February Link Love

February Link Love

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS! We are almost done with February! I’m so excited I want to throw a parade!!! Not sure why this winter has been so hard… (well, besides getting through my first trimester, Utah pollution, and the cold freezing weather, a sick little girl, and my grandmother passing away… wow, rough start to 2013.) …but I am so excited to move on to March. 

But before we “march” forward  (ha!), let’s talk a little bit about what I did love this February.

Real Food Recipes (aka: YUM)

Ghee Made Easy (How To)
Stuffed Peppers
Easy Homemade Greek Yogurt
Real Food Cupcakes
Flax & Mustard Seed Crusted Pork Chop
Sole Meuniere

Healthy, Toxic-Free Living Articles

Naturally Whiten Teeth with These Home Remedies
What Doctors Won’t Tell You About the HPV Vaccine
Why gluten-free popularity can be dangerous for celiacs and gluten-sensitive folks
The Missing Nutrient: Vitamin K2
The 80/20 Rule

Homemade yogurt fruit leather. Super tasty with the benefits of yogurt!

TYB Highlights for February

Loved seeing my “mistake” turn into something healthy and yummy. Check out these homemade yogurt fruit leathers.

Getting down to business and talking about the ugly side of vegetable oils.

Showing you my favorite way to strengthen your core (hint: it’s NOT doing crunches).

And of course, for Valentine’s Day, enjoying this double chocolate cookies made from yummy real food ingredients.

Double Chocolate Cookies. These are so delicious and use only real ingredients!

What did you love this month? Feel free to share your favorite links in the comments!

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  1. Amy

    Good bye, February!! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I love your “crunchless” ab routine. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Heather

    I loved the homemade blush! With that article I discovered the homemade mascara! I can’t wait to try making my own make up! I am so happy I have discovered all these natural living tips! I am now about a week into cleaning my face with oil (LOVE IT!) and doing the no-poo method for my hair (LOVE THAT ONE TOO)!!

  3. Blair @ Blairblogs.com

    I really loved the post about vegetable oils. I had been using veggie oils for years. Your post inspired me to purchase a jar of coconut oil…I am a little intimated to try it, but excited that I even bit the bullet and bought it!

    I’ve also switched to exclusively washing my face with the OCM, all natural shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and all organic makeup!

    Honestly, most of the things you post are a little scary to me because they require such huge life changes…so I am taking it a little at a time in an attempt to live more naturally and thank my body by the way I treat it! :)

    1. Post author

      Baby steps really are the best. Do one thing at a time until it feels comfortable and then do something else. You’ll be amazed at how far you can go (and how quickly you start to feel comfortable with new changes) in a short time. Good luck!

  4. Elizabeth

    Core strength post, woot! It was just what I needed. Maybe I should send that and the ’10 reasons not to do crunches’ to my aunt ;) BTW, I checked out the “Lose your Mommy Tummy” book. There was some great stuff in there that I will also use. I liked that it wasn’t just exercises, but she had an entire chapter talking about how to do various motherhood and everyday movements/tasks in the way that was most effective and physiologically sound for your body (similar to your “how to hold a baby” post). Thanks for the help!

    1. Post author

      Oh good. I will probably be reading that book in the next few months as I’m pretty sure it’s something I’m going to have to deal with after this pregnancy. :)

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