Be an empowered parent: Learn the secrets to having a beautiful baby.

Be an empowered parent: Learn the secrets to having a beautiful baby.

I believe in the power of real food. I have seen it transform my own and my husband’s life. And really, I have one little tiny person to thank for it all. My little girl. Despite spending years “trying” to be  healthy by working out relentlessly, following the latest fad diets, and doing my best to fit some societal mode…. it was only when my husband and I seriously started talking about having children that everything changed.

All of a sudden my health, my body, my life were not my own. My health would determine my ability to get and stay pregnant. My body would be a home to a growing person. My life was about to be changed dramatically. And all of a sudden everything that had seemed so “hard” and “overwhelming” became a necessity.

I wanted a healthier life so that my baby could have one, too.

You could say that I had the following questions running through my mind:

If you—Mom—don’t start doing something now, who will? Which malady or sickness will finally make you pay attention?  -Joel Salatin, forward from Beautiful Babies

I was a determined mama, ready to overcome my own weaknesses to give strength to my baby. So I read a lot. I asked a lot of questions. I found support through friends and online sources. All of a sudden this world of real food wasn’t some challenge to be won. It was a community of diligent and dedicated people trying to hold on to what mother nature has to offer.

One of the people who really helped me out on this journey was Kristen Michaelis from Food Renegade. Her blog helped me sift through a lot dietary dogma and come to a better understanding of what is really meant by the term “real food.” I remember the first time hearing about her online class, Beautiful Babies, wishing that I had an extra $200 to invest… but it wasn’t in the cards then.

Now I’m expecting #2

And even though I have a much better handle on what my family should eat, and what I should do to prepare my body for another pregnancy and birth, I am so so SO thrilled that I am finally able to take Kristen’s online class.

For free.

Get FREE enrollment to the Beautiful Babies Online Course ($199 value) when you pre-order the book!


Yeah, that amazing $199 class is currently FREE when you pre-order her brand new book Beautiful BabiesAnd let me tell you, I have been honored with a chance to preview the book and it’s amazing. It includes a touching forward by Joel Salatin. He puts it well:

And thanks to Kristen’s selfless, passionate, protective maternal spirit, these principles can build an immunological fortress around our precious kiddos. It doesn’t mean an interloper will never scale the walls. But we can at least make his entrance difficult. We owe it to our children. We owe it to our peace of mind. Now prepare to be empowered. -Joel Salatin, forward from Beautiful Babies

Are you ready to be empowered?

You have to check out Kristen’s book. The pre-order price is amazing, but the fact that you get her online class for FREE when you order is even more amazing. (So amazing that I actually pre-ordered the book myself to get into the class!)

How To Get Free Enrollment

1. Pre-order the book through Amazon. (Click here to do it.)

2. Email your order receipt to Kristen:

That’s it!

Once your order is verified you will get an email with the coupon to redeem the class. But you have to pre-order the book before. This deal is only good for a couple more weeks.

Can I give the class as a gift?

Of course! Simply follow the above instructions. When you enroll in the online course, you’ll have a chance to put in the students name and email address. Just put down whoever you want to give this class to as a gift.

Get FREE enrollment to the Beautiful Babies Online Course ($199 value) when you pre-order the book!


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