Homemade Body Wash: Oatmeal infused for a soothing touch.

Homemade Body Wash: Oatmeal infused for a soothing touch.

Homemade body wash is so simple to make, and gives you a chance to take control of what’s going on your skin and into your body! I particularly love this body wash because it’s simple to make, it’s cheaper than store-bought, and it has some nourishing ingredients to keep my skin moisturized and happy. As we head into the colder months this becomes super important for my dry skin.

The Problem with Most Commercial Body Washes

Ever turn a bottle of commercial body wash over and look at the ingredient list? It’s usually long and full of unpronounceables:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid
  • Salicylic Acid
  • decyl poliglucose
  • ammonium laureth sulfate
  • disodium cocoamphodiacetate
  • cocamidopropyl betaine
  • glycolic acid
  • acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer
  • triethanolamine
  • methylparaben
  • propylparaben
  • urea
  • phenoxyethanol
  • triclosan
  • polysorbate 20, etc.

To be clear, just because something sounds big and scary on a chemical ingredient list, doesn’t mean it’s always bad. After all, “Acqua purificata” is merely purified water. BUT, plenty of the above ingredients DO make me leery of the product and are harsh on the skin. Some of the ingredients are just down right scary. Best to avoid it all and create your own homemade body wash where you know exactly what’s going in it.

So what goes in this homemade body wash?

Have to try this foaming homemade body wash with oatmeal and lavender! Click here for the recipe.


Simple, all natural ingredients designed to clean your skin AND provide a soothing and moisturizing experience. Winner winner.

The base of the recipe is pure liquid castile soap. I prefer to use the baby mild kind (like this) because I have a history of sensitive skin. I also feel good using this body wash on my toddler because of that, too. But you could choose a more “exotic” variety of castile soap like this one or this one. (Okay, so maybe “exotic” is the wrong word. Just go with it.)

Let’s look at the other ingredients in this homemade body wash and what they bring to the party. (Because, OBVIOUSLY, homemade body wash is always a Par-tay!)


Oatmeal has made the rounds in a number of commercial products due to its soothing properties. I love taking oatmeal baths when my skin needs a little extra love so it seemed like a perfect addition to this recipe. The oatmeal infused water is a perfect way to make this foaming homemade body wash a little more of a spa-like experience.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the best of the essential oils for skin. For starters it’s a really safe essential oil and super versatile. It also tones, revitalizes and supports healthy skin. Besides, it smells luxurious… and that’s half the battle, right?  (learn how to get my favorite essential oils at wholesale prices here.)

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often included in skin and beauty products. That’s because it’s a powerful antioxidant that can help lengthen the shelf life. It also nourishes and repairs skin. It’s a must-have for winter skin in my opinion. You can find Vitamin E oil here.

Jojoba or Avocado Oil

Both of these oils are super moisturizing. I love to use them as part of the oil cleansing method so it only makes sense to add them to this, too! You can also find these online here and here, but if you can’t get your hands on these oils, I have also used extra virgin olive oil in this mixture and it works well, too!

Are you excited yet!? Let’s get our homemade body wash ON!



There you have it! A simple recipe that utilizes the awesomeness of a foaming dispenser to save you money and keep you living all natural!

Looking for simple, frugal ways to live more naturally? I thought so.

The internet is full of natural tutorials these days. The only problems is finding the tried-and-true recipes and keeping them all organized in one place.

That’s why I created the ultimate guide to non-toxic living. My ebook, All Natural Living has 75 non-toxic recipes. You’ll find recipes for hair care, makeup, personal care products, cleaning products and more. It also walks you through the best first steps and provides insights on the must-have ingredients.

Needless to say, it’s a super handy guide to have nearby.

The DIY revolution can save you cash and keep your home super healthy. Since the book is only 4 bucks you really have nothing to lose. So stop wasting time and money and grab your copy right now. Click here to check it out.

What do you think? Will you try it?

Homemade body wash with oatmeal and lavender. I'm so making this!


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  1. claire

    (sorry, touched the wrong button)

    Some time to collect the ingredients. I seem to be my families tester for these types of things. LOL Thank you for the ideas!

  2. Kissiah Aiken

    This sounds great. How long might it keep in a person’s shower? Have you ever tried using other natural preservatives like grapefruit seed oil and rosemary essential oil for preserving a product and if so how did it work? I’ve been thinking about trying them.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I keep this in my shower until it runs out. Haven’t had any issues with it going bad.

  3. Kayla

    How does it lather up? My husband is crazy about his soap and likes it to be realllllly soapy and foamy.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      This lathers better than any other castile soap combination I’ve found. The foaming dispenser is key for that.

  4. Brenda

    This looks great! Is it ok to use EO’s in an acrylic bottle? I always thought glass was better, which, obviously presents a problem in the shower…. Thanks for any help you can offer!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I think glass is best especially for storing pure oils, but since this only has a few drops it’s not going to be a big deal.

  5. Lisa

    Hi there! I’m so excited to make this – would you think it’s gentle enough for children to use? My toddler and preschooler have very dry skin so I try to keep commercial soap to a minimum but this looks like it might work!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I would think it would be just fine for them as lavender is one of the safest oils around. :)

  6. Ioanna

    You will need to use .5-1% of grapeseed extract or other preservative in the water section ( oatmeal infusion) it will last 4-6 weeks in Coll ,dark and dry conditions. Otherwise this will need to be kept in fridge. Could also try citric acid about 1tsp per litre.

  7. Becky

    I have grape seed oil. I wonder if that would be a suitable substitute for the jojoba/avocado oil. I am also going to reuse my foam pump dispenser bottles from Bath & Body :)

  8. Courtney

    Hi, I love your blog, i found it when i realized how irritated my eyes would get because of my mascara and wanted to find a natural one. I never realized how awful my house is to the Earth. I have started making and changing things around my house to make my family greener. I was wondering if you could make a post about essentials that every green DIYer should have. like you use cocunut oil in a lot of recipies and essential oils and such. and maybe along with these essentials you could put where they could be found and how much they cost and if there are different types of them or scents you could put which ones you would recomend. its just an idea but i think it would help a lot. thanks (:

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Great idea, Courtney! I’ll put it on my “to do” list and hopefully have something up in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yes, you can. It won’t foam at all… and you may need to add more soap to the bottle, but it will still cleanse.

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  10. Mary Ann

    I make my own bar soaps, but I’d love to try this too. Where do you get your pump bottles? Having the right packaging for things often trips me up.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I found these ones at the Real Food Market in Orem, UT. I know Amazon has similar ones, but I really love these. Wish I knew where they got them!

  11. Kristina

    Robin, you’re such an inspiration! I was always conscious about eating healthy and exercising, but was unaware of toxins in my own house environment. But recently I started taking Real Body Revolution classes based on Dr. Axe suggestions and it opened a Pandora’s box for me of things that I had no clue about. I found your website searching for home made detergent and baby safe home made items and was so impressed with all the information and tips you have available for moms and women like me who care about nature given sources for the safety their family almost to the point of others rolling their eyes! :) And saving money! And feeling great, looking great.
    So I tried your home made Lavender Body wash as my first home made anything product to give to my girlfriends for Christmas and they love it! I will be coming back here often for more great recipes. Thanks again for passing on the wisdom! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Kristina

    P.s. What is the storage life of this body wash? Can it be kept in the shower without refrigerating? Thanks!

  13. Jennifer

    Can this be used on kids hair too? I just made it with grapeseed oil. If not I’ll just use another foaming dispenser with just Castile soap and distiller water. A cheap solution for foaming dispensers is the dollar store and dump that soap out. I then wash it in dishwasher. Now you have a foaming dispenser for a buck. Thanks for the recipe…can’t wait to try it tonight!

  14. Elena

    Hi, I wrote before already, but for some reason my comment isn’t appearing. If it suddenly appears twice I apologize!
    Anyway, I’m having problems with my foaming dispensers. After a few weeks they just stop working! I’ve made this wash a couple of times already (I love it!!!) and I have the same problem every time! First I thought it was the brand of foaming dispenser I have, but it’s now happened with a couple of others as well. Is there something I could be doing wrong? I follow your recipe meticulously… Should I maybe not be shaking it before using it? Or shake it more? I realize you might not be able to help with this but I was hoping that maybe you or any other of your blog readers have had similar experiences and have a solution for this!

      1. Elena

        Difficult to tell. I do the castile soap/essential oils/oils mix just the way you say, and the ratio of that to the oatmeal infused water (obviously without the oats!;)) is about 1:5-6. That’s a very rough guess.

        1. Post author
          Robin Konie

          Hmmm… not sure what the problem might be. I haven’t had any issues with my dispensers and we’ve had them for some time. Play around with less soap and see what happens.

  15. Karla

    Just read up a bit on Citric acid seems like at proper level would be a good safe additive to control bacteria growth and adjust PH of Castile Soap….

  16. Judy

    Hi Robin,

    I have recently come across your website and I am just hooked. I am slowly trying to change some of my harmful products with non-toxic ones. I have children and am looking for a body wash that we can all use. My question is can I make this without the oatmeal? One of my children has Celiac’s disease and can’t have oats. Thanks!

  17. April

    I just saw this recipe on Pinterest and really want to try it. However, every time I make homemade body wash with Castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Pure Castile Soap) my skin feels icky and if I get it in my hair it is impossible to brush. My skin dries out as well. I notice that the rich lather disappears during the first rub on my skin and I find myself using a lot more wash. My question is, will this body wash do this.

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  19. Sadie

    I am also having problems with this. I made a half batch to fill one dispenser. It worked fine for a few pumps worth, but then it almost seemed like it got clogged up, and wouldn’t pump out. So, I made another batch using a different foaming soap dispenser…same thing, first couple pumps worked just fine and then it doesn’t work anymore. Both soap dispensers are empty bath and body works. Very disappointed…I was planning on doing a little product making party this weekend with some friends…I will have to find a different recipe that works.

  20. Jessica

    Oh no where did I go wrong? My mixture was maybe too thick and doesn’t pump out of the foaming hand pump. Any ideas?

  21. Heather

    I too have been disappointed in the foaming dispensers getting clogged up after about a week, week and a half. :( Doesn’t matter if its a $1 bottle or more $. I’ve come to just using the straight liquid out of a regular pump container, but I do really miss the foaming action.

    Also, I’m using up a bottle of grapeseed oil in mine in place of the jojoba/avocado oil and I’ve decided my oil is a tad old because after a couple of weeks the soap starts to smell nasty. 😛 Then I have to dump what’s left and make more. The oil works fine otherwise – if it were fresh, I don’t think there would be a problem with smell.

    Personal preference… instead of unscented castille soap plus lavender, I use Dr Bronner’s Peppermint castille and eliminate the lavender – the mixture smells divine!

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