April Challenge Week 2: How’s it going?

April Challenge Week 2: How’s it going?

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It’s time to “check in” and tell us how you are doing with the April challenge. Leave a comment and let us know your progress so far.  (You can always still join in the fun. Check out the challenge here.) Remember:

  • You don’t have to be perfect. If you’ve slipped a bit (or haven’t felt “in your groove” yet) still let us know so we can support you.
  • Progress not perfection. Progress NOT perfection. (Just making sure this idea sticks.)
  • Let us know what has helped or worked for you?
  • Need support? An idea? Have a question? Ask!
  • Make sure to read the other participant’s comments and leave any words of support or encouragement. (Or any great advice that you might have!)

Leave your comment!

Like last time, my comment will be in there, too.


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  1. Tamara

    It has been an interesting week. My exercise is going great! I feel good and have started a stretching routine 3x a week. My eating challenge has back fired a bit. This morning I realized again, if I am solely focusing on what I can’t eat (Sugar) than I want it all the more. I need to focus on the WHY.
    Last night, I wrote an affirmation about my desire to be healthy, both body and mind. Because I love myself and am grateful for the blessings of a wonderful, beautiful body, I want to take better care of my health through the foods I eat. It has made all the difference in how I look at my body and how I take care of it. I look forward to using the affirmation this week and seeing changes in myself.

    1. robin

      That’s awesome on your exercise! Way to go. I also find it’s much easier to focus on putting more good food in my diet rather than trying to avoid the bad. When I think about not eating sugar, it’s all I want. :)

      Love the idea of the affirmation. Such a healthy and joyful approach!

    2. Katie

      I love your affirmation! I think that’s what this whole thing is about. Great idea. I’m going to do one too.

      Also, I’ve heard that when you start thinking that way it goes from, “I can’t have it so I want it” to “I can have it but I don’t want it.” It seems like food would become nourishing over tasting.

  2. robin

    So my week was pretty good. I gave myself a cheat for Easter, but truthfully I didn’t enjoy the dessert I had as much as I had hoped. Otherwise, I’ve been trying to eat a lot more dark green foods and more fruits and veggies in general. It’s helped me stay focused on putting good, nutrient dense stuff in my body instead of spending too much energy thinking about what I can’t have. 😉

  3. Jen

    This week things continued to go well! Saturday was our anniversary so I indulged in a drink at dinner but other than that it has been all water and tea. No sugar filled drinks!

    Exercising is going well and I feel great. Yesterday I totally bombed on the getting up and moving every hour because I had a three hour shift at a legal aid clinic and was with the client the whole time. It was a domestic violence situation so I couldn’t very well be like excuse me while I get up and stretch. Anyway, I think when all is said and done today I will have exercised 4 our of the 5 week days but Saturday I have an all day event that will have be standing, lifting, etc. from 9 – 4 so I’m counting that.

    1. robin

      Way to go Jen! (And Happy Anniversary!) I think you are doing awesome. (And yeah, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to get up when working with a client like that. Good call.) :)

      Keep it up!

  4. Emily Hatch

    I’ve been doing great on moving more. I’ve tried to get my youngest son to do some of it with me since he is a little chubby. I just started tracking calories this week, and lost 6 pounds. (4 of which was gained Easter week). I haven’t had a single piece of candy since Sunday, and am excited to start really changing. It’s time to be healthy!!!

  5. Katie

    I’m progressing forward and learning more how much I don’t want processed foods. I feel sooo much better. I went to my ultrasound and the baby is very healthy and my blood pressure went way down (rather than pre-hypertension). Weight gain is right on track rather than gaining 3xs more than I should have with my last pregnancy.

    Headaches have still ceased except for the day we had friends over and I ate what they brought plus candy she brought especially for me. I didn’t think one day would matter.

    I could hardly focus on the games that night because my headache was so bad!!! I felt horrible and my body said, oh ya. This is how I used to feel all the time.

    It just reconfirmed how much I want and believe in this! We went to a toddler birthday party and I enjoyed the juicy strawberries. For the first time in my life, I really didn’t WANT a cupcake and junk because I kept thinking, nope-that’s a headache right there. I didn’t want to FEEL that way.

  6. cassia

    i am still amazed at katie’s experience of going from daily headaches to zero, just from diet. way to go katie, keep it up! for me i have found that grabbing a red apple when i am craving any junk really helps me. it’s still sweet, but it’s light and beneficial for my body. progress not perfection, that has been my motto in ALL areas of my life this week!!

    1. Post author

      It’s really a great motto. :) We’ve definitely been eating more fruits here, too. Lately kiwis have been hitting the spot.

      Great work, Cassia!

  7. Camille Spence

    I did a lot better this week! Not perfect, but a lot better. It helped that all those easter treats weren’t lying around! I made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday, but only kept a few for my family, and then gave away six plates to different families in our neighborhood. I got my baking fix, enjoyed my cookie, and also got a little more popular around here :)

    1. Post author

      Yay! I totally know what you mean by the baking fix. My neighbors get lots of cookies. :)

  8. Rachel

    Well I’m late to the check-in, but things are going well. I still haven’t been able to exercise like I want to, because of surgery, but I’ve still been walking daily!

    The green smoothies are still going well. I’ve been getting more headaches than usual, but I think it is because my body is detoxing from lots of Easter candy.

    My body is craving a good jog, and I can’t wait till I feel well enough to push myself!

    1. Post author

      Better late than ever! :)

      Sounds like you are doing well (seems a lot of us are detoxing from Easter…). Hopefully you can get your jog in soon, but it’s good that you are letting your body recover.

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