April Challenge Week 4: Almost done!

April Challenge Week 4: Almost done!

It’s time to “check in” again and tell us how you are doing with the April challenge. Leave a comment and let us know your progress so far.  (You can always still join in the fun. Check out the challenge here.) Remember:

  • You don’t have to be perfect. If you’ve slipped a bit (or haven’t felt “in your groove” yet) still let us know so we can support you.
  • Progress not perfection. Progress NOT perfection. (Just making sure this idea sticks.)
  • Let us know what has helped or worked for you?
  • Need support? An idea? Have a question? Ask!
  • Make sure to read the other participant’s comments and leave any words of support or encouragement. (Or any great advice that you might have!)

Finish well!!!

As we are coming to the final days of the challenge keep in mind why you are doing this! I’d love to feature any of your inspiring stories when this is over. Feel free to send me your story OR blog about it and send me the link. You guys have been amazing and I’d love to share your experiences.

Leave your comment!

Like always, my comment will be in there, too.


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  1. robin

    Okay, folks. Full disclosure. I’ve cheated a few times. But I’m trying to not to dwell on it (I hate making food a guilt thing). I’m still filling my belly with good things and the few cheats I’ve had have all been “healthy” sweets. :)

    1. Katie

      You’ve probably had more than you would have without this monthly goal so that counts as progress (not perfection)!

      1. Post author

        Exactly. :) I definitely feel like the overall month has been about progress. And even more than my sweet tooth, I have a tendency to get locked into a “good” or “bad” food mentality. And I’m trying to be more chill and stress-free because I think that has more to do with my health than the occasional treat. :)

  2. Katie

    I’ve had family visiting all week. I’ve realized what a lucky girl I am. Everyone has been soooo supportive in helping me stay on eating whole foods this week. Instead of going out or making desserts at night, we’ve all been cooking together and having a great time. It’s not awkward or weird and they said they even feel comfortable about eating candy and soda that they brought. They said they don’t feel judged with makes me feel great. I too don’t like making food “good” or “bad” or a guilty thing. I am finally developing a good relationship with food. It’s just food!

    PS I had another positive reaction to changing my diet this month. I was all broken out in a pregnancy rash on my arms as well as super duper dry skin. It’s almost all gone now! My husband is amazed that food could be so awesome.

    1. Post author

      Katie, you are such an inspiration! I am so happy for the changes you are seeing! Keep it up! Even though the challenge is ending today, keep me posted on how it’s going. I’ve loved hearing your story!

  3. Tamara

    I have not done well at all this week. :( My evenings are the very hardest times. I am trying to stay present through out my day, eat when my body tells me it needs nourishment, and cut back on sugar but I have to say something has gone haywire. It is hard not to get discouraged. I am not giving up though! Every day offers a chance to do things better than the day before. I am definitely going to need more than a month to change these habits.

    1. Crystal Nilsson

      A friend of mine once told me that something is better than nothing…and I think awareness counts here too. The awareness that you have about what you’re eating or not, and how good/or bad a week your having is part of the work. This counts!

    2. Post author

      Hey Tamara, don’t feel bad. It’s all part of the journey. I think the sooner we can let go of the idea that any “set back” means failure the sooner we can maintain a healthy relationship with food, health, exercise, etc. It definitely takes time to make REAL changes. Keep progressing. Keep allowing yourself to be imperfect. Enjoy the days where things aren’t “right” and it will that much easier to do better the next day. You are doing great!

  4. Crystal Nilsson

    This week has been a struggle for me. It’s the last week of classes, grading research papers, and a tech week – and I’ve only managed 3 days of exercise. The hardest part though about this week is stress management when outside events crunch on my time! My basically good eating habits flew right out the window. Any advice for when stress hits hard? Particularly around food – and well I’ll just say it…when I’m stressed I eat sugary comfort foods. I need/want more time too. Any chance the April challenge could keep going?

    1. Post author

      I think when life gets stressful that it’s important NOT to let your food or exercise add to the stress. (I think stress if often WAY more hazardous to our health in the long run.) Sometimes our body craves that sweetness because we really need more energy. Giving in every now and then is not a big deal as long as it doesn’t become habit. After all, we should be enjoying life and food.

      I’m impressed that you got three days of exercise in with all that! Way to go! You are my hero. :)

      I think we should have period facebook “check ins” for those who want to continue this challenge. Keep it going, girl.

  5. cassia

    well i’m doing ok. better than i thought i might! i’ve got a longs ways to go before i’m eating the way i want to, but i’m making gradual changes that i can tell are helping me. when i have energy after being up all night with a little one, that tells me i’m doing something right. i definitely had my fair share of cheats this month – and tomorrow i am definitely having my chocolate chip cookies, by golly, it’s my birthday haha – but i’ve really tried incorporating positive thinking with all food, because i don’t want my children to have a terrible “relationship” with food like my family does. so even though my main goal was to cut out the sugar this month, i still celebrated birthdays, still had a quiet moment during a stressful week, etc… so progress not perfection is definitely an apt motto, and i feel good about the improvement i’ve made.

    in all this jumbled mess of a response i guess the bottom line is that i’m feeling good about what’s happened this month in regards to my eating choices, as i’m continuing on this self-paved road to healthier being. i’m glad there was a semi-formal way to keep track of this goal – what are we all doing next month? 😉

    1. Post author

      Yay! This is what it’s all about. Feeling good and making progress. Definitely enjoy your day today. Happy Birthday! Eat some cake.

    2. Katie

      Great job Cassia! PS Thanks for introducing me to this website. I would be super miserable right now without the changes it’s inspired in me.

      Katie Carling

      Your baby is soooo adorable btw.

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