April Challenge Week 3: How’s it going?

April Challenge Week 3: How’s it going?

It’s time to “check in” again and tell us how you are doing with the April challenge. Leave a comment and let us know your progress so far.  (You can always still join in the fun. Check out the challenge here.) Remember:

  • You don’t have to be perfect. If you’ve slipped a bit (or haven’t felt “in your groove” yet) still let us know so we can support you.
  • Progress not perfection. Progress NOT perfection. (Just making sure this idea sticks.)
  • Let us know what has helped or worked for you?
  • Need support? An idea? Have a question? Ask!
  • Make sure to read the other participant’s comments and leave any words of support or encouragement. (Or any great advice that you might have!)

Leave your comment!

Like always, my comment will be in there, too.


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  1. Katie

    This week I actually enjoyed cooking more. We are loving our meals made from real ingredients. It tastes better, we feel better, and we feel good about how we are feeding our children. Highlight this week: I finally found a place with grassfed beef bones so I can make broth!

  2. robin

    This week was not my most “perfect” week, honestly. I had a final to administer and two students brought treats. I felt like this was an instance of the “higher” law by showing appreciation for their kindness. :)

    I have been trying to fill my body with lots of good stuff, so the occasional treat doesn’t make me feel guilty or bad. A good sign, I think.

    Here’s to next week finishing off strong!

  3. Chandra Rambo

    I was traveling for work this week – all day in conference and most of the evenings at “socials” – but I did get to spend several hours working at our CSA farm on Friday. I planted a lot of stuff and fabricated 20 tomato cages, it was a pretty good workout. I also walked my dogs yesterday. It is pouring rain today so I did some aerobic housework. Mopping is more bearable if you dance :-)

    1. Post author

      “Mopping is more bearable if you dance.” LOVE this.

      Traveling is always my weakness when it comes to getting off the bandwagon. Sound like you did a great job!

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