Happy New Year: 5 healthy resolutions worth keeping

Happy New Year: 5 healthy resolutions worth keeping

Today is pretty monumental. Not only are we about to put 2012 to rest and say “hello” to 2013, but we also survived the end of the world! I think that says a lot about us. Basically, we are awesome. Pat yourself on the back and head into the New Year knowing that you’ve accomplished a lot.

But I know you guys. You guys aren’t going to let that little achievement keep you from making some wicked-awesome New Year’s Resolutions, right? I personally love to make resolutions. In fact, you can read through my childhood journal and see a consistent entry for every Jan. 1st… which is saying something, because there weren’t many other entries most years.  

Old goal: Be perfect.

My New Year’s Resolutions used to always have things like “eat healthy,” “no more junk food EVER,” or “lose 10 lbs” at the top of my (unusually long) list. Then somewhere in my mid-twenties I began to realize that I wasn’t very good about seeing my goals through to the end.

I wasn’t alone, of course. Most Americans who choose to make resolutions give up… and fairly quickly. In fact, apparently only 8% are actually successful in their goals. But rather than feel like losers, maybe we just need to shift our perspective a bit.

New goal: Be better.

Unlike those hanging-over-your-head resolutions of “lose weight” or “run 10 miles a day,” resolving to be healthier is a great goal… as long as you keep a proper mindset of what that actually means. You don’t have to beat yourself up in the gym or deprive yourself to be healthier. And size is a bad indication of health, so let’s just skip that whole “be a size 6″ goal, okay?

Here are five goals to help you keep the right perspective while moving forward.

5 healthy resolutions worth keeping.

1. Move every day.

5 healthy resolutions worth keeping. from @thankyourbody

Remember: Our bodies were designed to move. In fact, the human body is the only machine that breaks down when it isn’t used. And while I’m a strong advocate of healthy exercise, you do not have to run a marathon, lift cars over your head, or wear a certain size to be healthy. Take the stairs, go on a long walk, do some yoga, get up a dance, play on the playground… there are plenty of ways to move every day no matter your fitness level or schedule.

2. Enjoy good food.

5 healthy resolutions worth keeping. from @thankyourbody

This may seem like an over simplistic resolution, but it’s all in the details. The word “food” means just that. Eat real food. Not processed food-like substances. Eat what has been on the earth for thousands of years. Eat food in it’s most natural form as possible.

Eat good food. I’m not just talking about “good for you” (although that’s always good), but good food is food that you enjoy eating. Which brings us to other word in this little goal: Enjoy. I want you to sit down and enjoy your food. Taste it. Sense it. Chew it.

You’ll be amazed at how this simple resolution can change your life.

3. Meditate daily.

5 healthy resolutions worth keeping. from @thankyourbody

Life is stressful. Bad things happen. And that stress can do some major damage to our health. Take a few minutes (or more) each day to meditate, breathe, pray, or do something to bring you to a place of calmness. It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s imperative to good health.

4. Improve relationships.

5 healthy resolutions worth keeping. from @thankyourbody

Our friends and family are so important to our health. Not only do they give us support, but they provide a way for our body to release, relax, and connect. Making time for real connections is not only good for your body, but it’s ultimately what makes life meaningful. Don’t miss out on this important resolution.

5. Ditch toxic chemicals.

5 healthy resolutions worth keeping. from @thankyourbody

There are some scary statistics showing up on just how dangerous our environmental toxins are to our health. But there are simple ways to make our homes safer and our bodies’ cleaner. Not sure where to start? Learn more here.

And don’t forget: It’s about progress, not perfection. Being healthy isn’t about not dying… it’s about enjoying life.

So… what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? And how to you go about keeping yourself on track?


Don't sabotage your New Year's! Here are 5 healthy resolutions worth keeping. www.thankyourbody.com



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  1. Lisa B.

    Progress. . . . not perfection. . . . . perfectly said! That sums it all up nicely doesn’t it? Thank you for your blog. I am not usually a commenter but read all the time.

  2. Ceri Y

    My resolution this year is to be an inspiration to others. This year (2012) I have crossed a major threshold – Caring about me! I’ve taken care of others my entire life (from 10 years old when we adopted my four cousins/brothers to meeting Mr. Right (and his not-so-right mother – mentally ill and dependent on alcohol and medication), to birthing two children under a year apart(11 1/2 months to be exact). This year, I turned 30, opened my eyes and started reading. A few particular bloggers have been such an inspiration to me to do better, be better to myself. I’ve always told other people: “You can’t be happy/in-love with others until you love yourself” and it finally dawned on me that this also applies to myself. I’ve never been in-love with myself. I am majorly insecure about my body and have always been (in my mind) overweight and unhealthy. So, I started reading as to what it meant to be healthy. Not a number or a size, but truly healthy. So, my big thank-you goes out to Gina of SkinnyTaste.com, Lisa of 100daysofrealfood.com, Vani of FoodBabe.com, Laura of HeavenlyHomemakers.com and YOU Robin! It’s my responsibility to pay it forward so that others can experience life more visibly. The more I read, the more I’m encouraged. The scale & pant size keeps dropping (which is a bonus) and my kids (and husband) are adjusting well.

    Now, if I could just get a handle on what it is I’m supposed to “be” when I grow up…

    1. Post author

      Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, Ceri! It sounds like you have a good perspective. (And I still wonder what I’m going to “be” when I grow up, too… also in my 30s.) :)

  3. Sandra

    Happy New Year Robin!

    That’s a great set of New Year’s Resolutions you got there – I’m all for it. Health & Happiness is all we need!

    Personally, I want to become a bit more organised and spend less time in front of the computer 2013.

    I found a great way to keep yourself on track and not get disheartened is a visual cue like a progress chart:

    I stuck a note to my fridge last year with house cleaning tasks and tick boxes (and now the crucial part :-) a pic of a reward e.g. a lunch at the new health food caffee…) So whenever I did the unpleasant cleaning job I felt a sense of achievement, and I focused on the reward that was getting closer.

    Try it – works a “treat” 😉

    Wishing you and all your followers a wonderful 2013!

    1. Post author

      Great question, Becky. Most of my experiences have been in dance classes… mostly focusing on breathing, being in the present, etc. A *good* yoga teacher could help give some great tips for meditation (and other benefits, too). I’m sure there are plenty of resources online… but ultimately finding some quiet space, practicing quieting the mind (and trust me, it takes practice!), and just being are all you need. :)

  4. Jill

    I just found your site today and LOVE it – added it to my reader so I don’t miss a post!

    I really like the “be better” as opposed to “be perfect” idea. The other day I read something that very much reminded me of the same thing – “The decent method you follow is better than the perfect method you quit” Timothy Ferriss, The Four Hour Body.

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