Eat Real


Learn how to eat real food without going crazy.

The food you eat matters.

Thankfully, food doesn’t have to be complicated. We simply need to adopt a ‘back to basics’ approach to our food. We need to step away from factories and come back to nature. No diets, no fads, no crazy rules. Just simple, nourishing food. The kind of food that’s been around… well, forever.

Need a little help discovering what a ‘real food’ approach is?

If you haven’t signed up for my free 21-day Simply Healthy eCourse, I’d start there. I’ll walk you through the most doable plan for healthy eating. I promise to keep the information practical while giving you resources to tailor the plan to your needs. And like I said, it’s totally free. It’s my way of giving back and helping build a better future for everyone. Click here to sign up now or click here to learn more about the eCourse.


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My Favorite Real Food Articles


Real Food Basics

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Still believe fat is bad? Read these posts to learn why your body needs fat along with what kind of fats are best:

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Check out some of my favorite super foods and nutrients:

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You may be surprised to learn that not all “health” food really is healthy:

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Other things to avoid:

Artificial Food Dyes
Genetically Modified Foods
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Useful Kitchen Resources:

FREE cooking conversion charts
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Still here? Check out these little gems:

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