/3 c lemon juice and 1/3 apple juice), 2) strawberry (1/3 c lemon juice, 1/3 c cranberry juice), and blueberry (also 1/3 c lemon juice, 1/3 c cranberry juice)

    –I also cooked the fruit WAY down, then smashed it with a potato masher while it was still cooking. This way, I just put it in the blender for a few seconds, avoiding the foaminess problem.

  97. Megan L

    I just made these and sadly to say I had to use the Knox gelatin cause I have lots of it and need to get rid of it. I used my magic bullet as well but mine turned out super foamy…it’s like a creamy color and i used fresh strawberries and bottled lemon juice let me tell ya they’re going to be tart. Any suggestions?

    1. Post author

      You can always switch out the lemon juice for OJ or another “less tart” juice. As for the foamy aspect, I’d be sure to really heat the fruit down as much as possible and then only blend for a little bit to mix everything together.

      Good luck!

      1. Megan L

        Heat the fruit down? Like how? Also is there anyway you could change my last name so it only says L? I usually don’t put my full last name on websites not sure why I did.

        1. Post author

          Just in the saucepan. You want to keep it on the heat until the fruit becomes almost like a thick compote. It will help with the texture. :)

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    1. Post author

      Every kid is different, that’s for sure. My little girl loves them… although she’s never tasted an artificial fruit snack before. You can always switch out the lemon juice for something sweeter like OJ. :)

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    1. Post author

      Actually, it is tablespoons. The gelatin is the star of the recipe… full of good things (assuming it comes from healthy grass-fed cows). You can always use less if you want… but 5 tsp may make it more jello like. :)

      1. Katie

        Oh my. Well, I tried it with the 5T and it was like gnawing on a tire :/ After looking at several other fruit snack recipes, I did 5tsp, and it was perfect. Personal preference I’m sure, but just an FYI for people who were complaining about texture! :)

  101. Josh

    Quote: “I try not to go too crazy… after all, I know my C gets real food 99% of the time… so the rare fruit snack or handful of cheeries won’t kill her. But still. Sundays are always the worse as we head off to church and then my parents’ home. I practice my deep breathing, picture lovely things, and wish I had a better alternative to the processed offerings that seem to come at every angle. Why can’t I just find a healthy fruit snack!?!”

    A message to all you “that moms” out there. Be thankful you’re not pulling your food from a trash can and try to focus your energies on things like feeding the poor and caring for “the least of these” instead of ideologically brow-beating mainstream society for eating processed foods.

    For reference, see this CNN article and count your blessings:

    1. Post author

      Hi Josh,

      Believe me. I am very VERY grateful. And on a daily basis I ponder my great blessings and try to do things to help those in circumstances that I can barely imagine. I understand that the concerns of “us moms” may seem trivial at times. But when you take into account the very real danger of our processed “food” system and the effects it has on fertility, cancer, and other debilitating things, it doesn’t seems so trivial. That’s not to say that they aren’t nearly as horrific as the real problems that so many people on this planet face. But coming on a blog like this and trying to shame us and make us feel guilty for wanting the best for our kids isn’t helping either.

    1. Post author

      I keep mine in my fridge and they’ll last at least a week… probably longer but they never stick around that long. :)

    1. Post author

      I don’t see why not. Depending on the cherries, it could be very tart… so maybe go with a sweeter juice like OJ?

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  105. Natasha

    Super silly question but is gelatin considered Jell-o? For instance, can I buy a box of Jell-O mix and use 5 tbs of the powder?

    1. Post author

      Hi Natasha,

      Jello has gelatin in it, but it also has other stuff like dyes, sugars, and flavoring. Plus, I’m not sure how much jello powder you’d need to make it work. I’d personally stay away from the stuff. :)

        1. Post author

          I’d guess in the baking area or by where they sell jello. In most traditional grocery stores they’ll come in a box with several packets.

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  107. Angela

    Ok, we made 2 batches…blueberry and then strawberry. Um, NO…just, NO. Not good, AT ALL. We were really excited about these as my kids have been missing fruit snacks. HUGE let down. So I experimented and played around…use two packets of sugar free gelatin in the flavor of the fruit you are using plus 3 Tbs of the unflavored gelatin and THEN they are good.

    1. Post author

      Hi Angela,

      Sorry you didn’t like these. That’s what you get when you’re dealing with different people with different tastes. Glad you found something that works for you… although I’m a bit confused by the phrase “sugar-free gelatin.” Gelatin should be sugar free anyway… are you talking about Jello? If that works for you, great… although it sort of defeats the purpose of avoiding unnatural flavors and dyes.

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  109. Sara

    I made two batches of these last night. The first batch I used a frozen berry mixture of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries along with the lemon juice. Very tart! I like them, but J (17 months old) had to adjust to the sourness. Next time, I will probably strain out the seeds, but overall very yummy. I didn’t have any issues with foam and I followed the directions exactly. The second batch I made with frozen mangos and orange juice. YUMMY, perfectly sweet and J kept saying and signing for “MORE”. Thanks for the healthy snack idea!

  110. The Coastal Living Mom

    How “gummy” are these? My LO is 17-months-old and only has a couple front teeth, so he sometimes has trouble with really chewy or gummy things. I guess, is it more like jello or fruit roll ups?

    1. Post author

      My little girl didn’t have a problem with them before her molars came in. They are softer than most store bought snacks. You can always use less gelatin and they’ll be more jello like, but may take longer to set up.

  111. Sheila

    How many batches did you have to make to get yours thick like a cube? I did one batch and it is thin like a fruit rollup in the pan.

  112. Jillian E.

    I am really excited to try this recipe, my three (almost 4 year old) has ADHD and we have had to cut out most of the preservatives, dyes, and sugar in her diet. She couldn’t go without peanut butter sandwiches so I started making my own bread and peanut butter (with only peanuts in it, no sugar or anything else!)
    One thing she REALLY misses are fruit snacks, and I have become one of those moms who cringes when someone hands her fruit snacks or whole juice (I only give her about 1/2 ounce no sugar added juice to 5-6 ounces water) or anything like that because I know not only is it not good for her but the behaviors I have to help her manage later. Today someone gave her a ring pop and not a half our after eating that she had a major meltdown. Her dad is forever giving her sour gummies too so I think she will like even the tart ones! Thank you for this recipe!!

  113. Danielle

    so i just made these but i used the knox brand of gelatin. the box says to use boiling water so i put my juice/raspberry mixture on the stove after putting the gelatin in. the taste is awesome, but they are definitely not fruit snack texture. they are more like really hard jello. just wondering if that is how they are supposed to be or what the texture is supposed to be like? they are also very sticky, not very “finger” friendly. i wonder if i let them air out they will harden…

    1. Post author

      Mine aren’t very sticky… make sure they set up all the way. You can try airing them out… but that may make them more “melty.” Not sure. Give it a try. 😉

  114. Leslie

    So my girls and I tried making these today. I doubled the recipe and put them in a bigger pan. I realize now I could have left them in a small pan and just had thicker fruit snacks.

    They seem too rubbery or something. Would that be from too much gelatin?

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  116. Telse Tanda

    When I use gelatin I always rehydrate it for a few minutes in liquid (water) before I stir it into the hot fruit. That way there will be no lumps. The gelatin and liquid mix could be melted in the microwave. Less chance of getting so much foam.

  117. LindsayB

    I’ve tried to make these twice now and they both turned out foamy. The second time I barely mixed it in the blender because I thought that was the problem, but apparently not. Any suggestions?

  118. jamie

    Made these today for my 17 mo. old. He loved them! They weren’t as fruity tasting as I would have liked, but since he liked them that is all that matters! :) I love being able to make healthy treats for my baby! They are so much cheaper and I not full of unnecessary ingredients! Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!!

  119. Wendy

    you made a comment in the article about cheerios.

    I feed the plain ones to my granddaughter all the time, but am really health conscious, so could you pls tell me why they’re bad?

    1. Post author

      Hi Wendy,

      My main concern with Cheerios is that they are a processed food (full of Genetically Modified Organisms) that try to pass as a health food. There is also some question about the safety of extruded cereals in general. Not sure if I can completely agree with these unpublished studies are not, but they are definitely worth looking into: (scroll down a bit to read about cereals)

  120. Ashley

    I am making these right now, the mixture looks beautiful but I tasted it and they are pretty tart. I’ve read using oj instead of lemon juice, but that won’t help these. Do you think if I add just a tiny bit of sugar it would mess things up? Just for this batch, I’ll try oranges next time!

      1. Brittany E

        Hi I am making these right now but couldn’t get the gelatin anywhere except tje knox brand. I was wondering if should mix the powder with water and use 5tbs thay way or dump the packets into the mixture? This stuff smells awful!

        1. Post author

          Any gelatin *should* work, but I obviously can make any guarantees with brands I haven’t used. My gelatin doesn’t have much of a smell that I’ve noticed.

          1. Brittany E

            Ok I tried them and I cant get over the flavor and smell of the gelatin! I would like to try again with a better gelatin but I would have to find some place that would carry it since no one near me does and amazon is sold out! I dont like the flavor smell or texture as they are right now and they look nothing like yours!

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  123. Abby

    Thanks for posting! I had just assumed my kids wouldn’t be eating fruit snacks at all (except at Grandma’s; that’s a battle we’re still fighting), but these look great!

    We just moved from Oregon, where the food choices I make for my son are understood and supported, to Mississippi, where my mother-in-law recently informed me that pizza rolls and fruit loops are okay because “cheese has calcium and the cereal has fiber”. Seriously.

    Thanks for posting!

  124. maya

    gelatin from cows? :O very unhealthy, no matter what they were fed with. I suggest plant alternatives: agar agar or fruit pectin, they work great!

    1. Post author

      I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. All the research I’ve done shows that gelatin from healthy cows is incredibly good for you. But I’m glad there are plant based alternatives for those who choose to refrain from animal products.

  125. Liz

    These just didn’t taste like a fruit snack at all to me. I used lego molds thinking my boys would like them but they turned their noses up. Oh well, maybe I will try a different fruit (I used strawberries).

    1. Post author

      Play around with different fruits, feel free to add more honey if you need to. If you are really used to store bought stuff you may need to start with more sweeteners and slowly back off until your palate readjusts to the sweetness of fruit.

  126. Melanie

    Just made these, SO GOOD! And simple, although I did run out of Gelatin, I had to use 1Tbl of Raspberry Jello :( I’m sure it made them sweeter, but also added a bunch of other stuff. Thanks for the recipe!!

  127. samantha

    I put these in the blender straight from the pan and the heat made the top pop off the blender so be careful. I’m still waiting for them to setup so we’ll see how it goes!

  128. Bfin

    This may be sin but will sure jell pectin work? I have it on hand now and wonder how it would taste. Thank you!!

    1. Post author

      Ha ha! Not sure I’d call it a sin… not sure if it would work either. It might, I just haven’t tried it (or used jell pectin much) to know for sure. But what do you have to lose (besides a batch worth of ingredients.) Try it. :)

      1. Bianca

        Lol! And wow you are a quick responder! I will try it with pectin and hope it works or is something edible till I get the good stuff in! I will let you know it goes. Thank you so much!

  129. Jessica

    Found your recipe on Pinterest and was so excited to give these a try. Made them tonight using blueberries and raspberries, I did use orange juice instead of lemon and agave instead of honey (it’s what I had on hand). They were super easy, set up wonderfully, but the flavor just wasn’t there. I gave them to my son (4) and he said “Mommy, these don’t taste like anything”. Also, I definately won’t use raspberries again, seeds were too much. I am going to give it another try, maybe with just blueberries or strawberries, and maybe a bit more agave or I will pick up some honey and try that. Hoping to have better results next time, because definately love the concept! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Post author

      I think the flavor really depends on a number of factors. If people are really used to store bought fruit snacks these will definitely taste different… not nearly as much sweet stuff and other “natural” or artificial flavoring to compete. But I find them so much more delicious as I actually taste FRUIT. :)

      1. Swapna

        Hi there, I made these today with my daughter. We used strawberries and orange juice. Mostly because we didn’t have any lemons. They are not super sweet but she loves them. I would so much rather give her these than the store bought stuff. I used a smaller pan as well. 4×6″ pan and they are not super thick but not thin like a roll up. I also used 2 envelopes of gelatin and next time I may try one for the amount of fruit you recommended. Overall a great idea! thank you for sharing!

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  131. Candice M

    So sad, ours ended up tasting/smelling like gelatin too :( My 3 year old wouldn’t eat more than one bite :(

    May try playing around with it some

  132. Alyssa B

    I made these last night and let them set up in the fridge overnight (covered so they wouldn’t dry out). I followed the recipe and used half lemon juice and half orange juice. I strained the mixture back into the pan after blending and heated it up before mixing in the gelatin. I strained it in the pan, too. They looked great and were easy to make, and I tasted the mixture to make sure it was good before adding the gelatin.
    I cut them this morning to take to work and all I could smell was the gelatin. I could barley get myself to pop one into my mouth because of the smell. All I can taste is the gelatin. Yuck. They look good and the texture is good, but the taste is not there. Sorry, I really wanted to like this recipe. I’m glad it works for your family.

  133. Amanda

    My son has an allergy to food dye and I can’t wait to try these. I have really never been one to make everything to avoid processed food although I totally agree that is is not beneficial to our bodies. I buy less processed of what I can and so on, but this is a HUGE find for me. I can’t wait to try it this weekend. I have noticed that some people in the comments say there is a smell from the gelatin, and you always ask what kind they used and I am so curious, but no one over seems to reply to that. Hopefully we will know. I am not sure that I will be able to use the type you recommend on my first batch because I am just going to use what I have now, but I do plan on trying it out. Thanks for the recipe and tips on the comments. :)

    1. Amanda

      oh and fyi, for people who don’t want to print the comments, just select the recipe by highlighting it with your mouse, then right click, select print, select the part when the print box pops up that says selection and then hit ok to print…. you will only get the part of the webpage you select, which should be the recipe if that is what you highlight.

      1. Amanda

        ok, I used knox gelatine. It did not stink at first, but after I put in like the last tablespoon or so, it did. The smell went away after they set, some, but I could still smell it. Also, one packet is not equal to a tablespoon. I measured it out and it takes about 2.5 packets to equal a tablespoon. I also found them a little too rubbery (compared to a normal gummy). My husband, 4.5 year old and I were not a fan bc of the smell and texture, but my 1.5 year old LOVED them. Since he was the one with the food dye allergy and this was for him anyway, that is all that matters. He isn’t used to sugar or artifical flavors or dyes, or normal gummy texture, so it was really a cool snack for him. Thanks for the recipe. I am going to try to make it again and use a little more fruit and a little less gelatine to see if that helps the smell and really rubbery texture. I think if I play with it a bit and tweek it then it will be the perfect treat for us. Thanks again.

        1. Post author

          Yeah, just play around with the ratios until you find what works for you. Luckily, this isn’t a precise recipe. :)

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  135. Rachel M.

    Thanks for this great recipe! I made some that turned out foamy, but they’re still edible. We’ll keep trying different ratios/combos and figure out what works best!
    I think somewhere in the comments you said you could make these with only juice, not berries? Is that correct? Would the measurements be the same? I have some mango guava juice that would make great fruit snacks. :)

    1. Post author

      I haven’t done it with just juice, but you definitely can try. It may turn out more “jello” like, but still good. There’s more gelatin in these than homemade jello so it will still have a little more firmness to it.

  136. Jasmine

    Hi! I “hate to be that mom” 😉 but would you happen to know or know where I can get the carb count for these yummy sounding snacks? My DD is a diabetic so carb counts are very important to us. Thanks!

  137. Pingback: Toodler Food | Sweet Sweet Nothings

  138. Chelsey

    Hi- I am not an “organic” mom, so I was wondering if it is essential to the recipe to use the gelatin from grass fed cows, or if regular gelatin would work?

  139. Theresa

    You don’t have to use gelatin (boiled carcasses, pigs, cows horse) there are healthier things.

    1. Post author

      If the gelatin is from pastured and healthy raised animals it’s actually really healthy. Of course, if you don’t prescribe to the “animals are good for health” then we’ll just have to agree to disagree, and I totally respect that. :)

  140. Pingback: Is it really fruit? | Finding Clean

  141. Holly

    I was so excited to try these but very disappointed with the outcome and hoping you can help. I followed the recipe but mine came out very rubbery not chewy like I expected. Any ideas?? Thanks!

  142. chococat9

    I was confused by your recipe. Is it supposed to be 2/3 cup or 2-3 cups? I tried it with 2/3 cup and it wasn’t even enough to cover the bottom of an 8×8 dish. Then, I started looking for other recipes and one’s I found called for 2-3 cups of fruit and/or juice. Then, I started thinking that 5 Tb of gelatin seemed a lot for such a small amount of fruit and juice.

    1. Post author

      It’s actually 2/3 cups… and then you cook the fruit down until you have an almost compote. The cooking down process is what’s going to make this more of a fruit snack and less like jello. But since the water content of fruit varies, don’t be afraid to play with different amounts of both juice and gelatin. More juice/less gelatin will produce more jello like results. Less juice more gelatin will be much firmer. Hope that helps!

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  145. Valerie Loveless

    You are a mom after my own heart. My kids love fruit snacks and other moms love to give them to my kids! I’m going to try these soon!

  146. Michelle

    I’ve made these twice neither turned out too well… BUT I went through many, many comments and the THIRD time was the charm! I found out that:
    1- The fruit must be cooked like a compote and lightly blended and possibly strained if there are chunks. If it is blended past the “clear stage” and into the “foamy stage” it will carry over looking like that into the finished product.
    2- It needs to be slightly warm as you mix in the gelatin, and it must be a liquid state to poor into the glass. If it is not, warm it up just a tad.
    3- To add sweetness, cook apples or grapes and use some of the clear liquid strained from them in your 2/3 cup berry blend.
    4- Don’t be afraid to use more or less of anything to get the exact taste you want. If you don’t like it, guess what? You can melt it down and add whatever is necessary! It will still set up again! Honest. :)
    Happy Fruit Snacks!!

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  151. rose

    Hi. How long do they last? In fridge and out? Wanna make a lot of them at once to keep for a while. Also you mentioned berries only here. Can I use other fruit like apples, plums. mango, peaches? Can u freeze, for how long? Would like to use as way of preserving fruit in season.

    1. Post author

      When we make these they are usually gone within a week, so I can’t say for sure how long they will last. Keeping them in the fridge or freezer will definitely keep them longer. I’ve never tried apples, plums, mangos, or peaches. But if they can be heated into some sort of compote they would probably work.

  152. Sandra

    I have a very naive question for you …am I supposed to make the jello first or add it dry? I think this would be an important factor for me to know :) Thank you!

  153. Courtenay Olivarez

    I’ve been “that mom” for 10 years now and don’t plan on changing my ways any time soon. (Matching tshirts for our club would be cool!) My poor kiddos have finally accepted it and stopped asking for processed, artificial junk, but they do envy the nasty stuff their school mates bring for lunch. Thanks so much for this recipe! I’ll surprise them with fruit snacks this afternoon!

      1. Courtenay Olivarez

        We love them!!!! I made strawberry with fresh orange juice since I had a ton of berries that I got on sale and they were getting a bit past their prime. Next time I’ll try lemon juice since we like a little tartness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Post author

      Totally depends on your taste. Some people think they need more honey than what I have. Experiment and find what works for you.

  154. Kristin

    This is so cool! I’m not “that mom” very often, but I draw the line at fruit snacks. They have never passed my kids’ lips, which is tough when they’re such a portable snack. I always have looked at the store bought ones as all sugar, no nutrition, so I’ve always picked something else to give them as a treat. I’ll be making these when the summer berries are coming to their peak and I can’t keep up with just eating them. I’m not a jam making/consuming person, so this will be a great way to use up some overripe berries! Thanks for the recipe. :-)

  155. Moriah

    Hi thanks for sharing! They sound (and look) AMAZING! 😉 I live in Brazil and you can’t get gelatin from grass fed cows, will regular gelatin work well? I know I love fruit snacks and so does my little brother. But the problem was the gelatin. Anyways. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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  158. Pam

    Was wondering if pectin would work instead of jello. I’m allergic to jello and I’m a vegitarian. If so, do I use the same amount?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      It might work… also agar agar might work. But I haven’t tried either to know how much to use. You’ll have to experiment. :)

  159. Mignon

    Hi, I just have a quick question about the quantities for this recipe for the juice & the fruit, I read it as two-thirds of a cup for each. Is this right or should it be 2 to 3 cups of each.
    When I made it up I ended up with barely enough to cover the bottom of a 6 inch container.
    Also I had to stop adding gelatin after 3 tablespoons as it was SUPER thick already. It set very well & the flavour wasn’t bad so I would really like to try it again.
    Thanks Mignon :)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yes, 2/3. It’s doesn’t make a lot but you could easily double or triple the recipe. :)

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  163. Lisa Quenon

    Does gelatin only mix well into a warm mixture? Does it need the warm in order to properly dissolve? I’m just wondering about the enzyme aspect of this recipe. Looks incredibly yummy yet I’d like to make it without cooking the fruits if possible. Anyone know about the gelatin-dissolving aspect vis-a-vis heat?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      The gelatin will dissolve better at warmer temperatures. You could try dissolving it in just the juice and then add fruit afterward.

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  165. Pingback: Adventures With Fruit Snacks | Ignore The Mess

  166. Krystal

    So happy to find this! My daughter sees everyone else at school with fruit snacks and wants them so bad! Being allergic to grape and apple there are none on the market she can eat!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Oh, that IS rough. Allergies are so hard, but especially on children who just want to be like everyone else.

  167. alice

    can you use fruit besides berries? i have a wonderful idea to make “tropical” fruit jellies but want to check out before i do.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Probably, although the recipe might night be tweaked depending the fruit. I haven’t tried it myself, but if you read some of the comments you can find some successful different fruit options.

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  169. Lett

    “I’m not awesome like that… But you can be”!!! Just made my day :) a sign of relief that we don’t have to be perfect although we all strive to be! Just had to hear it from someone else!
    My daughters love fruit snacks!!! I haven’t bought some in a long while because they devour them. Need to try this!!!

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  173. kamiko60

    my sister in-law was this way with her girls, they got homemade snacks and treats. she always carried some with her, and we respected that her girls got that instead of our goop. Once in a while we were allowed to get away with something store bought, but not that often. Stick to your guns, people respect you more when you have convictions and stand by them. a person needs to stand for something or the fall for anything. :)

      1. jeannette

        I used the powder , mine is kinda foamy . They are just setting so we will see how they turn out . iam excited and so thrilled I found this . Thanks a lot for the share .

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  175. Lex

    You are critical about all the things you don’t want your child to eat – but gelatin is boiled dead cows’ hooves and bones. It’s pretty gross if you think about it.

  176. Pingback: Healthy Fruit Snacks | Healthy Living Inspiration

  177. Lan Nguyen

    What is the texture of this fruit snack? Is it chewy or more jello-like? Does it stick to the teeth awfully? I’m looking for ways to preserve the bounty we got yesterday from strawberry-picking. (I’ve frozen some and turned some into ice cream. I’m thinking of dehydrating but not sure about the texture either. I really want to make freezer jam but can’t find a healthy pectin from here – Toronto). Thank you!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      It’s closer to jell-o, but a little more firm. I haven’t noticed any sticking to my teeth issues. :)

  178. Lisa

    I made these tonight for my kids. They are going to VBS and I am trying to make snacks for them that are similar to the snacks the church is providing for the other children (we are eating a GAPS diet currently). I thought they were wonderful! They worked perfectly for me. I actually cut them into long strips like gummy worms because gummy worms are part of the snack tomorrow. For those having trouble with a gelatin/beef taste I really believe it is the gelatin you are using. I’ve tried gelatin snacks with Knox and with NOW gelatin and both were gross. But I had recently purchased the Great Lakes gelatin and it worked so much better with no gross taste. Everyone here loved them including my husband who hates all things gummy! Thanks so much for the great recipe!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yay! So glad you guys liked them… and I agree, Great Lakes really is the best option if you can get your hands on it.

  179. Lisa

    Oh, I also wanted to ask if you have ever tried freezing these? We are going on vacation in July and I am trying to make things ahead and freeze them so I don’t have as much work to do right before we leave. I’ll probably try it if you don’t know and I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks again!

  180. Michelle

    I wonder how these would be with coconut milk added in? I wonder if they would still set?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I’ve actually seen someone do a coconut milk version… I think it would be creamy delicious!

  181. Sarah

    I’m sorry, but these were a fail for me. Such a small amount of liquid it barely filled a few molds. Did I cook this too long? I went for a compote feel. All the comments are people talking about making this in the future, anyone out there actually try this and succeed? Advice welcome. Thanks.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Not sure what the issue might be… but you can always play with the ratios of liquid and gelatin until you get something that you like.

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  184. Taryn

    Maybe somebody asked this, but you have so many responses I didn’t scroll through all of them! I wanted to make these but realized I didn’t have any plain gelatin. It’s not all natural but could I use strawberry jello mix as the gelatin needed? Or would it not set right?
    I’ll probably end up buying gelatin but I’ll have to use these berries for something else this time around.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I”m not entirely sure because I don’t know what else is mixed with the gelatin… but it might work?

  185. Kirstyn Lia

    Have you ever seen the Clif Kids fruit ropes? They are (more or less) the same thing as the fruit snacks you have shared in this blog post except that
    1-im a vegetarian, and these use Pectin as opposed to gelatin as the gelling agent (gelatin is not vegetarian–which is yet another reason that I don’t eat those weird store brand fruit snacks)
    2-im a college student, so I don’t really have access to a full kitchen usually. These are all natural and taste amazing, but can be bought in the store

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  187. Katie

    My husband and I tried to make this today it turned out like….skin. Seriously. I don’t know what we did wrong. We followed the recipe exactly except we used a blender. But we have a “puree” setting… Any idea what we did wrong or why in the world it would turn out looking like skin?? And it didn’t taste so great either….

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hmmmm… not sure about the skin texture. You can always play around with the amount of gelatin to get the texture you like best. As for the taste, because fruit varies so much on water content, try adding a little more honey or orange juice for sweetness. Strawberries are really high in water so it could be that they need a little more sweetness to balance that out. I’m sorry they didn’t work for you this time!

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  194. Nick Williams

    Thank you very much for this recipe! I think I will use it on my blog on my website as its a super easy one to make and healthy! Everyone should make this as a little snack and especially for their children easy way to get them eating more fruit!

  195. Pingback: 40 Healthy Kids Snack Ideas - Yummy Inspirations

  196. Kayla

    I made these today and they turned out SUPER rubbery? They look nothing like your photo :/ And the texture is nothing like the 100% fruit snacks I buy (not talking about the kids junky ones). Any ideas?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      What kind of fruit did you use? And what kind of gelatin? It’s probably a gelatin/water ratio… and if your fruit had a higher or lower water content it could change the texture. Try adding less gelatin next time and see if that helps.

  197. Kimberly

    Can I sub 1-2 tb. of coconut sugar, sucanaut, or something else? My little guy is one and I want him to be able to enjoy these too! Thanks!

      1. Shilo

        These look Devine! I’m def going to try them for this coming school year– wondering to avoid foam– how a food milk would work?? Going to try and see! I have so many local berries frozen for just this! My kids are always sad faced when they don’t get ‘packaged’ treats — so if they turn out (and seems awfully easy not do make) if I could use my Food Saver and pkg then individually after making a few batches then freeze and pop one in their lunch?? Maybe ill ‘test freeze’ first!

        Thnx for posting!!

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  202. Kristie

    Made these today, used blueberries & orange juice (Cara Cara pink navel oranges) they taste more like the oranges smell (they have a different smell than other oranges). They are ok for me, my Son seemed to like them as he kept asking for more. I like the texture better room temperature for sure! I’m going to try them with lemon juice next time to see if I like them better… Do you think the oranges I used may have effected the taste?!? I also used Knox gelatin as I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in case they were a no go, would that make a difference? I want to love them, but I guess it’s more important my Son loves them!!!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      The flavor will definitely vary from batch to batch depending on the fruit and their level of sweetness. The lemon will make it more sour, which I like, but others don’t. You could use other kinds of juice, too. Keep experimenting and find your favorite. 😉

  203. Nichole

    Could you put spinach in these to add some vegetables to them but still have the fruit flavour

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  205. Lynn

    Thank you so much for this perfect recipe! I made them tonight using the juice of 2 small limes, 2 small lemons and one small orange along w/ fresh strawberries. They taste like strawberry lemonade and are perfectly pink. I know my daughters are going to go crazy for them. And…they bounce like Squinkies! :)

  206. jennifer

    Hi! I just made these for my twin sons. I poured the mixture into an 8×8 glass dish and it barely even covered the bottom surface of the dish…it seems like I have too little mixture. I used strawberries and orange juice (2/3 cup of each). Is the gelatin supposed to expand? Your picture looks like your fruit snacks are like little cubes…my mixture still wont even cover the bottom of the dish. I’d love for this recipe to work…any idea where I went wrong?

    p.s. do you use the gelatin in it’s “powdered” form or are you supposed to dissolve it in liquid first? perhaps that is the problem?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      The gelatin doesn’t really expand the mixture, just changed the texture to a more chewy fruit snack. It could be that you had too little fruit. Since everyone uses different fruit it’s hard to get an exact measurement.You can easily add more juice and/or more fruit to make more mixture so that you have at about 1/2″ of mixture when poured into the dish.

  207. alisa

    I am both a new mom and new to the concept of thanking my body. Prior to having a child I didn’t really care what I ate (I know how awful… hush don’t boo me). However now that I am a mother I am VERY concern as to what goes in my little ones mouth. I am not sure if I am doing this recipe wrong or if I am just programmed to love processed food. I have tried this recipe twice once with blue berries and once with strawberries. First it was hard then it was too soft. An despite the texture failure I tasted it anyway and lets just say I missed the mark. Any suggestions?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hmmmm… did you use lemon juice or orange juice? The OJ will make them sweeter. As for texture, did you use the same amount of gelatin both times? Could be that the water content in the fruit it throwing it off.

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    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I always just keep mine in the fridge until I want to pack them up to take for a snack or lunch on the go. In the fridge they’ll last at least a week… longer depending on the freshness of your ingredients. At room temperature they will last a couple of days but could get a little “melty” if it’s toasty.

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  219. Genevieve

    I was just wondering, can you just put the fruit, the juice, and the honey in the blender first and then put it on the stove to warm it up to mix in the gelatin? What do you think the difference would be of not making it a compote first before blending/pureeing it?

  220. Jenn

    Hello! Not sure if someone already asked this, but I have a question about the gelatin. It is so expensive, so I am wondering if a little goes a long way in recipes? Like will that canister of gelatin last quite a while? Does it expire quickly too? Thanks!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      They are pretty large canisters and should will probably last a couple of months even with consistent use. Keep your eye on Amazon. They go on sale a lot!

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  222. Jen

    I did try these. But I would not try them again. Something should be said on how to prep the pan and the thickness the fruit snacks depth should be made. I used Knox gelletan and this is a very expensive way to make these. I used blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries all from our garden. I think the lemon juice was too tart for my 3 year old.

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  226. Emily

    In the picture your fruit snacks are clear and beautiful, like store bought gummi fruit snacks. I made them and they are all cloudy and sad looking (but still tasty). Do you maybe know why? Should I maybe use more fruit next time? Or cook it for less time? I cooked the fruit waaay down because I’m not all together clear what a compote should look like…

    Thanks for the recipe though!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yeah, I’d say probably more fruit… and for me the blue berries are what add the most color. When I only do strawberry they are definitely not as bright.

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  232. Mylissa

    Has anyone tried adding vegetable juice as well to try to sneak some veggies in too? Would you take away sine of the fruit juice or adding more honey to help with the flavor?

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  238. Nicole

    Any reason why gelatin (same brand) in any recipe causes constipation? I made this re pie and it was tasty but painful in the end.

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  241. amanda

    I make these all the time! Although i tweeked it some. I make huge batches of them because my husband and i eat them for snacks in our semi. I also freeze them and they come back out great as long as you soak up any condensation that comes off. I’ve made peach, pineapple, ginger pear, blueberry rasberry, apple cinnamon, strawberry. I use half lemon juice and half whatever complimentary organic juice i want. always taste test as you go!

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