Homemade Pomade: All natural for beautiful hair.

Homemade Pomade: All natural for beautiful hair.

DIY all natural homemade pomade. Why? Well, the time has come to finally start growing out my pixie cut. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved this hair cut for a number of reasons. It’s SO easy to do. I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind my hair. My husband loves it. And did I mention it is SO easy to do?

Truthfully, one of the main reasons why I cut my hair in the first place was because my long hair was having such issues with the whole no ‘poo thing. Luckily, I’ve been able to find a natural shampoo recipe that works for my hair (you can see that here), and I feel much more confident growing my hair back. Besides, sometimes you just want a change, right? Right.

My pixie cut was short enough, and my hair thick enough, that I didn’t really need any sort of product to get a style I liked. Occasionally I’d smear a little coconut oil on the ends if they needed some taming. But for the most part I’ve really been able to just shower, blow-dry, and go. 2 minutes and done. (See, SO easy to do!)

But as I am starting the looooong process of growing this cut out, I know I’ll need some help making the cut look like something more than a mop. Hence, the all natural homemade hair pomade.

Awesome DIY tutorial: All natural homemade pomade. Perfect for styling my hair.

I love my homemade pomade because:

1. This homemade pomade is easy to make.

2. It’s easy to alter and make it perfect for your hair.

3. It’s not full of questionable chemicals that I can’t pronounce. Instead, this has healthy and nourishing ingredients. Trust me, your hair will thank you.

4. This all natural homemade pomade gives my hair some “mold-ability” that makes this growing out process fun.

Ready? Let’s do this.


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What’s your favorite all natural hair care products?


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  1. Maria

    My hair is naturally really thick, curly (We are not talking about all these beautiful curls that other girls may have)and it gets really tangly so fast. So, about 2 months ago we got to a barber and decided to let her make me a permanent straightening, because my hair was impossible to brush. (5 HOURS OF SUFFER!)

    I noticed that she was lubricating a yucky chemical serum that she straightened on to my hair, and it smelled like ammoniak.

    And now, I am so angry that i can’t do natural remedies for my hair because that will make my hair really curly again. You know, my hair is horrible and all barbers said that they never seen a hair so thick like mine.

    Well, I am really thankful that this saved so much horrible mornings of crying and burning my fingers with my straightener, but IT’S SO CHEMICAL!
    I can’t do for example avocado hair masks or anything like that :( :( :(

    I just wanted to share my horrible story of my horrible hair as a 13 years old girl from Sweden.
    (You know me, I’ve posted a fan-message to you on Facebook)

    I wish that i could find some natural remedies for natural straight hair.

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Hi Maria,

      So sorry to hear your hair troubles. I wish I knew something off the top of my head to help straighten it naturally. It’s hard to say what would work since I don’t know your hair… I’d think finding a really good hair stylist who actually works specifically with curly hair might be your best bet. There has to be the perfect hair cut that will bring out your natural beauty. Sending a hug your way. Hang in there. I promise, you’ll get to a place you love.

    2. Rebecca

      Hi Maria

      I know you spent the time on getting it permanently straightened but have you ever read the curly girl book by lorraine massey or hoped on over to the naturally curly website? There are whole communities out there of curly girls sharing tips! This pomade would most likely be good for your hair even if it made it curly. One of the best bits of advice I ever received (I have curly hair) was not to brush when it is dry, When I did that I turned into a poofball. And as Robin said find a hairdresser who loves curly hair and can give you the right cut for you.

      Good luck in your hair journey

      fellow curly

        1. Rebecca

          I think your hair is GORGEOUS, Maria. So many things you can do with it… Be blessed, enjoy it. You have what so many people would love to have. :)

        2. Post author
          Robin Konie

          It’s funny because we all want what we don’t have, right? :) Seriously, though… I think you are beautiful. I’d definitely find a good stylist. I have really thick hair so finding a styling who knew how to thin it out was HUGE for me. Good luck, Maria!

        3. Andrea

          Yeah, I don’t think your hair is bad, either. It looks thick and healthy but maybe a tad dry. The pomade would be great for you, I think. I added a bit of argan oil in mine, and my hair loves it, though mine is not curly.

    3. Mary

      Hi Maria,
      I like many other African/Egyptian women have curly difficult to work with kind of hair. There are ways to work with it perfectly! There are countless amounts of curly hair/black hair/natural hair/relaxed hair communities on blogs and on youtube. I myself am in the natural hair/products lifestyle when it comes to my hair and there are so many great tips to taking care of your hair without breakage, heat damage, tangles, sore scalp and so on. It’s as simple as going on youtube and searching exactly what you need help with. So many times i’ve seen comments from women that say, “I AM SO HAPPY, your hair is exactly like mine and now I know how to take care of it!” From what you are saying your hair has been relaxed so search on youtube for styling relaxed hair, taking care of relaxed hair etc. I understand that you want to avoid chemicals as much as possible, if thats the case then have a look at some natural hair care blogs ( one of which is called blackgirlwithlonghair.com and it’s not just for african women its for any woman with curly hair and it provides many tips and tricks to managing curly hair). There are also many heatless ways to style natural hair, youtube is our friend!
      I hope I have helped somehow and good luck with your hair journey, remember: love your hair, it’s beautiful in every shape, way and form.

  2. D =)

    Hmm…great Christmas gift for girlfriends’ with short hair…and some of the guys on my list, too. I’ll have to come up with some eo combos for that…
    By the way, tea tree doesn’t get along with color-treated hair, correct? I seem to remember hearing a friend who dyes her hair say something about that…your readers might want to check into that?
    Thanks so much for the recipe…I will def be trying this out!! =)

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Good point. I don’t color my hair so I didn’t think to look, but if you are concerned definitely leave that out. :)

  3. Angela at Number Today

    Congratulations on choosing to grow out your hair! You sound commited to growing it out, which is half the struggle of growing it. In my past experience, my postpartum time is the best hair growth time for me biologically. I hope the same is true for you. Best wishes for some healthy new hair for you!

  4. Catrina

    With that much beeswax in it, how easy does it wash out? And, after using it daily have you had any troubles with build up, greasy hair, or weighing your hair down?

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      I only use a little to style and I haven’t had a problem with it. I only wash my hair with my (natural homemade) shampoo twice a week and just wash with water the other days. The days were I only wash with water I don’t put any more pomade in as I can tell it still has some hold that is left over. But when I wash with my gentle shampoo it seems to all come out. Hope that helps!

  5. Tina

    New to your site, found you when I was looking for a new homemade shampoo recipe.
    I’ve been doing the baking soda and AVC for a while now (about a year maybe?), and I have recently started noticing that my hair is, well, yucky. Excited to try out your ph balanced shampoo, but even more excited about getting my hear chopped tomorrow! Ready for another pixie cut (the last one was about 4 years ago).

    Thanks for the great shampoo and pomade recipes!

  6. Sylvia Molina

    I made the hair pomade after two days I don’t like the smell , do you think is because of the combination of E.O. . I use tangerine and tea tree oil , is there any way that I can fix it Thank you for your answer.

    I do like the texture of the hair pomade my husband is using it too

    1. Post author
      Robin Konie

      Yeah, it’s probably the essential oils. For this I stick with just one simple oil like lavender. I love the smell of my pomade. :)

  7. Stacie

    Thank you for the recipe! I just went from hair past my shoulders to pixie, and the first how-to I read was all about buying a bunch of product and “you’ll have to shampoo your hair every day because of the heavy product you put in it every day.” These ingredients are identical to the lotion I made last week, just different proportions, so I’ll play with that a bit.

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  9. jmartinez

    Hi! How long is the shelf life? Do you recommend any natural preservative to help it last longer? Does it have a matte finish?

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