Wanna win over $700 in prizes AND help the world?

Wanna win over $700 in prizes AND help the world?

Let me ask you a question: What messages do you hear, accept, or send out to the world about healthy living?

If you head on over to Pinterest and do a search for “fitness motivation” and you’ll be bombarded with images of photo-shopped (and half naked) woman underneath layers of text, riddled with fear-mongering, guilt, judgement, and cynicism. Sure, there are a few gems out there with honest, hopeful, and truly motivation messages, but the majority of images continue to perpetuate the idea that you have to choose between being healthy or being happy.

The world of health, nutrition, and fitness can be so toxic. The constant battle cries scream over the internet:

“You MUST eat this!”

“You CAN’T eat that!”

“You MUST do this!”

“Don’t EVER do that!”

Is it any wonder that healthy living is such a hard life to advocate? (Sigh) It’s enough to make you want to curl up in bed with a bag of Oreos and just say, “forget it!”

Drop the Oreos. We have a mission!

Healthy AND Happy: A Social Experiment

This is it. Your chance to tell your story and spread your message. It’s our chance to show people WHY we strive for better health.

Why makes you healthy AND happy? Come tell your story at thankyourbody.com!

Tell me:

What does being healthy AND happy really look like? Feel like?

What is your message to the world to motivate, support, and encourage?

How can you share your joy?

The Contest

I’m asking you… yes YOU to help be an ambassador. I need your help to let people know that healthy living is also happy living. We need to bring our own powerful ammunition to shoot down the idea that healthy living is some sort of tortured lifestyle.

I need your upbeat, motivating, encouraging, heart-felt, and creative ideas to make a difference in the world.

Are you up for it? I really hope so.

Why makes you healthy AND happy? Come tell your story at thankyourbody.com!

How have you found real health AND real happiness?

The soul of this experiment are the pictures and messages you create! A internet meme (rhymes with “team”) is an image and text that spreads like a virus from person to person around the web quickly. But instead of a virus we’ll be transmitting ideas. If you’re on facebook or Pinterest I’m sure you’ve seen more than your fair share of these visual messages. Some are funny. Some are frightening. Some are just silly.

My vision is to create a tsunami of memes that are truly motivational, joyful, and realistic to combat the negative, unrealistic, and demeaning memes that are plastered all over Pinterest. I want to get people thinking about what real health is and the happiness it can bring if we started focusing on what really matters.

I want to see less restrictions. Less guilt. Less beating yourself up. Less ideals that can’t be realized. Less feeling like you have to suffer for health. Less women starving and torturing themselves in the name of health. Health is supposed to be the opposite of suffering!

What makes you both healthy and happy? I want you to create a simple message and/or image to share your vision! And, I’m offering prizes for your help (more on this in a bit, but first an inspirational thought).


Why makes you healthy AND happy? Come tell your story at thankyourbody.com!


The Prizes: Worth over $700!

I hope you’ll want to join in this experiment in efforts to share happy visions about good health. BUT, I know people are busy so I’m adding in some extra prizes to sweeten the pot. Nine lucky winners will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card, and the grand prize winner will get a brand new Vitamix valued at $499!!! Go check it out here.

Why makes you healthy AND happy? Come tell your story at thankyourbody.com!

That’s over $700 in prizes, y’all! I’m serious about spreading some healthy living cheer.

How to enter

If you want to help with this experiment, and get a chance to win some awesome prizes in the process, all you need to do is:

1. Create your meme

Your meme might be an image… or maybe it’s simple text. It could even be a combination of both. Be creative. Have fun. Make your message stand out in a unique way.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a picture of your body with your positive message of self love or healthy living.
  • Show us a picture of your favorite real food and tell us why it makes you happy.
  • Create text or an Image that captures your reasons for seeking a healthy lifestyle.
  • Consider a category that you are passionate about: Real food, toxic free living, positive body image, healthy approaches to fitness, healthy relationships, etc.

Your meme must be:

  • Meme Size (in pixels):  735px x 735px
  • You must own all rights to any images you use, have written permission that you are free to use the image, or ensure that any images you use are available for free use under creative commons law.
  • You must pin your meme to Pinterest and link it to thankyourbody.com.
  • You must include the contest specific message as your “Pin” description:

“This is why I am healthy AND happy.
Learn more about the experiment (and the $700+ worth of prizes!) at thankyourbody.com.”

If you’re not super familiar with image creation, no worries!

There are lots of free and easy tools online to get you started:

  • You can use a free site like http://www.picmonkey.com/ to create your meme. You can add text, shapes, and all sorts of fun effects. Just remember, simplicity is beautiful.
  • If you want to use a picture just upload that to picmonkey and then use the crop feature to make it the right size (735 x 900).
  • You can download a “blank canvas” that is the right size here. Simply right click the image and click “save as” to save it (on a PC) or ctrl + click (on a Mac)… just be sure you know where you saved the image.

Remember: No stolen images. Use your own, a friend’s (who gave you permission to do so), or one that’s free through a creative commons license.

2. Pin your pin

Obviously you’ll need a Pinterest account to enter. (Please note, this contest is not endorsed by Pinterest. We’re just happy pinners like the rest of you.) If you don’t have one, creating a Pinterest account is easy and free. Go to http://Pinterest.com to set up an account.

Once you have a Pinterest account:

  • Click on the little “+” icon that at the top of the page next to your profile picture.
  • Click on “upload pin”
  •  Upload your awesome-sauce meme from your computer.
  • Once you have chosen your image you’ll need to add your description and then pick a board to pin your meme to. To be considered you must include the following as part of your pin description:

“This is why I am healthy AND happy. Learn more about the experiment (and the $700+ worth of prizes!) at thankyourbody.com.”

  • Your meme is now pinned, but you’re not done! Open that pin back up (you can click on the “see it now” right after you pin it, or go find it on the board you pinned it to.)
  • With the pin open you can edit it and add the link. There is a little pencil icon just under the image on the right side. Click on that and then type the following url in the “source” box (This will help others join in the fun!):


  • Click save and you’re done!

3. Follow Thank Your Body on Pinterest

Head on over to the Thank Your Body Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/thankyourbody and click the red “follow all” button at the top


4. Fill out the form below and then you’re done!

But first check out the contest terms and conditions here.


When you’re done be sure to leave your pin link in the comments so others can find it!


How will the winners be chosen?

The top ten will be chosen by a panel of 3 – 5 judges and will be based on the following criteria:

  • The overall “message” of the meme
  •  The design of the meme
  • Repins and likes of your meme


Why makes you healthy AND happy? Come tell your story at thankyourbody.com!


Let’s do this!

I hope you are excited to get people excited about being healthy! I also hope your excited to win some awesome prizes! Now, my friends, go forth and create your motivating, encouraging, HAPPY memes!

Questions? Just ask in the comments. Keep in mind that I respond to comment in the A.M. only.


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